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Feb 19th, 2020
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  1. -Started work on Hunter Skill Re-Work
  2. -Added a hunterDelay variable to Player
  3. -Fixed an issue where the slayer interface for getting a task would appear an all npcs without a chat dialogue
  4. -Removed old hunter code from clickNpc
  5. -Added new pet to client
  6. -Wrote a void for giving players a pet (Please note you need to add the logic before accessing the giving pet method (i.e ensure they have
  7. reached the drop chance before giving them the pet))
  8. -Wrote a method for checking if the droprate for hunter pet has been hit
  9. -Wrote a method for calculating the drop rate for the hunter pet
  10. -Finished Butterfly Catching (Does not remove butterfly from world map)
  11. -Made some changes to how items are given
  12. -Added a new void for determing when adding items if item goes to bank, invy, or on ground (Based on spaces)
  13. -Updated Commands to reflect new add item code
  14. -Added Easter Bunny Pet to client
  15. -Added Easter Bunny as usable pet
  16. -Lowered the level required to create Dragonfire Shields to the correct level of 90
  17. -Made adding skill experience a little bit easier
  18. -Configured some spelling mistakes in creating items
  19. -Modifying areas where skill experience is appended to configure to new system (New System does not affect combat)
  20. -Added variable for stopping of tracking of experience gained each exp gained
  21. -Added command that changes the state from null to usable and vce versa
  22. -Fxed the send message in addSkillXp Void to only show if the new variable isnt set to nulled (Its set to nulled on default)
  23. -Patched an issue that caused dark bow to cap at 8 damage
  24. -Made some changes to how ranged max hti is calculated in npc/pvp encounters. Tbow, and OCB now have a reduced damage in PVP encounters for a more balanced gameplay
  25. -Finished Butterfly Hunting
  26. -Finished Impling Hunting
  27. -Added colors to rarities for opening impling jars
  28. -Fixed an issue with Callisto being safe spotable (Moved its location)
  29. -Prayer QoL fix to automatically convert prayer bones to exp on altar.
  30. -Fixed how a bunch of items look in your inventory(Mostly pets)
  31. -Added a few models to fix the inventory looks
  32. -Added a development debug in the config.
  33. -Started work on adding messages on multiple things in game for developing purposes
  34. -Added back "Nothing ntresting Happens" messages on multiple packets in the game
  35. -Cleaned up some code in the useItem Class
  36. -Removed god aweful "C" variable and replaced it with the more approriate "Player" in UseItem
  37. -Patched a bug where you could make Godsword Blades with just Shards 2 & 3
  38. -Fixed an issue where 100 Dragon 2h swords would drop from callisto Corrected to 1
  39. -ReBalacned Vetion to 1:100 for a drop (1:15000 for Tendy: Boris wanted it rare) (In preperation for Wildy Rejuv 2.0)
  40. -Rebalanced Scorpia drop rate to 1:100 for rares
  41. -Rebalacned Venenatis drop rate to 1:100 for rares
  42. -Rebalacned Chaos Ele droprate to 1:100 for rares
  43. -Rebalanced KDB droprate to 1:50 for rares (Was 1:20)
  44. -Rebalanced Barbarian Droprate to 1:8k for rares
  45. -Improved how mining gives Gems and Prospector Pieces.
  46. -Fully Inventory will no longer affect being given items whilst item
  47. -Added a super rare chacne to obtain Uncut Onyx from mining (1:25 to hit the table, 1:50000 chance thereafter to hit the onyx, Actual Drp Rate of 1 in 1,125,000)
  48. -You will no longer receive more than 1 reward per ore mined (i.e if Given a gem, You can't get prospector for that ore that was mined)
  49. -Made some changes to how the quest tab looks and functions (Will add auto removal code for client so Easter/Christmas/Halloween automatically
  50. updates the quest tab to enable/disable the "Event Quest" sub-section)
  51. -Fixed the iissue that caused "Eggtastrophe" to never go green on completion
  52. -Removed the old ButtonID for "Eggtastrophe"
  53. -Added new variable for 2019 Easter Event
  54. -Addeds Setters and Getters for 2019 Easter Event Variable
  55. -Created a class file to contain all 2019 Easter Event code
  56. -ReNamed sendFrame200 to sendChatBoxAnimation
  57. -Re-wrote part of the Dialogue Handler system for NPCS and Players
  58. -Modified SendNpcChat1/2/3/4 lined dialgoues to include support for new Emotion System
  59. -Emotion Data Container added to server.
