Masochistic Chingchong Ghosts

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  1. [20:49:08] <~castfromhp> As you're running through the streets of Hong Kong, the girl suddenly stops and pulls her hand away, clutching her side and breathing heavily. "<...Need to...stop...just a...moment...>"
  2. [20:49:53] * Rini does so, stretching a bit. "<This probably isn't a good idea.>"
  3. [20:50:59] <Rini> "<Let's...>"  With a sigh Rini walks in front of Xiaohua, short as she is, and bends down.  "<Here, can you get on?>"
  4. [20:52:37] <~castfromhp> She nods and climbs up, her grip around you surprisingly strong for someone injured so.
  5. [20:55:24] <Rini> "<Sorry about all this.>"  She tries to keep the bulletarm from doing a whole lot besides moving slowly, and their running pace reduces to a walk.  "<Can you talk at all?  This isn't going to be nearly as easy as it sounds, I just know it.>"
  6. [20:56:10] <~castfromhp> "<Keep...going...catch my breath...>"
  7. [20:58:05] * Rini carries her piggyback and walks along. Even if they're the same age and presumably not too far off size-wise, sprinting still isn't as easy to do. "<Yeah, I don't plan on keeping him waiting. And you'd probably just get worse if I stopped, we can't have that.>"
  8. [20:59:14] <~castfromhp> She just nods again. It's a minute or two before she speaks again.
  9. [21:00:05] <~castfromhp> "<Be careful with Zhang. He means well, but he acts extreme at time to obscure his fears.>"
  10. [21:03:56] <Rini> "<That sounds like mafia types alright.  But from what I know about him, what he's actually told me, I don't really think he's evil at all.  So I figure we can all work out a compromise on how to save your sister AND still not get on his bad side, don't you think?>"
  11. [21:05:40] <~castfromhp> "<He's not evil, he's terrified. Evil can compromise when it suits its goals, but someone scared...>"
  12. [21:07:01] * Rini pauses a bit and nods. "<Mhm. That's why I've been helping him. But what I want to ask before we get there, is do you actually want to go back to him and be 'forgiven?' I'm sure you heard what he said.>" It was on speakerphone after all.
  13. [21:07:23] <Rini> "<I mean, I hope you're not mad at me for being so hasty.  Not much I can do about that NOW though.>"
  14. [21:08:14] <~castfromhp> "<I haven't given Lanfen the lock yet. At the least he won't kill me outright if he sees that.>"
  15. [21:09:46] <Rini> "<Well, that's why you've got me.  With how I've been helping him and.... maybe a few other things I HOPE he's not stupid enough to try to piss me off.  I have all sorts of leverage on him, and just because he's pretty doesn't mean I'll forgive him if he does something unbelievably stupid.>"
  16. [21:12:04] <~castfromhp> If you can see Xiaohua's face, she's turning away a bit and definitely has a guilty expression. "<You should know before you step in there with righteous anger like mine that Zhang's right about a number of things.>"
  17. [21:12:23] <~castfromhp> "<For one, the apocalypse is coming, and it must be stopped.>"
  18. [21:13:23] <Rini> "<Yeah, I know.  I'm just a little upset about being asked to be an assassin out of the blue is all.>"  She sighs and keeps walking.  "<But it's still hard not to be careful when we KNOW he's wanted to kill you.  In fact... that lock, do you mind if I hold onto it?  I'm still not sure how it works, but I bet he'll have more trouble prying it for me.  Easier for us to bargain that way.>"
  19. [21:14:29] <~castfromhp> "<No, don't!>"
  20. [21:14:56] <~castfromhp> "<I can transgress the oaths only in limited capacity, and I don't have the energy to spare to let you take an item so close to the organization's heart...>
  21. [21:14:58] <~castfromhp> "
  22. [21:15:43] <Rini> Sigh 2: Electric Sighgaloo.  "<... Alright.  But... let's just say, if he goes back on his word, I have a backup plan.>"
  23. [21:16:37] <~castfromhp> You're getting closer to Mong Kok now, just a few blocks away.
