Dec 27th, 2012
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  1. <AngelNaomi>: You're a bad person Jimmy
  2. +++ GlaD0S has given voice to Averian_
  3. +++ GlaD0S has given admin to Amadeus
  4. +++ GlaD0S has given op to Amadeus
  5. <Jimmy>: How so?
  6. <Niichan>: Woah, what's the problem here?
  7. *** Averian_ is now known as Valentine_
  8. <Jimmy>: And ama, knee chan wants to talk.
  9. <AngelNaomi>: Stop abusing the report feature.
  10. <Jimmy>: How am I abusing it?
  11. <AngelNaomi>: >203 unread reported posts
  12. <AngelNaomi>: You know what you did.
  13. +++ GlaD0S has given voice to Celermanni
  14. <Jimmy>: And which mod are you?
  15. <Jimmy>: TP?
  16. <Niichan>: AngelNaomi: That's off topic here, please take it to a PM or >>>#tulpa_ot
  19. <Jimmy>: All those reports are valid.
  20. <AngelNaomi>: But you don't even read progress reports.
  21. <AngelNaomi>: You said it yourself.
  22. <Jimmy>: Since when?
  23. <Jimmy>: Negro, dat tilte was changed long ago.
  24. <Jimmy>: And which mod are you?
  25. <Jimmy>: Read through those thins.
  26. <Jimmy>: They are all valid reports.
  27. <Niichan>: Pro tip, most people don't get pinged unless you type out their full nickname
  28. <Jimmy>: +Knapp violated the illegality rule in one.
  29. <AngelNaomi>: I am glitchthe3rd's tulpa
  30. <AngelNaomi>: and if people want something removed from their progress reports they can report it themselves
  31. <Jimmy>: Oh goodness, G's tupper.
  32. <Jimmy>: I'm sorry for reporting things that violated the rules.
  33. <Jimmy>: So will all those reports be disregarded?
  34. <Jimmy>: I guess so.
  35. <Jimmy>: Well
  36. <Jimmy>: Will they?
  37. <Jimmy>: Oh jah, I will have a copy of our conversation when you decide to disregard all those reports.
  38. <Jimmy>: Which I will use when I make a thread in comments and questions.
  39. <Jimmy>: Prepare
  40. <AngelNaomi>: I haven't said anything, other than to encourage you to stop abusing the report feature.
  41. <AngelNaomi>: Make a log if you like, it doesn't matter.
  42. <Jimmy>: Well, will all those reports be ignored?
  43. <AngelNaomi>: I don't know.
  44. <Jimmy>: I sure hope not.
  45. <Jimmy>: Almost all the posts violate the FIRST RULE
  46. <Jimmy>: "No spamming"
  47. <Jimmy>: I reported Kadoh for posting standalone smilies
  48. <Jimmy>: And sorryman for one word posts
  49. <Jimmy>: You want evidence
  50. <Jimmy>: I can provid.
  51. <Jimmy>: I think I actually reported your account a few times.
  52. <Jimmy>: And my own.
  53. <Jimmy>: This, for example:
  54. <Jimmy>: Are you reading my reports?>
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