Why consider voting “Against” for the CSC Elections

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  1. Why you should consider voting “Against” for the CSC Elections
  3. Surprised that most of the positions for the CSC are uncontested? Haven’t seen the candidates around during the election period? No idea what the candidates are going to do for the college if elected? No wonder the low voter participation.
  5. Here are some reasons why you should consider voting “Against” the candidates running for the CSC.
  7. 1. Lack of competition breeds complacency
  9. Ask yourself if you truly know what the CSC’s purpose of existence is and what the candidates will do for you when they are elected. Chances are you don’t, and that’s not your fault. The simple reason is that a lack of competition breeds complacency. Why go the extra mile to reach out to voters if I’m the only candidate and getting elected is virtually certain? And, by extension, why go the extra mile to serve the populace if I was so easily elected? It is trite that we don’t as much appreciate things that come easily. Is that what you want of the CSC?
  11. 2. Voting “Against” is better than not voting at all
  13. Sure, most of us are apathetic about the elections. But who can blame us when we probably don’t know half of the candidates running, haven’t seen them around, or have no idea the concrete things they want to do for the college if elected? To those who don’t bother voting, you probably see no point or just don’t care enough.
  15. Arguably, not voting at all is a more damning reflection, because it shows that people don’t even care. But the result of that is an elected CSC who didn’t receive majority endorsement.
  17. Here’s what will happen if you don’t vote. The minority who bother voting will in all likelihood have voted for the only running candidates. That’s the natural thing to do. Suppose 40% of the college votes, and all 40% vote “For”. On paper that’s a 100% endorsement of the candidates. They become elected, even when 60% of the college did not actually endorse them. Is this how democracy should work?
  19. 3. Voting “Against” is better than voting blindly
  21. This needs little further elaboration, yet it is appalling how many people do so nonetheless. Would you want an incapable or unmotivated CSC? Voting blindly might get you just that.
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