  24. [21:17:40] <~castfromhp> "<Well, I could try, if it's certain I could get immediate medical attention...>" If you're watching her, she's slipped her hand into her hoodie and pulled out the bloody knife.
  25. [21:18:36] <Rini> She grins.  "<Way better medical plans than you expect.  Anyway, seems like your sister's doing fine.  Once we get you patched up, however it happens, I think I'll be able to catch up to her.  Two stones, one bird, and all that.>"
  26. [21:18:48] <Rini> The player has no idea how she's able to mess that up in a foreign language.
  27. [21:20:24] <Rini> "<I really hope he's trustworthy enough not to need backup, though.  I don't WANT to make an enemy of him.>"
  28. [21:20:41] <Rini> "<And their first aid isn't bad.>"
  29. [21:20:50] * Rini walkwalk.
  30. [21:21:04] <~castfromhp> "<Then, should I try to give you the lock? Can I trust you? Would it even help?>" Her eyes are intense and fierce again, and she's moved the knife deftly to her other side, pointed straight at herself.
  31. [21:21:26] <~castfromhp> *by other side, I mean the side without the wound
  32. [21:21:42] * Rini shoots an eye back and headshakes. "<Not now, let's not risk it.>"
  33. [21:22:24] <~castfromhp> She nods and pulls the knife away, slipping it back into her hoodie pocket again.
  34. [21:22:30] <Rini> "<If anything I wish we could just bury it somewhere to use it as a bargaining tool.  But it doesn't seem like we have time for that, and if he notices us stopping...>"
  35. [21:24:56] <~castfromhp> "<It wouldn't...>" She shakes her head. "<...there has to be another way...>"
  36. [21:25:21] * Rini slows down just a liiiiittle bit more, pondering.
  37. [21:25:28] <~castfromhp> "<Lanfen can't win by herself.>"
  38. [21:25:42] <~castfromhp> (give me a moment now, gonna finish cooking up dinner and I'll be back)
  39. [21:25:56] <Rini> (yeah I'm gonna longwords)
  40. [21:27:42] <Rini> "<How well can you lie?  It's too late to go back on this now, we're almost there.  Buuuut if we can sweettalk him into letting you get off free, maybe some treatment and a quick nap for that wound, I just happen to know somebody who can help.  You could probably help them too just by being there, since you're like me.>"
  41. [21:37:22] <~castfromhp> "<I can't lie to him. However, if I reaffirm wholly my commitment to the Triad, he won't be able to lie to me either...>"
  42. [21:42:24] <Rini> "<Then twist the truth.  It'll be a bit tricky, but...>"  She pauses and speaks slowly again.  "<... Nevermind for now.  I'll tell you if an emergency happens, but for now just know that everything'll be okay, okay?>"
  43. [21:42:42] * Rini steps up the pace, finally.
  44. [21:43:21] <~castfromhp> You're pretty much in view of your target now, a non-descript storefront. Two men in suits are dispersed within the crowd. If you weren't looking for them specifically, you wouldn't be able to tell they're guarding the place, but knowing that, it seems obvious.
  45. [21:43:41] * Rini looks for the tattoos.
  46. [21:44:30] <~castfromhp> "<Alright...I'm still worried though.>"
  47. [21:44:38] <~castfromhp> Once you get closer, you can make them out.
  48. [21:44:55] <~castfromhp> "<I don't know another way to try to stop the apocalypse from happening.>"
  49. [21:45:12] <~castfromhp> "<But even if Lanfen wins, she'll have to give up her life either way, and I won't allow that!>"
  50. [21:45:18] <Rini> "<Let me handle it.  Remember, compromise.  If he's really not a bad guy, we'll be able to work it out.  I have some crazy ideas churning in this genius head of mine too.>"
  51. [21:45:33] * Rini pauses before meeting the dragonmen.
