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  1. Key: Taco938
  2. Character: Zakar
  3. Skill(or transformation): Rekkaken (Taught by Effie)
  5. Reasoning:  Acai's goal for Zakar was for him to become strong and become someone to protect the city as a part of the stratus guard. To do this, he was ready for him to be trained by both her and Effie. He did his part with Acai and it was going to take a bit longer for him to control his calmness and mentality.. But for Effie's training, it was something he would pick up rather quickly. While Acai was teaching him how to be as calm and serene and the waves of the ocean, Effie was teaching him to reach into his deepest passion for power.
  7. To burn a flame with nothing but his burning passion.
  9. His passion to grow into someone special.. To change around the nothing he used to be. He spent hours with Effie and the rest of her students training under the intense heat of the hot springs, balancing and controlling individual fires within their palms. Through this training.. He learned to harness fire, to burn it with his passion and let it grow off his inner most anger! While Acai had tried her hardest to teach him self-control.. This ability grew off of it. He became stronger the more he allowed his anger to flourish and his passion to burn!
  11. That was the power of Rekkaken.
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