My Heart Kain't Blow Up- ... Nevermind

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  1. [17:31:15] <Natalie> SO after warping people across the planet and chugging lots of (whatever flavor ethers are) drank, is there a secluded spot or something for the catgirl to try pouring mist into her forehead at?
  2. [17:31:46] <@Kain> Your Inn room is probably about right!
  3. [17:31:53] <Natalie> OH RIGHT WE HAVE ONE OF THOSE
  4. [17:32:33] * Natalie makes SURE Ammy isn't coming back then. As in, she unscrews - uncorks? - the mist bottleANDCHECKSOUTSIDETHEDOOR. Safe? ... Seems safe.
  5. [17:33:02] <@Kain> Pretty safe. The only ones are the innkeeper, and he's downstairs tending to the counter.
  6. [17:33:10] <Aori_Radidjiu> (urge to have Lenore show up at a bad moment...rising...)
  7. [17:33:18] <@Kain> Though it'll be evening soon, sure has been a long day, huh?
  8. [17:33:20] <Aori_Radidjiu> (But I have homework, so no)
  9. [17:33:21] <Natalie> "Nnnnokay," she narrates to absolutely nobody.  Well, maybe Mr. Prickles if he wants to be there actually.  She wouldn't have forced him not to (yo I'd totally be okay with that) come.
  10. [17:33:40] <@Kain> Even Mr. Prickles seems to be elsewhere at the moment. Huh.
  11. [17:33:41] <Natalie> If he's like... not doing anything or something like that.  "I think this is right... hope it works."
  12. [17:33:58] <Natalie> Still self-narrating anyway!  It's only the right thing to do when you're a JRPG protagonist.
  13. [17:34:14] <Aori_Radidjiu> (...oh wow, I don't think this stuff is gonna' be as hard as I thought)
  14. [17:34:19] * Natalie opens the bottle and DUNKS it on her forehead-ruby!
  15. [17:34:22] * Aori_Radidjiu is now known as Lenore
  16. [17:34:37] <Natalie> Well... maybe not THAT violently, but she holds it really close in a nervous way.
  17. [17:34:54] <@Kain> (You can join in near the end, silly Aori)
  18. [17:35:00] <Lenore> (Oh okay)
  19. [17:35:04] <Lenore> (Well I will be)
  20. [17:35:07] <@Kain> (I think this is something Nat wanted to do mostly solo)
  21. [17:35:07] <Lenore> (Nicked anyway)
  22. [17:35:19] <Natalie> (Nah Kainy I said I don't mind, it's actually FUNNY if Lenore shows up)
  23. [17:35:26] <@Kain> (Oh, okay)
  24. [17:35:36] <Natalie> (It's especially funny if somebody comes in when she didn't expect it!)
  25. [17:35:38] <@Kain> Just as you do this, though...
  26. [17:35:58] * Lenore pops open the door, nomfing some bread. "Hi Nat!"
  27. [17:36:04] <Lenore> Nomfnomfnomf
  28. [17:36:27] <@Kain> There's a flash of red light from your ruby, and the mist in the room swirls around!
  29. [17:36:31] <@Kain> And then...
  30. [17:36:33] <Natalie> "Gwaaack!"
  31. [17:36:39] <@Kain> The two of you aren't in the inn room anymore.
  32. [17:37:01] <Lenore> Blink.  Blink.
  33. [17:37:01] <Natalie> "..."
  34. [17:37:11] <Lenore> "..."  Nomf.
  35. [17:37:11] * Natalie prepares for the whole planetoid and wearing-a-dress thing.
  36. [17:37:15] <Natalie> "Um..."
  37. [17:37:16] <Natalie> "Hi."
  38. [17:37:21] <Lenore> "Hi."
  39. [17:37:31] <Lenore> "Did I come at a bad time?"  Nomf.
  40. [17:37:42] <@Kain> Floating... floating... the two of you are floating above Nat's little inner world, with the two castles and crystal landscape far below. Lenore's still got her bread, but the two of you aren't in your normal clothing!
  41. [17:37:42] <Natalie> "Prrrretty bad," she nods.
  42. [17:38:01] * Natalie floats gently~
  43. [17:38:24] <@Kain> And in fact, Nat is not only in her green formal dress, she's also half-Carbuncle at the moment, as well.
  44. [17:38:32] <Natalie> Hnnnng.
  45. [17:38:42] * Lenore shoves the bread in her hat and tries to land elegently, since this is slow-floating and she'll never manage to do something like this again, but...
  46. [17:38:47] <Lenore> 2d6 Athletics
  47. [17:38:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Athletics: 3 [2d6=1,2]
  48. [17:38:49] <@Kain> Lenore's outfits are cycling, as well. It's like the two of you have entered Trance without the glowy purple shit.
  49. [17:38:50] * Natalie totally twitches her tail around then.
  50. [17:38:53] <Natalie> 2d6+11 ooh lemme try
  51. [17:38:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, ooh lemme try: 21 [2d6=6,4]
  52. [17:38:54] <@Kain> THUMP
  53. [17:39:04] * Lenore lands on her face, good thing she put the bread in her hat
  54. [17:39:14] <@Kain> Nat lands just fine, while Lenore thumps hard onto the landscape nearby.
  55. [17:39:16] * Natalie lands on top of Lenny and leaps off~
  56. [17:39:36] <Lenore> There's a whimper from below you
  57. [17:40:00] <@Kain> Though, Lenore, you can stop the outfit cycling if you will it, you also seem to have that weird infinity-symbol staff with you.
  58. [17:40:08] <Natalie> "Oh well," Nat puts her hands at her hips and looks around, then a moment later helps the poor lightning lesbo up.  "You okay, Lenny?"