  52. [21:45:51] <Rini> "<... But she already did.  Didn't... she?>"
  53. [21:45:53] <~castfromhp> And then you hear Zhang's voice, as he steps out from the crowd, dressed completely differently and with blonde highlights through his hair, now significantly shorter.
  54. [21:46:04] <Rini> Damnit.
  55. [21:46:11] <Rini> Oh is he still pretty though?  That's important.
  56. [21:46:14] <~castfromhp> "<She'd give up the life she chose to, so that her little sister could live.>" It's quiet and curt.
  57. [21:46:50] <~castfromhp> He's looking very prim and proper now. White dress shirt, red tie, well-fitted black slacks.
  58. [21:47:22] <Rini> "<That's stupid.  Sounds to me like something you'd see in a fantasy novel.>"  Okay, she's holding back drool then.  What about his eye?  "<Even dead she's been a pretty good friend, you know.>"
  59. [21:47:33] <~castfromhp> "<In fact, she'll simply die the death she's been putting off the last few years. The life she already gave for you. Come in.>" The suited men close in as Zhang leads you guys to the door.
  60. [21:48:04] * Rini takes a deep breath and walks in, Xiaohua still mounted.
  61. [21:48:11] <~castfromhp> There's an eyepatch over one eye. The same one as before.
  62. [21:48:36] <Rini> Okay, observation is only really necessary because if he's able to heal himself that IS A THING.
  63. [21:48:46] <Rini> Seems like he's not though.  Yet.
  64. [21:49:41] <Rini> "<I just want to help her.  That's what I'm here for.>"
  65. [21:50:40] <~castfromhp> Xiaohua glares daggers but remains silent as you two are brought in. Zhang stops you both just inside. "<The lock. Show me.>"
  66. [21:50:56] <Rini> "<I didn't lie when I said I was a genius, Zhang.  I think you know by now that there's no info on the planet I can't get.  Even the time limit isn't a big problem- I'll find out a way to not screw her or the world over.>"
  67. [21:51:36] * Rini takes a breath but nods back to her.
  68. [21:51:53] <~castfromhp> He shrugs, unfazed by your words. "<I don't believe that.>"
  69. [21:52:55] <~castfromhp> Xiaohua pulls out the locket, the golden lock on it glimmering in the fluorescent lighting of the simple building you're in. She then pockets it again.
  70. [21:53:29] <Rini> "<Well, I do.  Everybody's been going at each other's throats enough to where they're missing all kinds of details.  So I don't doubt that I can find it- let's talk about a compromise.>"
  71. [21:54:34] <~castfromhp> "<What kind of compromise?>"
  72. [21:55:15] <~castfromhp> Two suited men are taking Xiaohua aside, still in view, for medical treatment. She yelps in pain a few times as she's treated but otherwise remains silent.
  73. [21:55:42] <Rini> "<One that keeps the world from blowing up, for one.  That's what you're doing all this for, isn't it?>"
  74. [21:56:03] <Rini> "<I think that's something a lot of people want.  To not die.>"
  75. [21:59:03] <~castfromhp> "<The world isn't going to 'blow up'.>" He shakes his head. "<This apocalypse is more subtle.>"
  76. [22:00:14] * Rini looks away from Zhang's face for some reason. "<Call it a figure of speech. In fact, maybe it's not even as bad as it seems? I don't like the idea of putting one person at definite risk just to stop something that's maybe-bad from happening to the world.>"
  77. [22:01:10] * Rini suddenly looks straight at him again.
  78. [22:01:40] <Rini> "<Not when it's still possible to find a way around it.>"
  79. [22:02:25] <~castfromhp> "<Then tell me, how will the world end, and how do you plan to stop it?>
  80. [22:02:26] <~castfromhp> "
  81. [22:03:50] <~castfromhp> Zhang's expression hasn't changed this entire time, staring straight forward, with an occasional glance to Xiaohua, arms flat as his side.
