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  1. * As a whole, any GatewaySeries (Dubbed or not) such as ''SamuraiPizzaCats'' will be protected by the NostalgiaFilter while people are ''very'' quick to trash more recent animes. The funny thing about that...There was actually just as much "Bad anime" in the 80s and 90s as there are now. There was just less of a Fandom and FanDumb for it (partly due to the AnimationAgeGhetto and common changes in dubs) in the 80s, and less interest in marketing series outside of Japan. There are also just as many "Bad voice actors" in Japan as there are/were elsewhere in the world. Many serious animes that emphasize story and characters also weren't considered marketable in the U.S. until ''{{Akira}}'' came along. (And even then, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas said ''Akira'' was unmarketable in the states) Even to the people who hate the art, the animation has definitely improved, of course this is partly due to the big jump in quality from VHS to DVD. So the point? There were ''plenty'' of bad animes in the 80s...you just didn't ''know'' of them.
  2. ** The dubs also have not "gotten worse" over the years...if anything as a whole most of them have gotten ''better'', especially since a lot don't really change names or cut a lot of content. And namely, they don't ''reuse content''.
  3. ** While people are bickering about SubbingVsDubbing today, nobody will demean [[GatewaySeries whatever dubbed anime series]] that got them into anime.
  4. *** Depends on what the series is. SailorMoon for example has a subset of fans that insist the dub should die in a fire (or at least refuse to watch it), even if the dub was the show that got them into anime in the first place.
  5. **** And yet there are fans of the dub that will automatically cringe at the idea of the show getting a full uncut release or even a redub in the US, as it will "ruin" their nostalgia for DiC's dub. It's crazy to the point where when FUNimation expressed interest in Sailor Moon, a number of fans of the dub spammed their blog urging them to not redub the series or release the Japanese version, but to release the old dub on DVD or to hire all of the actors back to do the dub the "right" way.
  6. *** Contrast that with the fact that anyone who watches the Japanese version (either legit or FanSub) of a series first, will automatically hate the series' dub track. Applies not only to popular shows with notoriously [[FourKidsEntertainment bad dubs]], but also to obscure ones that received a proper release. Regarding any specific series, your pick in the [[SubbingVersusDubbing Dub vs Sub]] debate is often whichever version you watched first.
  7. **** That ''would'' explain why ''CowboyBebop'' [[AdultSwim is one of the few dubs that everyone seems to agree is good.]]
  8. * ''{{Gundam}}''. Many UC fans hate everything that is not UC because, eh, emm, it isn't UC. [[GatewaySeries For dub watchers]], it's either ''GundamWing'' and ''GGundam'' or bust.
  9. * An example of the NostalgiaFilter at work can be seen in the forum answers made in response to [[http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/review/voltron/dub.dvd-dvd-set-1 this review of ''Voltron'']]. The reviewer absolutely loathed the show, and many nostalgic fans responded as if he had just curbstomped their childhoods and spit all over them. (Many others acknowledged the NostalgiaFilter influencing their opinions of the show, but recognized the reviewer's right to have an opinion and resolved to not let it affect their enjoyment of the show.)
  10. * ''{{Akira}}'''s old StreamlinePictures dub was [[OldShame regretted by Macek himself.]] And yet when it was redubbed in 2001, fans actually considered the new dub inferior, and how "Kaneda" should have been pronounced "[[ItIsPronouncedTroPAY Kah-Nay-Dah]]", despite how they will show ''no'' objection to them doing this in the Japanese version.
  11. * Many believe the first season of ''[[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Pokémon]]'' to be the best, to the point that to many fans, any series after Kanto region [[{{Discontinuity}} didn't happen.]]. No matter what you argue, this can probably be attributed to the fact Ash just started out and we all believed that he actually had a chance to become a Pokémon master. And now...? Uh...
  16. [[folder:Automobiles]]
  17. * The Mitsubishi Mirage/Lancer of 1988-1995 (well, it was sold in Europe until 1995) is considered to be the best Lancer/Mirage by Mitsubishi fans. People say TheyChangedItNowItSucks for the current car which has lost the edgy styling and fast engines, and that it isn't spacious enough.
  18. ** Umm, that covers two generations...
  19. * The Dodge Neon/Chrysler Neon/Plymouth Neon arguably fits this trope well enough.
  20. * With the introduction of new small-capacity turbo engines, some people say they're only for hot hatch/sports models in the range. [[YourMileageMayVary You may disagree on this one]].
  21. * There is a general sentiment by some enthusiasts in Europe that modern cars in general are too heavy and bloated due to being designed for safety over aerodynamics, practicality and economy, they are built to a cost with planned obsolescence in mind (compared to say Mercedes cars of the 1970s and 1980s which were ridiculously over-engineered), all the electronic gubbins take away from the driving experience, and so on.
  22. * Currently, the sentiment is that VW's new 1.4 TSI engines are no match for the FSI engines in terms of fun-to-drive feel, even if they are more economical.
  23. Particularly in Britain where buyers rue the absence of a "simple" Golf range, that is, 1.4/1.6/2.0 petrol, 3.2 V6 petrol sports model and 1.6/1.9/2.0 TDI turbodiesel models. Whether this is a NostalgiaFilter is up for debate.
  24. [[/folder]]
  28. * This, combined with RunningTheAsylum and backlash against the excesses of the DarkAge, has brought back most of the Silver-Age status quo to DCComics. Of course, most of the ridiculous stuff has been updated substantially, so it might be more like an AdaptationDistillation of the SilverAge.
  29. * In spite of all the Asylum Running the comic industry goes through, there's still a large cry against almost every new launch of a comic book title, comparing it unfavorably to whatever version came before, sometimes due to major and dramatic shifts in the status quo or a new hero or team line-up. And among these are a large group of people who hate everything that isn't the Silver Age or at least nostalgic for the Silver Age, praising it as the greatest comic age ever where everything was better then the stuff around today. These people have clearly never been to {{Superdickery}}.com.
  30. * There are fans who have declared most of DC's ModernAge to be noncanon, starting with the cancellation of ''YoungJustice''. These fans have stated that they don't like the way DC has been going and, while there have been some really shitty stories and horrible decisions via ExecutiveMeddling, want the characterizations of the characters to be what they used to be. As in, the DarkAge / extremely early Modern Age. And these fans deride the writers at DC for "trying to set back everything to the SilverAge", despite the fact that those same fans would gladly do the same, except for being the Dark Age / extremely early Modern Age. [[{{Hypocrite}} Is it hypocrisy?]] Yes, yes it is. Combine this with the above nostalgia for the SilverAge, and, well... [[FlameWar it ain't pretty]].
  31. * Dear God, MarvelComics fanboys. Ask them about everything that was done with Avengers since 2004 and they will say that BrianBendis raped everything that was good in Avengers, even if the didn't read it. Similarly, many {{Daredevil}} fans will flame the whole of vol.2 for taking the show in a new direction. And all those who hate GrantMorrison's Comicbook/{{X-Men}}'' run for killing Jean Grey. And if that wasn't enough, JoeQuesada's Nostalgia Filter was responsible for OneMoreDay.
  32. * Comic books in general seem to be inevitable grist for the Nostalgia Filter, if only because comics are contemporary myth and folklore - and myths must constantly be updated in order to more accurately reflect the cultural milieu that gave rise to them. Most genre theorists will tell you that myths tend to start out "innocent," grow ever more sophisticated as time goes on, pass through a period of ambiguity about a generation or so later, and inevitably return to their innocent roots only to go forward yet again. This is certainly true of comics, which have progressed from Superman (a "normal" humanoid alien in a simple cape and costume) to armored heroes, mutated heroes, psychologically tormented heroes, the NinetiesAntiHero, and so forth. Whichever kind of superhero you were exposed to as a child or first-time reader - which isn't necessarily the style of your childhood or the first time you read a comic - will be considered the gold standard in your mind.
  33. * There are some fans who hate the direction the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie comics took around issue 50 and onward (where it became DarkerAndEdgier) and like the older comics better because of their LighterAndSofter nature...ignoring the [[OffModel incredibly amatuerish art]], and that those early comics were basically thinly veiled MerchandiseDriven ExcusePlot comics made to promote the games at the time.
  37. * Dear ''God'', the ''StarWars'' prequels. The "[[FanDumb fans]]" tend to exaggerate their flaws while minimizing those of the original series. When he appeared on TheDailyShow, George Lucas actually made a point to address how Nostalgia causes people to view the new parts of the mythos more harshly. Many fans of the original series hate everything that came after, younger ones who started with the prequels quite enjoy them more (some even saying A New Hope is boring), and still others (who he admits are very young), can't get enough of The Clone Wars. In his words, "We now have three generations of Star Wars fans," and does nothing to condemn any one group, saying everyone had their own favorites.
  38. ** A different argument, even thought it might be a minority view, is that nostalgia is the prime reason of any success and pupularity the prequels had. They were Star Wars films, and not a new sci-fi epic to be judged on its own merits, so nostalgia and an audience built since the 70s/80s was the prime reason for the existence of these films.
  39. * The 1930s and '40s are considered by many to be the GoldenAgeOfHollywood. While many timeless films were produced during that era, anyone who thinks it was all gold has never flipped to Turner Classic Movies late morning on Tuesday. On top of that, it overlooks the studio behavior that ran rampant in the Golden Age. Actors and directors locked into ironbound contracts, studios holding ownership stakes in theater chains (which allowed them to become lazy with the quality of their films, since they had a monopoly on distribution), formulaic plots, the HaysCode... yeah, those were the days. It was everything that is wrong with modern Hollywood, cranked UpToEleven. The situation was so bad that the studios were afraid -- and rightfully so! -- of the competition presented to them by... ''television''.
  40. * 2009's ''Film/StarTrek'' film to [[StarTrekTheOriginalSeries the original series]] and first six films. Apparently some fans wanted the sets to be on a 1960s TV budget and [[ValuesDissonance sensibilities]] and have the cast played by the original actors (two of whom died before filming began)
  41. %%Yes, I'm aware the 1960s series was rather Fair For Its Day, but it's still dated in places.
  42. * Every era of Hollywood films was reasonably diverse, but each tends to get shoehorned into a simplistic description as certain kinds of films are remembered more than others (sometimes for the right reasons and sometimes not). So TheSeventies gets associated with downbeat grit, TheEighties with "blockbusters," TheNineties with "hip," urban, DeadpanSnarker comedies, et cetera. Often enough, the films that get remembered -- even fondly -- later on [[VindicatedByHistory were dismissed or even went completely unnoticed by the public in their own time]].
  45. * The ''WarriorCats'' fandom is ''very'' much affected by this, since the first series is regarded as the best by most of the older fans, whereas some slightly younger fans think of the second series as equal to or better than the first series, and even younger fans like the third series as well. In most cases, it seems people's opinions on when the series was RuinedForever is directly related to how old they are, or which point in the series they entered the fandom at.
  46. * In general, a lot of literature is affected by this. Well, okay, within the past 150 years or so, especially in the 20th century in which literacy became a requirement and short-story magazines were widespread. There were ''plenty'' of "bad Sci-Fi" and "stock fantasy" stories printed around the same time as ''LordOfTheRings''...you just don't have the magazine they were printed in, or the book that was originally published.
  47. * [[MemeticMutation Meme]] in the ScienceFiction community, attributed to Peter Graham: "The GoldenAge of science fiction is twelve." [[DontExplainTheJoke For those who don't get it]], whatever era of science fiction someone likes tends to be whatever era they were twelve years old in, and any later works are subject to TheyChangedItNowItSucks.
  48. * Many children (at least if they are avid readers) seem to prefer works of fiction written prior to the twentieth century, as children tend to be story-oriented and the "social realism" movement of the late nineteenth century contributed to the trend of "boring" modern novels that oftentimes eschew narrative value for political or philosophical didacticism. If you have a kid read, say, ''ATaleOfTwoCities'', he or she will probably enjoy it for the most part. Have them read ''TheGrapesOfWrath'', however, and I can pretty much guarantee that they'll despise every other chapter. This probably accounts for the phenomenal success of the ''HarryPotter'' series, which was very much traditionally "yarny."
