Eternal Swamp

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  1. This is effectively a game that I made for my cousins.
  3. Backstory/Setup : The (characters) are going out into the Eternal Swamp for combat experience. In it is an everlasting, never ending and never truly changing war between the Basilisks and their enemies. The Basilisks being the targets of this adventure. The Eternal Swamp is a place transcending time and space, existence and non-existence, which can explain why the war doesn't end. Its participants are themselves timeless and can't be conventionally erased, so while individual battles can be decided, they can always occur again. Even so, a single battle being won is meaningless to the unfathomable quantity of conflicts that make up the war.
  5. Why do they like the war? Conflict has so much meaning to them. Through conflict forges deep friendships, enemies, personal development, reinforcing and reshaping ideologies, everything. The growth is eternal and unstoppable due to the undying nature of everything, the only not undying things are the flawed ideologies and abilities that are beaten out of the weaker participants. A transcendent timeless existence would be boring without something to do, so boring that even a being whose mind transcends time would still get bored, so ultimately, they're left with the most extremely intense situations and sensations possible; a war being one of them.
  7. In here, the Basilisk is one of the many conflict embodiments, one of the symbols that represent some of the good things that can be gained from war. Specifically, they're the "symbol of resolve". A firm determination to do something.
  9. The nature of the Eternal Swamp and its inhabitants also means that most abilities are incredibly bizarre and abstract. The apparent rules of battle are likewise equally strange, some imposed by the swamp, some by the nature of this level of existence and some are self imposed by the Basilisks.
  10. -
  11. For sake of convenience, the reality can be projected into a spatial/temporal form even though space and time abilities don't work here. The true form of the Eternal Swamp is composed of an uncountably infinite quantity of nodes that the inhabitants can occupy with no relative position to each other, nor adjacency, distance or connection, so the inhabitants (who can navigate the eternal swamp) can visit any amount of nodes simultaneously. Each individual node is boundless due to their non-spatial properties, making them as big as endless voids... But somehow, the minds of the inhabitants are able to take in this information and process it in their heads as a place with space and time, only as a point of view. Though the surrounding swamp scenery is abstract like a formless fever dream or drug trip, giving off the indescribable sensations of being swamp-like without truly being a physical swamp on any scale.
  13. The concepts of distance, adjacency and direction are also simulated and only exist when the inhabitants force it to exist by engaging others, in which it only manifests in their heads as a means of processing what's happening. Outside (weaker) observers won't be able to comprehend any event taking place in the Eternal Swamp because the timeless nature of it means that any event finishes 'instantly' from the point of view of anyone bound by time, assuming they have the tools to see it.
  14. -
  15. The inhabitants are the same way as the reality itself, the Basilisks are not truly physical basilisks, but merely give off the impression and identity of a basilisk through sensation and having their 'demeanour' be interpreted as basilisk-like. Such as the way they occupy nodes, kinda like conway's game of life with the nodes being pixels, except more complicated with more than two states for a pixel, too many collective states for an entity to be in, no adjacency/position between pixels, as well as an abstract soul beyond the pixels that can leave the Eternal Swamp.
  17. The Eternal Swamp is located in a larger domain called The Outerverse which is effectively 'out of bounds' for absolutely everything, especially things of dimensional and/or temporal nature, with the true extent of The Outerverse extending beyond all other limitations, including the limits on lesser parts of The Outerverse.
  19. May the eternal war games begin!
  21. ---
  23. Rule 0: The game is carried out by taking turns doing an attack phase (with the enemies defending) and a defence phase (with the enemies attacking).
  25. Rule 1: In every encounter, the players move first and apply one or more of their powers first. If multiple powers are used in a turn, one power failing causes all of them to fail.
  27. Rule 2: Pick one or more targets. If one of the selected targets can block it, it fails for all targets. Targets that aren't selected can't be blockers.
  29. Rule 3: The enemies follow the same rules. But they always move second.
  31. Rule 4: Players can decide amongst themselves which order they attack in. They can also decide the enemy's attack order, but nothing else about the enemies.
  33. Rule 5: If there is a paradox, both participants are stuck in stasis until someone interrupts them. Ex: "Unbreakable shield vs all penetrating sword"
  35. Rule 6: Leader trait allows an enemy to move first instead, but only defensively or with self applied powers, which they can use on allies.
  37. You win when all enemies are defeated.
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