  60. -Decreased level required to fight elvarg to 40
  61. -Fixed a spelling mistake where "Elvarg" was referred to as "Elvgar"
  62. -Renamed anIntArray73 to headModels (Proper Identification Name)
  63. -Possibly fixed the chat head icon for pet easter bunny
  64. -Renamed aByte68 to size (Proper Identification Name)
  65. -Fixed some npc names not displaying in dialogue boxes
  66. -Added new varaible for faster wrting of npcNames to dialogue box
  67. -All Dialogues have been updated tothe new system
  68. -Updated Droprate command to take you to the helpsite
  69. -Updated Location comamnd to take you to proper page on website
  70. -Updated Prices command to tell you prices aren't stable
  71. -Updated Jframe on the client it include the updated links
  72. -Started work on Crack the Clue stuff
  73. -Quickly Re-wrote how mboxes work and improved randomization
  74. -Started work on Easter Event
  75. -Patched an issue where any item would trigger "You already have a pet following you" When dropped
  76. -Updated Easter Event equest in quest tab to read new variable
  77. -Fixed an issue where quest tab would only update on login, and not on each game tick
  78. -Renamed aBoolean87 to correct name of miniMapDot
  79. -Fxed an issue that caused old Slayer Task Data to be read by the server(Shouldn;t happen anymore)
  80. -Fixed a dialogue where it would say "medium task" when refering to "Hard Tasks"
  81. -Fixed an issue where new event npcs didn'thave minimap dot
  82. -Fixed an issue where you would have to be level 91 to enter GWD instead of 90
  83. -Imported new interface into the cache for future use, Needs to be built up a bit
  84. -Started work on an improved way of loading player crowns client sided
  85. -Implemented a way client sided to do multiple crowns for player names (Technically supports pushing as many crowns as we have)
  86. -Started work on re-writing how staff permissions work on the server, as well as sperating the system for Donor and Staff
  87. -Added donatorCrown and isHiddenStaffMember Variables
  88. -Added setter and getter for isHiddenStaffMember (donatorCrown will tie into a differently developed system)
  89. -Added Setter and getter for amountDonated
  90. -Changed isHiddenStaffMember to int for sending to client from server
  91. -Wrote a better system for writing multiple crowns
  92. -Started sending amountDonated data to the client
  93. -Added a new interface for the questTab
  94. -Created GFX for lists in quest tab
  95. -Re-wrote quest formatting to look nicer
  96. -Added Player Points Lists
  97. -Added Area Tasks Lists (Diaries)
  98. -Created GFX for Skilltab
  99. -Added most of the current data for Quest Tab server sided (Aside from pushing player data to interface)
  100. -Started work on Skilltab
  101. -Added Buttons, Icons, and Text to SkillTab
  102. -Added hoverText that shows Level, Exp to Next Level, Remainder, and Current XP
  103. -hoverText will only show current level, and Current xp
  104. -Added hoverText to totalLevel button - Shows total exp overall
  105. -Added Sword of Destrcution client sided
  106. -Wrote combat code for SoD^ to deal the same amount of damage as current npc hp (For testing)
  107. -Removed old version of drop rate for items
  108. -Coded new system of drop rate for items/ranks
  109. -RE-wrote how items drop based on the new droprate shit
  110. ~Owner now has 100% drop rate, Causing all items on the table to drop.
  111. ~Old system of 30% chance of not receiving any items besides bones is removed
  112. ~New Droprate system will affect drop rates properly, Meaning all rates will change based on dropRate Chance
  113. -player crowns now support multi crown drawing for public chatting (Will work on Pming, and clan in the future)
  114. -Finihed new skillTab
  115. -All data now properly sent from server to client.
