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  1. If you don't have aspirin to swallow this wall of text, just go to the screenshots, they're more entertaining
  3. [b][size=130]Remilia Scarlet[/size][/b]
  4. [b]From[/b] : [i]Touhou Project[/i]
  5. It's said this cute vampire is underrated because of her sister, hidden somewhere in the basement. Still, she'll enjoy toying with awkward little robots. It's time to leave the mansion and drink their oil for no particular reason.
  7. [b]Health[/b] : Medium/High
  8. [b]Speed[/b]: Fast-Very Fast
  10. [b]Attack[/b] : Throttling
  11. [i]Remilia quickly cuts the air to catch an enemy's neck. This melee attack has a very close range. The very close range is due to her very high running speed, which is currently the fastest speed of all the hales :o[/i]
  13. [b]Rage[/b]: God Art "Vampire Illusion"
  14. [i]This spell card is the same as the one in Touhou 6 : EoSD. Remilia turns into her dark bat form while a brief time. When she's in this form, she's invulnerable. She can slowly creates large-sized energy bullets, leaving behind their way a swarm of smaller bullets that freeze in place for a second, before bouncing around the area, giving a feel of danmaku.[/i]
  16. [b]Item 1[/b]: Super Jump
  17. [i]The traditionnal Super Jump allows the hale to reach the highest cliffs.[/i]
  24. [b][size=130]The Unknown Robot Master[/size][/b]
  25. [b]From[/b] : [i](Original character)[/i]
  26. Also known as Frankenstoneman, this pile of scrap is built of many parts of various Robot Masters that Mega Man destroyed. He's a bit dysfunctional, and the way he has assembled himself was pure crap, so he has no special weapon for megamn-eer to use against Mega Man :I
  27. Don't throw it to the trash through, he learned to master his own fighting technique by befriending some other dudes like Junk Man, Dust Man. He'll prove to the world he doesn't need any power to kick your asses, 'cause he's not going to fight alone :3
  29. [b]Health[/b] : Medium/High
  30. [b]Speed[/b]: Slow-Medium / Medium
  32. [b]Passive ability ~ Junk Charge[/b] :[i] Unknown RM automatically refills his junk stock over time. The junk can be used to build mechas.[/i]
  34. [b]Attack[/b] : Recycling
  35. [i]Unknown RM punches as heavily as he can his opponents, but it is still not enough strong to destroy in one hit a robot. If he success destroying someone, he'll steal his junk ! [/i]
  37. [b]Rage[/b]: Ritual of Reenactment
  38. [i]The spirit of the junk (let's say that) supports UNRM and [b]greatly[/b] boosts his defense. The speed of the junk recharging is literally doubled ! UNRM casts magnetic waves around, attracting opponents closer to him, and he deals contact damage to them. Getting away from these magnetic waves at close range isn't easy, making you a easy target to recycle D: This rage doesn't last long.[/i]
  40. [b]Item 1[/b]: Junkyard Call
  41. [i]Now, it's time to use his art and fight with it! The junk stocking ammo bar is located at the top of the screen. It displays the things you can build with your junk ammo, and automatically charges. You got this : Unknown Robot Master is a [b]summoner hale[/b].
  42. In order to defeat your enemies, call for the help of these little guys that stalked Mega Man for years ! The bigger monster you summon, the more junk you'll need to build him. Watch out through, there's a summoning limit ! You have 8 summoning points.
  43. > Mettaur (costs 1 summoning point)
  44. The Mettaur... everyone knows him and loves him. He is fairly weak, has low health, but he can hides under his shell and shoot bullets when you forgot he was here ;~; He's the cheapest summon, it doesn't need a lot of junk to be called, so it's a good monster to have around on occasion
  45. > Hot Head (costs 2 summoning points)
  46. Hot Head is less mobile and just stands still, but he's got the power =w= he deals damage on contact, and throws a swarm of fire tackles at the opponents he spots ! He has way more health than the mettaur.
