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  1. Plants while not containing a brain to convert outside stimuli into a positive or negative experience, they do however react to being attacked/damaged. Some also react in ways to protect themselves to this type of stimuli, and taking into account that they are created in a similar way to animals, the way they grow should they not be seen as a life.
  3. Now take the fact that the conversion of land into farming took away the homes of the insects, other plants, trees, animals ect. This is the case with every farm as none where there before humans settled that area (obviously). This has led to a reduction in available land for native animals and as such led to the the inadvertent death of some native animals.
  5. If you don't use any products that exploit a animal then how do you accept medical care with drugs, that are developed through the testing on animals? Does your headache or cramps negate the fact it was created through the mistreatment of animals? What about the life saving drugs that were also tested on animals? Is the mistreatment of the animals worth the saving of those lives? How do you calculate the benefit of the making and testing of these drugs vs the moral nature of being vegan.
  7. Is it all animals that should not be exploited? What about animals like dogs and cats? Are they not bred for our uses. Do we not train their natural instincts away from them and lock them in contained yards without their will to run wild taken into account? Is it vegan to own a dog that is the created through thousands of years of genetic alteration and exploitation?
  9. What about animals that die of old age? Can you eat them or is that not vegan? Upon researching it seems most vegans would not be comfortable eating meat even if the animal died of natural causes. Most plastics are made from animals (dinosaurs) that died of natural causes. Does the fact that they are millions of years old make the exploitation of their bodies acceptable to a vegan?
  11. How about all the life that used to live in the water you drank today? They were going on living till they were scooped up chemically murdered and left in the water for you to so casually consume? Or the animals that are killed to create the roads you use to get to the place you wish to go so quickly? Is the loss of native wildlife acceptable so you can travel 100km down a highway in your animal fueled car, to attend a rally to tell someone else that their consumption of meat is wrong acceptable to a vegan?
  13. I would argue that your lifestyle causes a fair amount of death and exploitation in its own right. How do you justify saying to a meat eater that they are a bad person when you contribute as much negative experiences to the life of the planet as they do.
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