  116. -Fixed minimap dot drawing to correct positioning (Npc positioning still a little off, But 1000% better)
  117. -Removed current playerPanel and questTab interface code from server
  118. -Stopped the entire questTab from being updated each game tick, Now resets when using the list specific reload button in each interface
  119. -Removed some old code
  120. -Fixed an issue that caused a packet to break from Server to Client whilst yelling
  121. -Re-wrote the logging of commands to be more efficient, and save to player names rather than 1 singular txt file
  122. -Fixed scoreboard interface opening
  123. -Removed code that made Ham Robes Staff Only
  124. -Updated packaging of client to be modernized
  125. -Updated anInt1442, and anInt1443 to offsetX and offsetY respectively for Sprtes
  126. -Added a way to cache pack specific indexes, or all through Configurations.
  127. -Updated old way of drawing graphics.
  128. -Removed some code regarding all graphics drawn.
  129. -Fixed an issue where white screen would occur for newly drawn sprites.
  130. -Added new login screen
  131. -Started removal of current Permissions System
  132. -Added Staff Privileges system
  135. -Added Donation Privileges System
  136. ~Current Obtainable Ranks Are: NONE, SAPPHIRE, EMERALD, RUBY, DIAMOND
  137. ~Current Un-Obtainable Ranks Are: AMETHYST, ONYX, ZENYTE, TOP_DONOR
  138. -Updated all refrences to old Permissions system to new Staff and Donation Privileges
  139. -Wrote a system to automatically update the old ranks to the new system
  140. -Removed Hidden Staff Ranks
  141. -Added Donation Bonds to the client
  142. -Wrote the data container for bonds
  143. -Donation Bonds now usable in values of $5, $10, $25, $100, $250
  144. -Fixed a bug where the setter for donationAmount would add your previous value plus new value
  145. -Added a 1 second delay between using bonds.
  146. -Donators now have an exclusive experience boost. 5% Sapphire, 10% Emerald, 15% Ruby, 25% Diamond.
  147. -Added a serach item index command for fast item id finding
  148. -Fixed up adding experience
  149. ~Non-Combat = ((Base Exp * serverSkillModifier) * playerDonationExpBoost) * serverWeekendBoost - Example: ((125 * 10) * 1.25) * 1 = 1562
  150. ~Combat = (Base Exp * playerDonationboost) * serverWeekendBoost - Example: (2100 * 1.25) * 1 = 2625
  151. -Fixed an issue where the developer world would overright players online count.
  152. -Added a daily event system. Currently Supports Double experience on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
  153. -Coded in Wonderful Weekends (Double Experience)
  154. -Coded in Tantalizing Tuesdays (5% droprate increase)
  155. -Coded in Slayer Thursdays (Double Slayer Points)
  156. -Changed the rates at which you obtain holy grail from npcs
  157. ~Skeletal Wyvern raised from 0.80% to 4%
  158. ~Black Demon lowered from 2.50% to 1.33%
  159. ~Lesser Demon lowered from 2.85% to 0.5%
  160. -Changed all skill experiences rates to 15x Runescape
  161. -Fixed an issue where ranged experience being trained with Split was giving less exp than it was supposed to
  162. -Fixed an issue where ranged experience was not being calculated truly
  163. -Fixed an issue where melee experience was not being calculated truly
  164. -Fixed an isue where mage experience was not being calculated truly
  165. -Combat experience now functions as intended. Example (Damage * 4)
  166. -Fixed an issue where combat exp given was not being multipled by Donation Bonus, Server Multiper, and Double Exp Weekend
  167. -Fixed an issue where magic exp was inflated ever so slightly
  168. -Fixed an issue where supports spells for magic were stillusing the old system
  169. -Added setters and gettters for assault points
  170. -Increased the amount of points the generals give to 5
  171. -Coded in Minigame Mondays on Barb Assault (Will give x2 Points on mondays)
  172. -Wrote sendChannelMessage used for sending client messages to specific "Channels"
  173. -Added setters and getters for PkP, and Honor Points
  174. -Coded in Honorable Wednesdays (Double PKp and Honor Points)