  59. [17:40:53] <Natalie> "I was just gonna give my memories a look!  And um... say... hi to someone."
  60. [17:43:03] * Lenore gets up slowly. "Owwwwww..." Her outfit stops at a purple-with-black-highlights dress and hat with a yellow star on the tip of the hat, and various stars around the cuff of the arm-parts and hem of the dress, with blue and white vertically striped kneesocks.
  61. [17:44:48] <Natalie> "You can come too since you're already here- just don't break anything, 'kay?"
  62. [17:45:16] <@Kain> The landscape of the little planetoid, as a reminder, is underneath a starry, alien sky. The ground is soft soil, broken up at times by crystal formations growing out of the ground. A sparkling, diamond road lines the pathways between a castle made of sparkling crystal and one made of polished obsidian. Pillars line the pathway as well, and you can see a small flower garden as you get closer
  63. [17:45:16] <@Kain> to the crystal castle.
  64. [17:46:55] <@Kain> A full-length mirror or two hangs on every other pillar, cracked, but not broken. And there's no longer any shattered glass in the pathways...
  65. [17:47:29] <@Kain> The Castle of Fractured Memories and the Bastion of the Mirror Self
  66. [17:47:32] * Natalie taps her tiara a bit. "One of the very first memories I have thanks to this," she looks down, "is of coming here with Ammy... I thought I'd try it out myself too." Her tail's thumping the ground excitedly by now assuming it's the big one and not the espeon tails. "That's how I got my new form, y'know!"
  67. [17:48:16] <Natalie> "But... I also kinda remember her starting an argument or something."  :<  "So that's why I was gonna come alone."
  68. [17:48:21] <Lenore> "A-ah!  I won't break anything, okay?  But that's...pretty sweet~..."
  69. [17:50:03] <Natalie> Natbuncle spins around a bit and starts heading toward the Bastion, actually.  And she giggles a little on the way.  "... Hee.  I can't imagine YOU doing anything like that though.  C'mon, let's go in here and say hi!"
  70. [17:51:32] <Lenore> "Okay!"  She follows along.  "This is, right?"
  71. [17:51:50] * Natalie rubs her forehead. "Oh... you haven't met her before, have you?"
  72. [17:52:04] <@Kain> The obsidian castle has gained an iron portcullis since the last time you've been here, as well as a drawbridge, a set of walls, and a moat filled with beautiful, crystal-colored water. As you approach, the drawbridge lowers, and the portcullis begins to raise.
  73. [17:52:06] <Lenore> (I think she did when she was introduced, actually)
  74. [17:52:10] <Natalie> "I GUESS you can call her that!  She's pretty much my little sister."
  75. [17:52:14] <@Kain> (Mhm)
  76. [17:52:16] <Natalie> (Yeah, but Nat's an amnesiac you silly)
  77. [17:52:21] <Lenore> (Er, Lenore and the whole party met her when Mary was introduced)
  78. [17:52:39] <Lenore> "We met once, but I guess you forgot...she seemed pretty mean back then, though..."
  79. [17:52:43] <Natalie> (Actually she MIGHT remember that since the crystal was involved... hmm, still works more for me to think of it being 'fuzzy')
  80. [17:53:52] <Natalie> "Reaaaally?"  Nat looks surprised, standing still on one leg.  "I think she might work with someone sort of mean-sounding... but that doesn't mean she is.  I mean, she's me!"
  81. [17:54:38] * Natalie barely waits for the drawbridge to finish lowering and hops on it, like a 'Vania being played in reverse.
  82. [17:55:22] * Lenore actually waits for it to finish before walking, since she's not ~agile~
  83. [17:55:23] <@Kain> You slide down a couple of feet before it gets level. THUNK.
  84. [17:55:42] <Natalie> "~"
  85. [17:56:16] * Natalie spins around and sticks a tongue out, tail swishing around. "C'mon, don't just stand there~!"
  86. [17:57:19] * Lenore follows along. "So she turned out better, then? That's good! She really worried me at first..."
  87. [17:57:38] <@Kain> The doorways seem wide open for you, and a red carpet lays at the entranceway to bring you in to a reception hall full of silver-rimmed mirrors. Rather than wait for you in her dining room, Mary is coming to green you herself, dressed in a fluffy black dress with a black hairband. A red rose is still hanging in her hair.
  88. [17:57:48] <Natalie> To green us.
  89. [17:57:48] <@Kain> *greet
  90. [17:57:53] * @Kain bap
  91. [17:57:57] <Natalie> Au!
  92. [17:58:16] * Kain is now known as Mary
  93. [17:58:22] * Natalie waves excitedly. With both a hand AND her tail. "Hiii!"
  94. [17:59:16] <@Mary> "Natalie. Welcome." she says with a very slight smile. "Yes, you've changed, I felt it..." She doesn't seem to be half-carbuncle herself, though. She looks over at Lenore and nods.
  95. [17:59:59] * Lenore gives a wave and a polite nod. "Hi!"
  96. [18:00:30] <Natalie> "Yeah!  I finished most of my missions so I thought I'd come say hi, Sis!"  Her tail doubles its speed at the last word.  That sure is fun to say.  "Even my mission itself said I needed a break."
  97. [18:02:06] <@Mary> She nods. "And here you are. Can I get you anything?"
  98. [18:02:10] <Natalie> "Oh yeah, this is Lenny (even if I guess you met before?).  She came with me on accident.  My bad~"
  99. [18:02:34] <@Mary> "Our last meeting was not on the best of terms, if I remember correctly."
