sonic tentacle monster

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  1. [20:10:06] <Skye_Lyon> Skye let down her guard, convinced the creature wasn't a youma, "Does your village look like this place, the Scape? You looked really confused. Anyways, I've never heard of your, uh, taggeris."
  2. [20:11:39] <@Fenrir_Gurn> "No... We had farms and hay... Horses, chickens... Just about everything you can think of... farm animal.. wise that is.. We grew crops and sold them in the neighboring town... It was a simple life but... I wouldn't trade it for anything else!"
  3. [20:13:31] <Skye_Lyon> "You mean, horses and chickens like... the animals? Our domes don't exactly have a big farm animal population, so I don't think that I've ever seen one in person."
  4. [20:14:27] <@Fenrir_Gurn> "Domes...? ... Sounds shitty... No offense..."
  5. [20:16:10] <Skye_Lyon> "It really doesn't bother me, if I want to see the sky, I can come here. The unnatural dome thing's really bothering my friend, though. Kind of worried about her, but people have lived in them for years without problems, and I don't see a change coming unless someone makes it happen."
  6. [20:16:33] <Hailey_Markane> "Skye? That you?" Hailey rubs her eyes wearily. She's lost, confused, and had zero clue what was going on. A familiar face would do well to assuage her panic.
  7. [20:17:44] <@Fenrir_Gurn> "I don't think I could live life with a large roof over my head... ... I need to feel free... Anyways.. Where are your folks at?" The takguri turned his head to see Hailey coming...
  8. [20:18:35] <Skye_Lyon> Hearing a voice she knew well, Skye called back, "Hailey, what are you doing here? Did you sense this guy, too?" Turning to Fenrir, she stated, "Working in one of the domes on robots."
  9. [20:19:33] <@Fenrir_Gurn> "Heh... Good, good! Nice to hear someone... has... ... ... ", Fenrir stopped, remembering his own decimated family...
  10. [20:19:45] <Hailey_Markane> "I...have no idea. I just...woke up here I guess. Is this a dream or something?"
  11. [20:21:24] <Hailey_Markane> "I just found myself here and...I'm glad I have someone I can trust though." Hailey will put an arm on Skye's shoulder, relief visible on her face.
  12. [20:21:53] <Skye_Lyon> "That's weird, are you feeling alright, Hailey? Only time that happened to me was after the school explosion. Anyways, meet Fenrir Garn."
  13. [20:22:18] <@Fenrir_Gurn> Remembering that one night... That puddle of blood... His blood stained sword and his own cries of pain and agony... The male clinched his fist and gritted his teeth.. the memory was still indeed fresh in his mind... "Shit..."
  14. [20:22:32] <@Fenrir_Gurn> "OH... Oh... ", he shook his head... "I'm sorry.. Fenrir GURN.. not..Garn.."
  15. [20:22:55] <Hailey_Markane> "I feel fine...but I'm not sure he is. Is there something you want to get off your chest?"
  16. [20:25:52] <@Fenrir_Gurn> Fenrir's own blade remained silent.. Understanding what his wielder was thinking... "... ... I guess... ... I'll have to talk about it eventually..."
  17. [20:27:12] <@Fenrir_Gurn> Clinching his fist and closing his eyes... Fenrir spoke... "I.. murdered my dad... and... my brother... ..."
  18. [20:27:31] <Hailey_Markane> "...why?!?"
  19. [20:27:36] <Skye_Lyon> "You know, everyone loses things. We lost most of our friends not lon... you mean literally?"
  20. [20:28:03] <@Fenrir_Gurn> "I cut... off my dads legs... and his arm... blood covered my hands.. and my blade... ... ... My brothers...death..was..far..far...worse...."
  21. [20:28:25] <@Fenrir_Gurn> "His spine... was in my hand.. by the time ... I was through..."
  22. [20:29:36] <Hailey_Markane> "but...but why? What could they have done to force you destroy them like that?!?"
  23. [20:30:40] <@Fenrir_Gurn> "It's all Despaar's fault... Taking control of my dad.. burning my village... all to farm this power of Thonos... Goddammit... Just fucking GODDAMMIT.."
  24. [20:31:35] <Skye_Lyon> Thinking of what it would feel like for her sisters to die, let alone at her own hands, Skye couldn't help but be repulsed, "Do they have therapists where you come from, by any chance?"
  25. 06[20:33:36] * Hailey_Markane will wrap her arms around Skye, her face a mixture of fear and despair. She wouldn't wish that fate on anyone...not even Nanako.
  26. [20:33:55] <@Fenrir_Gurn> "I doubt it... I was forced to do it on that... tower... I followed my dad... asking him "Why"... ... and Despaar.. forced my dad to fight me to the death... and... I won... I wanted to avoid it.. I really did but... I just ... couldn't die there..."
  27. [20:37:42] <Hailey_Markane> "..."
  28. [20:38:09] <@Fenrir_Gurn> "The thing is I did it.. And I have to live with taking his life.. End of story..."