  175. -Lowered the amount of kills required in between each honor point from 5 to 2
  176. -Removed ::skotizo Command
  177. -Updated claiming donation command to ::claim
  178. -Updated ::maxhit to show range max hit as well
  179. -Half removed ::compreqs command
  180. -Updated ::players to show a players staff or donation title (staff prioritzed over donation title)
  181. -removed ::pits/::fightpits commands
  182. -Removed old vote commands
  183. -Updated ;;reward command
  184. -Changed how much vote points each rank gets
  185. ~Player: 1
  186. ~Sapphire: 2
  187. ~Emerald: 3
  188. ~Ruby: 5
  189. ~Diamond: 7
  190. -Coded Wonderful weekends (2x vote Points)
  191. -Removed teleport commands to Lumbridge Faldor Varrock Ardougne
  192. -Updated yell Command to show new titles
  193. -Donators now get a droprate bonus on the new system
  194. ~Sapphire: 2%
  195. ~Emerald: 4%
  196. ~Ruby: 8%
  197. ~Diamond: 12%
  198. -Removed buy ticket command
  199. -sell ticket command now gives 99.5m per ticket
  200. -Changed RoW droprate to 1-5%
  201. -Removed wilderness check from Smoke command
  202. -Removed generalhost55 command
  203. -Coded sapphire commands
  204. -Coded Emeralds Commands
  205. -Coded Ruby Commands
  206. -Coded Diamond Commands
  207. -Added stopwatch system
  208. -Coded in TriviaBot
  209. -Added answer command
  210. -Added triviaPoints variables
  211. -Added Setters and getters for triviaPoint variables
  212. -Added triviaPoint reward for winning triva
  213. -Finished 50 Trivia questions (15 Thanks to DDS Spec)
  214. -Trial Commands coded
  215. ~Removed vipjail
  216. ~Removed ip mute
  217. ~Removed un ip mute
  218. -Moderator Commands Coded
  219. ~Added ipmute
  220. ~Added unipmute
  221. ~Removed ipban
  222. ~Removed unipban
  223. ~Removed getip
  224. -Global Moderator Commands Added
  225. ~Added ipban
  226. ~Added unipban
  227. ~Added vipjail
  228. -Administrator Commands Added
  229. ~Removed Pnpc
  230. ~Removed unpc
  231. ~Removed Config
  232. ~Removed Loopconfig
  233. ~Removed PvP (Double pk points command)
  234. ~Removed DXP (Double exp command
  235. ~Removed Check Command
  236. ~Removed SetLevel
  237. ~Removed setTempLevel
  238. ~Added setState command
  239. -Server Announcements Variable added
  240. -Wrote a few server announcements
  241. -Wrote a quick system for sending texts over x size as a second line.
  242. -Changed up login messages. Now uses the fastest method of sending server messages!
  243. -Started work on reload command to reload certain scripts on the server without a server reset
  244. ~World Item Spawns
  245. ~Npc Definitions
  246. ~Object Definitions
  247. ~World NPC Spawns
  248. -Finished setStatecommand
  249. -Finished reloading for item Definitions
  250. -Finished reloading for shops
  251. -Added setstate command for switching between player, and npc states.
  252. -Updated giving boss pets to the new method which determines where to add the pet (FOLLOWER > INVENTORY > BANK > DELETES)
  253. ~Only deletes the pet from being given if the player hits all 3 criteria
  254. ~If player doesn't have a pet summoned.
  255. ~If the player doesn't have a full inventory.
  256. ~If the player doesn't have a full bank.
  257. -Fixed up the parsing of Yell, Player Command, and Staff Command logs
  258. -Removed Reload command from Admin
  259. -Developer Commands Added
  260. ~Anim Added
  261. ~Interface Added
  262. ~MyPos Added
  263. ~Reload Added
  264. -Tele Added
  265. ~Serverdebug Added
  266. ~setlock Added
  267. ~lockinfo Added
  268. -Removed the requirement of 4 items to attack another player
  269. -Started work on economical locks
  270. ~Trade Lock added
  271. ~Duel Lock added
  272. ~PvM Lock Added
  273. ~PvP Lock Added
  274. ~Drop Lock Added
  275. ~Loot Lock Added
  276. -Wrote a command for quickly switchng economical locks
  277. -Started work on Christmas Client
  278. ~Untextured water is now ice(Lakes, Ponds)
  279. ~Swamp Water is now a greener ice
  280. ~Snow has fallen through ASL. The Desert, and the wilderness are the only locations without snow. Houses, and most things with roofs will not have not have snow inside.