  82. [22:03:52] <~castfromhp> *at
  83. [22:05:28] <Rini> If she's nervous, she fakes really well.  In fact she's grinning, but one would think she kind of always has that overconfident-protagonist face going.  "<Oh, I could tell you.  But I'm curious, what do you know about how the end's going to happen?>"
  84. [22:06:01] <~castfromhp> "<You don't know anything.>"
  85. [22:06:26] * Rini closes her eyes. "<Then why can't you tell me?>"
  86. [22:06:52] <~castfromhp> "<Because I am no longer certain you'll take my side.>"
  87. [22:07:41] <Rini> "<Somehow I doubt that's the reason.>"  She puts the non-shot hand at her hip.  "<But I told you from the beginning, I'd help you, but I wasn't going to take sides.>"
  88. [22:08:42] <Rini> "<I'm not going to screw you over, that's a promise, but I never said I'd BE one of you.  We're working together for a different reason.>"
  89. [22:09:16] <~castfromhp> "<You're very close to jeopardizing the whole world.>"
  90. [22:10:04] <Rini> "<Let's do it through a hypothetical.  Say I know that there's no apocalypse, what would you have to tell me?>"
  91. [22:10:18] <~castfromhp> "<You don't know that. Because it isn't true.>"
  92. [22:11:00] <~castfromhp> "<If you did know that, then the obvious choice would be to cease activities and wait out the firestorm of the conflict.>"
  93. [22:11:49] <Rini> "<'Activities.'  What do you think I've been doing?  I haven't taken any sides and haven't actually DONE anything because I know all the worst parts of the conflicts are going to take themselves out.>"
  94. [22:11:52] <~castfromhp> "<But even if I did, Chu Lanfen's life will end at the anniversary of Hong Kong's freedom. Or more properly, she will take on the death she already went through.>"
  95. [22:12:50] <Rini> "<So basically, you're saying that if she becomes a martyr, she'll die and screw over the PRC.  If she doesn't become a martyr, she'll die and screw over the Triad.  Is that about right?>"
  96. [22:14:36] <~castfromhp> "<What are you saying? That you think this is about a squabble between the PRC and the Triad?>"
  97. [22:16:55] <Rini> "<Not quite.  I like the term 'squabble' though, that kind of is what it feels like everyone's doing.  But it isn't what I'm getting at- let's just talk about it.  They're using the chakras around the city, right?>"
  98. [22:17:27] <~castfromhp> "<Correct.>"
  99. [22:18:28] <Rini> "<The same thing everyone's trying to do.  And I think we already went over what would happen if some got a few, the others got a few.  But if one side doesn't control all of them, that affects the 'ritual' that's causing your so-called 'apocalypse,' doesn't it?>"
  100. [22:18:43] <~castfromhp> "<Incorrect.>"
  101. [22:19:45] <Rini> "<I know the chakras are what the PRC is after.  So, what's the difference then?>"
  102. [22:19:59] <~castfromhp> "<I've looked into it. Some of us believed,>" He looks toward Xiaohua. "<That the government was to be the cause of the apocalypse we feared.>"
  103. [22:20:28] <~castfromhp> "<It's simply not the case. They will cause an apocalypse if they succeed, but not the one we fear.>"
  104. [22:21:50] <Rini> "<So if the chakras don't matter...>"  Now her face gets kind of tense.
  105. [22:22:34] <~castfromhp> "<They do. We still need control of enough magical energy to do what we need to.>"
  106. [22:23:15] <~castfromhp> "<The countermeasure will still stop something, it simply was something we were mistaken about the government causing. It would be more rightly termed a force of nature.>"
  107. [22:24:10] <~castfromhp> "<And if the government has sufficient power, what they do will cause an apocalypse as well, just not one as certain as the one we're preventing. In their case, simple all out magical warfare. It'd be worse than global nuclear war, you know.>"
  108. [22:25:19] <Rini> "<So what's to say what you're doing with Arae is going to stop every apocalypse?  What if, hypothetically again, she completed her mission and stopped the one you planned on stopping, but then somebody else backstabs from behind and causes another one anyway?>"
  109. [22:25:28] <Rini> >backstabs from behind
  110. [22:25:37] <Rini> fortunately that's probably okay in foreign grammar
  111. [22:25:45] <Arae> Does that mean the front?