  47. > Sniper Armor (costs 3 summoning points)
  48. This guy on his machine is fairly big, but also fairly resistant. He does high jumps toward your enemies and crush them ! He can also shoot a barrage of extremely fast --but weak-- bullets in a row ![/i]
  50. [b]Item 1[/b]: Super Jump
  51. [i]The traditionnal Super Jump allows the hale to reach the highest cliffs.[/i]
  57. [size=130]Dio Flash[/size]
  58. [b]From[/b] : [i]Original character mixing Mega Man 2 and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure[/i]
  59. When you want a badass hale, you usually call for someone who has guts, who's voice is terrific enough to scare you, and of course, someone who does cool things, and who does these things in time.
  60. Straight from the Halloween contest, he's the result of a Flash Man X Dio Brando. (where is sakuya btw I don't even and we need girls). If you enjoy bodybuilders and cool guys that stop time and throw knives, you'll love Dio Flash, that surprising medium-range hale.
  62. [b]Health[/b] : High
  63. [b]Speed[/b]: Medium-Fast
  65. [b]Attack[/b] : Blazing Fists
  66. [i]MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA ! Dio Flash punches forward, killing anyone in one hit. In addition to that, Za Warudo, his stand (a.k.a "the creamy Flash Man who follows him"), is sent forward, extanding Dio's punch, for a medium-range attack !
  67. While Za Warudo, his stand, is punching forward, you can decide to make him execute a dangerous punch combo. Press normalfire again after sending him, and he'll concentrate his attack with more fists ![/i]
  69. [b]Rage[/b]: Za Warudo!
  70. [i]Oh sweet god. This rage is probably the most dangerous rage ever made up, but hopefully it needs a lot of rage charging (as much as Rocket Punch). As soon as you see Dio Flash standing still, and Za Warudo, his stand --the cream Flashman--, looking creepily at you, pointing his arm, RUN. RUN, RUN TO THE COLLINS ! Dio Flash will stops the time for 9 seconds, and EVERYONE will be instantly frozen in time. When the time is frozen, Dio Flash can place lots of sharp knives with his normalfire. As soon as the time is unfrozen back, the knives are unleashed, and will kill anyone touching them !!! (Don't directly shoot them on the victims ; place them a bit in front of them, that's my tip.= [/i]
  72. [b]Item 1[/b]: Time Switch
  73. [i]It's not a regular Super Jump. Instead of jumping, Dio Flash uses his fantasy powers to teleport himself upward, and the opponents surrounding him are frozen in time for a second. Beware, as this time stop effect can prove fatality in areas with low ceiling, as Dio Flash can fist you while you're frozen ![/i]
  80. [b][size=130]Mudkip[/size][/b]
  81. [b]From[/b] : [i]Pokémon, Mudkip (previously an userhale, based on the MM8BDM player Dawn of Mudkipz)[/i]
  82. This Mudkipz is not like the other mudkipz. It is said it's a very scarce species, because he was spotted doing animal noises from another planet. These sounds include woof woof, meooow, dweeb dweeb, or moooo. It's also said he has strange ways of battling other pokémons, he seemed to constantly taunting them to death. Nobody knows where is this mudkipz from, but he's so cute that you should just spec and let him win plsssss. Nothing bad comes from him, right ?
  83. [size=70]inb4 nerf moodkipz pls so OP[/size]
  85. [b]Health[/b] : Low
  86. [b]Speed[/b]: Slow-Medium/Medium
  88. [b]Passive ability ~ Minimize[/b] : [i]Mudkip's hitbox is tinier, making him a harder target.[/i]
  90. [b]Attack[/b] : Water Gun
  91. [i]Mudkip shoots from his mouth a water bullet. The Water Gun deals rather weak, but radius damage... weak, except if you get striked in the face ! In that case, it hurts, and your screen will be drowned in water ![/i]
  93. [b]Rage[/b]: Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald Abundance
  94. [i]The little water guy hasn't seen his two other rivals since. Let's make a meetup. Mudkip calls for Treecko and Torchic, they'll join the fight and help Moodkipz defeating the robots !
  95. > Treecko : ur ass is grass
  96. Treecko is the ninja. Fast, agile, he attacks with a melee attack : Leafblade. It's a kind of Slash Claw. In addition to that, he can uses Quick Attack to get closer quickly to opponents, and he also on occasion uses Synthesis, healing all the team ! If the sun is hot, the healing is even higher.