  100. [18:02:43] * Natalie gestures to Lenore while coming in, tilting her head upward. "Hnnn... I think I wanna try the tea this time. Maybe I'll get used to it?"
  101. [18:02:47] <@Mary> She says to Lenore.
  102. [18:03:22] * Lenore pulls out the bread from her hat and is about to NOMF when Mary speaks. "A-ah, yeah, I don't think we got good impressions of each other, I'm sorry."
  103. [18:04:53] <@Mary> "Very well. And it is little trouble."
  104. [18:05:21] * Natalie practically resonates tildes during this. 1,1Or maybe Mary just sets off the player's dokidokis Kain you huge jerk
  105. [18:05:28] <@Mary> She claps her hands twice, and a serving cart rolls out of the dining hall by itself, carrying a fresh pot of tea, cookies, jam, and an assortment of cheeses.
  106. [18:06:26] <@Mary> "We needn't stay in my dining hall all the time, you should feel free to take a tour of my bastion. Shall we?"
  107. [18:06:51] <@Mary> Mary gestures to the jam and cheeses. "Something to go with your meal...?"
  108. [18:06:56] <@Mary> She says to Lenore, rather.
  109. [18:07:12] * Lenore gets some jam on the bread. "Thanks!" And then proceeds to resume NOMF
  110. [18:07:22] <Natalie> "Yeah, that sounds good!"  She claps her hands together too, only anime-style and not really meaningfully.  "I haven't got to look around mine a whole lot either... well, not since I remember it, anyway."
  111. [18:07:54] * Natalie takes some tea and sips it. In fact if she had the espeon tails she'd probably be trying to use them to bring the cup up to her- yeah you know what, the world is much better off without that happening ever.
  112. [18:08:26] <@Mary> She nods. "This way then, Sister. And... Lenny?"
  113. [18:09:25] <@Mary> Mary doesn't take any tea herself, this time, instead lifting the front edges of her dress so she doesn't walk on them, slowly walking towards the staircase leading upward.
  114. [18:09:28] * Lenore gives a thumbs up and a nod with one hand, using the other for NOMF
  115. [18:09:56] <@Mary> The teacart rolls along too, hovering slightly as it gets to the stairs.
  116. [18:11:19] * Natalie occasionally gives the snacks a look but decides against it, continuing to leap along like somebody who definitely doesn't act like the older sibling here. At all.
  117. [18:13:33] <Natalie> You'd think she'd be mindful of her own dress but... no, not really.  She might be having a little trouble balancing with the tail though, having been in humanform for 10 years.
  118. [18:14:53] * Lenore 's dress isn't long enough to worry about that, it only reaches down to her knees~
  119. [18:15:52] <@Mary> You eventually climb the stairs, walking into another hallway on the second level not so different than within Nat's own castle. Large, dark-wooded doors swing open as you pass, revealing various rooms that... actually seem somewhat plausible to be in a castle, compared to random memory-room shit. She pauses at the first door, which seems to go into a library.
  120. [18:17:27] <@Mary> "Some memories are nice enough to view over and over again, as I saw them the first time. Those are placed within mirrors around. Other memories, the more boring ones, warrant being filed and organized and shelved, to be taken out when needed and then put away once more."
  121. [18:17:39] <Natalie> "Huh..."  Nat muses out loud, wondering to herself if the random memory room shit WAS an actual memory and not, like, a dream or something.  But she shakes it off and peers inside the library room too.
  122. [18:18:25] <Lenore> "Huh, that makes me wonder if that's how my dad thinks of his library..."  Nomf.
  123. [18:18:44] <Natalie> "Ohhh, I guess I did that with mine too?  A... long time ago, I mean."  Foreheadrub.
  124. [18:19:13] <Natalie> "Hehe, I guess it's hard to think of memories as 'boring' when you only remember so many at once."
  125. [18:19:53] <@Mary> "I myself don't have all that many of my own... as I've said before, most of them are fabricated. But as for you... You're doing better with that lately, aren't you?"
  126. [18:21:04] <Natalie> "Uh-huh!"  She nods proudly and taps her tiara, not knowing it will completely doom her when Mary becomes the BBEG in the fourth disk.  "I've had some help!  But... 'fabricated' isn't even really a bad thing, is it?  Aren't they still memories?"
  127. [18:21:58] <Lenore> "Huh..."  Nomf. "Is it possible to tell the difference between real and fabricated?"
  128. [18:22:00] <@Mary> "They are, indeed."
  129. [18:22:16] * Lenore has a little smudge of jam on her cheek, she intuits water to rub it off really quick.
  130. [18:22:27] <@Mary> "Mm, with enough time, probably. It'd depend on how skillfully they were constructed."
  131. [18:23:08] <@Mary> "But I'm not one to worry about such things. I know some of my memories never physically happened. But that doesn't make them false ones. They're very real to me, regardless."
  132. [18:23:48] <Lenore> (...and now I wish Lenore had actually drank Spring Day once so she could bring that up, but eeeeeh)
  133. [18:24:27] <Natalie> Huh, Mary has 'mm' as her moe sound and Natalie has 'nn.'  They're both the first letters of the names they go by!  WHAT A THING TO NOTICE!  Anyway, Nat keeps on her cheery smile.  "Well... either way I'm more excited to make new memories than get my old ones back!  ... Even though getting my old ones back wouldn't hurt.  And I mean, making new memories is something anyone can do."
  134. [18:26:02] <@Mary> Mary nods and leads you onward.
  135. [18:26:43] * Natalie mutters something about keeping them but shrugs off the negativity, continuing to bound along.
  136. [18:27:56] <@Mary> You get to a sort of... gallery, is the best way to put it. There are paintings around the room, as well as an easel, canvas, and paints in the back.