  112. [22:25:50] <Rini> Shhh.
  113. [22:25:54] <~castfromhp> "<If we control enough power to bring our plan to fruition, then the PRC shouldn't have enough to enact theirs.>"
  114. [22:26:33] <Rini> "<And what about the other sides involved?>"
  115. [22:27:09] <~castfromhp> "<If someone else takes all the chakras, they will do what they want with them. It still means we will lack enough power to stop the end of the world.>"
  116. [22:27:55] <Rini> "<So you're the ONLY ones who can stop it?  Is that what you're getting at?>"
  117. [22:28:41] <~castfromhp> Zhang sighs. "<More accurately, Lanfen is the only one.>"
  118. [22:28:55] <~castfromhp> "<However...>"
  119. [22:28:58] <Rini> "<But she has to give up her unlife to do it.>"
  120. [22:30:04] * Rini glances over to monitor Xiaohua's condition. Goddamn this is intense.
  121. [22:30:10] <~castfromhp> "<...To be absolutely accurate, anyone can. Lanfen would have to choose to willingly impart her destiny upon someone else.>" Zhang turns to Xiaohua. "<And she adamantly chose to take this on herself.>"
  122. [22:30:50] <Rini> "<... Wait.  Wait, wait.  So she's been a 'champion' this whole time?>"
  123. [22:31:21] <~castfromhp> Xiaohua is looking very pale, lying on a clean looking table. Her hoodie and shirt have been pulled up enough for the Triad members to stitch up her wound. It looks bad.
  124. [22:33:02] <~castfromhp> "<No. But her magical power is imbued with the destiny she took upon herself. The fear of death, the fear of her own inevitable destruction. That's what she casts onto others.>"
  125. [22:33:37] <Rini> "<... Is she even aware that she's able to do that?  The last I checked, she was an amnesiac.  Or at least damned good at hiding what she knows.>"
  126. [22:34:10] <~castfromhp> "<No, she gave up herself entirely to take on this destiny. Physical death, mental death, and, in the end, spiritual death.>"
  127. [22:34:26] <Rini> "..."
  128. [22:35:03] <Rini> "<So you mean that's WHY she's an amnesiac, huh... she had herself forget about it just so she's be able to do it?  That's as awful as you can get.>"
  129. [22:35:24] <Rini> "<But when you put it that way, it sounds like she already made the choice.>"
  130. [22:35:36] <~castfromhp> "<She chose it, for the world, for the Triad, but most of all for her sister.>"
  131. [22:36:10] * Rini looks over to the table, then back. "<What was Xiaohua trying to pull then? If she already made the choice willingly, why try to force her out of it?>"
  132. [22:36:13] <~castfromhp> "<That's exactly what I'm saying. It's the choice she made those years ago. It would be the utmost disrespect for anyone to alter that choice.>"
  133. [22:36:49] <Rini> A slow nod, with a gulp attached.  "<That changes things.  I was under the impression it was something that was forced on her.  I still don't LIKE it, but...>"
  134. [22:37:53] <~castfromhp> "<...I lied.>" A weak voice comes over from the table. "<...I wanted to take on the destiny myself. And spare Lanfen.>" She looks away and her voice gets real quiet. "<She feels responsible, but I share in the responsibility just as much if she can be said to...">
  135. [22:38:44] <~castfromhp> Zhang shakes his head. "<She made her choice. That's always been your problem. We give up our personal desires so that we can pursue that which betters the world and everyone. You can't do that. You're selfish.>"
  136. [22:38:51] * Rini looks to the ground. "<Either way, with how this is set up, somebody's going to have to be a hero. A martyr, whatever you want to call it.>"
  137. [22:38:56] <~castfromhp> He's staring at Xiaohua as he says that.
