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  1. Denying the existence of rape culture and/or the extent in which it is tied into violence and oppression against womyn everywhere, no matter how directly it maybe related, is in and of itself rape culture. If neutrality, in relation to injustice, truly is in favor of oppression, then we must end this sick coddling of our unacceptable behavior and take forth the steps to suppressing rape culture entirely. Seven people have died, and the murderer is to blame. But the murderer alone was not the problem; these twisted mentalities that we as men have nurtured since birth through gross male socialization, although seemingly harmless in the eyes of the oppressor, are the encapsulating drive that keep womyn from feeling and being safe in this patriarchal world. This was a hate crime. A crime against womyn that is committed, in all forms, every single day. You claim to stand in solidarity, and yet it took the deaths of loved ones for us all to gather. The most recently publicized case of sexual assault continues to be riddled with skepticism, and yet you claim to remain steadfast in solidarity. You call this monster sick, and yet among us live countless oppressors; Ordinary, day to day people, "like you and me", who live with the exact same false sense of male entitlement as the murderer. Every cat call, unwarranted grope, every ass slap, whistle, and "fuck you bitch" too. We feel unsafe when shots are fired, but these womyn have been in fear long before us. You say you're in solidarity but these womyn have gathered long before you. So ask yourself, what the hell does solidarity even mean?
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