  51. * Many Classic ''DoctorWho'' fans love to tell New Who fans that they hate the romance in New Who, they hate Rose (you know, the {{Expy}} of Classic Series companion Ace), and [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks pretty much everything about New Who]]. There are people who like both, but the purist Classic Who fans and the New Who fangirls are the most vocal and thus the DoctorWho fandom has a reputation for being completely insane. In Who fandom, this trope is described by the phrase, "The memory cheats," a quote from long-term producer John-Nathan Turner when asked by a group of acid fans why the series had sucked so much under his tenure, as opposed to its former brilliance that they remembered from when they were small children. More cynical readers will note that this claim was facilitated by the fact that, given how much of early Who is now [[MissingEpisode lost]], no one was in a position to call him on it. Or call the fans on it. \\
  52. \\
  53. Some people also often complain that the New Series of Doctor Who isn't as ''scary'' as they remembered from when they were children. They appear to have failed to notice that what can terrify an eight year old in the 1970s is unimpressive to a fan in their forties watching in the 2010s. \\
  54. \\
  55. Thanks to FollowTheLeader syndrome and the infamous 1970s purge of the BBC television archives, it can be at times quite easy to identify a fan who suffers from this (and a tendency to parrot the opinions of others) purely from a list of favourite episodes; look for those titles which, owing to age and the episode being [[MissingEpisode missing]], he's unlikely to have ever actually seen. Although since all of the missing episodes still exist as soundtracks, and have been issued with either production stills as illustrations or audio descriptions of what happened visually, such opinions aren't necessarily baseless, although it's fair to say you still aren't getting an entirely accurate impression of how the story works. ''The Completely Useless DoctorWho Encyclopedia'' acidly notes that there is no mechanism for ''demoting'' a Classic Story From The Old Days, which is why when "Tomb of the Cybermen" was found, fandom suddenly went very quiet.
  56. * You'll be hard pressed to find a ''PowerRangers'' fan who doesn't claim that the ''[[MightyMorphinPowerRangers Mighty Morphin']]'' saga was the best period of the show. However, while the costumes and music were some of the best, you have to admit the acting, dialogue, running gags and even just the basic editing leave a great deal to be desired. However, there may be a slight justification for this: ''Mighty Morphin''' kept the same setting and cast from year to year, unlike ''SuperSentai'' and the more modern ''Power Rangers'' series, so the audience could become more involved with the stories and characters. The same goes for long time fans who actually like the Updated version of the original series, with most holding that Disney has raped their childhoods and would rather see Power Rangers off TV. Though they are [[CompletelyMissingThePoint missing the fact]] that it's not aimed at them but at kids to try to spark interest in the franchise again.
  57. * Many fans of [[StarTrekTheOriginalSeries the original]] ''StarTrek'' reacted this way when ''[[StarTrekTheNextGeneration Star Trek: The Next Generation]]'' was released. Most of them changed their minds once the new series turned out to be awesome. In fairness, [[SeasonalRot the first few seasons were, shall we say, somewhat lacking.]] Some of the more rabid fans of ''[[StarTrekTheOriginalSeries TOS]]'' and ''[[StarTrekTheNextGeneration Next Generation]]'' who will call out any and all flaws of ''[[StarTrekDeepSpaceNine Deep Space Nine]]'', ''[[StarTrekVoyager Voyager]]'', and especially ''[[StarTrekEnterprise Enterprise]]'' while ignoring all high points, then go histrionic and insist you are an idiotic fanbrat who "doesn't appreciate what's really good" if you point out any flaws of ''TOS'' or ''Next Gen''.
  58. * ''SaturdayNightLive'' was ''always'' better when you were younger.
  59. * Some fans of British comedy are quick to cite the 1960s and 1970s as being a flawless "golden age" of near-uniform quality, asserting that later generations have not and will not ever produce anything to rival ''FawltyTowers'', ''DadsArmy'', ''MontyPython'', etc. Things like ''Mind Your Language'' tend to be forgotten quickly. Intervening decades have produced lots of comedy that's given the ultimate compliment of being ''nearly'' on par with those old shows... and yet somehow this never means that comedy is doing okay. ''TheOffice''? ''{{Extras}}''? ''PeepShow''? Pfff.
  60. * Fans of the American version of BigBrother will tell you that "The game was much better back in 2001 with Chilltown, or 2002 with Danielle and Jason; it was a much more complex game back then". [[CriticalResearchFailure Lies.]] The game actually grew ''more'' complex as it went on. Season 2 had head of household, and various food or luxury competitions...there was no "Power of Veto" that majorly changes the outcome of the game, and there wasn't that much of a need for strategizing. Once you were on the block, you'd best pack your bags because it's pretty much guaranteed that you have a 50/50 shot at going home...Nowadays there's a chance you get an extra week by getting Vetoed. The challenges also became more elaborate and oftentimes more intense than the challenges in Big Brother 2. (An endurance challenge in Big Brother 2 simply consisted of Will, Monica, and Nicole laying on a waterbed holding onto their keys on a table. Compare a more recent challenge, which had Kevin, Jordan, and Natalie standing in what looked like a jungle, holding onto their keys, walking on top of a mechanized rolling log, all while getting rained on, snowed on, and/or blown on by electric fans.) Big Brother three meanwhile had some more strategizing than the second, but the power of Veto couldn't remove yourself from the block so what was the point in using it, or even ''wanting'' to win it, for the most part? (Except for the part where Marcellas [[CriticalFailure won the one veto he COULD have used on himself but didn't use it]].) Meanwhile the other seasons put in other twists (Double Elimination weeks, some houseguests know each other, team play) and the players came up with new plans (Cruelty, Back-dooring, the secret two-man alliances) But of coruse, the fans ''still'' insist the game was "more complex" back then.
  61. * ''{{Survivor}}'' often gets this treatment...
  62. ** Like the BigBrother example, they still say the game was more complex in the first two seasons. Oh no it wasn't...the first two seasons had [[MemeticMutation No tribal swaps, no exile island or Kidnapping, No hidden immunities, No Final Three, 8-man teams only, Final Destination]]. This kind of stuff is pretty much commonplace now and changes the way people play the game and think their strategies. (In the first two seasons, you could float to the end by hiding behind a strong player or chain-win immunities.)
  63. ** Another big example was "Oh I liked when it was a final two better". Even Jeff Probst has stated the Final Three was a good idea for Survivor for the exact reason of "People taking a dislikable person to the finals", which they ''did'' numerous times, even going so far as to plan it in the Final 8.) Two seasons also had a Jury of 9 but they removed this, due to a potential three-way tie. Interestingly, two recent seasons actually have had a "Final two", for very explainable reasons. The most recent, Tocantins, had evacuated a player who had a very serious infection in his leg, thus not making him able to serve in the jury. And ''Micronesia'' had originally intended for a Final 3&Jury of 7, but the producers had seen a lot of Blindsides engineered by the final three and decided to blindside ''them''. (Thus, there was a Jury of 8)
  64. * Speaking of CBS reality shows, ''TheAmazingRace'' gets this as well. Specifically, the first four courses were "tougher" than later seasons because clues were more than mere directions telling teams how to get to the next task, despite the fact that those courses, as a whole, were much easier than modern courses, and Detours, instead of being a choice between two equally tough tasks, were usually a choice between something short and scary or long and time consuming (only once did a team take the long and time consuming). With the modern {{Metagame}} most teams would just blaze through those first four courses with little to no trouble, leaving fans to complain about the lack of challenge. Season 1's course was so badly designed that leg 9 essentially eliminated three teams, as it was impossible for the two teams that did survive to ever catch back up to the lead pack.
  69. * It's ironic, but people have often criticized TV in the past for being dreadfully formulaic and were always agitating for something fresh. The problem, of course, is that if a novel idea for a program comes along that is ''too'' fresh, it takes on a life of its own and ''becomes'' formulaic. For instance: if you're a big lover of sitcoms, you've probably been miserable for the last decade or so because that genre has fallen out of favor. If, on the other hand, you enjoyed reality TV shows when they first appeared, you're probably also miserable because reality shows have by now become just as trite as the older sitcoms and game shows were.
  70. * How about a love for old TV schedules? You know, when shows were on for a season then off for a season - a new episode once a week? Instead of the jigsaw puzzle of a mess it is now?
  71. ** And even if it was more predictable back then...you had to have a [[GuideDangIt TV guide]] to know when it was on ''if'' it was on if you wanted to tape it. (That is, ''if'' you had one - not everyone had a VHS) Nowadays? You can just season pass a series on stuff like [=TiVo=] or DVR, requiring absoltely little to ''no'' effort on your part.
  74. * The first rule of music is this: If a band [[NewSoundAlbum changes its sound]], then they're "[[TheyChangedItNowItSucks not as good as they used to be]]". If they don't change, they're "[[ItsTheSameNowItSucks derivative and unoriginal]]".
  75. * The second rule: Pretty much everyone thinks that the '90s and prior are immensely better than the current mainstream. On the other hand, as Carly Simon one sang, "These are the good old days."
  76. * Every decade that gets lauded for its amazing music usually had some pretty crappy music on the airwaves as well.
  77. ** TheSeventies is one of the best examples: some of the most beloved rock music ever came out of that decade, and it saw the birth of punk and hip-hop. But the '70s also produced a lot of very forgettable pop music. And as for disco and [[ProgressiveRock prog rock]], YourMileageMayVary. Though young people who get into classic rock often mourn the fact that they weren't there to experience their favorite bands in concert, in many ways they're more fortunate than those who were, because they can experience the best of those bands' output without having to put up with the drek that often accompanied it on the radio.
  78. ** Another good example is TheFifties. It's worth remembering that Billboard's second-biggest artist of that decade was Pat Boone, a man who built his career on being TheMoralSubstitute to the edgy rock & roll artists of the day. Most of the other artists people think of nowadays as ElvisPresley's rivals, like Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Fats Domino, did not chart as well due to radio racism.
  79. ** On the gaming site Sporcle, every quiz involving music of the 2000s (such as "Top Selling on iTunes and Amazon") attracts many comments complaining on the quality of the artists. In [[http://www.sporcle.com/games/jaymc/multiplenumberones one]], a user/editor of the site decided to list some #1 hits from the 60's and 70's to prove the whiners had a severe Nostalgia Filter.
  81. * Hip-hop from [[TheEighties the '80s]] and [[TheNineties '90s]] is considered far beyond current mainstream hip-hop by many older fans and even some younger fans. Of course, the Filter definitely applies here, as those who reminisce about the "Golden Age" will cherry-pick examples of the more exceptional rappers of the time, and conveniently ignore the more pop-friendly new jack swing sound that actually ruled the airwaves back then. Also, the genre's origins as lyrically simple, technology-driven party music seem to have been forgotten, as those attributes are ironically cited as the main criticisms of 21st century hip-hop.
  82. * Some metal fans will tell you that all the best metal came from TheEighties and that the scene was a shadow of its former self after 1991. In turn, other metal fans will tell you that '80s metal was trash, and that TheNineties was the best decade for metal. This is perhaps due to the fact that most of the major metal bands of the '80s -- {{Slayer}}, {{Megadeth}}, JudasPriest, {{Metallica}}, IronMaiden, etc. -- are widely considered to have had lackluster '90s output. On the other hand, many {{death metal}} bands had their peaks in the '90s. You could probably figure out who listens to what based on their opinions of various decades. The irony is that the major metal bands of the 80's have ''mostly'' had output in the 2000's on par with the heyday...[[ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontWatch just nobody really knows about it]] outside of the fans. Slayer and Megadeth returned to form majorly with ''Christ Illusion'' and ''The System Has Failed'', respectively; Iron Maiden's post-Blaze albums (starting with ''Brave New World'') are considered top-notch; and Judas Priest got better when Halford came back. Metallica, though...YourMileageMayVary, though ''Death Magnetic'' is better than everything since their eponymous album (especially ''St. Anger'').
  83. * Many vicious arguments have occurred between older and younger rock fans as to whether modern rock is good at all, let alone as good as the classics..
  84. ** This culminated in the ''Rolling Stone'' magazine article: "The 500 Greatest Songs of All-Time." Written in 2004, it included only 3 songs from the 2000's and a truly ''massive'' number from the 1960's and early '70's, roughly coinciding with the rise of the Magazine itself. Probably 400 or so of those songs (and their artists) were probably [[PopularityPolynomial regularly]] [[VindicatedByHistory panned]] by the magazine when they were [[ItsPopularNowItSucks the Top 40 of the day]].