  138. [22:39:11] <Rini> "<Stop it.  Neither of you are wrong here.>"
  139. [22:39:14] <~castfromhp> "<Someone will have to die so that the world may live. That is how it must be.>"
  140. [22:39:23] <Rini> "<There's one thing you're forgetting, though...>"
  141. [22:39:40] <~castfromhp> "<Worse, someone must have to be forgotten. Lanfen will not only die, but it will be as if she never existed.>"
  142. [22:40:47] <Rini> She taps her goggles, even if they're not over her eyes.  "<I have the answer to anything and everything in the world at my fingertips if I just look for it.  Did you forget how much of a genius I told you I am?  Every side's keeping things from each other- I can stop her 'destiny' and the 'apocalypse' at the same time.>"
  143. [22:40:50] <~castfromhp> "<By the way, I never thought you would kill her, even if I told you to.>"
  144. [22:41:02] <~castfromhp> Zhang's looking at you now.
  145. [22:41:44] * Rini fingers at the knife in-pocket. "<Killing people isn't what I came here to do. And I'd rather not do it to someone who's actually innocent, you know?>"
  146. [22:43:39] <~castfromhp> "<I had to know whether you were like her.>" Zhang motions at Xiaohua. "<Someone who can put the life of one person over the fate of the world.>"
  147. [22:44:16] <~castfromhp> "<There's no guarantee that if Lanfen gives up her destiny it will be as potent as it is in her now.>"
  148. [22:44:24] <Rini> A shrug.  "<Maybe I'm a coward, I don't know.  I never really thought about what I'd do if I had to actually take people's lives.>"
  149. [22:45:39] <Rini> "<But I mean it.  Let's say... give me a day.  You don't have to stop anything you're doing, and I won't go out of my way to stop her 'mission,' but before the last chakra goes to any side I'll come up with every alternative that exists.  I'll give up and let you have your way only if there absolutely isn't a single one that solves everything.  How's that sound?>"
  150. [22:46:38] <~castfromhp> "<That isn't the point. I wanted your reasoning for not killing her. The fact you fixated on her physical well-being at the moment, and not an accusation that I was myself jeopardizing the world, tells me something about you.>"
  151. [22:46:58] <~castfromhp> "<Is that what you'll spend your time doing?>"
  152. [22:47:25] <Rini> "<Worrying about people?  Maybe a little.>"
  153. [22:47:33] <~castfromhp> "<I have little confidence in the notion that you will expend your full energies toward the fate of the world rather than concern for individuals and their fates.>"
  154. [22:48:06] <Rini> "<Why not the fate of as much as possible?  I mean if the world goes kaput, there's nobody to live in it.>"
  155. [22:48:13] <Rini> er
  156. [22:48:16] <Rini> there's nothing to live in*
  157. [22:48:36] <Rini> "<Not that that's what the 'apocalypse' is.  Just an example.>"
  158. [22:48:44] <~castfromhp> "<Is that really your priority?>"
  159. [22:49:18] <Rini> "<What would I have to gain from lying to you?  Even if I'm a genius I'm not omniscient, I want to do what CAN be done.>"
  160. [22:49:57] <Rini> "<So yeah, it is.  My priority is leaning on my ridiculous optimism and knowing that there's some solution out there that benefits everyone.>"
  161. [22:50:00] <~castfromhp> "<I am saying you may not be speaking true to yourself.>"
  162. [22:50:27] <~castfromhp> "<...I want to be sure, because I want to help you, but I will not do it if you do not plan to commit as much energy as possible to saving the world.>"
  163. [22:51:16] <Rini> "<You want be to be even more honest?>"  She leans back, arms crossed.  "<I put everything on the line to come here to find out about my mother.  I probably ruined my relationship with my dad, I bet my grades are shot to hell in school, I GOT SHOT and will probably get shot a bunch of times more.>"
