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Aug 25th, 2019
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  1. One day Goddess came to me in a dream with great sadness and anger in her eyes. She explained to me that a great dark evil has come to destroy my home. She wanted me to search for it and kill it. I remember her whispering in my ears “I am always with you and one day I shall embrace you and give you the gift of my name and of myself if the sun god deems you worthy”. Then she ever so lightly kissed my cheek and said “awake my love”. Shaken awake by these dreams and the feeling of desperation and the shiver of evil I felt. Nasha thought to me that the goddess came to her and warned her of a great evil that has descended on the island and to watch over me. I thought to Nasha of my dream and we set out at first light to hunt this evil down so I may prove myself to my goddess.
  3. I searched the beach and Nasha the ocean crest the sun was just breaking over the water as I walked along the beach. I noticed wreckage from many ships but these were old weathered ships almost drift wood in color with no sign of the crew who once sailed them. No sign of anything strange but teeth marks and scratches along the planks. These marks were huge my hand could fit inside one of the seven jagged slashes. Nasha thought these were not sharp like dragon claws and did not know of what it could be. How could this be an animal no animal has so many claws? What manner of animal could have done this the only large predators on my home are a group of panthers. I thought to Nasha we should check their den and start from there.
  5. I crept along the forest searching for the panthers who never miss an opportunity to attack me and try to eat me being the only threat on the island to them. Nasha was high in the sky searching the upper cliffs of the volcano when she spotted a path gouged out along the forest trees toppled and decaying. She thought to me the area and I found the path and followed it. The direction was calculated and directly in the direction of the panthers. I walked along the over turned earth maggots and flesh beetles swimming in the soil trying to cling to my feet. The smell of blood and feathers bit no carcasses. The air began to take on a red hue as if a fog of blood was settling in the air. The smell of blood in the air caused me to choke and swallow. Nasha sensed my heightened emotional state and stopped her search to be by my side. The sun was beating down on the foliage above me as I got closer the leaves were dripping with blood. No panther could do this much carnage. There was a sign of a struggle a tooth here and a small swatch of fur I knew it was the panther’s. There was no sign of scat or what could have killed the panther. I only saw the hurried trail of the other three panthers heading off west. No animals were anywhere around. The forest has never been so silent. A great sense of dread hung in the air. Nasha smelt decaying flesh and blood in the area but thought this was an old kill sight possibly hours had passed from this gruesome scene. Could it be nocturnal? How could it disappear without a trail.
  7. I scoured the island looking for signs of this creature. I heard sounds coming from the beach so I hid and watched this man make a camp fire. He had strange pelts adorning his body with shiny things clinging to it. The smell in the air was of sourness like rotted fruit. I see no ill intent with this person and I have a danger to find so I left this man alone and will investigate him later. He stumbles around as if he ate something wrong so he should be easy to find.
  11. I returned to our little home. A slanted tree with other trees growing up alongside of it to make a small den. This home was provided for my from the goddess with tree of fruit and medicine all around. Honey from the nest of bees travels down slowly flowing down a tree. Water flows up from the ground close by and the river is just a few runs away. My bed of moss stays soft and green with lavender growing around keeping it free of bugs. Nasha made herself a nest of river rocks she likes to sleep on. Surrounding our home is an impenetrable ring of poisonous thorn and thistle that seem to have a mind of their own moving and swaying and grabbing anything that gets close enough to entangle in its grip of death. This plant seems to dislike me as it moves away whenever I approach it and has never tried to sting me. We settle down with a meal of shark that Nasha has caught. I prepare the fire and warm hers a little she likes it that way. We have a good life here and until recently nothing evil was present. The animals all sense something is wrong and are trying to swim off the island like the volcano was erupting. But it still sleeps only a pool of warm magma boils in the center. Pools of warm natural springs and gyzers litter the area around the volcano and caverns from lava flows cut thru the volcano like Swiss cheese. This must be where the creature has found refuge.