  29. [20:39:09] <@Fenrir_Gurn> "I'm the only one left in my family... and I've  got one to raise myself... That keeps me goin... Haha.."
  30. [20:40:00] <Hailey_Markane> "this isn't funny!" Hailey is nearly in hysterics. This shouldn't be happening!
  31. [20:41:03] <Skye_Lyon> Skye gave Hailey a reassuring pat on the back, "Everyone mistakes, although yours might have been a little outside your control. You just have to keep moving on in life, you know? Rules seem different in different worlds, so maybe you can revive him."
  32. [20:41:47] <@Fenrir_Gurn> "It isn't supposed to be... ", Fenrir looked to Skye with his blue pupils... Certainly strange eyes. "The pain will never go away... Revive him.. My brother... my mother... I probably could.. with my powers... with Thonos... but... I won't..."
  33. [20:43:38] <Hailey_Markane> "I...I don't know if I could survive like that." Hailey mutters the line darkly, as if she feels like just by saying the words she has killed a family member.
  34. [20:45:24] <@Fenrir_Gurn> "What's done is done... Dwelling on it... won't... make it any better... Wow.. I sound like a hypocrite... Hahaha..."
  35. [20:47:03] <Skye_Lyon> Hailey looked in need of a hug with how upset she was getting, so Skye obliged, "Relax, if that happened, you know we could fix it, Hailey. And you, Fenrir, if you can, why don't you? You're punishing yourself for the sake of it..."
  36. [20:48:15] <Hailey_Markane> "still...there has to be something...right?" It's apparent how much of a weight this is on the girl's mind. When Skye finished her hug, she found in her hands not a pure white feather, but an ashen, almost gray one.
  37. [20:49:20] <@Fenrir_Gurn> "Maybe I am... I said might be able to ... I don't know if I can.. or not... ", Fenrir closed his eyes, smiling...
  38. [20:50:19] <Hailey_Markane> "but you have to try! You have to! Otherwise...otherwise you'll have thrown them away! And for what?!?"
  39. [20:50:20] <Skye_Lyon> Missing the significant aspect of the feather's color, Skye teased, "Are you... molting? If you transform again without me, I'm gonna be upset, Hailey. You never know if you don't try."
  40. [20:51:17] <@Fenrir_Gurn> "Nope... Not doing it.."
  41. [20:51:50] <Hailey_Markane> "I...I hope not...sometimes they just fall out, though. Never more than one or two at a time though..."
  42. [20:52:27] <Skye_Lyon> "Sounds like when people are really stressed and lose their hair, are you sure you're really okay?"
  43. [20:53:54] <@Fenrir_Gurn> "... ... ...", the males tail swayed from side to side as his tentacles moved slightly up and down... "What's wrong?"
  44. [20:54:40] <Hailey_Markane> "Of course I'm not okay! I'm lost, I barely know how I got here, I'm talking to some random guy ive never seen in my life who just admitted to murdering two people, and now he's got me wondering if I might snap and kill my brother and parents! What the flying fuck do you think?!?" Hailey's on the verge of tears having yelled that out in one breath at the top of her lungs.
  45. [20:56:15] <Hailey_Markane> She can clearly see that the bottom part of her wings looks...darker than normal. The tops of the wing are still white, but it's abnormal for there to be any variance in the shading.
  46. [20:57:46] <@Fenrir_Gurn> "I admitted to it... You asked if I had something to get off my chest and I said it... What else do you want from me?"
  47. [20:59:45] <Hailey_Markane> "I don't know! I don't even know where 'here' is! I just..." That did it. Hailey's last remnant of self-resolve shattered, tears gushing from her eyes. She couldn't take anymore...
  48. [21:01:13] <@Fenrir_Gurn> "Guh.. And you said I'M in need of help... Well Xy, looks like we gotta brawl coming~", Fenrir held one hand back, hovering over the hilt of his sword...
  49. [21:02:15] <Skye_Lyon> Skye was worried about Hailey breaking down, she reinitiated a tight hug, "Just breathe, relax. Your family's gonna be fine, you'll be fine. I promise you, and you know you can trust me. Alright?"
  50. [21:03:48] <Hailey_Markane> "I...I...I...I can't...d-do thi-is-s anym-m-m-more..." It was all she could spit out, her hand falling down before clutching a familiar friend.
  51. [21:04:46] <@Fenrir_Gurn> "Eh? I don't think so... ", Fenrir ran forward with one hand gripping Xysticus' hilt.. Quickly directing a powerful roundhouse kick to Hailey's wrist to free Skye...
  52. [21:06:14] <Hailey_Markane> That wasn't the familiar friend. This friend was o. The other side of Hailey's body. Her pistol. And while her other wrist was likely shattered, she didn't care. It wasn't worth caring about. Nothing was anymore.
  53. [21:08:04] <Skye_Lyon> Skye stared from the foot to the wrist, "Keep your feet to yourself if you want to keep your eyes in their sockets. Hailey, please. You don't have to do this. What will it take for you to see how unnecessary this is?"