  137. [18:28:24] <Natalie> "Ohh, this is..."
  138. [18:29:19] <@Mary> A large, cushy sort of room with dim lights, the paintings are framed in gold on the black walls, with velvet drapes ready to be pulled in front of any of them.
  139. [18:29:33] <Natalie> Any ugly black ruby lizards?
  140. [18:29:39] <@Mary> Nope!
  141. [18:29:59] <@Mary> There are paintings of the Glutton sitting at an enormous dining table, piled with food. Mary is sitting at the table, across from him as she helps herself to a slice of pie.
  142. [18:30:45] <castfromhp> (are there stupid sexy glutton paintings?)
  143. [18:30:45] <@Mary> And a painting of Amaryllis and Natalie together, sitting at Mary's own dining table.
  144. [18:31:11] <@Mary> A painting of a surreal jungle landscape from the view of an urban rooftop...
  145. [18:31:29] <@Mary> It seems to still be drying.
  146. [18:32:02] * Natalie actually slows down to gives them all a good look. "Huhh.... these are... your memories?"
  147. [18:32:33] <@Mary> You see, across from Natalie and Ammy's painting, there's an almost identical painting that depicts Mary and possibly Ammy again, although the face isn't done. Mary quickly pulls the drapes on that one, flushing a bit.
  148. [18:33:03] * Lenore leans in a little at the jungle one. "Oh yeah. Sorry about that, uh, how're things over there now?"
  149. [18:33:10] <Lenore> Nomf.
  150. [18:33:24] <@Mary> "Not quite. I can store my memories easily enough in mirrors and books, but these are things I wished to capture, whether real, or imagined."
  151. [18:33:25] * Natalie question marks at both of those. ... Because she didn't remember where Durandal was located, oh dear.
  152. [18:34:45] <Lenore> "Nat, remember what we just did?"  Nomf nomf, that's all the bread. Intuit water-wipe now.  "Like, earlier today?"
  153. [18:34:45] <@Mary> "Grandfather is rather surprised at these turn events. And of course the first thing his mind went to was profit. He's already having the more troublesome patches clearcut for lumber, but that's mostly directly surrounding the city. He doesn't seem intent on leveling the entire forest... are you saying -you- are responsible for this?"
  154. [18:34:55] <Natalie> "Hee... I think I had something like this too.  Only," she crosses her arms and looks a little pouty, "I totally forgot how to paint!  Sooooo I had Ammy's help..."
  155. [18:35:39] * Natalie pauses a bit. "Um... well, the crystal was my mission, and when we put it together it showed us a bunch of plants growing and said something about a 'jun-gull.'"
  156. [18:36:00] <Natalie> "Is... THAT where that was?  Whoops."
  157. [18:36:02] <@Mary> *this turn of events
  158. [18:36:24] <Lenore> "Yeah, that!  We put together some big shards and that happened!  Seems to be from meshing all the memories of the planet together or something!"
  159. [18:36:28] <@Mary> "Mm... It's rather the entire continent, from what we've gathered."
  160. [18:37:05] <Natalie> "It's... not a bad thing, is it?"  Nat headtilts, looking the tiniest bit worried for once.  "The Crystal made it seem like it was a good thing, kinda."
  161. [18:37:14] <@Mary> "I see... you may wish not to tell me everything of your mission, I -will- be telling Grandfather what I know, and I don't wish for there to be any reason for there to be odds between us."
  162. [18:37:25] <Lenore> "It might be that the continent was originally a jungle and then after the crystal fragmented and people forgot about jungles or something!"
  163. [18:37:57] <Lenore> "...yeah, Nat, you uh, shouldn't tell her too much." She frowns.  "I was gonna' just say we did it by accident and couldn't tell her more!"
  164. [18:38:03] <Natalie> "Whaddaya mean?  I'll tell you whatever if you wanna know!"
  165. [18:38:23] * Natalie gives Lenny a weird look. "What's wrong? It's not like I have any reason to lie about it..."
  166. [18:38:46] <Natalie> "And it was my mission, so it wasn't like I could just not do it either.  So it happened!"
  167. [18:38:55] <@Mary> "Remember how we promised not to interfere with each other, sister?"
  168. [18:39:06] <Natalie> "Mhm!"
  169. [18:39:33] <@Mary> "If you tell me the wrong things, I may be -forced- to." she frowns. "Our missions come first, do they not?"
  170. [18:39:59] <@Mary> "That is our role as eidolons, in any case."
  171. [18:40:03] <Natalie> "Exactly!"
  172. [18:40:24] <@Mary> "Mm."
  173. [18:40:43] <Natalie> "So don't worry," she gives her thumbs-up proudly, "I'm telling the truth!  You could ask the crystal yourself if you want... well... it's not like I brought it in here with me or anything."
  174. [18:40:48] <@Mary> "In any case, the sudden appearance of the jungle is not necessarily a bad thing."
  175. [18:40:59] <@Mary> "Airships may be necessary to safely travel between Durandal and Lesetira, but..."
  176. [18:41:06] <Lenore> "Yeah...I know it's exciting and everything, but we can't talk about what we do with the crystal to most people, Nat.  Like, Mary could be ordered to go find it herself and could get information on it from you and just swipe it out from under us!"
  177. [18:41:58] <Natalie> "Oh, hmm, if it's an order that would be pretty bad.  I mean, I definitely wouldn't want to fight..."  She scratches her head.
  178. [18:42:40] <@Mary> "And neither would I, but we both know if it came to that, we would, wouldn't we...."
  179. [18:43:10] <Natalie> "Ahh, whatever!  It'll be fine!  The world just wants to change up a bit, that's all."
