Incandescence - The Great Flame

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  1. [02:46] Finding himself once again in the hall of meditation with it's great sculpture of a fallen star amidst a skylight-lit garden and four braziers of flame, Brennend approaches the grand altar devoted to the sacred Cosmos.
  3. His eyes trailed over the stone monolith, idly wondering how it had been moved here and how it remained suspended on the second floor of the Church. Reaching out he'd bring his finger to trace along one of the ridges of the star, savoring the sensation of it against his skin.
  5. Shifting his gaze to the nearby flames, he couldn't help but notice there were four of them, each near a point of the star. The fifth point, that which appeared as if it were hidden beneath the garden's soil, the point facing where he stood... Had no flame at it's end.
  7. Instead it had Brennend.
  9. The teen wondered about this. Was it done with purpose? Was it somehow... symbolic?
  11. Closing his eyes, he felt the increasingly familiar thrum of Yiel's voice in his mind. It felt familiar, warm. Opening his eyes? He found his hands had extended before him and begun to produce small flames. Flames that swirled and gathered to one another, forming a flame as large and bright as any of the four braziers.
  13. It formed the fifth point.
  14. (Brennend)
  15. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  17. [03:00] Staring into the flame he'd created, Brennend wondered why he'd done it. Was it even something he'd consciously done, or was it something done on instinct... Perhaps at the behest of his star, Yiel?
  19. Even as he wondered this, he found himself resonating with not only the flame his magic had produced, but the four others here in the church's sanctuary. He felt himself extending his mana like threads along the ridges of the star-sculputre, and into those burning braziers.
  21. Then, taking a sudden breath he felt a spark within him, and those tracery lines of mana would ignite, linking the five flames with a single thread split five-fold between them. Yet, more than that, that thread was being joined by others from each flame.
  23. First one, then two... Then dozens of them reaching along the central thread to weave together into a single, solid rope. It felt... Right, being so connected, feeling that bond.
  25. Then, as he exhaled? His flame was torn away from his hands, the four flames were torn away from the braziers, pulled into one another by that burning coil. For a moment, Brennend would find himself suddenly blinded by a violent flash of light accompanied by a wave of intense heat that made him wonder if he'd have eyesbrows left in it's wake...!
  26. (Brennend)
  27. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  29. [03:15] Blinking away the dazzling light, Brennend found himself suddenly in near darkness, the light having faded and condensed itself to a single point hovering above the center of the sculpture before him.
  31. It was a flame that did not flicker, a flame that burned a deep, bloody crimson, the same color as his cloak. And even as Brennend beheld it, he watched as it changed, elongating into... A staff? No... A spear! And even as it's tip formed, it began to glow ever brighter as flames sprayed from it's head. Those flames grew into a raging inferno, forming wings like that of a phoenix before flapping downward...!
  33. And in that single flap, the spear flew off from it's place in front of him, off through the skylights and into the infinite heavens above.
  35. It left Brennend alone in the darkness, wondering what he'd just seen. Had he just been granted a vision by Yiel? Had he just been part of some divine miracle? Was it all a hallucination?
  37. Suddenly realizing by the burning in his chest he hadn't been breathing, Brennend drew a deep, gasping breath and clutched his chest. As he knealt there panting and gasping for air, he realized something.
  39. There was a word forming on his lips...
  41. A name...
  43. "Stor Ild..."
  45. What did it mean?
  47. He'd need to ask one of the more experienced members of the clergy... But first? He'd need to light those flames again, lest he dishonor the stars.
  48. (Brennend)
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