  281. ~Added christmas objects at home
  282. -Added Barrows Set Boxes
  283. -Wrote a Dynamic Boxed Set Opener
  284. ~Easily programable with new boxed sets we add down the line
  285. ~Only the Data ever needs to be updated!
  286. -Finished CM Commands
  287. ~setplayer added
  288. -Finished Owner Commands
  289. -Added new void for deleting non-stackable items from an inventory.
  290. -Started work on new crown drawing system for chatting.
  291. ~Crowns will always draw in the order of Gamemode(Hidden Until added) > Staff > Donator
  292. ~Chat Frame Crown drawing done
  293. ~Public chat crown drawing done.
  294. ~Clan Chat crowns disabled for time being
  295. ~Private Chat Crowns disabled for time being
  296. -Added Christmas Cracker 2019 Model
  297. -Added 8 New Texture Sled Models: 4 Animated(Lava, Water, Snow, and Rainbow), 4 Stills(Snow, Ice, Christmas Tree, and Xmas Present)
  298. -Added 10 New Candy Models: Red, Green, Blue, Sky Blue, Yellow, Black, Pink, Purple, Pink & Purple, and Red & Green
  299. -Added 6 New textures to the client.
  300. -Rewrote part of the texturing system to allow for a faster code change when adding new textures in.
  301. -Increased the limit of textures being loaded from 50 to 56.
  302. -Found ints for Sled, Christmas Cracker, and Candy Canes.
  303. -Reduced draw speed of most new textures added.
  304. -Wrote the christmas drop item (5000 / npc.maxHp) + 15. Droprate also affects the chance.
  305. -Re-wrte how Christmas Crackers are used with players. Winners get their partyhat, and Losers get a random item (losely based on original Runescape stuff)
  306. ~Both players now face each other when using with a player.
  307. ~Both player now equal chance at getting the "Win"
  308. ~Both players now use Animations.
  309. ~Winner of item gets Graphics Played.
  310. ~Updated forced chat message to show more information.
  311. -Added Christmas Crackers(2019) as a usable item on players.
  312. -Removed "Open" option on Christmas Cracker.
  313. -Fixeda bug that prevented private chatting from displaying on some characters
  314. -Removed donation store 2
  315. -Removed donation store 2 npc from spawning
  316. -Updated donation store 1 npc right click options
  317. -Donation store now has 3 Sub Sets
  318. ~Limited Time items
  319. ~Sets and Accessories
  320. ~Regular Store (Cosmetics and such)
  321. -Added Croato Staff (Used for magic dev purposes)
  322. ~Croato always hits npcs current hp
  323. ~Croato always autocasts a spell with no spell loaded in
  324. -Changed client motto and naming.
  325. -Updated Donation Store
  326. ~Added Barrows Sets for $5 each
  327. These items will be available for one month then never be sold again!
  328. ~Added Blue, Black, Purple & Pink, and Red & Green Candy canes for $1 each
  329. ~Added Lava, Snowing, Water, and Rainbow animated textured sleds for $15 each
  330. ~Added Christmas Tree, Present, Ice, and Snow textured sleds for $10 each (Non-animated)
  331. ~Added Sled for $5
  332. -Removed the check for selling items too quickly
  333. -Removed the check for buying items too quickly
  334. -Defenders now Available Again from warriors Guild:
  335. ~Collect Warriors Guild tokens by fighting Re-Animated Armours to start
  336. ~Pay 100 Tokens to enter the cyclops room each time
  337. ~Lose 20 Tokens per minute while in the cyclops room
  338. ~logging out in the room moves you outside on login
  339. ~Defenders drop from Bronze-Dragon
  340. -Wrote some new voids for determining areas, and area size of which a player is in.
  341. -Buy prices are now formatted to a localization
  342. -Buy price code refactored to be more efficient (Less lag)
  343. -Removed TzHaar weaponary from Tokkul Store
  344. -Removed old data regarding home teleports.
  345. -Updated all teleports that referenced home to a new variable.
  346. -Patched an issue with Third Click Object Packet firing Second Click Object data.
  347. -Wrote a debug system with 3 levels.
