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Dec 14th, 2019
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  12. <i><b>Hissssss...</b> The sound seemed to rumble through the room, shuddering the people and the things that weren't people alike. It was a rumble, far from the cutting sound of a normal snake's declaration, louder, heavier, heavier... The rumbling paused, and then came the shifting of the ground, the way the entire earth seemed to split with its presence, unfelt by any but our pink-haired hero, whose shirt was drenched in a ring of sweat, whose eyes were tired and heavy, though filled with an unyielding fear that kept him rooted to his spot, clutching his canteen until his fingers made indents in the metal. The slithering sent trees crashing, the jarring silence of its movement replaced by the cracking of splintering wood- much like a campfire's constant snapping- and the heavy thunder of the gigantic snow-capped evergreens falling. Pine needles littered his clothes now, and his breath could be seen by the beast's eyes. Its large, black eyes, which seemed immobile within its sockets. He couldn't make out the ring of color that every animal had, but if you asked him, it would've been gold, like the entire slithering mass of the snake that approached him. It was.. beautiful. Mesmerizing. What little sun still shone at this time of day bounced off of it in a golden cascade of light, bathing the (now cleared) forests in a beautiful disco-like haze, which in turn wrapped this beast in a halo of sunshine. It was divine, like this snake was sent from the heavens for him, for his head. It made his heart catch in his throat, and all he could think about was dropping to his knees. But he couldn't do that. He's seen too many things just like this to be fooled by its appearance. It maybe worked on birds, maybe on dogs and apes, but he was too experienced to just sit there and let this thing envelop him. He couldn't be swallowed, he couldn't be pierced by the large fangs that glistened with drool and poisons, an ivory that contrasted and complimented the golden insides of its mouth.. He couldn't let the smell of rot and flesh overwhelm him, or the way it loomed- It was close. So close, he could taste the change in the air. What was once the fresh taste of pure air became a sting on his tongue, a venomous aura that made him cringe. And so- he turned. He twisted his entire body at once, the snow along the ground betraying his actions, friction taking over and gravity giving him the final shove- he plummeted to the earth with a 'pomf,' snow collecting on every inch unprotected by his clothes, and some places where he was wearing furry armor. His breath caught in his throat, and it was a bad idea to inhale so quickly. Cold air stung, ice shredding through his lungs and forcing a cough. He couldn't keep dawdling, the snake was inching closer and closer, practically barreling through the environment until it was upon him. Both hands dug into the snow to grip the ground beneath, naked hands going from pale pink to bright red in a matter of seconds. Raw fingertips dug into the cool, wet ground, dirt squished beneath his weight, clinging to his skin and beneath his nails as he pushed himself upright. He could feel his arm sink further and further into the ground, breaking through the thin ice that kept the snow level, until his entire hand came up muddy and freezing. He could feel the muscles beneath his right hand stiffen from the loss of heat, and his left wasn't faring much better. His boots dug down into the snow just as his hands had, and he popped up into a run, a sprint that served to send air sharp as knives into his lungs for the second time. The crunching of snow beneath his feet was muted by the thundering booms of trees breaking, the sound of his labored breaths taken over by the churning of snow beneath the glittering form of his predator, birds tweeting, squirrels chattering, he couldn't stop and appreciate any of the sounds he would have normally, he was too preoccupied with listening, waiting for the slithering to get closer, for the trees to start crashing at his left and his right, but it never came. The biting at his heels kept at his heels, and he felt relieved. He was at least fast enough to keep this coiling cur at bay, and that was good enough for him. But, he thought, how long until he got tired, or how long until he couldn't breath properly? The wind was like hell bouncing around in his chest, his exhales turned practically to icicles. He couldn't just focus on running, either, with the snow on the ground like a blanket, it naturally obscured the tree roots and plant stalks that persisted through the frost, that threatened to send him stumbling right into the jaws of the hissing monster behind.
  15. <i><b>Hisss...</b> He jumped, hopping over a tree's leg and falling upon the ground with one foot to keep his run even. He even gained a bit of distance! He knew every inch of this forest, he's been here since spring, since the trees blossomed and the fauna flourished. He wasn't going to be tripped up that way, but he wasn't able to see through snow, either, so it was a bit o a guessing game. His arms were slack at his sides, heavy and limp. his heartbeat was erratic, and he couldn't feel his legs any longer. He couldn't keep going like this. He needed to turn, and he needed to do it quicker than he had any time to. He grit his teeth and paused, kicking against the ground with his right heel and turning on the toes of his left, cutting through the thick trees to head toward a road. He could hear the snake turn with him. There was no pause, no lull in the path of destruction, no slowing down, it charged after him as if it were on a mission. He couldn't recall doing anything to warrant this level of godly rage. Further, further, he knew he didn't have any more in him, but he was almost there, almost past the tree line, he could hear the cars rolling by! Faster, faster, he could hear the snake getting bolder and bolder. He was almost there, he just needed to climb this hill, such a small hill.. He raced, pushing himself closer and closer to the brink of collapse. It must've been a mile and a half, but he was making headway finally. He tripped. He pulled himself up, but it was done. He took too long, and as his hand scratched at cold asphalt, his leg had gotten gripped by the jaws of the snake. His scream was more of a wheeze, defeat lacing the quiet groan that rumbled past his lips. His blood bubbled out of the cut, one fang had pierced him. he could feel the fluid push back into his leg, and the venom snaked up his body. He was caught, and he was sure he was going to die. The snake hissed a final time, tongue flickering against the gash in his leg before it.. retreated. It let him go, and it slithered backwards, as if pulled on a string, staring at him the entire time. Blood smeared against his clothes, his leg, his skin turned a harsh pink, but.. there was no wound, and he couldn't feel the air stinging his insides like he had a second ago. He huffed, panting, reaching to rub his sweat-covered face. Even though it was far below freezing, his entire body was caked with sweat, and his clothes clung to him. All he could do was pull himself into the road, and then, he promptly passed out.
  16. 1323 words 7215 characters
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