  85. ** The same could be said about the hip-hop albums they listed, as most of the albums were from the 80's and 90's. ''A lot'' of critically acclaimed rap albums were released those 2 decades.
  86. * AFI fans. Pre- and post-Sing the Sorrow. I rest my case.
  87. * OlderThanSteam: In the late Renaissance, Roman Catholic church leaders were angry that music in the church had become so complex (with lyrics that were harder to sing and instruments often drowning out the voices) and tried to force composers to return to the plainsong chants of the Middle Ages, taking such extreme measures as banning any and all instruments from church music. Modern classical music fans owe a huge debt to Palestrina for writing music that made the newer styles palatable to church authorities, and thus kept them from halting the wheels of progress.
  88. * There are some quarters who perpetually whine about modern pop boy bands with hordes of screaming fangirls. A lot of these people like TheBeatles. To be ''absolutely'' fair, TheBeatles evolved significantly from their 'pop boy band with hordes of screaming fangirls' relatively quickly, and in many ways were [[UnbuiltTrope responsible for that whole archetype to begin with]]. Not to mention aspects such as the whole 'writing and performing their own original material' aspect, which significantly differs from many of the pop boy bands who are frequently criticised.
  89. ** The whole "writing and performing your own original material" thing was an ''exception'' to the rule up until TheBeatles, and it didn't hurt the careers of FrankSinatra, ElvisPresley or {{Motown}}. Even TheBeatles (and their competitors) released ''a lot'' of R&B, country, early rock 'n' roll and girl group covers up to late 1965. The Beach Boys as well, and much of their material was played by session musicians, many of the best of the business. PetSounds was almost a BrianWilson solo album with the Beach Boys as backing singers. In fact, it wasn't even so much of a big deal until the CriticalBacklash of TheMonkees.
  90. * There's a saying that the best music of all time was released during your senior year of high school. No matter what year that was.
  91. * CountryMusic, like Mad Magazine, was always at its best when you first got into it. For a great deal of people, this is TheNineties when GarthBrooks made listening to country music socially acceptable, but diehards are just as likely to say TheFifties, which is considered the golden age of country music, or the 60s and 70s, when you had legendary artists like WaylonJennings, GeorgeJones, MerleHaggard, WillieNelson, Loretta Lynn and JohnnyCash all operating at their peak. Like their rock counterparts, pretty much all long-term, loyal fans of the genre agree that the current era of mainstream country music is markedly inferior to almost anything that came before it.
  92. * Britney fans are habitual abusers of this trope. Esecially in regards to the "Golden Era"
  93.  She was always better before, in the good old years (2001/2002) when she was neglected by her boyfriend, banned from the radio and was suffering hype backlash....
  96. * Boy, these get this a ''lot''. Yes, some have been [[LongRunner going a tad too long]], and if you ask any person who read comics, they'll always tell you how everything after ''CalvinAndHobbes'', ''BloomCounty'', ''{{Peanuts}}'', ''TheFarSide'' or ''{{Foxtrot}}'' (for younger ones) was unreadable crud. (With a few free passes, like ''GetFuzzy'' and ''{{Mutts}}'') Shame that comics like ''{{Frazz}}'', ''{{Candorville}}'', ''BabyBlues'' and ''{{Zits}}'' tend to get overlooked when one thinks of the "Realism" and/or "Exaggerated Realism" seen in their favourite comics. (Many happenings in those comics are exaggerated for the sake of humour but aren't ''that'' far from the truth) Once again, nevermind that ''CalvinAndHobbes'' was about as much about the title characters' animation and imaginary relationship as it was about "Realism" or "Exaggerated Realism".
  97. ** A very good example is how many people will deride Garfield as being "Repetitive" since the 90s, or how "It's all jokes about gluttony". Yeah, you know Garfield was like that in the late 70s and throughout the 80s, right?
  98. ** People who like Serious comic strips also love to trash the ones running right now as "You never get to see what happens next, it's too long!". Well do you have any idea how long it took for ''DickTracy'' to run a story arc back then? About as long as it takes for ''PrinceValiant'' to get somewhere.
  103. [[folder:Radio]]
  104. * In Britain, with the introduction of Heart (the British equivalent to JACK FM), people now want "Today's Best Mix" and "Best Mix of the 80s, 90s and Today" and "Today's Best Music" slogans brought back - not to mention the heritage names that were the precursors of Heart. Some consider this StylisticSuck and that the playlist TastesLikeDiabetes.
  108. [[folder:Tabletop Games]]
  109. * The last edition of ''{{Warhammer 40000}}'' was [[RuinedFOREVER always better]]. With the exception of the current Chaos codex, ''{{Warhammer 40000}}'' tends to afford this once the book is released (goes double for 5th edition Imperial Guard Codex which is the best thing ever)
  110. * DungeonsAndDragons has this with just about of edition that is released. Several people pointed out that the edition the player first started playing at gets this treatment, similar to the ElderScrolls fandom (See the VideoGames section below).
  111. ** Fans of the first edition of Dungeons and Dragons are very quick to ignore the ChaosIncarnate rulebooks and the lack of variety.
  112. ** Fans of 2nd edition are also quick to ignore how hard it can be for players to pick-up-and-play without having to run a couple "Practice Campaigns" to get used to the limiting amounts of rules.
  113. ** Fans of 3rd edition also will not acknowledge how "Simplified" it is compared to Advanced D&D or how new players can be absolutely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of rulebooks compared to other editions (Not to mention the infamous [=CoDzilla=]).
  114. ** You can bet your bottom the vocal fans of 4th edition (If they haven't been hunted to extinction by FanHaters) will find one flaw to ignore when 5th edition finally comes out.
  115. ** Many fans of the first three eds will say that 4e is an MMO, but will also ignore how "MMO-like" pen-and-paper games ''already are''. (Doesn't help that the first MMORPG was based ''directly off of'' Dungeons and Dragons and was actually made to ''be'' an online Dungeons and Dragons.) Fans of previous Dungeons and Dragons editions are also very quick to disregard LinearWarriorsQuadraticWizards as a "problem"; nevermind that it also not only lead to [=CoDzilla=] but dozens of [[StopHavingFunGuys Min-maxers]] who tried to [[{{Munchkin}} make the best build possible]] and how [[CharacterTiers unbalanced most classes were]], especially with FakeBalance. They will also ignore how a DM can utterly screw the game over by not putting any upgrades for gear-dependent classes like Fighters. This also leads to the editions suffering from HypeBacklash.
  116. ** There's also a small contingent of "Old School" players who declare that D&D was '''much''' better in the original "white box" days, before modern perversions like the Thief class (a staple of the Basic and Advanced rulesets).
  117. * Then there's also the school of thought that any card game that isn't simply a variant of the same one should never have been invented. You know, abominations like ''MagicTheGathering'' or ''[=~Yu-Gi-Oh!~=]'' that actually allowed players to build a deck up and see how well they can pull off a combination with their luck of the draw - as opposed to simply having the exact same deck.
  118. ** The sets and blocks of Magic fall prey to the Filter, as well, with people decrying new sets even before they're released, or sometimes, even out of the testing stage. To be fair though, we have had some occasional sets where even the most devoted of fans had a hard time not crying out something along the lines of "Stop designing our decks for us, R & D!"
  119. * The Old ''WorldOfDarkness'' often gets this treatment, mostly from people who were bitter (not entirely without reason) that the old gamelines were discontinued, and that the new ones were mostly redesigned from the ground up. Such people tend to ignore arguments which point out flaws in the old games and systems, the idea that the new games were intended to be built around different themes than the old, or explanations of the various external factors which influenced the themes of the old games (such as 90s counter culture).
  122. [[folder:Video Games]]
  123. * In general, video games tend to [[HypeBacklash age even worse]] than most other media. Most people will not accept this, but the best video games were ''always'' the ones you liked when you were younger or first started playing games. Some people will say that the games of the past were more complex. Can you spot the fallacy of that statement? People who say that [[DidNotDoTheResearch just aren't paying attention]]. Games of today are actually ''more'' complex than back then. You can just pick up most games (Even PC Games) and play them, with few exceptions (Eg the [[GuideDangIt Text-based]] [[YouCantGetYeFlask games]]). Being able to pick-it-up-and-play is now considered "Dumbing down", "A Casual trait", and "Holding your hand", as a result, Tutorial levels were implemented because not ''everyone'' is going to read that DoorStopper manual that shipped with TheWitcher..or may even ''have'' it for that matter. (Used games may often not contain the manual. Finding the manual for a Cartridge-based game, for example, is incredibly rare. And don't get me started on Pirated games...)
  124. * A reason for newer games being claimed by nostalgists to be worse than older games is that according to them, the focus has now become largely on graphics, and game developers will prioritize graphics over gameplay, whereas in the arcade and early console ages graphics were very basic, even after evolving from 8-bit for a while, so in order for a game to become widely loved back in earlier days, it actually had to be a good game rather than just a good looking game. This completely ignores all aspects of budgeting, staffing, advancements in technology and is a complete logical failing. Video game developers for the SNES and Genesis cared just as much about graphics as people who joined at the PS3 and 360. There just wasn't a whole lot of room to look different, even on PCs since they didn't always have expensive video cards. (There ''was'' once a time when all you needed to play a PC game was just a working PC with the right Operating System)
  125. * The internet is largely at fault for the strong NostalgiaFilter people have for video games, especially on such vehemently picky places like [[ImageBoards /v/]]. These days, news of a new game gets leaked the second it goes into development, giving people anywhere from months to years to build up such unrealistically high expectations of the game that they are completely and utterly let down by the final product.
  126. * Games were always much harder back in the 8-bit and lower era, no doubts. Never mind that arcade games were specifically ''designed'' to be hard so one would keep on putting quarters in the machines, bugs that made the game harder than it should be weren't removed in testing, games weren't tested for bugs ''at all'', one could make the game unwinnable by ''accident'', cause stuff to be LostForever, FakeDifficulty ruled, Arcade games were often shoveled onto home systems with only a code for more lives, and when the stiff controls and design would lead to all sorts of unfair deaths. (Illustrated in the AngryVideoGameNerd's Castlevania videos - 100% of the death sequences are now considered "cheap" if they were done in a video game today) Nowadays, at least half that stuff are commonly ''bashed'' in games because "they should have tested it better!"
  127. ** Many gamers also don't acknowledge age, experience, practice, or genre savvy-ness and GenreBlindness. Their little brother who has never played a ''{{Mario}}'' game in his life will have ''just'' as much trouble playing ''SuperMarioGalaxy'' as you did trying to pass World 8-3 of ''[[Game.SuperMarioBros Super Mario Bros]]'' back when you were ''his'' age. For that matter, try getting most ''adults'' who've never played video games since the arcade-dominant era of TheEighties to play video games...they'll probably have just as much trouble as you did.
  128. ** Time also blurs a lotta things. Many people will admit they had difficulty with ''{{Castlevania}}'', yet oddly enough a couple years ago, you were called a "noob" for admitting to having difficulty with ''{{Castlevania}}''. Or ''{{MegaMan}}''. You were ''not'' allowed to say you had a hard time on any stage back then but nowadays people proudly admit they had difficulty with Mega Man...''back in the day''.
  129. * ''[=~Pokémon~=]''. Just ''[=~Pokémon~=]''. Sure, liking the older generations over the newer ones is fine and a matter of opinion (As there are people who like the newer ones over the older, or like them equally and prefer to go over individual pokemon. All eight of us.), but if you have someone saying that "only Generation 1 (or only Generations 1 and 2) were good and everything afterwords sucked", then you've probably got a case of NostalgiaFilter on your hands.
  130. ** The FanDumb and HateDumb tend to just trash anything new for the fact that it's an AcceptableTarget. When Generation II came out, there actually ''was'' some bitching of people who ''did'' get them all now having to do ''more work''. when Generation III came out, on top of the whining of stuff that wasn't Game Freak's fault (Eg, not being able to transfer their level 100 Charizards over), but anyone who hated the Generation II was instantly shut up because now they got to criticise something else! Then Gen IV came out and instantly...all the hatred towards Generation III miraculously vanished, as Generation IV was the new whipping boy. And it even improved the gameplay by making a lot of pokemon usable! (Physical special split) Pokemon is RuinedFOREVER! And now all we know of Generation V are the titles, two pokemon (which had names), and a few screenshots - Already the attitude towards Generation V is like an angry mob with torches and pitchforks ready to burn down [[ScapegoatCreator Nintendo]]'s headquarters in Japan.