  97. > Torchic : Okay, this is a Beat who fell into a paint pot of orange, so what.
  98. Torchic is slow, but fires fast Embers at the opponents. Ember has a chance to cause afterburn, a state slowing down and dealing additional damage. Then, Torchic can cast Sunny Day, which increase Ember's power ![/i]
  100. [b]Item 1[/b]: Whirlpool
  101. [i]Whirlpool is like a mini super jump, mini like a mudkipz ! While it doesn't jump high, Mudkip becomes invincible while jumping, so he can't be stopped when he's using Whirlpool ! Also, it charges faster than a casual Super Jump, which make it a polyvalent jump to use often :)[/i]
  109. [b][size=130]Genesis Unit[/size][/b]
  110. [b]From[/b] : [i]Mega Man : The Wily Wars[/i]
  111. What do we want ? More Megaman halz! More duo Halz! More distant halz! More cool halz!
  112. All of that, you've got it in a super-duper-mega-ultra-giga hale set.
  113. Genesis Unit is mostly memorable in this Saxton Hale mod because it's the all-first TRIO hale. These three "robot masters" from the past, forgotten in Wily Tower, resurrect now in Saxton Hale and bring an original gameplay. This hale is original because a 3rd member is included of course, but that's not all. Each of the hales have a specific role : sweeper, support, tank. This trio is built to work like a team (but... a real team), like they did sooner in Wily Wars.
  116. [b]GLOBAL PASSIVE ABILITY ~ RAGE SHARING[/b]: Buster Rod G, Mega Water S and Hyper Storm H share the same rage bar. This means they all get the rage charging, BUT it also means only ONE member can use his rage, the two other members couldn't.
  119. [b][size=115]Buster Rod G[/size][/b]
  120. [b]Health[/b] : Low
  121. [b]Speed[/b]: Fast/Fast-Very Fast
  122. [b]Role[/b]: Sweeper "à la ninja"
  124. [b]Attack[/b] : Duel Rod
  125. [i]Buster Rod G attacks in a melee with his rod, and it deals some average damage. It has a fast fire rate, just press the fire button enough time and you'll have a great attack already
  126. His Rod can also be extanded ! Hold the fire button. The more you hold it, the more powerful and the further the rod will penetrates where you'll aim after releasing the fire button :D You can say this attack is Spring Man's Spring Pawnch mixed with Thunder Claw. If you release a fully-charged rod and you are in-air when the rod returns, you'll perform a air-dash.[/i]
  128. [b]Rage[/b]: Pressure
  129. [i]When this rage is used, he literally turns into a superspeedy ninja for some time! His speed increases, and his jump item charges way faster !
  130. Buster Rod G is granted two new elemental attacks, a fire and an ice attack.
  131. Use the normalfire to cast Scoria, a fire attack that blows from the mouth a huuuuuuuge fireball, spliting like Thunder Bolt into more flames, all that causing afterburn ;
  132. or use the altfire to cast Strobe Frostbite, an ice attack that blows from the mouth a torridly fast arrow of ice, which blast on contact, scattering ice powder ! The hostiles players caught in this ice tsunami are slowed down and have their visibility reduced ![/i]
  134. [b]Item 1[/b]: Wild Friction
  135. [i]An agile item. Press the item button to jump high, and then re-press it to dash in mid-air ! This item is probably Buster Rod G's signature move, and it charges faster than a casual Super Jump.[/i]
  139. [b][size=115]Mega Water S[/size][/b]
  140. [b]Health[/b] : Medium
  141. [b]Speed[/b]: Slow-Medium/Medium
  142. [b]Role[/b]: Support / "shield pls" giver
  144. [b]Attack [/b] : Clammy Harpoons / (Holding) : Mega Water Flush
  145. [i]Clammy Harpoons are inspired by Yamato Man's normalfire. Release the fire button and MWS throws harpoons that deal weak damage to opponents, and you can collect them back.
  146. You can use Mega Water Flush if needed by holding fire.[/i]
  147. [i]Don't except to scare anyone with cool water like this :P By holding fire, Mega Water S fires a stream of water from the buster, which doesn't hurt, but repulses opponents away. Don't use it for too long, or it'll overheat and you'll have to wait for it to be ready again .