  54. [21:08:42] <Hailey_Markane> With trained accuracy and dexterity, the girl's finger found itself wrapped around the trigger, pointed towards her target. But it wasn't Fenrir. It wasn't Skye either.
  55. [21:09:37] <@Fenrir_Gurn> Fenrir quickly spun back into his original stance, gripping his blade. "Just trying to... DAMN IT!", Fenrir lunged forward, putting a finger behind the trigger... Prohibiting it from shooting.
  56. [21:10:37] <Hailey_Markane> She spoke. Or more accurately she mouthed the word. But Skye could clearly understand it. "sorry..." Before anyone else could intervene, she squeezed.
  57. [21:10:43] <Skye_Lyon> "Really? You want to kill yourself, take yourself away from your family just because some guy from another dimension fought his dad?"
  58. [21:10:59] <Hailey_Markane> *BANG!*
  59. [21:11:05] <@Fenrir_Gurn> "SHIT!"
  60. [21:11:36] <Hailey_Markane> Hailey's body slumped over, her eyes closed as her grip of the gun loosened.
  61. [21:13:23] <Skye_Lyon> She did it, really did it. Skye couldn't process what just happened, so she did the next best thing: faint.
  62. [21:13:39] <@Fenrir_Gurn> "GODDAMMIT... For fucks sake... Ghhh... ", Fenrir bent over, slinging  his tentacles over his head and stabbing.. them .. into the girl?
  63. [21:20:39] <Charm> The tendrils failed to penetrate her skin. Which seemed odd...shouldnt there be like a 40 mm bullet hole there?
  64. [21:23:22] <@Fenrir_Gurn> "Eh..? .. ", the takguri withdrew his tentacles, letting the set where they originally were...
  65. [21:28:24] <@Fenrir_Gurn> "It.. didn't go through?", Fenrir knelt down, examining Hailey's "wound" only to find... nothing?
  66. [21:28:38] <Skye_Lyon> A groan escaped Skye's lips as she returned to consciousness, looking around to regain her bearings
  67. [21:29:55] <Charm> The only indication of anything was a wad of some kind of fabric-like substance. Nothing behind it either, aside from a bruise.
  68. [21:30:44] <@Fenrir_Gurn> Fenrir blinked... "Well damn... Thought she kicked the bucket...", Fenrir smiled... "Phew...."
  69. [21:30:48] <Charm> Of course, Skye didn't have that level of clarity in her vision, having seen her own best friend supposedly shoot her brains out.
  70. [21:30:55] <@Fenrir_Gurn> "WAKE UP!"
  71. [21:31:39] <Skye_Lyon> No blood? Did that mean Hailey was alright? Skye shook the other girl, "Hailey? Wake up, will you?"
  72. [21:33:09] <Charm> Despite being shaken, she didn't stir. Although several people reading a narration of the events may have groaned at that. Regardless, there's no indication that she is alive, save the lack of bullet wound.
  73. [21:34:01] <@Fenrir_Gurn> "... ... ... ", Fenrir sighed... Walking over and looking down at the girl...
  74. [21:35:52] <Skye_Lyon> Skye frowned, "Hailey, this wasn't funny to begin with, and it isn't now. Please, wake up."
  75. [21:36:04] <@Fenrir_Gurn> Fenrir extended his tail forward, looping around his waist and slapping the downed girl in the face... "Wake up..."
  76. [21:36:52] <Charm> If she isn't dead, Hailey is out COLD. Because that didn't even get any reaction whatsoever
  77. [21:38:23] <Skye_Lyon> "You, Fenrir. How do I wake her up? She shouldn't be dead, right?"
  78. [21:40:27] <@Fenrir_Gurn> "She shouldn't be dead...", Fenrir bent down, grabbing the girl and slinging her over his shoulder... "She's just out cold..."
  79. [21:41:52] <Skye_Lyon> "You have something in mind, then?"
  80. [21:42:16] <@Fenrir_Gurn> "If you mean letting her rest, then I guess so."
  81. [21:42:38] <@Fenrir_Gurn> "This is my fault after all with me telling my life story and all..."
  82. [21:43:55] <Skye_Lyon> "Well, good luck with that."
  83. [21:44:19] <@Fenrir_Gurn> "Guh.. Aren't you going to help me? I have no CLUE where I am..."
  84. [21:44:52] <Skye_Lyon> "Just pick a building. Everyone here is oblivious to us."
  85. [21:45:15] <@Fenrir_Gurn> "Oblivious to... huh? What are you talking about?"
  86. [21:45:52] <Skye_Lyon> "In the Scape, the people who live here don't notice outsiders like us."
  87. [21:48:03] <@Fenrir_Gurn> "That's ... huh.... well come on then...", Fenrir trotted away, curving his tail toward his body as if telling Skye to come on.
  88. [21:55:08] <Lita> And a pair of legs hung off one of the nearby buildings-- and attached to them was a mouth.  One that munched on a sandwich and spoke to itself at the same time.  "So tha's what'd happen if I were ta mess with space too, huh... yeah, I don' like it.  Later~"  Even the Scape grayscaled, and everybody moved backwards until they disappeared.
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