  131. * ''Any'' time a game gets a remake, this happens.
  132. * While it is not as numerous as other games, (Due to most StarOcean fans being displayed as a trophy on FanHaters' walls) this has actually happened to [[StarOcean Star Ocean: The Second Evolution]]. In fact, this can show how ''powerful'' the NostalgiaFilter can be. The original version on the Playstation was known for having a story some people found interesting, but had a ''terrible'' translation and the voice acting was just plain awful. not only was it full of awkwardly-translated dialogue but the hardware for recording the voice was poor, you could barely tell what some characters were even ''saying''. So then there was the announcement that, with the fourth game in the series on its way, the first and second StarOcean games were going to be released...on the PlaystationPortable. Everyone's reaction? "Maybe they'll fix the voice acting on the second story! And redo the translation too!" So the game is remade...trashed by critics because of the cliches (that weren't very cliche when the game was originally released, [[SeinfeldIsUnfunny geez ever thought of]] ''that''?) and guess what some of the fans did? They actually ''liked'' the PSX translation and the voice acting ''better''!! This really shows you one thing...do '''NOT''' try and combat the NostalgiaFilter.
  133. * The [[BrokenBase older members]] of the ''SonicTheHedgehog'' fandom won't ever, ''ever'' allow any Sonic game made after 1998 to be called good. Any implication that the Genesis games weren't the Holy Grail of gaming, that Sonic Team isn't too incompetent to [[UnpleasableFanbase listen to the fans]], or that the [=4Kids=] voice actors aren't a horrible blasphemy to the older ones will result in the poor fool being [[InternetBackdraft burnt at the stake]] by the FanDumb. The fact that the IMDb lists "Sonic X" as the worst rated Sonic the Hedgehog adaptation (current score of 5.5) shows this effect well.
  134. * {{JRPG}}s are subject to this. Many older gamers who grew up with the "golden age" of {{RPG}}s on the SuperNES era are quick to bash the newer games and go on about how much better the older games were. Generally, they forget some of the truly execrable examples of the genre that were released then. However, they were very slightly [[JustifiedTrope justified]] in that North America really did receive ''fewer'' Japanese [=RPG=]s during that time, as they were still a niche genre and most of the shovelware never made it to our shores. Now that there's a larger American fanbase and a higher chance of getting decent sales even for shovelware, we are seeing more of it. However, it doesn't mean the crappy games didn't ''exist'', just that they weren't ''translated'' or that they didn't ''know about them''.
  135. * ''WorldOfWarcraft'', being an MMORPG, is ripe for this trope. The developer has made numerous changes in the course of three expansions and dozens of major patches, and it is a frequent claim among long time players that the old ways were better. Oft-cited reasons for why "classic" ''World Of Warcraft'' (or in some cases, ''The Burning Crusade'') is the only good version include:
  136. %% Please don't add any specific examples for each of these -- a complete explanation for any of these items would be longer than the current entry.
  137. ** Every class change that ever increased/decreased the viability of a talent build for a particular role.
  138. ** The Player Versus Player system no longer rewarding only the players who can spend every waking hour (or tag-team with someone else to play in shifts) in order to have the highest standing. (And rewarding people with PvE gear in PvP)
  139. ** Dungeon Attunements/Keys becoming long quest chains in the style of the Onyxia's Lair raid (or later being all but removed due to complaints)
  140. ** The "Dumbing down" of raids, sometimes bug fixes that made the raids hard for [[FakeDifficulty the wrong reasons]].
  141. ** New dungeons being shorter, having fewer offbeat items, being easier, and being capped at fewer players than their classic counterparts, or in some cases, their original version, compared to significantly longer older dungeons with [[GuideDangIt sometimes obscure]] solutions.
  142. ** User Interface changes that disabled popular Game Mods, or went as far as including some of the Mod functionality by default.
  143. ** New armor sets being less garish than older ones.
  144. ** The "badge" system of currency allowing players to buy raid-quality gear without ever stepping into a raid, averting a Catch 22 situation where raid groups wouldn't ''invite'' you without raid gear.
  145. ** Capping the number of buffs from consumable items to cut down on the "mandatory" harvesting of obscure and exotic items to maximize the power level of every member of the raid group.
  146. ** Reducing the amount of experienced required to reach each level
  147. * ''{{EverQuest}}'' received the same criticism that ''World of Warcraft'' is now getting, though it was equally often characters who wanted to return to their previous levels of desirableness during periods when you just didn't associate with certain classes because they were worthless as pure "the game was better" sentiment.
  148. ** One rather odd case was how people think they should go back to removing experience upon death and how you should delevel of you die enough....and yet the number one complaint about {{MMORPG}}s, primarily EverQuest? Deleveling or removing experience upon death.
  149. * ''CityOfHeroes'' players often complain about how they 'don't feel super any more' because the game is no longer [[GameBreaker ridiculously unbalanced]]. Although the masochistic streak of MMO players seems to be absent, the game has been praised for wisely doing away with the [[strike: classic MMO features]] poor design choices endemic to the genre.
  150. * ''GuildWars'' receives a similar treatment from a certain fraction of the fanbase - there has even been a call on a forum recently for ANet to make a "vanilla Prophecies" server, and many such players point at the rise of various "overpowered gimmick" builds as evidence that balance has been ruined while decrying all professions that have been introduced in following chapters as not just unbalanced but ''inherently unbalanaceable''. Nevermind that such builds have been possible since release - there's a ''reason'' the name of pretty much every powerful team build tends to be a single syllable with the "way" suffix (it dates back from the vanilla-Prophecies-era skill "I Will Avenge You", shortform Iway, which was a key part of a build that dominated the PvP meta for long enough that the company made an AI team using that build in a training mode to teach new players how to fight it). If there was ever a time in which there wasn't at least one overpowered gimmick team build floating around, it was only because it hadn't been discovered yet.
  151. ** ''GuildWars'' players, especially fans of prophecies are also ''very'' quick to ignore just how absolutely ''slow'' it took to level up characters in ''Prophecies'', especially ones who've been spoiled by ''Factions'' awarding thousands of experience points whereas quests in ''Prophecies'' would award 500.
  152. * ''TheLegendOfZelda'' games are always affected by this. It doesn't matter how many vast improvements the newer games make over the older ones, and it doesn't matter how many glaringly obvious flaws there are in the older games.
  153. ** There's also a lot of ItsTheSameNowItSucks going on. Fans complain that TwilightPrincess is just OcarinaOfTime updated for newer consoles. Older fans then claim that Ocarina was just a 3D version of ALinkToThePast. And even older fans bitch that Link to the Past was just a 16 bit version of the original LegendOfZelda. To hear them tell it, Nintendo made God's Own Video Game back in TheEighties, and every technological advance since then has been meaningless.
  154. * Many ''{{Tetris}}'' fans fall under this, preferring to stick to NES and Game Boy incarnations as opposed to more modern versions that pack more features such as multiplayer for 4-10 players, a more fair piece randomizer, and flexible game mechanics (as opposed to the stiffness of older Tetris games).
  155. * You can bet your bottom that the first ''{{Persona}}'' game on the PSP (A remake of the first) will get the "I liked the inconsistent blotches of voice acting, awkward dialogue, and terrible localization better"-treatment. Sure, Masao looked ''less'' dorky in the localization, but still, it ''was'' famous for a terrible localization because it was Atlus's early days.
  156. ** When ''Persona 3'' came out, people whined about how you had to select dialogue options over the school day and interact with civilians to befriend them and "That took up too much time" and "Wasn't role-playing" (Actual role-payers can't read the latter comment with a straight face). The NostalgiaFilter seems to have made them forget that in the previous games in the series...you had to do just that, but replace "Classmates and random civilians around the town" with "Demons", and you still had the [[GuideDangIt joy of experimenting with the same kind of demon zillions of times]] before you finally got it right and learned how to get items from the demons.
  157. * DonkeyKongCountry has Cranky Kong as the game's built in nostalgia filter. He'll go on for hours about how his games (the Donkey Kong arcade games) were the best, and how graphics and level design are a cheap gimmick that will never catch on.
  158. ** And the ironic part? The fans have fallen into the same mentality in regards to ''DonkeyKongCountryReturns''; for instance, some of the UnpleasableFanbase refuse to accept Kenji Yamamoto as a worthy substitute for David Weise, nevermind how [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome awesome]] Yamamoto's [[{{Metroid}} previous]] [[MetroidPrime soundtracks]] were.
  159. * Fans of the ''ElderScrolls'' video games who have played ''Daggerfall'' seem to prize it above newer installments, citing its larger world and deeper lore while ignoring its heavily pixelated graphics, the numerous bugs, Fatigue not regenerating, and [[CopyAndPasteEnvironments repetitive locations]] full of blank space.
  160. ** ''Morrowind'' fans hate ''Oblivion'', no matter what. Nevermind the fact that the rather stiff {{NPC}} AI in the latter was an improvement over the literally lifeless AI of the former, or that it had less {{Game Breaking Bug}}s, or that it was far easier to pick up and play than Morrowind's [[GuideDangIt overly complex tutorially mess]] (Which is what Bethseda intended), having some more interesting characters, or that, while there was less dialogue in ''Oblivion'', it was far easier to follow than what is potentially ''tens of thousands'' of WallsOfText with barely any voice acting to keep it interesting, that the combat was even ''more'' monotonous than even Daggerfall and Arena's where you got to specify ''how'' your character attacked as opposed to simply clicking the mouse button over and over again until your finger cramped and your character ''finally'' made contact, or that the former had blocky, outdated graphics (in its time) coupled with [[RealIsBrown lots of brown]]...But keep in mind that Morrowind is a game that [[ComplainingAboutPeopleNotLikingTheShow you are not allowed to dislike unless you have the "Yahtzee" free pass.]]
  161. * If a map from the original ''GearsOfWar'' is able to be voted on in the sequel, expect it to win, even though they've all been RuinedFOREVER with the addition of the weapon cycle. ''Especially'' War Machine, and it's not even ''out'' yet.
  162. ** For those curious, Epic made the terribly grave mistake of revealing that War Machine, the only map that could have come ''close'' to seeing as much action in ''Gears 1'' as [[ComplacentGamingSyndrome Gridlock]] did, was going to get a Boomshot cycled in every couple of rounds. [[StopHavingFunGuys A large part of the community]] took this as an atrocity on par with the Holocaust and petitions sprung up from every...* ahem* ... [[IncrediblyLamePun dark corner]] of the forums, smothering any decent topic that gets posted. Too bad it's not Valve, we'd see [[{{Troll}} Boomshots carpeting the place]] come July.
  163. ** Epic seems to have a good business strategy going for them: With the return of Fuel Depot in the Snowblind Map Pack, as well as the upcoming return of War Machine in July's ''Dark Corners'' DLC, Epic seems to be releasing one ''Gears 1'' map in every new map pack, because they know that people will buy it just for that map, even if they loathe the other maps (hell, they'd probably pay more for the option to ''not'' download the other maps).
  164. ** Of course, all this only applies to ''Gears 2'' players, and not the large number of players who simply could not deal with or adapt to the changes and went back to ''Gears 1'' on the very first DAY of ''Gears 2'''s release. The two biggest changes that have caused this are the added concussive blast to the smoke grenades, and, of course, [[ComplacentGamingSyndrome the shotgun being demoted from its godlike status]]. However, petitions have sprung up about every "problem" such as wall tags, certain power weapons being more powerful than before, certain power weapons being ''less'' powerful than before, the weapon cycle, the weapon cycle on Flashback Maps, and about how the speed of ''Gears 2'' is "soooo slooooowww" compared to ''Gears 1''. Basically, everyone just seems to have wanted ''Gears 1'' DLC with a new campaign, new maps, new weapons (which wouldn't matter because everyone would still be using nothing but the shotgun), and new achievements.
