Sleepless in Caer Magnera, Chapter 3

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  1. Y: "...Do you feel that?"
  3. It's the voice again, the warm one.
  5. Y: "No... I suppose you wouldn't... it's so far away, I can't even place where it's coming from, but it's out there. It's so... familiar..."
  7. Andila sees something in the distance, outside of the temple. A light.
  9. A:....this is a bad idea, but she'll step...closer, still listening.
  11. Y: "It's cold, like metal, and yet warm as morning sun. There's sadness, joy, despair, hope... curiosity. There is... someone. Someone who can sense me. Can you hear me? Are you near?"
  13. Andila's mind becomes hazy as she steps out of the temple. The light in the distance is fuzzy, but seems to take shape the closer she gets.
  15. Y: "....Yes? I can hear you." she says, following the light.
  16. She's intimidated, but determined.
  18. "...I can't hear you, but I know you're there. Come closer, however you can. If you're reaching for me, reach higher. You're curious, aren't you? You're afraid, aren't you? There's an emptiness in you."
  20. The light continues to take form. It begins to look vaguely humanoid.
  22. It's becoming hard to focus. The world seems blurry.
  24. "Are you an angel? Are you lost? Did someone leave you behind? I'm lost too."
  26. The light takes on a large shape, that of a figure with what looks like long hair, standing in the road, looking up at the sky.
  28. Andila keeps following the shape. "I'm an Aasimar. I heard you speaking."
  30. The voice continues, seeming unable to hear you still. They stand and look around. As you get close, you can see her outline more clearly. The long strands of hair that flow down to her knees. The delicate footsteps, moving with a grace that makes her seem nearly weightless, almost floating. The precision to her steps, the turning of her head in an attempt to find the source of the presence she can feel.
  32. "It's been so long since I left home to dance among the stars, to see a billion worlds and know their arts, to watch the beings of distant lands grow strong and brave, to learn from them, to appreciate them, to ensure they're never forgotten, and their arts continue to thrive.
  34. You are strong, aren't you? I can't hear you, but I can sense your emotions. Do you have something... someone... somewhere... worth fighting for? Worth being stronger for?"
  36. Andila's focused on her friends, and on the city that's taught her so much that she must defend. Duty, and determination, caution's kinda....fallen to the way side.
  38. "Yes... you're in danger, but you fear not for yourself... but for them. Who are they, I wonder? How wonderful must they be, to give you such conviction."
  40. The figure made of light turns around and seems to notice you. They get down onto their knees and loom over you, golden hair floating behind them.
  42. "You are... beautiful. So much potential, so much drive. All you need is guidance and opportunity, and you too shall shine, like a star in the night sky.
  44. Reach for me, champion. Help me find you."
  46. Andila, stops. “You don’t know me.” She says, both in her meditation and outside of it.
  47. There is suspicion, fear of betrayal, fear of deceit.
  49. "You don't trust me. I understand. But how can I help you, if I can't speak to you? How can I lend you my strength so you can help them? I don't know you, but I can sense the spirit of a champion in you. Perhaps not today, but someday, when you find yourself with a sword too dull to slay the monsters that threaten that which is precious to you, you'll find me? The strength you need is already inside of you, my champion. You only need help bringing it out.
  51. Don't be afraid."
  53. She holds out a hand.
  55. "No matter how strong we become... alone, we can only ever be lost. Let me share my arts with you. Let me know yours."
  57. Andila wrestles with indecision for a minute. She reaches out. She can’t explain herself until the two talk.
  59. On the featureless head of the woman made of light, Andila sees three dark spots form. Two eyes, and one very wide smile.
  60. "I can't wait to find you, my champion, my darling, but until I do, take my gifts and share with me. Reach out... somewhere high, somewhere with lots of metal."
  62. “Can you hear me?” She asks
  63. “What name do I call out?”
  65. The figure reaches up, as if to stroke Andila's hair. She responds directly to the question.
  66. "Kyzara, the Starcatcher."
  69. “I’ll look for you. But I think I have to go now.” Andila says, Bowing her head as she finishes meditating
  71. Andila returns to consciousness feeling... energized.
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