  348. ~Level 1: Only Developers can see Debug Messages
  349. ~Level 2: Staff + Developers can see Debug Messages
  350. ~Level 3: All Players (Including staff and developers) can see debug messages
  351. -Re-wrote development debug command to be able to turn on and off, and set debug levels.
  352. -Updated all options of npcs to grab npcs X and Y locaton for debugging purposes.
  353. -Lowered Smithing throttle to 200ms from 1000ms
  354. -Added Debug message to:
  355. ~Moving items
  356. ~Item on Interface Clicks
  357. ~PickingUp Items
  358. ~Drop Items
  359. ~Click Objects
  360. ~Click Npc
  361. ~Item on Object
  362. ~Item on Npc
  363. -Patched a chatting issue that caused the logo to draw in game when sending Forced Chat Packets
  364. -Patched an issue with the new staff/donator system.
  365. -Patching Commands that cause the server to have errors:
  366. ~Yell
  367. ~Changepassword
  368. ~Answer
  369. ~Topic
  370. -Quest Tab Button Clicks:
  371. ~Daily Events now displays current daily event, and its modifiers.
  372. ~Players Online now opens the interface for curent players online.
  373. ~Wogw Displays that it is coming Soon
  374. ~Donation Deals now displays "Contact Mod Brad"
  375. ~Donaton Amount now Forces the message "I Have Donated a Total of $(players amount donated) to Allstarlegends!"
  376. ~KDR now Forces the messages of "I have (playersTotalKills) Kills, and (playersTotalDeaths) Deaths, With an Average of (playersAverage)
  377. -Removed Dagon'hai drops from Skotizo
  378. -Added a couple extra messages to commands that neededd them
  379. -Added Agility Shortcut to Red Dragons in Brimhaven Dungeon
  380. -Wild Dogs are no longer aggressive.
  381. -Reduced amount of Wild Dog Spawns in Brimhaven
  382. -Increased amount of Moss Giant Spawns in Brimhaven
  383. -Corrected Moss Giant Stats to 6 Max Hit, 60 Hitpoints, and 30 Defence
  384. -Corrected Fire Giant Stats to 11 Max Hit, 111 Hitpoints, and 65 Defence
  385. -Corrected Black Demon Stats to 18 Max Hit, 157 Hitpoints, and 148 Defence
  386. -Corrected Greater Demon Stats to 10 Max Hit, 80 Hitpoints, and 78 Defence
  387. -Corrected Red Dragon Stats to 14 Max Hit(Melee), 140 Hitpoints, and 70 Defence
  388. -Corrected Baby Red Dragon Stats to 5 Max Hit, 50 Hitpoints, and 40 Defence
  389. -Corrected Bronze Dragon Stats to 13 Max Hit(Melee), 122 Hitpoints, and 62 Defence
  390. -Corrected Iron Dragon Stats to 19 Max Hit(Melee), 165 Hitpoints, and 85 Defence
  391. -Corrected Steel Dragon Stats to 22 Max Hit(Melee), 210 Hitspoints, and 100 Defence
  392. -Corrected Mithril Dragon Stats to 28 Max Hit(Melee), 254 Hitpoints,and 150 Defence
  393. -Added Wild Dogs to their Correct area in Brimhaven dungeon
  394. -Refactored naming of Definitions for Items client sided.
  395. -Added new Staff outfit. Designed by: Maximax, Paid for by Jesus Christ and MS.Pridy
  396. -Added Dragon Defender
  397. -Added Bonecrusher
  398. -Patched an issue with shop stocks not showing correctly over 254 in stock.
  399. -Updated Giving of all points
  400. -Updated Giving of all pets to new void
  401. -Updated most Setters to Adders
  402. -Added Removers for most Adders
  403. -Updated Shop Prices of:
  404. ~Donator Store
  405. ~Tokkul Store
  406. ~Warriors Guild Store
  407. ~
  408. -Changed how non-coin shops work. 1 Item in stock at all times, however any amount is still pruchasable.
  409. -When entering a store it now tells you how main points/currency you have for that store.
  410. -Added new Cache Downloader script (Courtesy of Zlervainis)
  411. -Cache now has a proper version code check.
  413. v6, and v7 Cache updated with the new models to avoid any issues (Since my client loads from v6)
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