  13. Its midday I should rest since night fall is coming with no moon tonight. I will need to rely on Nasha more than usual if we are to hunt tonight. I settle down in my bed of moss and drift into nothingness. Dreams flood in disturbing images of twisted flesh and bone of sinew and gristle creatures battling the living trying to make them part of their evil existence and an image of a hideous creature burring itself in the earth. It is then I awake and realize I was standing right on top of this creature where it slayed it last victim before the first crest of light in the blood soaked earth. I know this was the goddess again helping me guiding me to a goal. Nasha has been up anticipating the hunt excited to test her abilities. She isn’t one for sleeping and watches over me when I sleep.
  15. I gather my tools for the hunt just before lights last glimpse over the forest and head to the spot where the kill signs were last seen. The scent in the air is foul and putrid. The earth is still live with worm and bugs toiling and twisting endlessly. The area has changed as I approach I hear sounds of teeth and bone clashing and gnashing against each other. The ground is unstable…….. I’m looking up at the sky? Why do I feel warm water running down my arm? My head hurts. Nasha is screaming in my head why is she so upset? The ground is rushing underneath me as I am pulled toward the center of the overturned soil. I see flashes of bone and tendrils flailing around in the air. I feel teeth locked into the meat of my leg gripping and ripping to the bone. Nasha grabs my arm and digs in her legs into the ground and grabs a sapling in her teeth to pull me away. I feel the grip tighten on my leg and I look at Nasha let go get away save yourself. I reach for anything with my free arm and grab a wedged rock. I fling my arm away from Nasha and start pulling along the whips to the center I’m going to kill this thing before I die I must kill it. The ground is wet with blackened blood the figure emerges from the ground indistinguishable from anything I have ever laid eyes on. It has eyes everywhere a mesh of bone sinew and flesh twisted and around a mass in the center. The tendons pulling me closer to the center as it opens up I see a meld of brains and nerves. I pull hard and quickly flinging myself into the center wedged rock in hand thrusting it deep past my elbow into the brain slashing and stabbing as fast as I can. My last act on earth will be to rid this evil. As the quivering mass falls apart Nasha’s howl fills the night sky as I succumb to my injuries.
  17. Falling into the darkness I see a Blinding light hurdling toward me. The warmth is intense like fire am I to be sentenced to burn for eternity in the depths of fire? Suddenly I stop falling and I am hovering above a lake of pure stars shimmering and glowing with such radiance. I hear a voice I know so well and long to be with “My love you have done it but your journey is not over this is not when we get to spend eternity together. I reward you for now with my name my love. A huge voice bellows down washing over my soul “you shall not have her yet” the sound of the sun god echoes thru me “you have shown selflessness and desire to protect with thought of no treasure or fame and I shall bestow upon you a great power……… I feel my soul shoot across the star water and with a bolt of energy I am back in my body with Nasha lying next to me with her head on my chest sobbing. She feels my heart beat strong and sees my eyes open wide. Questions are all I am left with. The mass of bone and flesh is still moving we must drag it to the volcano and destroy it. Though I killed it parts still seem to want to reassemble itself into something again. Nasha and I tie vines and anchor the parts away from each other as there are too many pieces to carry one at a time. Day is breaking over the tops of the forest as we are dragging part of it to the volcano it bursts into flame and dust disappearing before our eyes. Nasha quickly flies back to the other pieces still anchored to the tree to see the same sight as the light touches it burns and turns to ash.
  19. Vrash has never seen another human and if this one brought the evil to my home he must be killed quickly but I didn’t sense evil in this human. Vrash had never used his mouth to make words and to hear them spoken out load from this human made him increasingly curious of them. Nasha was cautious about the human not knowing if they were friend or foe. Telling Vrash (a dragon name) to stay cautious and alert. Vrash brought food as an offering trying to communicate with his telepathy that only worked with animals not knowing how to use words of mouth. The stranger was cautious at first sight of Vrash but the food was welcomed after Vrash started eating it. The stranger would weave tails of honor and voyages across land and see of woman and mead and of feast and great cities.
  23. That night the goddess came to me in my dreams and said how proud and happy she was of my deeds and that there is more for me to do to trust this man to take me to my destiny. He fights the evil that I was born to destroy and he would be a good ally. My name My love is Sonossa as she embraces me and holds me for what seems like hours she then turns to me and said that we will be together but not to rush my end that there is all of time so enjoy the world before me.
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