  180. [18:43:27] <@Mary> "Mm... I see."
  181. [18:43:34] <@Mary> She smiles a bit.
  182. [18:44:01] * Natalie muses a bit. "I trust my Summoner. She wouldn't order me to do something that'd be bad for others. No way!"
  183. [18:44:14] <Natalie> ... Then remembers Bunce's tears and stifles a grimace.
  184. [18:45:00] <@Mary> "I trust Grandfather implicitly as well. Now then." she takes a cup of tea and sips it elegantly, pinky extended and everything. "Shall we move on?"
  185. [18:45:33] <Natalie> "So um... whatever yours orders is probably for good reasons too.  Right!  Let's keep going."  Nat sips her own tea much more sloppily... still isn't a fan.
  186. [18:45:39] <@Mary> As you turn around, you notice one more framed picture, above the doorway. It's of Terrato, with Mary sitting on his head and pointing in a direction.
  187. [18:46:14] * Lenore follows along, taking in things~
  188. [18:46:15] * Natalie struggles a bit to remember why that snake seems familiar. ... Probably nothing.
  189. [18:46:29] <@Mary> Amnesiac moe~
  190. [18:46:38] <Natalie> Uguu!
  191. [18:46:41] <@Mary> (Good job remembering you didn't remember)
  192. [18:47:16] <Natalie> (Yo, I never forget to remember that I don't remember things I forgot)
  193. [18:48:24] <Lenore> (And Lenore's never seen Terry!)
  194. [18:48:24] <@Mary> You move on then, to the next room. This one is just Mary's bedroom. Does she even need to sleep here? This is sort of a dreamworld anyway. But it has the comfiest four-poster bed you think you've ever seen. Seriously. You'd probably sink a few feet into that mattress.
  195. [18:49:25] * Natalie would whistle if she remembered how to whistle. "Fancy..."
  196. [18:50:41] <@Mary> "This is just a replication of the one I have in Durandal. It's unnecessary, but... comforting."
  197. [18:51:45] * Natalie handhips... with one hand, the other trying to imitate the way Mary drinks tea. "I get it! I guess I'd want something like that too if I came here a lot."
  198. [18:51:56] <Natalie> "Or maybe my castle DOES have one... nnn, I don't remember."
  199. [18:52:03] <@Mary> She moves on. There's one door that remains closed, with a rather nasty looking iron padlock on it. "And this, if you ever decide to visit and I am not present, is absolutely off-limits forever."
  200. [18:52:36] <Natalie> "'Kay."
  201. [18:52:47] * Lenore nods. "Understandable!"
  202. [18:54:50] * Natalie pauses on one leg like normal. "Actually... I don't think I've ever been here when you weren't, have I? You sure seem to be here a bunch..."
  203. [18:54:53] <@Mary> She keeps showing you around, giving you a tour of more plain but servicable rooms and what their function is inside this domain. You eventually get to one door that seems to lead back outside, through, except the sun is shining down brightly on the planet instead of a curtain of stairs. You seem to be out back of her castle, and an orchard of black trees with red leaves are growing along
  204. [18:54:53] <@Mary> the pathway, green flowers with red centers in little flowerbeds.
  205. [18:55:15] <@Mary> "Most of the time, I can keep enough concentration to be here and conscious at the same time."
  206. [18:55:29] <@Mary> "It's only when I must have my undivided attention that I leave."
  207. [18:56:31] <@Mary> You note, also, that while the light is normal, the sun itself seems to be a Carbuncle green.
  208. [18:56:36] <Natalie> "... Concentration," she frowns, remembering being pelted with her own meteorites.  Ow.  "Hee, I can't remember ever being so great at that.  I guess you're a lot of the good sides of me, huh?"
  209. [18:57:03] * Natalie lets her exposed Ruby glisten etc etc.
  210. [18:57:13] <@Mary> Feels warm~
  211. [18:57:19] * Lenore tries smelling one of the flowers~
  212. [18:57:29] <Natalie> (1,1inb4 furowaro)
  213. [18:57:33] <@Mary> Mary simply shrugs. "I suppose I am."
  214. [18:58:25] <@Mary> The flower smells like...
  215. [18:59:14] <Natalie> "I guess I should learn, though," Nat rubs her forehead.  "See, I wanted to come watch some of my old memories - not without saying hi first, duh! - but I dunno when I'll have to start traveling again.  I mean, sure, we have lots of breaktime NOW, but..."
  216. [18:59:29] <Lenore> ("No Carbuncle, you are the dragons" and then Natalie was an alien)
  217. [18:59:44] <@Mary> Apples, cherries, fresh grass, pure and innocent love.
  218. [18:59:57] <Natalie> (>Space Dragon Carbuncle)
  219. [19:00:00] <Natalie> (don't even make me imagine this)
  220. [19:00:20] <Lenore> (but then you get Miku battle music!)
  221. [19:00:42] * Lenore looks left.
  222. [19:00:44] * Lenore looks right.
  223. [19:00:49] <Natalie> (Miku vers. suck, Koshiro is superior, dwin)
  224. [19:01:08] * Lenore tries taking a sample flower when Mary & Nat aren't looking.
  225. [19:01:22] * Natalie has the awareness of a brick wall and certainly isn't looking!
  226. [19:01:25] <@Mary> Yoink
  227. [19:01:38] <@Mary> Mary certainly doesn't have better awareness than Nat.
  228. [19:01:38] <Lenore> And of course stuffs it in her hat.
  229. [19:01:47] <Natalie> That's funny, it seems like she would.
  230. [19:02:04] <@Mary> She does, but she doesn't, because it's funnier that way
  231. [19:02:10] <Natalie> Excellent.