  164. [22:51:45] <Rini> "<But that's not really prioritized above everything else.  I WANT to save her and I WANT to see Hong Kong, the world, not go to hell.  Maybe I can see her after.>"
  165. [22:51:48] <~castfromhp> "<Those are all still personal concerns. Are you willing to put those behind you long enough to save the world?>"
  166. [22:52:48] <Rini> "<Yep.  Gimme a lie detector test if you want, I don't really care so long as I can help my new friends.  Besides, it'd be sort of cool to know that I had a part in saving the world, wouldn't it?>"
  167. [22:53:34] * Rini shrugs. "<I'm just a kid, what do I know about what's really important for the world? But once I set my mind on something I'm going to see it through to the end, and nobody can stop me.>"
  168. [22:53:38] <~castfromhp> "<I am not yet willing to allow someone else to step in and take on Lanfen's fate. We were very close as children, and I respect her wishes. If she has become herself again and she is willing to sacrifice someone else so she may live herself, then I will allow you possession of the lock.>"
  169. [22:54:06] <~castfromhp> "<I have kept her own sister from assuming that destiny. I will not let someone else take it on lightly.>"
  170. [22:54:53] <~castfromhp> "<You're right, you don't know much. But if you're set on this path...>"
  171. [22:55:07] <Rini> Her head shakes again.  "<I'm still going to look for another way.  I'll keep traveling with her and making sure the guide does its work, you can contact me whenever.  But once I find that solution, THEN she can be told and make the decision for herself.>"
  172. [22:55:29] <Rini> "<Again.>"
  173. [22:55:33] <~castfromhp> "<Do not speak to her of this destiny.>"
  174. [22:55:49] <Rini> "<I won't.  I promise, not until I find out for sure that there's another way around.>"
  175. [22:55:53] <~castfromhp> "<I'll admit now I lied to you. Nothing will be disrupted if she learns of the destiny through outside means.>"
  176. [22:56:03] <~castfromhp> "<But she made me promise one thing before she took on this destiny.>"
  177. [22:56:19] <~castfromhp> "<And it was to never let her know about the choice she had made until she had fully become herself again.>"
  178. [22:56:43] <Rini> "..."
  179. [22:56:44] <~castfromhp> "<She did not want for herself to make the decision to sacrifice someone else while she lacked her own memories. Her own reasonings for making the choice she did.>"
  180. [22:57:12] <Rini> "<From how little I've known her... yeah, that seems like something she'd do.  I mean it, I respect that.>"
  181. [22:57:46] <~castfromhp> "<Then contact me once she has become herself again. You will know when that has happened.>"
  182. [22:58:22] <Rini> "<All right.  I won't stop her at the moment, but I won't let her FINISH - sacrifice herself - unless I'm absolutely sure it's the only way.>"
  183. [22:58:32] <~castfromhp> "<And, if you believe you can truly balance your personal concerns with the fate of the world...>" Zhang moves to the back and pulls up a tablet.
  184. [23:00:46] <~castfromhp> He taps a location on a map. It's on the far side of the Kowloon side of Hong Kong, really far from the island and everything else. "<I've done research myself. Your mother is being held here. It's a high security facility. Advanced electronic and magical defenses. Do not allow this knowledge distract you from what must be done.>"
  185. [23:01:09] <~castfromhp> Zhang then steps back and nods to his men. They all move, giving you a clear path toward the door.
  186. [23:02:11] * Rini looks at it with a stern face and taps her goggles. "<I won't, thanks. I'll fix everything. And... sorry if I didn't trust you at first, you're not such a bad guy after all.>"
  187. [23:02:38] * Rini steps forward but warily eyes the guards and Xiaohua before doing something silly, waving and walking out.
  188. [23:02:55] <~castfromhp> /mini
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