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Korecoin Escrow Edit 3

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  2. Hash: SHA1
  4. Escrow Agreement:
  5. The escrow is to hold all KOREcoins and BTC to be used only for marketing,
  6. website design and other KOREcoin related projects and compensate for expenses.
  8. If there is a dispute on the release of any funds between any of
  9. the signers and the other party, the escrow will enter a phase of
  10. public arbitration.
  12. A minimum of 3-Signers are needed to approve release of coins.
  13. Signers for release approval may be added/removed at any time.
  15. Total Signers:
  16. zaintariqs
  17. Azure
  18. escalicha
  19. Mxrider420z
  20. MikeMike
  23. KORE Donation Address:
  24. KVJ8AJgLqTpB7s1B9YJMZJ6NMMYwtm7gQm
  26. BTC Donation Address:
  27. 166ppAWTyJxrc1ThkNJWfMDu33iBXqpAoU
  31. If KORECoin ceases to exist or there is no way to convert it back to BTC,
  32. the Escrow Agent is not held liable.
  33. Donations shall be refunded to the donors after 4 days if the party doing the work resigns
  34. or can no longer fulfill that responsibility and a replacement is not able to be found.
  36. Additional Notes:
  37. 1- You have the option of sending a PM to the Escrow Agent with the
  38.     amount of KORE sent plus a   Return Address just in case.
  39.     This PM Must be sent within 5-Minutes of the KORE Donation.
  40. 2- Though BTC transactions are able to be refunded to the address
  41.     provided in the Blockchain you can also send
  42.     a PM noting your Donation Amount and copy of the transaction
  43.     within 5-Minutes of the BTC Donation.
  44. 3- KORE can be converted to BTC at appropriate times as most payments will be in BTC.
  45.     BTC can be converted into KORE as need be.
  46. 4- This Address KQiGXVetfUVqpaa97aFoY2FDcc2rK3wmbd
  47.     is solely for the illegitimately mined KORE Coins.
  48. 5- If KORECoin ceases to exist the KORE Coins in the illegitimate account Will Not Be Sold and
  49.     only after all other sales of coin holders will it be contemplated to be transferred into BTC for
  50.     distribution to any unpaid bills etc. and then to an account for grievances
  51.     and after that Donation to a Charity.
  52. 6- Separate Public Ledgers will be provided to show
  53.     where every payment/coins went and what for.
  54. 7- Escrow Agent Link:
  55.     https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=79720
  56. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----
  57. Version: GnuPG v2.0.21 (MingW32)
  59. iQEcBAEBAgAGBQJUMOcUAAoJEB5tfcMmrq+VVyAH/iezxES8dSxHe4Y1yWdcS0Ej
  60. UH5ufW0aBqQiDR/oUV00GskaTX5d4cpeT8Hs9giHtjkjqPq3xWXzNrinup1dLSmR
  61. m9fQ5jf1xSvgS/OaeR0B5rmJsdK2EHPweaEky/sWvUU1BpiznuKLB8JzdRB6EeQz
  62. +zWGEoli9GbfJeudjg3fufAbSyIEOCaj8rVLRwjEotOT3Eovx/WrdnfYzpkAr0UJ
  63. nrCQivwZmO4dJKSFlYbw21FQmY0m0op9UIh98GGT0hgnL1io9cxcLPQpstdzcfHi
  64. 3zOD2jAqNh/XIZDj+xHWxCMh4ppNtVmu1mDA2Yulga/BrlYJXJpu+unmf31IBOM=
  65. =0bJ2
  66. -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
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