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  1. I know me bickering annoys so I have stop. Before I would come to your house and have a go at u but have you notice I don't do that anymore? Instead I tidy and clean whatever I can because I understand u work Long hours and u just dont have the time for it. I know that u r tired from work and you don't want to do anything apart from relaxing. But take into consideration when your off on the 3rd day from work, it's Like u can't even make an effort to do any house work. Don't u think that is really lazy? And it's not just me who thinks like that, even nhan has complained about it. Funny though, when your friends come around your house you make an effort to tidy your house even when u just came home from work. Maybe not a good tidy but still a quick tidy is better than anything. u keep saying cos it's mouldy, smelly or no space. It's just excuses to me. U still make an effort doing it.
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