  165. * Whenever Square-Enix remakes an older ''FinalFantasy'' game, they usually update the translation. Many fans are quite... [[BigNo insistent]] on how good an idea this is. Worse, they tend to exaggerate the impact. For instance, in ''FinalFantasyVI'', [[{{Woolseyism}} Woolsey]] gave Kefka a number of silly one-liners that, to many English-speaking fans, defined the character. In the Game Boy Advance EnhancedRemake, with an updated translation, exactly two of Woolsey's one-liners were altered in the slightest. Two. Out of a couple of dozen. More were ''added'' than removed. Yet ask certain members of the FanDumb, and they'll claim that the remake made Kefka into a serious character, [[DidNotDoTheResearch an outright lie]].
  166. ** Related to ''FinalFantasy'', the Nostalgia Filter has managed to block many haters of Tetsuya Nomura's artwork from noticing that their beloved Yoshitaka Amano actually DOES have his own trends like the other artist, and yes, he too is fond of [[{{Expy}} using expies]]. No one seems to notice that Amano loves to draw willowy men with white hair, pale skin, blue lipstick, and an effeminate looking face lined with eyeshadow. The only character where this actually seems to apply is [[FinalFantasyIX Kuja]]... who no one seems to admit looks more masculine when drawn by Nomura.
  167. *** And just like how Nomura loves his belts and zippers inspired by Japanese fashion trends (although he seems to have an eye towards American urban fashion nowadays,) all male Amano characters have spiked armor with giant capes (When the capes can be put on, Locke for example has no cape but Edgar and Setzer have his trademark cape), and all of the girls wear catsuits or bikinis. [[DeparmentOfRedundancyDepartment (Don't forget the lipstick and incredibly pale skin!)]] And let's not forget Akihiko Yoshida's predilection towards [[VagrantStory bondage gear]] or [[FinalFantasyTactics tight pants]] [[FinalFantasyXII on men.]]
  168. * The ''[[SuperMarioBros Mario]]'' games run on this trope. When ''SuperMario64'' came out, ''SuperMarioBros3'' or ''SuperMarioWorld'' was just better because 3D sucked. Then ''SuperMario64'' was the better game once ''SuperMarioSunshine'' came out and again when ''SuperMarioGalaxy'' was released. (Admittedly, ''Sunshine'' did have some legitimate flaws, but it was hardly a gaming disaster.) No matter what Mario platforming game is made and all the new and cool things that go in them, the die hard fans would rather have ''Mario 3'', ''Mario World'', or ''Mario 64'' again and again.
  169. ** SeanMalstrom, one particularly egregious example, doesn't even consider the 3D Mario games to be real Mario games at all. While one could make a case for them being spinoffs rather than a proper continuation of the 2D series, Malstrom isn't content to stop there; he claims ''they aren't even good games''. At one point he even wondered why the 3D Mario games exist at all. Granted, [[QualityByPopularVote he does cite sales as a marker for how 2D Mario resonates with more people]], but the way Malstrom paints it, you'd think that every 3D Mario game ever made has been SoBadItsHorrible.
  170. *** And as for the sales figures, it's worth pointing out that the 2D Mario games were released during a time when Nintendo was the uncontested king of the video game industry. The 3D Mario games have had much, ''much'' stiffer competition.
  171. ** A recent poll of video game critics asked them what the all-time best Mario game is. The winner was the original ''[[Game.SuperMarioBros Super Mario Bros]]''. One can't help but suspect that nostalgia was the primary factor in this decision. While it's certainly a classic, and its place in gaming history cannot be underestimated, are there ''really'' that many fans who play it the most out of all the Mario games?
  172. * The ''{{Metroid}}'' fans began to show its nostalgia after the ''Metroid Prime'' trilogy was introduced, mainly because they believed (like the old school Mario fans) that 3D ruined the ''Metroid'' experience. Of course, ''Metroid Fusion'' and [[VideoGameRemake ''Metroid: Zero Mission'']] went back to 2D, but the die hard fans won't accept them because they're not like ''Super Metroid''. (Most fans of ''both'' seem to act like ''Metroid Fusion'' doesn't even ''exist'', even in a negative fashion. They're so fixated on either ''Super Metroid'' or ''Metroid Prime'')
  173. * A developer for ''MonkeyIsland'' once noted (back when the fourth game was newest... ahh yes, the 2000s, now [[SarcasmMode ''those'' were the days]]) that the game generally held to be ?best? in the series seemed to be the one previous to the latest installment. Starting with the release of the second game, of course, though that was only a year after the first. NostalgiaFilter applies when comparing the third (1997) to the second (1991), the fourth (2000) to the third, and if the nostalgia is strong enough, the fourth might get elevated now that there?s a newly eligible target (...[[IncrediblyLamePun Butt Monkey Island]]?) in the series lineup.
  174. ** One could say that the exact same rule of thumb applies to the 3D [[TheLegendOfZelda Zelda]] installments, ever since the release of ''Majora's Mask''. ''Ocarina of Time'' was the best starting in 2000, then ''Majora's Mask'' ascended to that spot as of the release of ''The Wind Waker''. And of course, wouldn't you know it, people now have a newfound appreciation for ''The Wind Waker'' now that ''Twilight Princess'' is out. Anyone wanna venture a guess as to when ''Twilight Princess'' stops sucking?
  175. *** This also happens with ''{{Pokemon}}''.
  176. * Nintendo has fallen under the nostalgia goggles of many a Nintendo fan. While it was always the case for each new console release, it became more exposed when the {{Wii}} was launched. Many people will tell others how much better Nintendo was in the old days and how [[FridgeLogic getting owned in sales again would bring better games]].
  177. * This is the ''entire'' reason as to why ''SpyroTheDragon'' has it's BrokenBase in the first place. Everything after Insomniac's first three games warrants nothing but complaints no matter how much the series [[{{Deconstruction}} veers away from]] [[MascotWithAttitude the mascot with attitude trait]] that has allowed the franchise to get better recognition and [[AnimationAgeGhetto be played by more than just kids]].
  178. ** [[SarcasmMode Yeah, like the 3 original ones weren't very well-done all around fine games... ]]
  179. ** Likewise, by the time the ''Legend of Spyro'' was in full swing, {{Sierra}} was roughly [[OlderThanTheyThink three times as old]] as the whole [[SpyroTheDragon Spyro franchise]] itself, which only began in the late 90s. Also, upon Insomniac's loss of the franchise, [[BoredOnBoard although they really seemed happy about it]], it seems that almost ''every'' game made by them is "bad" because it's a shooter-based platformer, not a wacky platformer.
  180. ** Just about ''any [[TheNineties 90s]]'' game is always going to be considered better than any modern game because of "gimmicky graphics" and "quirky gameplay" and who knows what else.
  181. * Isn't it ironic how many games like ''DrMario'' and ''{{Tetris}}'' are excused from the "Any game that is not gritty or has some point to it are casual games and are ''not'' games!"-statement made by many hardcore gamers today? Of course, a lot of this is because they will ''not'' trash any of the original incarnations of ''{{Tetris}}'', probably because that kind of simplistic (yet addictive) type of puzzle game was around for ''years''.
  182. * Never ask a fan of the original PSX version of ''{{Castlevania}}: Symphony of the Night'' what they think of the voice acting and retranslation in the PSP remake. Apparently, the hilarity of the original's generous helping of [[LargeHam ham]] and [[GoodBadTranslation cheese]] is more important than good writing and competent voice acting.
  183. ** See the section about Star Ocean 2.
  184. *** YMMV on the PSP Remake having good writing and competent voice acting, really. Most of complaints revolved around saying that if the translation and voice acting are still going to be bad, fans would rather keep the classic and cheesy translation.
  185. * A portion of ''GaiaOnline'''s UnpleasableFanbase have fixated themselves on the concept of "Old Gaia", primarily due to the fact that "TheyChangedItNowItSucks". The concept of "Old Gaia" is viewed as an internet utopia, free of the Noobs, [[AllegedlyFreeGame Gaia Cash]], and ProductPlacement that has taken hold of Gaia in recent years. Of course, while Old Gaia did have it's charms and advantages, people seem to forget that it was basically a buggy anime forum with Paper Doll Avatars and a comic that crashed constantly, where features that exist now were announced but had [[{{Vaporware}} yet to manifest]], and 90% of the features they take for granted were incredibly awkward to use or didn't even exist. Nostalgia Filter indeed...
  186. * Fans who complain about ''{{Halo}} 3'' having generic environments are obviously ignorant of the fact that it was a significant improvement over the horrible CutAndPasteEnvironments the former two games had.
  187. * ''{{Doom}}'' fans complained when they played ''Doom 3'', claiming that it "lost the atmosphere" the former Doom games had, that it relied on horror cliches to try and scare the player, or that the guns looked cartoony, plastic, and toylike. To put it straight, the older Doom levels had about as much atmosphere as the peak of Mount Everest, the series had relied on the ''exact same horror cliches'' (and were coupled with cheesy-looking monster sprites, especially by 2004, to boot), and that while three or so of the weapons (Fist, Pistol, Chainsaw) ''were'' genuine, the rest of the guns were either toys or drawn.
  188. ** Being a fan of both the classic and new ''DOOM'', I can explain exactly why we feel that the atmosphere was lost. ''DOOM 3'' heavily relied on horror cliches, yes, but, unlike classic ''DOOM'', that's ''all'' they used. Classic ''DOOM'' also had the benefit of fully-lighted areas where you could actually see the monsters. Even on the Martian landscape or in Hell, the sky had an eerie red tint to it, and you could feel intensely lonely. ''DOOM 3'' is almost always in the dark, and when there is light, it's heavily shadowed. Sometimes being able to see what's coming at you is scarier than being surprised.
  189. ** Also notable is the insane overuse of imps spawning right behind you as you pick up items. If your players are walking into items backwards with their fingers on the trigger, you're not doing a very good job scaring them.
  190. * Completely turned on its head with the ''BackyardSports'' series. Most critics, including those on IGN, G4, and 1UP, only know the games published after 2004 (which are often SoBadItsHorrible), and begin to dislike ''older'' games in the series because they are different from the newer ones. IGN's case is especially hilarious because IGN's favorite games (through their Nostalgia Filter) were released around the same time as the original ''Backyard Baseball'' and ''Backyard Soccer''.
  191. * Point and Click adventure games were ''always'' good no matter how many of them were {{unwinnable}} or featured unintuitive puzzle designs. (Even in games where one does ''not'' die.) We'll also ignore when you were told YouCantGetYeFlask.
  192. * Because ''{{Lunar}}'' has had an EnhancedRemake on the PSP, guess what version everyone's liking better? That's right...the version they played first.
  193. ** Heck, listening to those people's claims is pretty fun. "They changed the lyrics of the theme song! They added anime-portraits in dialogue scenes! The rearranged background music isn't as good as the old one! The new voice actors suck! The new graphics are too cartoonish!". Even Joystiq commented that XSEED shouldn't have "bothered" localizing the game because, thanks to the anime-portraits and graphics revamp, the game now looks like ''[[RanmaOneHalf Ranma 1/2]]'' (ahem, the less said about the fact that Lunar was one of the first [=RPG=]s to use ''anime''-styled FMVs constantly, the better).
  194. * Some people also watch cutscenes of ''{{Lunar}}: Silver star Story'' on Sega CD or the ''KingsQuestV'' and nowadays just laugh at how "Cheesy" they are, ignoring how back in the early nineties, that kind of stuff was actually new and impressive. (And how quickly the animated cutscenes improved over King's Quest V and ''{{Lunar}}'''s rather paper-doll-animated cutscenes; there's even ''more'' improvement in ''[[{{Lunar}} Eternal blue]]'') Some even say "games should just be left in the past to truly appreciate them".
  195. ** Ditto ''FinalFantasy'' (PSX-era, mainly), especially ''FinalFantasyVII'', one of the first games to use fully-rendered CGI FMVs. They were phenomenal back at the time, but they are just silly by today's standards ([[FinalFantasyVIII VIII]] and [[FinalFantasyIX IX]] too, since they are in the UncannyValley to a certain extent).
  196. *** Don't also forget many games that featured Full Motion Videos period, not ''just'' the pre-rendered ones. A lot of people are very fond of ''DragonsLair'', but it took the AngryVideoGameNerd to point out that there wasn't really that much to the gameplay, most of the appeal was how much it stuck out from other Arcade games, and how like all other arcade games, was ''designed'' to make you want to put quarters after quarters to get past that stage - you always knew ''just'' how to get past those obstacles after you saw them. (Although they'll laugh when they remember what DonBluth used as a reference for Daphne.)