  232. [19:02:39] <Lenore> Excellent.
  233. [19:03:06] * Natalie takes another sip of tea. "But the memories in mirrors... those are still there, aren't they?"
  234. [19:04:44] <@Mary> "It is simple enough, in the right mindset. A bit of focus and belief goes a long way... Imagine you're wearing a pair of slippers made of ruby, like our signature jewel. Then, concentrate from your forehead down to your toes. Your power encompasses -you-. This is your domain, as much as it is mine. Perhaps you could try something like an incantation, if it'll help you keep your concentration.
  235. [19:04:44] <@Mary> 'There's no place like home'?"
  236. [19:04:52] <@Mary> "Mm..."
  237. [19:05:36] <Natalie> "There's no place like home..."  Nat muses on it.  "It's like the things I shout when fighting, only somehow a little sillier."
  238. [19:05:39] <@Mary> "Yes, they should be. Your memories still seem a bit fractured, but there should still be those you can view."
  239. [19:05:43] * Natalie smiles, though. "But I'll try it, thanks!"
  240. [19:06:13] * Lenore catches up to the two no way she took anyway uh-uh. "Huh, that's neat! Can only Eidolons have memory castles like this?"
  241. [19:07:00] <Natalie> "I dunno..."
  242. [19:07:11] <@Mary> "Everyone has their own inner world, somewhere." she says to Lenny. "It's just more difficult for mortals to access their own."
  243. [19:07:40] <@Mary> "Whether it takes the shape of a castle, or a labyrinth, or a sandwich parlour depends on the individual person."
  244. [19:08:16] <Natalie> "But," Nat walks over to pat Mary on the head like a good oneesan.  "Thanks.  I really am glad you're doing okay, y'know."
  245. [19:08:22] <@Mary> "I like to think Natalie and I have castles because strong fortifications like that are meant to 'repel' any threats."
  246. [19:08:32] <@Mary> "Auuu..."
  247. [19:08:38] <castfromhp> (shit man why aren't we visiting Mr. Prickles' sandwich parlor?)
  248. [19:08:50] <Natalie> Hnnng.  "And the mirrors... well I bet THAT one's obvious, huh?"
  249. [19:09:23] <Lenore> (Awww shit bro, that would be awesome)
  250. [19:09:48] <Lenore> "Hmmmmm, I'll have to try and see if I can do it!  Or maybe my dad can do it, since he's not"
  251. [19:10:54] <@Mary> She reddens furiously, but regains her composure after a moment. "I meant eidolons, as far as non-mortals. I didn't really think there were other kinds of immortals... except demons maybe."
  252. [19:13:05] <Natalie> "Huhnnnn... I actually think he came with us last time, Lenny."  She taps her tiara.  "It was when I got this.  He seemed interested in it so I guess that means he must not have one?"
  253. [19:13:08] <@Mary> "...And I'm glad you're doing better as well." she says to Nat.
  254. [19:13:14] * Lenore tilts her head. "Demons? Huh..."
  255. [19:13:19] <Natalie> "Or maybe he does and he's just like that all the time."
  256. [19:13:31] <Lenore> "He's interested in anything, really!"
  257. [19:13:39] <Lenore> "So long as it's not something he already has seen"
  258. [19:13:44] <Lenore> "...which is a lot of things..."
  259. [19:14:12] * Natalie turns back to kawaii imouto with a grin. "You bet! I feel better and better every day!"
  260. [19:14:25] <@Mary> "He should keep watching then. He's likely to see quite a few things he hasn't before, soon..."
  261. [19:14:33] <@Mary> She smiles. "That's good, sister."
  262. [19:14:54] <Natalie> "Really..."  Totes doesn't get it at all.  "I guess I could always bring him..."
  263. [19:15:33] <Natalie> "Anyway!  Glad we got to say hi!  But those memories won't watch themselves."
  264. [19:15:51] <@Mary> "Not here." she sniffs a bit indignantly and begins to move back down the path, lifting her dress. "In any case, yes, I suppose I should see you back to the entrance. Mm.."
  265. [19:16:02] <Natalie> "If I'm around you can always come visit too, 'kay~?"
  266. [19:16:10] <@Mary> She nods.
  267. [19:16:24] <Natalie> Nat wishes she could be this heart-destroying.
  268. [19:16:47] <Lenore> "Ah, yeah, Dad know a lot, he'd be pretty dangerous to bring to some place like this, I'd think..."
  269. [19:17:04] <Lenore> "It'd be pretty mean to do that to someone..."  Frown.
  270. [19:17:45] <Natalie> "Nah," Nat waves a hand, "he just kinda flew around and looked at stuff."
  271. [19:18:58] <Lenore> *knows
  272. [19:19:01] <@Mary> Mary takes you back to her entrance hall.
  273. [19:19:42] * Anise is now known as Miyuki
  274. [19:20:04] * Natalie follows along wondering how human sisters usually give their farewells. Do they... do they hug? They don't... they don't... k-k-kissu, do they?
  275. [19:20:23] <Natalie> Maybe just a wave and a smile...
  276. [19:20:39] <castfromhp> (/me baps)
  277. [19:20:53] <Natalie> (~)
  278. [19:20:56] <Natalie> (just for you!)
  279. [19:22:35] <@Mary> Mary walks up to Natalie and gives her a light hug.
  280. [19:22:39] <Lenore> "Bye, hope to see you again sometime~"  Lenny waves~
  281. [19:22:41] <@Mary> "Farewell, sister."
  282. [19:22:49] <@Mary> "Farewell, Lenny."
  283. [19:23:36] * Natalie returns the hug, with a slightly sigh of relief that she didn't have to be the one to come up with what to do.
