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Mako the Monsoon 1.05

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  1. Mako the Monsoon
  2. [EX Class][+Atk][Gestalt]
  3. Prereqs: Unite with Origin
  4. Static
  5. Your Spark Master and Tidedrinker classes are replaced with the Gestalt Class Squall (Spark Master + Tidedrinker).  Whenever you take a feat in Squall, you gain both a feature in Spark Master and in Tidedrinker.  This only takes one class slot.  If you run out of feats in one class but not another, you gain the remaining feat and a General Feat.
  7. Turbulent Tides
  8. [+Atk]
  9. Prerequisites: Gained the favor of a god of storms
  10. Static
  11. You gain the Zapper and Fountain Capabilities and any fluff ramifications that come with those.  You may apply STAB from Type Expertise to Struggle attacks modified by these Capabilities.  You may ignore the 1 Elemental Connection limitation so long as it is in order to take both Elemental Connection: Electric and Elemental Connection: Water.
  13. Riding the Storm
  14. [+Atk]
  15. Static
  16. You gain the moves Nuzzle and Crabhammer.
  18. Very Very Frightening
  19. [+1 Atk]
  20. Static
  21. When you activate the Overload Strategem, add yourself to the targets of it.  You do not have to bind additional AP to do so.
  23. Dream Super Combo [+Atk]
  24. Static
  25. Effect: You gain the Ability Combo Striker.  Your instance of Combo Striker does not trigger on 10/11, and has an Inverted Effect Range, that starts at 1 and goes up for any Crit, Effect, or Accuracy modifiers you have, no matter the source (this includes modifiers that usually only apply to Weapon Moves or the like). As usual, your Combo Striker has an effect modifier limit of 6, which would make it trigger on 7 or below.
  26. Exception: Any kind of Reaction (IE Shield Moves, Dodge, Counter, etc) will prevent further triggers of Combo Striker.
  28. Lord of Storms [+Atk][Apotheosis]
  29. Static
  30. You gain the Apotheosis Lightning Always Strikes Twice.
  32. Apotheosis: Lightning Always Strikes TWice
  33. Type: Electric
  34. AC: 2
  35. Damage Base 10: 3d8+10 / 24
  36. Class: Physical
  37. Range: Melee, 1 Target, Double Strike
  38. Effect: Roll 3 times for Lightning Always Strikes Twice on Accuracy and pick whichever 2 rolls you like most.  Lightning Always Strikes Twice crits on 15+.
  40. Apotheosis: Essentially a manifestation of the divine power that stems from a given human's subconscious.  Apotheosis moves are always Daily, and they Crack the AP bar of all allies, reducing it to half its max for the rest of the scene.
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