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  1. * intellij-haskell 0.44 feedback
  2. ** tested with IntelliJ IDEA 2018.3, mac mojave, 2013 macbook air with 8G ram, hledger repo
  3. ** issues
  4. *** had to remove alpha plugins repo to see beta 44
  5. *** installed smoothly in a few minutes (most things probably previously installed)
  6. *** continuing intermittent errors about starting stack repl taking more than 5s and haskell support not available yet
  7. **** while building hoogle db ?
  8. *** turned off power save mode for inspections, and for hlint installation to complete (?)
  9. *** type signature on hover seemed to work intermittently, was hard to discover
  10. **** I tried all of these, only the last works, shouldn't it be just hover ? Or at least, don't require moving off word
  11. ***** hover over word ?
  12. ***** click in word ?
  13. ***** select word ?
  14. ***** hover over word while holding CMD ?
  15. ***** move pointer over word from outside it while holding CMD ? (first move off word if already over it)
  16. *** installing hlint got stuck, showing "Busy with installing hlint" for hours; it completed after restarting the IDE
  17. *** saw a message advising using Tools menu to rebuilding hoogle db, menu option was disabled until hlint/hoogle etc. finished installing
  18. *** do background tasks generate output separate from what appears in the event log ? how do you see it ?
  19. *** a certain open file got reloaded in the repl every few minutes
  20. *** what to do about "ambiguous stack target" warning
  21. *** cmd-click sometimes didn't show usages the first time, had to wait a little and try again
  22. *** frequently gets horribly slow and choppy during editing
  23. *** analyze dependencies (of a few open files) hung IDEA for a few minutes
  24. *** show usages does not show cross-package usages ?
  25. *** haskell problems pane
  26. **** doesn't update right away, eg moving defs to another file in same directory, had to resave a file ?
  27. **** didn't show errors in another package (hledger-ui) for a minute or two
  28. **** didn't hide hledger-ui error when fixed in library package (hledger-lib)
  29. ***** restarting repl didn't help, I think
  30. ***** invalidate caches and restart helped
  31. ***** would a running ghcid confuse it ?
  32. *** refactoring
  33. **** rename (S-F6) is unreliable, often doesn't find all matches even a few lines away
  34. *** optimize imports didn't always work (didn't remove Control.Arrow after dropping &&& usage)
  35. ** non intellij-haskell issues ?
  36. *** why is it saving so often as I type, without switching frames ?
  37. *** in event log, could not re-enable scroll to the end
  38. ** likes
  39. *** navigate to definition, navigate to usages working
  40. *** all dependencies' source available
  41. *** smart detection of packages, directory/file types
  42. *** completion of imports working
  43. ** questions
  44. *** can I make it ignore cabal sections I don't care about for performance, like tests and benchmarks ?
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