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Mar 31st, 2020
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  1. A story I wrote before I started tripfagging.
  3. >"What the actual fuck, Anon? You promised to be cool in front of my parents!"
  4. >Rainbow was mad. Not in the joking way, or the exagerating a minor annoyance way, but actually mad at you.
  5. >The rest of the hour-long drive home was spent in silence except for when she asked you to take the wheel because she was too upset to drive
  6. >You felt a pit of despair in your stomach as the two of you walked up to your shared apartment.
  7. >Then she said the one thing you didn't expect.
  8. >"Hey Anon, are you OK? I'm still upset, but you look kinda scared."
  9. "Am... am I the person you thought I was? You told me that you saw something in me when we first started dating. Now that we've let our guards down and shown each other who we really are... do you still feel the same way?"
  10. >She smiled, leaned in and kissed you.
  11. >"Yeah. Dinner could have better. But yeah. Didn't know you felt that way, dude."
  12. >her arms wrapped around your back and yours found their way to her waist
  13. >"It's alright for you to feel safe, you know. I'm not going anywhere. I'll be here tonight, and I'll be here in the morning when we wake up."
  14. >She was the best thing to ever happen to you. But now you finally believe that she feels the same way.
  15. >You could swear you felt a tear that wasn't yours on your face.
  17. >The two of you laid in bed together all night, telling each other the stories of your hearts.
  18. >"I've seen people in relationships drive each other down into the ground, Anon. They love each other in a fucked up, posessive way and work to make the other person unattractive and fat so they don't have to worry about them leaving."
  19. >The moonlight illuminates half of her face and you could see a tear making its way down her face
  20. >"But me? For some reason I work to make the other person better, help them work through their issues, give them emotional support, do whatever I can to help them grow. And then when they're nursed back to health, they leave. And that's when I realize how alone I feel."
  21. >You hold her tight and wait for her to continue
  22. >"Did I ever tell you the story about my pet dog I let off the leash that time I was 8? His name was Slugger, and he loved to run. Loved it so much that he would choke himself on his collar trying to run fast. But when we took it off, he would always stay close by and wait for us to catch up."
  23. >She gave a pained smile
  24. >"He was my best friend, and one time, just like all the other times, I decided to let him off the leash on his walk. But this time he decided to run into the middle of the road... I watched the light fade from his eyes. You know what the last thing he did was? He tried to lick the tears off my face. Even then, he just wanted to make me happy."
  25. >Her eyes searched your face for a response
  26. "You make me happy, Blue. I'm not going anywhere either."
  27. >She smiled again, a lot less sad this time.
  29. >"What I'm trying to say is that I had a lot of trouble dealing with that as a kid. I was really angry at first, wanted to kill the driver and his entire family."
  30. >You ran your hand through her technicolor hair
  31. "It was OK to feel that way. You were just a kid."
  32. >"Thanks. Wish someone had said that to me when I was younger. Never did tell the psychologists my parents made me see because I wanted that murder option open to me when I was older, you know? And by the time I realized it was never going to happen, I just didn't want them to think I was dangerous or weird."
  33. >"I've never told anyone that before. Never thought I would. Anyways, that was the reason I wanted to be help build people up. Because I'm guilty about my dead dog. I bet you think it's all silly and-"
  34. "It's not silly to me. I think it's a core part of you and makes you a better person."
  35. >The two of you held each other for what seemed like hours quietly in the dark, listening only to the other's breathing. You'd never felt that relaxed before. Everything seemed just right. This was what you've been chasing your entire life. What a lot of people try for their entire lives but never got to experience.
  36. Finally, you broke the silence.
  37. "Is that why you want to run so fast? Because you wanted to save you dog?"
  38. >She actually giggled to that.
  39. >"Fuck you, Anon, you're not my shrink. But maybe - makes sense I guess."
  42. >The two of you were in a shitty parking lot where boomers apparently played tennis in the middle of the night.
  43. >You had promised her a stargazing date, but bought tacos and lube instead. After that, the two of you had tried to find the darkest place possible to catch some stars, but no luck.
  44. >Oh, well, there'll always be a next time.
  45. "So, Dash, I have an idea. What if we go to a party and tell people that we're siblings? Then they'll totally freak when they see us kiss!"
  46. >"Anon, you're fucking retarded. Why do you always talk about weird incest shit? That's not your actual fetish, is it?"
  47. >But her mockery only encouraged your attempts to find a name that fits her family background.
  48. "Wait, now that you mention it, my actual first name is kinda..."
  49. >The sense of discomfort on her face is palpable
  50. "Wait, no, fuck, do you have a brother with my name or something?"
  51. >She looked at you with a look of - wait, is that shame?
  52. >"No, actually, it's my dad."
  53. >You actually spat out a chunk of taco into her car. Wait, no, it's actually her dad's car.
  54. >You laughed your ass off for the rest of the night.
  55. >In hindsight, you probably shouldn't have jokingly called her kiddo. Both before and after you found out.
  56. >She basically never used your name after that, and just called you "hey you".
  57. >Still totally worth it.
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