  197. * ''{{Counter Strike}}'', Full-stop. There's even a BrokenBase about which patch version it's appropriate to be nostalgic for.
  198. * [[ImageBoards 4chan's /v/]] is completely powered by nostalgia, and it's one of the few reasons most /v/irgins will actually ''play'' a video game. Naturally, the ones who tell everyone else to stop being blinded by nostalgia are accused of being 12 years old and liking Halo. Only someone too young to have ever played old games would even cosider the possiblility that all these casual new games could ever come close to even being ''on par'' with beloved classics.
  199. * Following the ''[[{{Castlevania}} Symphony of the Night]]'' and ''StarOcean'' examples, ''ShadowOfDestiny'' latest PSP release got hate from old fans of the game because the voice cast was changed from an obscure and utterly bored-sounding cast to the ''horrible'' one of famous and talented voice actors, including YuriLowenthal and BrianBeacock. I mean, despite the DullSurprise faces, who wants to play ''Shadow of Destiny'' now that the characters show some emotion on their voices, right?
  200. * The ''music'' from old games can get the Nostalgia Filter, too. Some people go and make remixes of music from old games using modern equipment or real instruments, then you hear people complaining that the more realistic sound sucks.
  201. ** This isn't always because of nostalgia, mind you, this could also be at the fault arranger simply messing up the arrangement or a bad case of JustDidntCare, or in the case of [=MIDI=], ''the soundcard messing things up''. After all, nothing is far worse than realizing what sounded good on a $2000 Kurziwell sounds like total crap on a Roland GS 93' Sound Canvas. Of course, if someone lays claim that the Roland version of the piece is better than the Kurziwell version because it sounds more "dated", well then...
  202. * Most video game sequels tend to fall under a mild form of this, where they will be trashed and berated as either TheyChangedItNowItSucks or ItsTheSameNowItSucks, while the original game recieves infinite praise. The only way to make people like a sequel it seems is to release a third game for them to hate instead.
  203. * {{Fallout}}, having a drastically different third game, has this in ''spades'', especially if one pays attention to the [[FanDumb communities]] that cemented the Fallout community's image as as the best example of the UnpleasableFanbase in video gaming. Oh, sure, the 2d graphics, turn-based combat, rubber faces, and 640x480 resolution was ''just better'' than the high-end, [[NightmareFuel genuinely freaky]] graphics of today.
  204. ** Not wishing to give acknowledgement to the unpleasable fanbase, but at least some of the genuine freakiness came out of the characters faces staring at us from the deepest pits of the UncannyValley, if you know what I mean.
  205. * As with {{Fallout}}, {{Bioshock}} has this from people who assumed that the game would be SystemShock [[RecycledInSpace set under water]], bemoaning how [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks everything is different]] because of those [[ItsPopularNowItSucks stupid mainstream gamers with their ability to cause the game to sell really well]]. The ''developer'''s NostalgiaFilter was shattered when ''making'' Bioshock, when their first [[http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/3774/postmortem_2k_boston2k_.php?page=2 third-party tests]] came back with people saying that their reliance on SystemShock 2-style design choices made the game SoBadItsHorrible.
  206. * ''{{Goldeneye}}'' for the Wii is bashed for not staying true to its roots, due to the remake not being made by Rare (ignoring the fact that some of the people in Rare left when the company was sold to Microsoft), James Bond not using the same actor model Pierce Brosan, and for using regenerating health like every other FPS game. Bascially, fans want Goldeneye again exactly as before, but with better graphics.
  207. ** [[SarcasmMode You mean the fans want the remake to be a remake? How dare they.]]
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  210. [[folder:Western Animation]]
  211. * No matter what people may say, '80s cartoons were usually either SoBadItsGood or just SoBadItsHorrible. This usually comes up when some studio revives an '80s cartoon and fans who grew up with the show complain about how the new version is automatically inferior to the old one, even if the new version has the benefits of a better animation team, script writers, directors, and whatnot. (''TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles'' being the ur-example of this - although the change of style in the new series helps divide the base even further).
  212. ** For that matter, the 2003 remake of the ''TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles'' got this treatment from people who said TheyChangedItNowItSucks and "It's not faithful to the 80s series". Interesting...because the 80s series was an InNameOnly AnimatedAdaptation of the original comic books that ''spawned'' the series in the first place. (With added toy commercials) So if anything, you should be complaining about the ''80s version'' for "not being faithful".
  213. * The ''{{Transformers}}'' franchise gets a ''lot'' of this, as there are some fans who regard anything other than [[TransformersGeneration1 the original generation]] as having [[RuinedFOREVER ruined the franchise FOREVER]].
  214. * The [[{{Spider-Man The Animated Series}} 90's Spider-Man cartoon]] is often heralded by many a 90's kid as being downright amazing, ignoring the Conspicuous CG, supernatural plots that went on forever, horrible censorship and generally poor animation quality. However, they'll be the first to decry ''{{The Spectacular Spider-Man}}'' show, which features tight, cohesive plots, deep characterization, smooth animation, great voice-acting, snappy dialog and loads of Spidey easter eggs because the art is "too simple". And most of those people praise the [[BatmanTheAnimatedSeries '90s Batman cartoon]], despite it featuring a very streamlined and simple art-style that was rather unorthodox at the time.
  215. ** But it got effective arcs and when the animation didn't it was awesome. [/90's dude]
  216. ** Also they [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks CHANGED THE BLOODY THEME MUSIC!!!]]
  217. * You'll always find people who say "Cartoons today suck. What do kids have now... ''DoraTheExplorer''?" The key problem with that reasoning is that when it comes to what is ''today'' you forget that we have to sift through [[SturgeonsLaw a bunch of crap]] to find those good shows, cartoons or not. You have a tendency to forget and/or ignore the bad shows you watched when you were younger because you want to remember the good shows. Each generation has their own slew of good cartoons, and whatever you watched when you're a kid stays with you. The 80's had ''HeManAndTheMastersOfTheUniverse'', ''{{Thundercats}}'', ''{{Robotech}}'', ''[[MeikenJolie Belle And Sebastian]]'' and others. The 90's had ''BatmanTheAnimatedSeries'', ''MightyMax'', ''BeastWars'', ''{{ReBoot}}'' and others. The 2000's has ''JusticeLeague'', ''AvatarTheLastAirbender'', ''SamuraiJack'', ''StarWarsCloneWars'' ([[And ''TheCloneWars'']]) and others. It's all about learning to find them.
  218. ** And, of course, there's the phenomenon whereby someone who praises the cartoons they used to watch as a kid over modern fare actually sits down and watches it, only to discover that it's nowhere near as good as they used to think and is in fact closer in quality to the modern material they deride than they'd care to admit; when they were a kid it was the bestest thing ever, but now that they're an adult their tastes have simply changed. Some kids shows don't translate well for adults.
  219. *** Which is why '90's kids will be some of the most vocal critics of current cartoons, as they grew up in a supposed 'golden age' of animation with cartoons like ''{{Animaniacs}}'', ''PinkyandtheBrain'', ''TinyToonAdventures'', ''RockosModernLife'', ''RenandStimpy'', ''TheTick'', and many other shows whose humor can be enjoyed and appreciated by most age groups. Current cartoons are targeted specifically to young children, and are closely monitored by [[MoralGuardian Moral Guardians]]. Some of the most popular cartoons nowadays though are 'edgier', like ''{{Futurama}}'' and ''FamilyGuy'' and old holdouts from previous decades like ''TheSimpsons'' and ''SouthPark''.
  220. *** The reason those cartoons are "edgier" is because they're designed for adults. ''{{Animaniacs}}'', ''TinyToonAdventures'' et al. may have had a lot of ParentalBonus, but they were still primarily aimed at kids. They had to be subtle with their more adult jokes. ''FamilyGuy'' doesn't - it's not ''supposed'' to be "family-friendly," so it doesn't have to pretend it is. If anything, the fact that we have an explosion of so many strictly-"adult" cartoons is the result of the MoralGuardians making it impossible to [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar sneak anything subliminal]] into kids' shows anymore. (And the fact that they do this in the name of "family values" is ironic - shows like ''{{Animaniacs}}'' were probably the most "family-friendly" shows ever because both parents ''and'' kids could enjoy them. Now, cartoons are either too saccharine/inane for adults, or too blatantly sexual/violent for kids.)
  221. ** Unfortunately, a lot of people will complain about educational TV like ''DoraTheExplorer'' - ignoring that there was actually ''plenty'' of it back in the day -- stuff like ''MagicSchoolBus'' and ''SchoolHouseRock'' just seem to be given a free pass as the only ones that people admit existed. And this phenomena ''certainly'' isn't limited to ''just'' the animated ones.
  222. *** Well, that and comparing DoraTheExplorer to BatmanTheAnimatedSeries is an exercise in silliness anyway - the former is directed at four year olds, while Batman was aiming at a slightly older audience.
  223. * {{Disney}} fans have a tendency to bash the tween-oriented direction the company seems to have taken, and long for the days of good ol' 2D-animated cartoons. Problem is, no one can actually agree ''when'' this age ended. ''TheLionKing''? ''{{Tarzan}}''? ''{{Lilo And Stitch}}''? When ''ThePrincessAndTheFrog'' came out people praised a) the DisneyPrincess story, b) the partially hand-drawn animation and c) the beautiful setting. Sadly, said fans' many, many squeals of joy were ''instantly'' drowned out by people [[UnpleasableFanbase coming out of nowhere to very vocally complain about everything]]. There's also the many live-action films Disney made and continues to make. The new ones all, apparently, suck, with one exception: the first ''{{Pirates of the Caribbean}}''.
  224. * Related to the above, this trope is played with in ''{{Recess}}'', when Vince apparently does not notice that his brother (who was revered by Vince's peers around his age) was a stereotypical nerd, remember how "cool" he used to be.
  225. * In the ''Gundamn!'' podcast's segment on ''TransformersTheMovie'', they mention that most of the fanbase's regard for ''{{Transformers Generation 1}}'' really comes from the movie, rather than the TV series, which was pretty formulaic ("What stupid plan will Megatron come up with to steal more Energon cubes? How will Starscream try to betray Megatron and fail ''yet again?''")
  226. * Similar to the above: Those who go moony-eyed over ''{{Thundercats}}'' tend to be remembering the intro - which was every bit as awesome as advertised and not the show itself - which... [[{{Understatement}} wasn't.]]
  227. * In-universe example in ''TheFairlyOddParents''. Timmy's dad constantly speaks of his fond childhood memories of spending time in an old west town, and Timmy goes through the trouble of making sure it doesn't get torn down for his sake. However, actually being there again makes Timmy's dad realize how much his childhood sucked and has the place demolished for a few bucks.
  228. * Another in-universe example: on ''PhineasAndFerb,'' Phineas reflects on the little kiddie rides outside of the mall, leading to an exciting scene of young!Phineas flying into space and shooting lasers off with Ferb. Cut to him riding it in reality...
  229. -->'''Phineas:''' You know, I may have over-romanticized those memories...
  230. ** For bonus points, on [[BeyondTheImpossible a show like]] ''PhineasAndFerb,'' This Troper was willing to believe those memories were accurate.
  231. [[/folder]]
  233. [[folder:Other]]
  234. * Almost ''everybody'' does this. Remember your days in school and college? Yeah...you probably don't remember how much you looked forward to any time off from school or how much you looked forward to being an adult so you can have some freedom and not live under your parents' thumbs? Now all you can think about is...how much your kids have it easy and how you'd love to be them? Yeah...the kids probably envy you. It's a vicious cycle.
  235. * On the subject of Disney, there are troves of people who enjoy watching old animated shorts from the 1930s and 40s, and then complain about how Disney has lost its touch with live-action TV shows like HannahMontana. Yes, comparing '30s Mickey Mouse shorts to Hannah Montana. "Apples to oranges" doesn't even begin to do justice to this level of FanDumb. If you must compare eras, try Hannah Montana vs Annette, or TheOldMill vs Presto. Disney is doing fine.
  236. * Every time Facebook gets overhauled, people scream and complain and make massive groups petitioning against the change. This lasts about a month, at which point everyone gets used to the new version, and the process starts all over again.
