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  1. [10:19] Flossy Andrew: I think chichiwat was at it again according to help network chat
  2. [10:19] Flossy Andrew: [10:02] Flossy Andrew: [09:41] carltonneukolln Resident: this guy chichiwat harrasses me each time i coe to the centre, its getting a hassle  now can I get him warned?  It happens each time
  3. [10:03] Flossy Andrew: [09:42] carltonneukolln Resident: blocking just means i cant see his racist stuff so he can say it  nah can he be warned
  4. [10:20] Flossy Andrew: racist comments I guess.  I went over to listen but he didn't say one word when I was there
  5. [10:21] Coral Sharpshire: Ohh, Carlton again, but he never provides proof with chat logs.
  6. [10:22] Flossy Andrew: it might have been in IMs,  but nothing I saw in local chat
  7. [10:23] Coral Sharpshire: Yes, I had a long chat with Carlton last week.  I told him his complaints would be noted, but not much we can do without proof.  I explained how to C&P chat, etc.
  8. [10:23] Flossy Andrew: ok
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