  151. [b]Rage[/b]: Trance
  152. [i]Mega Water S is the spiritual member of the Genesis Unit, too. With Trance, he can sacrifices himself inside to help all the team.
  153. Trance extremely dangerously reduces Mega Water S's health, but apply a major shield bonus which vary according to each member's health, on every member of the Genesis Unit, disregarding how far or long they're from Mega Water S.
  154. When a hale has "shield", he can't take damage. Instead, his "shield points" are taken away. If you prefer, shield acts as a second health bar, but it's like.. industrial health, as it can be created by Mega Water S :)
  155. So, Trance is amazingly useful for Hyper Storm H (since he has a huuuge health), but it will be just okay on Buster Rod G (since he's very low on health). Don't forget Mega Water S becomes dangerously vulnerable as his health lowers after using the rage, so take your distance with the fights.
  156. Shields can be took away with attacks, but they also disappear after some time.
  157. The hales don't get rage if they have shield points.
  158. A last thing, all the shields are taken away from everyone when Mega Water S dies.
  159. This is why killing the supporter Mega Water S is a key to defeat the Genesis Unit.[/i]
  162. [b]Item 1[/b]: Plastron
  163. [i]Plastron is the reason Mega Water S is made for. The Plastron charge bar is diplayed on every member of the Genesis Unit gang (on the right). When used, Plastron turns a bit of Mega Water S's Health into shield, and to allies if they're near to Mega Water S.
  164. Unlike Trance, which gives Shield according to each hale's own Health (more useful on Hyper Storm H, less useful on Buster Rod G), Plastron gives the same amount of shield to the hales affected by it. Since Mega Water S has a correct health and Buster Rod G's health sucks, Buster Rod G would be interested in having these shield points, as it would mean a lot of protection to him. Hyper Storm H though, who's health is gigantic, will barely make a difference :/
  165. Finally, Plastron lasts shorter than Trance.[/i]
  167. [b]Item 2[/b]: Super Jump
  168. [i]The traditionnal Super Jump allows the hale to reach the highest cliffs.[/i]
  172. [b][size=115]Hyper Storm H[/size][/b]
  173. [b]Health[/b] : Very High
  174. [b]Speed[/b]: Very slow/Slow
  175. [b]Role[/b]: Tank, crowd control
  176. [b]Passive ability ~ Heavy Body[/b] : [i]Hyper Storm H deals contact damage to the opponents near to him. He also takes no knockback/hitstun.[/i]
  178. [b]Attack[/b] : Inhalation Swap
  179. [i]His large stomach is full of air to use : Hyper Storm H stops moving, and begins to breath opponents where you aimed at. By breathing them, the opponents are attracted toward him.The inhalation is strong, but don't breath too much, or you'll have to take a break to get some air D:[/i]
  181. [b]Rage[/b]: Power Mound
  182. [i]Hyper Storm H materializes a giant boulder right over the area he aimed at. After some time, this mountain of power heavily falls to the ground, blasting to pieces of rocks, and creating a huge blast that deals astronomical damage in a giant radius (akin to Morshu's RAGE, but it's a pinpoint-attack). You shoud also aim Power Mound at the ground of the area where it should spawn. The boulder is created over the area where it was aimed at :3[/i]
  184. [b]Item 1[/b]: Meteor Jump
  185. [i]It jumps REALLY high, and crushes to scratch metal anyone below in one hit ! You can stop Hyper Storm H in mid-air to directly crush downward, causing a surprise meteor falling attack. You could say it's like Quint's ALT (YD Classes), but with a bigger hitbox and it OHKO.[/i]
  196. [b][size=130]Tomahawk Talbain[/size][/b]
  197. [b]From[/b] : [i]Original character mixing Mega Man 6 and Darkstalkers[/i]
  199. [b]Health[/b] : Medium
  200. [b]Speed[/b]: Medium
  202. [b]Passive ability ~ 2dark4you[/b] : [i]The survivors must fight in a stage covered by the night's darkness[/i]
  203. [b]Passive ability ~ Lycanthrope-O-Vision[/b] : [i]This werewolves have no problem seeing in the darkest darkness. [/i]
  204. ^ see wut I did der
  206. [b]Attack[/b] : Werewolf Tomahawk
  207. Tomahawk Talbain stops for a moment, and heavily smash his weapon to the ground, causing a earthquake and heavy damage to anyone caught in the radius. This attack is similar to Ra Thor Reborn's black hole, but it has bigger range and the user is stopped for a moment before using it