  284. [19:24:12] <Natalie> "See you later, Sis!  Good luck with that 'jun-gull' stuff."
  285. [19:24:40] <Natalie> "Now...." Nat jumps back and dramatically points her entire arm - and her tail - toward her own castle.  "Onward!"
  286. [19:24:46] <@Mary> "..." Mary abandons her refined behavior for a moment, and kisses Nat on the forehead. "Go with my blessing. And yes, we'll likely need it."
  287. [19:25:05] <Natalie> brb kokoro explosion
  288. [19:27:26] <Natalie> AHEM.  Nat just blows a kiss from where she's standing, because it's look weird otherwise-- of course, it's small and just on one finger or something, though it's obvious where it's aimed.  "Hehe... you too."
  289. [19:28:58] <@Mary> You bid the copy Nat farewell for now, starting back on the path to the crystal castle.
  290. [19:29:23] * Lenore gives a little giggle as she watches this, and walks alongside Nat~
  291. [19:29:29] * Natalie slows down on the way there. "Lennnnnnnnnny..."
  292. [19:29:50] <Natalie> "You're um, not going to say you don't trust her too, are you?"
  293. [19:29:59] <Natalie> Well, most of the way there.
  294. [19:32:08] <Lenore> "Well, it's a little complicated..."
  295. [19:32:43] * Natalie handhips and :<s at the Mage. "Geez, even Mr. Prickles said that! What gives?"
  296. [19:33:19] <Natalie> "She's just me, only she takes it easy in a different way than I do."
  297. [19:34:06] * Lenore takes in a deeeep breath. "Okay, so, I know she doesn't intend to do anything bad, but she can be ordered to spill her guts on us and be bad and I got that, but I know she doesn't want to hurt you but she can't disobey the Glutton and she's really nice and I like her but I don't want to give her something that she'll be forced to rat out on because I know she could be and-" Her face
  298. [19:34:06] * Lenore is turning a bit blue, so she suddenly stops and GASPS FOR AIR
  299. [19:36:23] * Natalie headtilts. "But... all we did was put the crystal together and it changed stuff, it's not like we were trying to be mean. And she said it's good for him too, right?" Then headtilts in the opposite direction. By the way, her tail tilts in the opposite direction from her head each time. "'Sides, we didn't even know what it'd do!"
  300. [19:39:59] * Natalie scratches herself behind the ears. "... That was kinda dumb though, yeah. I just have a feeling that if we fought I might not be able to beat her. Buuuuut I think that's better than lying about it."
  301. [19:40:22] <Lenore> "I know, I know, it's's so hard!  Ugh..."  She waves a fist a bit.  "Just...I'm okay with meeting her and talking to her but you should be careful what you tell her!  I mean, even she warned you about it!  I'm honestly in the same boat as Mary with this!"
  302. [19:42:11] <Natalie> "Nn.  But she's me anyway.  Do you think I should find out about the missions she has too then...?"  Head+Tail tilt.  "I mean, I was planning on asking, but some other time when we're just visiting or something..."
  303. [19:43:06] <Lenore> "She's probably under orders not to talk about her missions, quite possibly!"
  304. [19:44:12] <Natalie> "Ohhh, good point!  If I was too, I forgot about it."  A nod.  "And since I forgot, that means it wouldn't count as an order unless I remember it.  ... I think?  Isn't that how it works?"
  305. [19:44:46] <Natalie> "Anyway, you all worry way too much!"
  306. [19:45:29] <Natalie> "You wanna go back?  I think I can get you out somehow... I'm gonna go watch the mirrors for a while though."
  307. [19:45:48] <Lenore> "I don't mind!  This is really cool, really!"
  308. [19:46:11] <Natalie> ~ "Okay!  I bet the things I did in the past were cool too!  C'mon, let's go see!"
  309. [19:46:23] * Natalie grabs Lenore by the wrist and dashes off to the fractured castle.
  310. [19:46:28] <Natalie> Castle of fractures?
  311. [19:46:33] <Natalie> ... Something something fracture something.
  312. [19:46:54] * Lenore runs along~
  313. [19:46:55] <castfromhp> (Castle of Fraxures, infested with space dragons)
  314. [19:47:06] <Natalie> (get outta here)
  315. [19:47:39] <@Mary> Castle of Fractured Memories! Past the path of diamonds and roses, you come to the rather unguarded entrance hall of Nat's castle, which is a much brighter mirror of Mary's. A chandelier hangs from the ceiling now, casting the room in a nice red light with all of the rubies comprising it.
  316. [19:48:47] * Natalie sniffs upon entering, just because. Tail swishing around. "Nnnn, this place feels so nice. I guess I am gonna have to practice staying here."
  317. [19:48:49] <@Mary> Mirrors in gold frames hang on the walls down here, many of them cracked or fractured, but there's one very near the door that seems to be perfectly smooth now. Curiously enough... it's accompanied by a phonograph with a record in it.
  318. [19:49:13] <@Mary> Which is funny because these things usually play their own sounds, huh?
  319. [19:49:21] <Lenore> "A phonograph?  Those things are coooool!"
  320. [19:49:51] <Natalie> "A whatograph?"
  321. [19:50:16] * Natalie rubyrubs. "... Guess I should know that since it's in my castle, huh..."
  322. [19:52:04] <Lenore> She jumps up excited after the Phonograph, then turns around to face Nat and claps her hands together before explaining! "Yeah it's a thing that makes music like radios!  Y'know, like the thing that Baku talks into where we met my mom...oh wait you probably forgot..."  Droop.
