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  1. Pride is the first of the 7 vital sins
  2. Becoming is to be over and over again
  3. Recognize your potential without God's grace
  4. You're in a fire, must burn away and remnant of faith
  5. In this place, how can you get by, not knowing what tomorrow holds
  6. Because tomorrow you may be dead and cold
  7. You have to have pride to know that you're gonna survive
  8. And so this sin is vital to your life
  10. Envy is a sin that we all commit
  11. Because we base our whole lives on each other's accomplishments
  12. We all wanna be the best at what we do
  13. Even though it's been done by the person before you
  14. We take examples of each other's success
  15. And try to do it even better so in turn we are envious
  16. You have to envy to build up your own goals
  17. And take control because death is inevitible
  19. Gluttony is to consume more than you need
  20. But life is worthless without a taste of everything
  21. To drink forth from this vital sin
  22. Is to be truly grateful of everything that life gives
  23. To not indulge is to not live life
  24. And you only live it once, I suggest that you live it right
  25. We're all gluttonous, it's not a punishment
  26. It's a gift, take advantage while you have the chance
  28. Lust is the craving for bodily pleasure
  29. The pressure of ejaculation is a feeling that can not be measured
  30. To love is to fuck, to fuck is to live
  31. And to cum is to die, but to die is to focus
  32. To release everything in that single movement
  33. To build up til no longer, you can't control it
  34. This sin is vital 'cuz without it, where would you be?
  35. You'd be nothing more than a simple seed
  37. Wrath, without wrath we would not feel remorse
  38. Everything would be a balance in the universe of course
  39. Sometimes you can't ask, you take it by force
  40. And life could turn to anger quick because life is the source
  41. And without it I would doubt ???????????????
  42. And you could not know peace without the anger of distress
  43. So be grateful you can feel emotions so pure
  44. Because if peace don't work then violence is the cure
  46. Greed, without greed we could not exist
  47. We'd use the earth up and our wills would not persist
  48. What could we want if we had everything
  49. Life is half of our world, the other half is wanting
  50. In your need of a better life and so you gotta be greedy sometimes just to get by
  51. Greed is pure and connects to everything I list
  52. Don't believe me? Then simply analyze the lyrics
  54. Sloth is to avoid any form of work
  55. Spiratual or physical they say this sin will make your soul hurt
  56. But what is life without time to relax?
  57. You'd be nothing more than a mental punching bag
  58. And why work to be in heaven when there's no such thing
  59. And why praise a man who claimed to be the king of kings
  60. In our reality, if God truly existed
  61. Then he would be the king of every single sin I've listed
  63. Jesus was a sinner, a man that lied
  64. He called himself the king of kings but I call that pride
  65. You're not allowed to worship others, I call that greed
  66. We'd feel his wrath if we did so I call that envy
  67. God is a glutton since you say he created all
  68. He gave us genitalia stemming from his lustful thoughts
  69. And I have now just proved the king of man
  70. And on his head should be placed, the crown of sin
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