  209. [b]Rage[/b]: Totem-sama
  210. You'll need some place to build this expensive rage. Indeed, it costs two times as much needed (like Rocket Punch).
  211. Tomahawk Talbain builds up a giant totem that can be destroyed but is healthy.
  212. Totem-sama will stand there, giving over time one of the three following powers to increase Talbain's power! To use these powers, simply press altfire. These powers are inspired by Jon Talbain and Tomahawk Man's skills :
  214. > Dragon Cannon : A giant burning dragon arises from Tomahawk Talbain's back, and damage the ennemies he comes across ! The hale is invincible while the dragon is summoned.
  215. > Tomahawk Swing : Hold the tomahawk, and swing it with an immense force, this OHKO and has a large radius. Remember the 3*2 widesword from MMBN? Yeah, that's it. It can be avoided by simply jumping over, though.
  216. > Mirage Body : The hale enters into beastial mode. His speed increases. You can rip appart your opponents by using a combo of claws, kicks and tomahawk fairly quickly.
  218. [b]Item 1[/b]: Quick Hop
  219. Hold a direction when using it to hop in the desired direction! If you stand still, you'll super jump instead. The hop costs half of the bar whereas the super jump needs a full bar. Use this item by using the Werewolf tomahawk for quick assaults !
  230. [b][size=130]Super Macho Man[/size][/b]
  231. [b]From[/b] : [i]Punch-Out!! Wii[/i]
  233. [b]Health[/b] : Medium
  234. [b]Speed[/b]: Medium
  238. [b]Passive ability ~ Boxer's legion [/b] : [i]When Super Macho Man is knocked down because his health reached 0, he becomes unconscious. He can recover by pressing NORMALFIRE and ALTFIRE fast enough. It's possible to recover until 2 times before receiving a Knockout (3 "lives" in total). When the hale is knocked out, the match ends.[/i]
  240. [b]Passive ability ~ Title Defense[/b] : [i]On his 3rd life, Super Macho Man is fairly low on health, but his abilities are increased : his strength increases ; he can only use Crunch Time (his main damaging attack, the uppercut), yet it charges way faster, and can be executed way faster as well, with very low cooldown! His bar to use his two items, Super Jump and Mach Dude, charges faster as well. Finally, his rage can be controlled and strikes fairly quickly 3 punches in a row with almost no delay!
  242. [b]Passive ability ~ Guarding [/b] : [i]Pressing the backward button when you're not doing anything will slow down Super Macho Man and heavily reduce the damage he takes. The rage doesn't charge when he takes damage in this position ; but in some occasions reducing damage might be useful, for a surprise attack after guarding for instance~[/i]
  244. [b]Attack[/b] : Crunch Time / Combined Elbow
  245. Super Macho Man uses two different attacks with the same mainfire.
  246. Crunch Time is a powerful, uppercut melee. The more you charge it, the more it hurts bad.
  247. If you release fire by holding FORWARD, Combined Elbow will be used instead!
  248. This attack is a stunning melee. Actually, the victim hit by Combined Elbow is weakened, unconscious and can't move. The more you charge it, the longer the victim is weakened and suffers from unability to move.
  249. The key is to use a Combined Elbow, combined by a easy Crunch Time!
  251. [b]Rage[/b]: Super Macho Clothesline Attack
  252. Super Macho Man becomes invulnerable because the bogus is too stronk on this one
  253. He punches 3 times in a row. The punches have a LONG range, but this attack is really hard to control. It can cause massive genocide in the fray. Hopefully, Macho Man will flash red akin to the original Punch-Out!! games so it's possible to anticipate this attack.
  255. [b]Item 1[/b]: Super Jump
  256. You jump high and
  257. that's it.
  259. [b]Item 2[/b]: Mach Dude
  260. Increase your speed movements for a brief time ! It's a good item to use if you don't need to Super Jump. It can really help to strike punches easily!