  323. [19:52:40] <Natalie> Nat droops too.  "Sorry... Anyway, don't worry!  If something like that was an important memory I bet it's in here too!  ... Maybe!"
  324. [19:53:03] <@Mary> Put the record on?
  325. [19:53:12] <Lenore> Y!
  326. [19:53:16] <Natalie> "Then again I dunno how old I even am, so maybe there's a lot of stuff here.  But... might as well start here, right?"
  327. [19:53:36] * Natalie lets Lenny do it and stares at the mirror~
  328. [19:53:59] <Natalie> Was almost about to mention popcorn but this is a place where popcorn literally CAN appear out of nowhere.  And that's a dangerous thought.
  329. [19:54:53] <@Mary> As you get the record rolling, the mirror seems to cloud up, producing a grainy, black and white image of some kind. The vision is still moving, but looks almost photography. Huh. The first thing you get is a titlecard with a black and white cartoon FFIX Carbuncle at the bottom, next to a chocobo. The text reads "The Adventures of Carbuncle and Chocobo"
  330. [19:54:57] <@Mary> The music begins to start up.
  331. [19:55:00] <@Mary>
  332. [19:55:25] <Natalie> "I-"
  333. [19:55:27] <Natalie> "..."
  334. [19:55:31] <Lenore> "HUH!"  She sits down near th emirror and watches~
  335. [19:55:35] <castfromhp> (what. what is happen.)
  336. [19:55:37] * Natalie plops down and orders some popcorn, yeah.
  337. [19:56:22] <@Mary> The entire thing doesn't seem like a perfectly clear memory, its style is... different. It's definitely like some sort of black and white cartoon, if you even knew what that was! But you don't. A chocobo strolls across the plains, with a really happy Carbuncle riding on its back.
  338. [19:56:43] <Miyuki> (steamboat buncky?)
  339. [19:56:47] <Natalie> (^)
  340. [19:56:50] <@Mary> (Steamboat bunky)
  341. [19:57:14] <Natalie> The Bunc's tail swishes along to the rhythm.
  342. [19:57:27] <Lenore> (STEAMBOAT BUNKY~)
  343. [19:57:51] <Natalie> ... Which brings about the thought of if the dress has a tail-hole in it all of a sudden.  Man that is weird to imagine.
  344. [19:58:32] <@Mary> The 'camera' seems to zoom in on Carbuncle a moment, and her lips move, silently. Another card follows afterward, taking up the screen, showing the text. "Hey, Chocobo! Let's go to the beach!"
  345. [19:59:40] <@Mary> The image goes back to showing the Chocobo happily galloping across sand now, before they reach the water. Carbuncle tumbles off comically, then sits up straight, looking at the water with a hunger, before mouthing something else.
  346. [19:59:49] <@Mary> "I want to catch the biggest fish, EVER!"
  347. [19:59:53] * Natalie automatically salivates.
  348. [20:00:29] <@Mary> Chocobo gives out a silent wark! "I'll get the fishing pole!" the card reads.
  349. [20:01:02] <@Mary> The next frames just show Carbuncle automatically having the fishing pole, fishing from the back of the chocobo.
  350. [20:01:18] <@Mary> Suddenly, the fishing pole begins to tug!
  351. [20:01:29] <@Mary> Carbuncle mouths, "I've got one! Oooh, this is a big one!"
  352. [20:01:47] * Natalie doesn't even notice herself inching closer to the screen.
  353. [20:02:05] <@Mary> The camera shows the water, where a gigantic whale surfaces, with the fishing line in its mouth, before spouting off a column of water.
  354. [20:02:12] <@Mary> Card: Bismarck: "HROOOOOO"
  355. [20:02:17] <Lenore> (HROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)
  356. [20:02:20] <Natalie> (Hroo.)
  357. [20:02:23] <castfromhp> (This is the silliest)
  358. [20:02:31] <Natalie> (^ kainy I love you so much)
  359. [20:02:36] <Miyuki> (^)
  360. [20:02:40] <Natalie> (I am going to drive to your house and buy you an ice cream)
  361. [20:02:44] <Lenore> (I am enjoy)
  362. [20:02:57] <@Mary> The whale begins to drag the entire fishing pole with Carbuncle, who attaches herself to Chocobo frantically, and the chocobo is dragged into the water, waterskiing across the ocean.
  363. [20:03:28] <@Mary> They skii off into the sunset!
  364. [20:03:29] <@Mary> Card: To be continued!
  365. [20:03:41] * Natalie holds up a finger.
  366. [20:03:44] <Natalie> "I..."
  367. [20:03:48] <Natalie> "Uh."
  368. [20:03:50] <Lenore> "Whoa."
  369. [20:03:59] <Natalie> "And that's what my memories are like!"
  370. [20:04:00] <Lenore> "Whoa."
  371. [20:04:02] * Natalie prouds~
  372. [20:04:13] * Lenore claps!
  373. [20:04:53] <Natalie> "C'mon, the next part's gotta be in here somewhere!"
  375. [20:05:13] * Natalie hyperactively jumps off and drags Lenny into ADVENTURE.
  376. [20:05:23] <Natalie> (oh god what a cameo that would be)
  377. [20:05:31] <Natalie> (... and this is the perfect place to have a cameo too god damn)
  378. [20:05:35] * Lenore ALSO jumps, her ADVENTURE face is on!
  379. [20:05:41] <Lenore> '__________________________________________'
  380. [20:05:41] <@Mary> ADVENTURE
  381. [20:05:45] <Natalie> ADVENTURE!
  382. [20:05:51] <Lenore> \__________________________________________/
  383. [20:05:55] <Natalie> =^-^=
  384. [20:05:56] <Lenore> ADVENTURE!!
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