Devil is a Part-Timer

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  1. English Name: Devil is a Part-Timer
  2. Japanese Name: Hataraku Maou-sama!
  3. Genres: Comedy, Demons, Supernatural, Romance, Fantasy
  4. Episodes: 13
  6.     This anime takes a 180 turn from the normal fantasy plot of a hero taking down the evil Demon King. Instead this anime takes a huge different approach to it. When the hero and her party was attacking the final boss, Satan, they had him cornered. Satan decided to use the last bit of his magic to make a warp portal to take him and his right hand man to a random place. The hero follows him into the portal to chase him down. Satan, his right hand man, and the Hero is sent to the modern world, Tokyo i believe. Anyways, Satan realizes he doesn't have much mana left to use magic for and without a choice he decides to make a living in the world. And to do this, he gets a job at McDonalds!
  8.     First of all, the characters in this anime are fucking amazing. The MC, Sadao Maou, turns from this sinister vibe to this chill casual man who's simply working his best to earn a promotion at McDonalds. His right-hand man, Shirou Ashiya, is this funny, serious, loyal, fatherly character to Sadao in the modern world and actually in a way he acts like a mother: working out financial issues, trying to make healthy meals, trying to find a way to get back to the original world. And then there's Emi Yusa, the hero who's also a tsundere. There's big boobie girl, Chiho Sasaki. And then there's Hanzou Urushihara, aka known as Lucifer.
  9. The comedy in this anime is absolutely well done. They always pull these unexpected jokes out of nowhere and you just never expect it coming. The anime isn't all just silly gag. It also has a plot element to it. It is brought up many times throughout the anime and even more at the "serious" episodes. That would be how Satan might not actually be the bad guy. There is also another party that could be the bigger enemy. This turns things around and introduces great plot twists where you can see the truth behind people and society. It gives people actually something to consider and makes you wonder what will happen in the future and you just want more.
  11.     Flaws include how weird big boobie girl looks and also the cringey slide (watch and you'll understand). Op is p mediocre as well.
  13. 8/10 I would definitely recommend to people.
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