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May 12th, 2014
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  1. Re: Re: Re: o7
  2. From: Nonnak Severin
  3. Sent: 2014.05.12 19:10
  4. To: Spectre Command, Jayne Fillon, Linus Gorp,
  6. Seriously?
  8. This is not a democracy, this is not an enlightened space commune.
  10. Spectre is owned and operated by SASH. Anyone "worried" about the level of involvement may as well complain about RvB running Ganked or CCP running the Alliance Tournament.
  12. SASH - through its benevolent Hitler, Jayne - created Spectre. Unlike BB or whatfuckingever pipe dream you operate under, there was no pretense that it was anything but an extension of SASH. The channels and the comms are not owned by the FCs, they are owned by Jayne and by extension SASH. They are provided freely to assist all but this does mean Jayne ceded ownership of those tools.
  14. Posting this in the Steam group, people having 'concerns' about the level of SASH involvement - what is wrong with you? If people have concerns with the level of SASH's involvement they are welcome to go enjoy free content somewhere else. Most of SASH is not directly involved with Spectre at this point anyway, though they still pitch in to assist new FCs and train people. Their level of activity or inactivity does not change the nature of Spectre as contolled wholly by SASH.
  16. Who contacted you and what concerns were raised? Unless that was a bullshit smokescreen to hide your own cowardice, I want a clear answer so I know who to hatefuck (if not you).
  18. -Nonnak Severin
  19. Content Generator
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  22. Re: Re: o7
  23. From: Jayne Fillon
  24. Sent: 2014.05.12 18:06
  25. To: Linus Gorp,
  27. Don't both retiring, I'm removing you from Spectre command immediately.
  29. You will remain unmuted for now in Spectre Fleet.
  30. You will have one opportunity to convince me to advertise your new venture.
  31. Your fleet will be removed from upcoming fleets.
  33. SASH formed and runs Spectre, just as RvB formed and runs RvB Ganked. Get over it.
  35. Oh, and bringing up Myo and Seraph? Shame on you. Get out.
  37. Jayne
  40. --------------------------------
  41. Re: o7
  42. From: Linus Gorp
  43. Sent: 2014.05.12 16:22
  44. To: Jayne Fillon,
  46. Several individuals contacted me about the level of involvement of SASH in Spectre and raised concerns.
  47. After taking a closer look to all the ongoings and where Spectre is heading, we came to the conclusion that Spectre Fleet is not the Spectre Fleet that was initially created and can instead be called SASH Fleet.
  49. I will not go into greater detail of that just yet, but I will be retiring as Spectre FC in the near future due to these developments (the HK training fleet will be the last). Should I decide to share my reasons for this, then I'll let you know. Until then I will just say that SASH was banned from BB for a reason and all the supposed shit that Myo and Seraph (and certain others) have been pronouncing, is not entirely wrong.
  51. - Linus
  53. PS: Menzoberranyr was not created as a result of my mail, but more as a result of recent developments.
  55. --------------------------------
  56. o7
  57. From: Jayne Fillon
  58. Sent: 2014.05.12 14:26
  59. To: Linus Gorp,
  61. Between your mail to Spectre and the creation of Menzoberranyr - I'm trying really hard not to jump to conclusions but you're keeping me in the dark here. I'd like an explanation of what's going on.
  63. Cheers,
  64. Jayne
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