  237. ** This is true to ANY and ALL websites, period.
  238. * The blog Celeblols loves to bash the stick-thin celebrities of today and laud the old-fashioned, "classy" women... like Bettie Page. Yeah, ''lots'' of meat on her.
  239. * This even goes beyond popular culture: social conservatives tend to be nostalgic for TheFifties, which they feel were the last decade of "normalcy" (i.e. the last decade of white Protestant male dominance) before the social changes of the 1960s violently stripped it all away. Meanwhile, liberals tend to have a much rosier view of TheSixties, feeling that the "peaceful" social revolution (ignoring, of course, the race riots, the Weathermen, and the entirety of 1968) was betrayed and snuffed out by conservative backlash.
  240. ** Must have come from hippie WASP's, as most minorities have a less idealistic and much darker cynical view of TheSixties (ESPECIALLY 68) then their liberal white counterparts. Even TheSeventies, and TheEighties are kinda dicey.
  241. ** Hell, every decade falls into this. As people get older, they will always look back on their youth as having been a simpler time with less problems, conveniently forgetting whatever problems actually existed back then. Anybody who has known at least one of their grandparents will know this all too well.
  242. *** In the UK, the nostalgia filter is actually slightly inverted. Yes, a certain type of conservative gets nostalgic about the '50s and the '60s definitely suffers from the rose-tinted glasses effect but almost nobody looks back fondly on the '70s or '80s; the former is seen as a time of economic collapse and endless strikes whilst the latter is remembered as a period of urban discontent and violence, football hooliganism, political extremism, bad music, mass unemployment for most of the country and vulgar yuppie greed in the City of London.
  243. ** Another example of fifties nostalgia, not only does it glance over race issues, but apparently having the right to whip your kid is a good thing, [[http://www.blameitonthevoices.com/2008/06/1957-vs-2007.html]]
  244. *** Mostly because a lot of people from that era claim that if you spank children, it'd actually work and make them behave. Anyone who has worked with a much wider variety of children can tell you that this isn't always the case. Different punishments work for different children. For some kids, yes, giving them a nice slap would get their attention, whereas for others, taking away all their stuff that, to them, is very SeriousBusiness will be ''much'' more effective. If only parents would actually take the time to ''get to KNOW'' their children and not just throw the same stuff their parents did to ''them''...maybe they'd listen. Of course, it should be mentioned that there's a lot of GrayAndGrayMorality here....some children are just naturally bad.
  245. *** Many of those "We should spank children again" FridgeLogic people don't exactly remember the kids they went to school/grew up with who were perpetually acting up or merely dismissed them as "Bad eggs" without thinking their parents could have had an effect on their behaviour...or that kid who was ''afraid'' to even bring home a "C" on their report card because their parents would pass howling judgment and whip their skin raw with a belt over the most ''trivial'' things.
  246. ** Fifties nostalgia was [[{{Deconstruction}} deconstructed]] by the film ''{{Pleasantville}}'', which initially presented its idyllic '50s sitcom world through the nostalgia filter, then slowly stripped it away and highlighted the racism and sexual repression of the era.
  247. ** Both conservatives and liberals tend to get this wrong, likening past decades to our own era when they really should view them on their own terms. Depending on what you emphasize about a given time period, you can actually obliterate a lot of stereotypes. TheFifties, for example, weren't all that conservative: not only did that decade see the rise of "liberal judicial activism" (with the 1954 ''Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka'' decision being the generally agreed-upon starting point), but President DwightEisenhower would be thought by some nowadays to be closer to Barack Obama than John McCain in his policies, particularly on the isssue of government spending. Furthermore, TheSixties weren't really all that liberal by modern standards, as much of the "social changes" noted above were prompted at least as much by capitalist self-indulgence as by any sincere desire to better the world.
  248. *** Many things change, it also varies per region..."Conservative" in America is considered "Right-Winged Fundamentalism" in Canada and Europe, for example. (Most Canadians and Europeans are actually scratching their heads at the right-winged americans screaming "DirtyCommunist" at Barack Obama and Democrats - Liberal is even ''further'' left than an American Liberal.)
  249. ** And don't get started on those people who insist that in the 50s and 60s that we didn't have these "PC terms" like "Aspergers" ruining stuff and draining state money...stuff like Autism and Aspergers ''did'' exist, saying they didn't is like claiming that a recently-discovered species of Frog in Costa Rica didn't exist until someone discovered it in 2000. Just because ''you'' didn't know about it or that it wasn't ''common knowledge'' doesn't mean it didn't ''exist'' entirely. It's also important to mention that if you were diagnosed with something on the Autism spectrum in the 60s, unless you were lucky, you were pretty much not given a chance at all and were treated like you had 40% of your brain missing and were severely retarded. (If you weren't sent to an insane asylum, that is) And if you had Aspergers, be prepared to being talked down to your entire life and lumped into a stereotype. (Which still happens today, but at least those with Aspergers actually ''have a CHANCE'' to be understood by adults for once.)
  250. *** Similarly, there are a lot of people who will insist teen pregnancy wasn't a problem back in their day. Oh sure, a girl might [[StigmaticPregnancyEuphemism go visit an aunt in the country for about nine months]], and get back in time to [[GrandmamaBabymamaSwitch help out with her new baby brother or sister]], but she never got ''pregnant''!
  251. *** And Drug addiction. If anything, it was ''easier'' to get ahold of drugs like Opium and Cocaine back then, because, guess what? '''a)''' The repurcussions weren't ''entirely'' understood at the time, so people had no qualms giving cocaine to children with headaches '''b)''' Because not everyone thought of the long-term affects of cocaine or morphine use. All they knew was that it relieved pain almost immediately - ''not'' that it was addicting, or what addiction actually ''was like'' and '''c)''' You could get cocaine as easy as you could ''Aspirin'' or ''Ibuprofen''. (Both common painkillers and headache remedies) Anyone who says there was no "Drug addiction" when they were kids had simply never set foot in a big city hospital or a rehab clinic (Which may be a ''good'' thing to some) or actually spoke to their parents about things. Or even took a look at history - you'd be surprised who was actually a cocaine addict.
  252. * Oh, the world needs another Industrial revolution. Look at all the cool stuff it brought about! Automated workplace, factories, mass production, all sorts of cool inventions...Stratification, danger (Because, you know, we didn't have these things called "Safety regulations"), no compensation if you got your hand caught in a machine and lost your arm, sweatshops, child labour...oh yeah, the Industrial Revolution was just one "Eureka!" after another.
  253. ** And at the same time, the Industrial Revolution brought about safety regulations such as the eight hour work day and child labour laws. Course, that didn't mean it was ''safe''...
  254. ** And patents. Oh yes, copyrights nowadays ruin everything and scorn innovation, [[FridgeLogic We shoudl remove them]]. Ignoring, of course, that in theory someone can be ''just'' as likely to steal your idea, improve it, then take credit for it all entirely and leave you to be glossed over as it is to be blocked from improving it ''now''.
  255. ** What a lot of history books don't mention is that not ''every'' invention was met with, "Oh my god! This is AWESOME!". Many seamstresses feared that the Spinning Jenny would put them out of work.
  256. * It doesn't matter what sport you're talking about. To some writers, the players today are not nearly as tough or selfless as the players from [insert era of writer's youth]. Never mind that people were complaining about selfish, overpaid athletes back in Babe Ruth's day. (Famously, when asked why he should make more than the President, he replied "I had a better year.")
  257. ** In Babe Ruth's day? Try [[OlderThanFeudalism ancient Greece!]] The word "athlete" is derived from Greek words meaning "one who competes for a prize." And Aristotle, Plato and Socrates all complained about the commercialization of the Olympics. The physician Galen asked, "Are athletes to be worshiped like kings because they have large incomes?"
  258. ** The toughness issue is actually completely true in the NBA. When the games started to get worse is up to the viewers but in the 70s fights were common and the first preventive measures were taken after Rudy Tomjanovich nearly died after getting punched in the face.
  259. * This is quite possibly why the original Paul Heyman {{ECW}} has no entries on {{WrestleCrap}}.
  260. ** And the whole NeverSpeakIllOfTheDead thing that {{WCW}} isn't given, probably because {{WCW}} wrestlers were seen by WrestleCrap as [[MoneyDearBoy greedy tools]] while {{ECW}} stars were working for free, not to mention their TearJerker of an ending.
  261. * [[SomewhereAPalaeontologistIsCrying Paleontologists]] often consider modern CGI documentaries like WalkingWithDinosaurs to be complete and utter crap, have a grudging apprecitation for JurassicPark (though the third movie falls into SoBadItsHorrible territory), and consider stop-motion animation movies from TheEighties and other bygone times to be the best thing since sliced bread.
  262. * There is TruthInTelevision here. People frequently reminise about their childhood, or specifically High School. It's even lampshaded in a comic strip of ''{{Zits}}'' when Walt takes his son on a trip to cabin which Jeremy ''hates'' but Walt for some reason has all these pleasant memories of. Yet Jeremy finds a tree into which Walt had carved, "I hate this %^@&% Dump!!" and Walt mentions, "Wow, time has a way of blurring things, does it?"
  263. ** In another strip, Walt criticizes Jeremy's taste in music, complaining the songs are about nothing but sex, drugs, and violence. Jeremy responds by listing off such boomer-era hits as "Somebody to Love," "Purple Haze," "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds," "Ohio"... "Hey, those are ''classics''!" Walt shouts defensively.
  264. * Ruben Bolling's comic strip ''TomTheDancingBug'' advanced a theory that popular culture was at its height when you, the reader, were ten years old. This seems to hold true regardless of the reader's age. It may extend to the world at large that the Golden Age was when you were old enough to get access to a larger world, but young enough to have few or no responsibilities.
  265. * Complaints about the modern hotel-casino scene in [[VivaLasVegas Las Vegas]] tend to fall into this trap. Ever since the luxurious Mirage Hotel and Casino opened in 1989, the FollowTheLeader rush to buy out and tear down older Strip resorts to replace with shiny new, sometimes theme park-esque, often high-end ones (or to update older resorts in the shiny new manner, as happened to Caesars Palace) has left many longtime visitors feeling the city has become too "plastic" and dominated by a few corporations owning the new resorts, thus offering similar experiences in dining, shows, etc. But travel writers argue that the ''quality'' of the older, hardly-touched properties (Riviera, Sahara, etc.) fails to keep pace with the newer ones, particularly where non-gaming activities such as dining, shows, and shopping -- which broadened the city's tourism base beyond gamblers and allowed it to remain competitive against the rise of [[{{Joisey}} Atlantic City]] and tribal casinos -- are concerned; the older properties are cheaper but a tourist often gets what they pay for. The "golden age" of Vegas entertainment gets a similar filtering: Everyone remembers the Rat Pack, Liberace, and (later) ElvisPresley; no one recalls that otherwise shows were one FluffyFashionFeathers showgirl extravaganza after another, and that the modern scene eventually became diverse enough to support [[Main/CirqueDuSoleil performance art]], legit [[Main/TheMusical musicals]], celebrity impersonators, comedy clubs, and magic shows as well as music and comedy headliners.
  266. ** Of course, there is one glaring thing about the "golden age" of Vegas that everybody likes to gloss over. Namely, it was run by [[TheMafia a certain group of businessmen]] that wouldn't hesitate to take "extra-legal" means (usually involving baseball bats, kneecaps, and six-foot-deep holes in the Nevada desert) to ensure that you paid all of your gambling debts in a timely manner. Almost everybody agrees that the removal of the Mob from Vegas in TheSeventies was a good thing.
  267. ** In the "Golden age" of Vegas...if you weren't legal (ie below 21) or had very little interest in gambling or any of the current shows (When there wasn't that much, mind you), then what on ''earth'' were you doing in Las Vegas? Las vegas today ''is'' more family friendly. It's no ''Disneyland'', but heck, now you got stuff 18-year-olds can do that won't get them arrested or drunk. (Remember when Circus Circus was the place to go when you had children?)
  268. *** This is starting to go full circle again, there aren't any amusement parks that are age neutral anymore, but it's still ''far'' better than it was when the mafia was running things.