  276. [b][size=130]Guts Man G[/size][/b]
  277. [b]From[/b] : [i]Mega Man 7[/i]
  279. [b]Health[/b] : Medium
  280. [b]Speed[/b]: Medium
  282. [b]Passive ability ~ Repair Mode [/b] : [i]Guts Man G starts at the beginning of the round with barely any power...if he survives after three minutes have passed, Guts Man G automatically goes berserk and his offense, speed and armor are repaired : he goes to full power, and becomes a killing machine. A really fun hale to fight against, indeed~~
  283. Also he doesn't take any knockback.[/i]
  285. [b]Attack[/b] : Claw / Centrifugal Claw (In repaired mode)
  286. Guts Man G's claw does pretty average damage and thrust the victims to the ceiling. Not threatening, but still able to rekt you to pieces.
  287. If Guts Man G is in repaired mode, his claw becomes bigger, stronger, and instantly kill robots by crushing their head to the ceiling.
  289. [b]Rage[/b]: Repair Mode
  290. This rage can't be obtained manually : it autoactivates after three minutes. Check Guts Man G's passive ability~
  292. [b]Item 1[/b]: Super Jump
  293. You jump high into the air and then the gravity pulls you down so you can't stay in the universe infinitely without reaching the ground with your fat wheels again
  303. [b][size=130]Ra Thor Brothers[/size][/b]
  304. [b]From[/b] : [i]Roll-chan, Super Adventure Rockman[/i]
  305. Ra Thor Reborn in our version is replaced with a new boss... a duo boss to be accurate. This hale is also a tribute to Rebirth and ++'s mods. Back when we weren't merging but we were sharing our devteams, Tails tried my new Ra Thor and he was also inspired to make one on his own. Consequently, we mixed the two finished projects into a duo! Ra Thor ++ is represented by me and is based on Roll-chan, Ra Thor Rebirth (nopunonrebornintended) is represented by Tails and is based on Super Adventure Rockman's version.
  306. Thor ++ is a speedy hale, Thor Rebirth is a powerful one. You can say they represent the difference between glassy&fast and heavy&slow~~
  308. [b][size=115]Ra Thor ++[/size][/b]
  309. [b]Health[/b] : Very Low/Low
  310. [b]Speed[/b]: Fast
  312. [b]Attack[/b] : Dark Hole
  313. [i]At the beginning of the round, Ra Thor Roll-chan edition materializes a large dark hole. This red hole bomb bounces of walls forever. Use mainfire to bring it back to you, and use it again to send it back! This dark hole is really a kind of yoyo you can do tricks with.[/i]
  315. [b]Rage[/b]: Beam Surcharge
  316. [i]The dark hole can't be controlled and come back to you when this rage is active.
  317. Ra Thor ++ can fires large electrical spheres that constantly divide into bolts from both sides! The rage ends after 10 seconds or so.[/i]
  320. [b][size=115]Ra Thor Rebirth[/size][/b]
  321. [b]Health[/b] : Medium-High
  322. [b]Speed[/b]: Very slow/Slow
  324. [b]Attack [/b] : Elemental orbs
  325. [i]Hold mainfire to rotate between 3 different orbs ! Release it in-time to fire the desired orb. Get your timing good pls yes?
  326. > Crimson orbs : creates a stream of 5 big burning orbs above Ra Thor Rebirth. Averagely slow, they cause after burn so be careful to not get caught in them...
  327. > Dynamo orbs : a spread of 3 lightning orbs. Fairly weak, but fairly fast, too~ they stun opponents like Spark Shock would do, but for a longer effect.
  328. > Psychic orbs : the most dangerous orb. A very slow, bouncing, gigantic one. Don't even dare getting close to it or you might get deleted in seconds. It has a slow fire rate, though...[/i]
  330. [b]Rage[/b]: Hypnos
  331. [i]Because yeah, we couldn't get rid of our beloved hypnos~ Use the rage to receive 4 hypnos items (and eventually get a Super Jump bar fill for free). Unlike Ra Thor Reborn's, those have a bigger hitbox and range, so consider them threatening. The minions are exactly like Reborn's : they help you by punching the survivors in the [s]ba[/s] face[/i][/
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