  269. * A non-US example: In Poland, the Interwar period is often cited as the "golden age" of just about anything, the time of happiness and all-round prosperity. While the twenties and thirties were indeed characterized by a degree of "patriotic enthusiasm" (Poland had just become a free state, after all), few seem to remember the rampant illiteracy, rural poverty, constant economical problems and the fact that for most of that period, Poland was effectively run by an authoritarian government with slight fascist tendencies.
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  273. !!Exceptions and parodies:
  275. [[AC:{{Comic Books}}]]
  276. * {{Viz}} has a running joke about how it "isn't as funny as it used to be".
  278. [[AC:{{Film}}]]
  279. * TheFifties are remembered for producing a lot of {{Narm}}, mainly cheapo sci-fi/horror flicks and idyllic sitcoms. The decade also gave us the likes of ''[[TwelveAngryMen 12 Angry Men]]'', ''The Young and the Damned'', ''SunsetBoulevard'', ''RearWindow'', ''{{Vertigo}}'', ''TheSeventhSeal'', ''TheWagesOfFear'', ''AStreetcarNamedDesire'', ''{{Rashomon}}'', ''SevenSamurai'', ''NorthByNorthwest'', ''PathsOfGlory'', ''AllAboutEve''... but ''they'' aren't associated with the time period. (It helps that bad 1950s movies tend to be remembered ''because'' they're SoBadItsGood.)
  280. * ''StandByMe'' is somewhat nostalgic, but presents gritty truths as well. After all, the kids are out to find a stranger's dead body. Oh, and the main character's parents ignore him, not to mention his older brother had been recently killed.
  281. ** Oh, and all four boys smoke. At age twelve.
  282. * The movie ''{{Pleasantville}}'' is designed to mock '50s nostalgia, by revealing the UnfortunateImplications of claims that life "was better" before all the social changes of the 1960s, and how the "ideal" that people desire to return to a) wasn't really there in the first place and b) isn't such an "ideal" after all.
  284. [[AC:{{Live-Action TV}}]]
  285. * The show ''MadMen'' does a lot to show how with all the awesome music and fashions of the '60s came rampant sexism, racism, and homophobia, and how the values of [[TheFifties the previous decade]] held over and were difficult to dismantle. Considering how saturated the culture was (and still is) with '60s nostalgia when the show first debuted, it was exactly what the doctor ordered.
  286. ** Of course, there are those who are ''pleased'' by having more rampant sexism, racism, and homophobia on screen...
  287. * Savagely mocked in [[http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/tue-january-5-2010/even-better-than-the-real-thing this]] ''DailyShow'' clip which satirises conservative pundits harking back to a simpler, better America than the one they believe is being ruined. After interviewing several people from each of the periods pundits such as Glen Beck, Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly grew up in which they discuss how things weren't really that great, John Oliver comes to the 'realization' that the reason these pundits constantly look back to these times as happier and less complicated times is because those were the periods when they were children, and the world ''always'' seems happier and less complicated when you're a child.
  289. [[AC:Multiple Media]]
  290. * It's hard to find people in the UK with ''anything'' positive to say about the '80s. Whilst the '70s is generally regarded as a bad time as well (mainly due to the economic problems and the frequent strikes) the music and television of that decade gets the full Nostalgia Filter treatment. When it comes to the '80s, though, the general consensus is that the music and TV of the period was terrible as well. Even ground-breaking comedy shows like ''TheYoungOnes'' are now regarded as "dated," and most other comedy and TV drama from the period is generally filed in the public imagination under "forgettable" with a very few exceptions (such as ''Edge of Darkness'' and the ''DoctorWho'' story "The Caves of Androzani"). In keeping with the (inverted) rules of this trope, much of this is mis-remembering or unfair dismissiveness, and much of the music and TV from the period is actually worthwhile stuff that's been sidelined for belonging to The Decade Britain Prefers To Forget.
  291. ** It's possible that part of the reason for this is that the 1980s coincided with MargaretThatcher's term as Prime Minister. For numerous reasons, a large portion of the British population would like to forget that this decade ever happened for the simple reason that ''she'' was involved with it.
  292. ** '80s British music [[GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff is far more fondly remembered]] in the United States, thanks mainly to its association with the early years of {{MTV}}.
  293. *** It could well be to do with Thatcher, seeing as most Brits seem to remember TheNineties with great affection, especially the music and the comedy.
  294. *** [[BerserkButton Bitch strangled the unions, put thousands out of work and started a war to win an election. Of course we remember the eighties with rage.]] What with Iraq, Bliar and the depression, it wouldn't be at all surprising if a similar attitude towards the Noughties starts to be noticeable relatively soon.
  295. * TheEighties are parodied by an Italian comedian, Omar Fantini, who was born in that decade. "Parodied" because of his stand-up comedy sketch, as well as the related book (''"You just can't come out of TheEighties alive"''), that brutally [[InvertedTrope inverts the trope]] by ''blaming the decade because of their influence on ours''. [[NotMakingThisUpDisclaimer Yeah.]] Book and monologue/stand-up act/sketch are named after his introductory statement, namely "You just can't come out of TheEighties alive. They're always here to haunt you, behind your back!", that this troper has actually used as an introductory quote for the page for that decade.
  297. [[AC:{{Music}}]]
  298. * A lot of people who were kids in the mid- to late '90s remember the music of the era as mainly {{boy band}}s and [[IdolSinger pop princesses]] (since, as kids, that's what was marketed to them), and conclude that TheNineties were a bad decade for music. It's quite a shock when these people come back and discover all the great rock bands, hip-hop artists and singer-songwriters that they missed out on because they were too young for it at the time. (It's likely that the children of the TurnOfTheMillennium who think that music now is all about MileyCyrus and TheJonasBrothers will make a similar discovery in a few years.)
  299. ** Or they'll see that even light, fluffy pop music not meant to reinvent the wheel has its appeal, at the very least sentimental. Michael Stipe of R.E.M. said TheBananaSplits were more important to him having a career in music than TheBeatles. [[MultipleDemographicAppeal I doubt every last ticket sold for Britney's "Circus" tour was bought by squealy 14-year old girls]].
  301. [[AC:{{Video Games}}]]
  302. * The ''SimCity'' fandom mocks itself half of the time when it comes to nostalgia, mostly for only having 5 game installments over 20 years. Of course, do something completely stupid when you're playing the game and bring up on a forum [[MemeticMutation and you'll be told you'll get ''Sim City Societies'' for Christmas]].
  303. * In {{Sam and Max}}: The Devil's Playhouse, Sam comes across a bucket of fish from the original Lucasarts game Hit The Road and fondly remembers how much simpler things were back then. Max quips that things were [[NintendoHard a LOT more complicated back then]]. [[TakeThat And the VOICES were]]--
  304. ** That's enough, little buddy.
  306. [[AC:{{Web Comics}}]]
  307. * Sent up in the paintball domain by TheWhiteboard, starting [[http://www.the-whiteboard.com/autotwb1143.html here]].
  309. [[AC:{{Web Original}}]]
  310. * TheNostalgiaCritic's job is showing the world that the '80s and early '90s had their fair share of SoBadItsHorrible shows and movies, as you can guess by his name. The Nostalgia Filter attitude was also mocked in the end of his ''[[Anime/{{Ptitlei015gc004kw4}} Pokémon]]: [[TheMovie The First Movie]]'' review, where after spending a good portion of the review complaining about the ridiculousness of the premise, comes to the realization that popular eighties cartoons like ''TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles'', ''AlvinAndTheChipmunks'' and ''TheCareBears'' had [[BetterThanItSounds pretty stupid premises themselves]] before shouting "THOSE WERE THE DAYS!".
  311. *** Notably, though, he couldn't get though a negative review of ''Big Bird's Great Adventure'' without breaking down into nostalgia-influenced squeals about how much he loved ''SesameStreet''.
  312. ** Then there's Doug Walker's commentary for AdventuresOfSonicTheHedgehog, in which he claims that the show actually looks ''better'' now, instead of how a lot of people on his forums say the stuff he reviews looks worse than it did then.
  313. * Similiarly, the AngryVideoGameNerd has the questionable honor of showing the world how bad some games on the "classic" consoles were, and has not only showed TheProblemWithLicensedGames, but that many of those extremely hard games were hard for all the wrong reasons... sadly, this cannot help the NostalgiaFilter from making people realize how much bugs affected the game and often made them unplayable or gave unfair challenges.
  314. ** And it's not just ''bad'' games where he points out FakeDifficulty or difficulty due to bugs, too. His reviews of ''{{Castlevania}}'' and the original ''NinjaGaiden'' emphasize the unfair challenges, and during his death montage in the former, most (if not all of them) were due to stuff that are ''not'' a result of the player messing up. (Such as being knocked right into the water and dying at full health, or the final battle of ''Castlevania: Dracula X'' where you have to jump in between platforms and one hit kills you.)
  315. *** Perhaps his most direct subversion of this attitude came when he compared old school Godzilla games to newer ones. He blurts out "I was born too fuckin' early!"
  316. *** The ''{{Superman 64}}'' one did show, even if he didn't openly point it out, that the ''Superman'' game on the Commodore 64 was better than the Nintendo 64 game, even ''with'' the ridiculous load time and monochrome graphics. Then again, anything is better than ''[[SoBadItsHorrible Superman 64]]''.
  317. * Internet celebrity {{Seanbaby}} has an affinity for cheesy stuff from the 80s, but for the most part, he's honest about how stupid it all is and relentlessly tears it to pieces. He even directly made fun of Mr. T.
  318. * Although [[ZeroPunctuation Yahtzee]] has implied to have enjoyed Dizzy games on the {{Commodore 64}} very much, he admits that they weren't the best games in the world, given the limited color pallet and egg shaped protagonist.
  319. ** So what's wrong with having [[http://www.giddy3.co.uk/ an egg shaped protagonist]]?
  320. * Mocked in ''TheOnion'', where a cantankerous old man writes the editorial: "The [Base]ballplayers in my day were for shit!"
  321. * Every tenth topic of the /co/ board of [[ImageBoards 4chan]] is whining that children's television (both animated and live-action) was infinitely better when they were young than it is today, and almost everyone [[PreachingToTheChoir agrees]]. Granted, this is 4chan, so plenty of the topic starters and repliers are probably [[{{troll}} just screwing around]].
  323. [[AC:{{Western Animation}}]]
  324. * People who grew up in TheSeventies are well aware that they were subjected to [[AnimationAgeGhetto the crappiest cartoons of all time]], and that the cartoons that both preceded and followed that era were superior.
  325. ** Family-oriented entertainment in general wasn't too hot either. Aside from the occasional ''[[Main/CharlieAndTheChocolateFactory Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory]]'' or ''TheMuppetMovie'', most filmmakers aside from those at Disney ignored the market. Since Disney didn't do a good job keeping up with kids' changing tastes, this left a void for GeorgeLucas and StevenSpielberg to fill by the end of the '70s.
  326. *** It can be a shock to find out when most Disney movies were made -- people tend to think they are way older!
  327. * This attitude is called out in one episode of ''TheRealGhostbusters'', where Ray is talking about how the fifties were a much simpler time. Egon points out that there's no inherent proof of that, as each decade has it's own individual challenges.
  329. [[AC:Real Life]]
  330. * Fashion itself is an exception for the most part, unless a trend happens to cycle back.
  331. ** According to [[http://www.fashion-era.com/lavers_law.htm Laver's Law]], every past fashion goes through a cycle of first being remembered as hideous or ridiculous, until enough time passes for it to be viewed as interesting or otherwise appealing. The current recycling of fashions is just an acceleration of this cycle.
  332. * Environmentalists and Environmental Economists have ''very'' good reasons to be bleak about the pre-60s and 70s decades...because back then, the Environment wasn't something people typically thought about! Or at least, it wasn't a high priority. It took events like Love Canal&the Cuyahoga River fire (in America), the London Smog, widespread pollution in China, and various environmental disasters in the former USSR (The Aral sea, Chernobyl, Desertification around the Aral Sea) before people begun to take many environmental movements and activists warning of disaster(s) seriously.
  333. * Let's just say...everyone assumes the political and social environment(s) in the past was a ''lot'' better...ignoring, of course, how many "new problems" were present back then. (ie, Cocaine and Morphine being given to ''children'' the way people give them ibuprofen or aspirin, for one example) Skewing the NostalgiaFilter about real life tneds to get a bit excessive and sometimes Flamey
  334. ----
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