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  1. let me save the thread people
  2. >episode 24
  3. >everyone is fighting, but they are struggling
  4. >goro tells ichigo he loves her
  5. >they kiss
  6. >futoshi just gave a kiss to ikuno's cheek, she's fire red
  7. >rest of 9s are roaring, they want to fight their last battle
  8. >miku and zorome start an awkward discussion about loving each other
  9. >final battle
  10. >futoshi/ikuno fought like lions, wounded
  11. >9s sacrificed themselves to save the P13
  12. >miku/zorome are offline, but alive
  13. >ichigo fainted, goro trying to help her
  14. >alpha is dead, hiro is with 02 soul fighting
  15. >they are struggling a lot
  16. >suddenly
  17. > [spoiler] switch to earth, nana searching through dr. franxx files [/spoiler]
  18. > [spoiler] she found something about project HH, being the greatest achievement of dr. Franxx [/spoiler]
  19. > [spoiler] he kept this secret to everyone, being the ultimate weapon, even stronger than Apus [/spoiler]
  20. > [spoiler] hachi appears, he's surprised because even him never heard about it [/spoiler]
  21. > [spoiler] they read that Project HH is something originally even older than Klaxxosaurs [/spoiler]
  22. > [spoiler] it was some sort of natural planetary defense that developed after the earth forming itself [/spoiler]
  23. > [spoiler] they discover also that Project HH is tied with 02 in a way, the experiments being also about it [/spoiler]
  24. > [spoiler] flashback scene, they reveal the person who gave the picture book to 02, Franxx adresses him as Project HH [/spoiler]
  25. > [spoiler] want to play HH.exe? [/spoiler]
  26. > [spoiler] YES [/spoiler]
  27. > [spoiler] Hana hears a huge explosion, and a red/yellow colored stream going from the earth to space [/spoiler]
  28. > [spoiler] the red/yellow comet goes through the battle and stops, suddenly the smoke fades and a huge humanoid figure appears [/spoiler]
  29. > [spoiler] a huge square reticle appears around the battle [/spoiler]
  30. > [spoiler] this starts playing [/spoiler]
  31. > [spoiler] he fucking appears, and starts wrecking the WIRM fleet and the final boss [/spoiler]
  32. > [spoiler] as he put his hand on the ear to hear the cheers, 02 is revived in her body by his hulkamania powers [/spoiler]
  33. > [spoiler] 02 turns over hiro, same face as pic related [/spoiler]
  34. > [spoiler] she starts growing moustache, and her voice is deep as fuck [/spoiler]
  35. > [spoiler] her horns start growing and going black, covering her eyes and forming some sort of biological sunglasses [/spoiler]
  36. > [spoiler] "we have defeated the WIRM brother, we did it brother, for my fans and every hulkamaniac on Earth, brother" [/spoiler]
  37. > [spoiler] Hiro completely moved to tears, even more than episode 15 [/spoiler]
  38. > [spoiler] a huge WWF champion belt appears around Apus's waist [/spoiler]
  39. > [spoiler] suddenly both mars and earth vegetation starts growing at alarming rate [/spoiler]
  40. > [spoiler] from the space a huge hulk hogan is doing a big thumbs up to mankind [/spoiler]
  41. > [spoiler] after this they go back to earth, they feast and party [/spoiler]
  42. > [spoiler] hir02, zoromiku, ichigoro, mitsukoko, and futikuno look at the sky in awe [/spoiler]
  43. > [spoiler] they can see a huge cloud with the shape of the american flag [/spoiler]
  44. > [spoiler] after this 02 goes back to mistleteinn, she finds the picture book [/spoiler]
  45. > [spoiler] she suddenly remembers, covered in tears she rips the rigid cover next to the last page [/spoiler]
  46. > [spoiler] there's a letter,anf photo autograph [/spoiler]
  47. > [spoiler] it's eo to on HH's shoulders [/spoiler]
  48. > [spoiler] behind it's written "to my last and greatest fan, in a world where hope is lost but can be brought back by Hulkamaniacs, my dear 02" [/spoiler]
  49. > [spoiler] she's emotionally 100% overwhelmed, she wipes the tears and takes the letter [/spoiler]
  50. > [spoiler] "my sister, hulkamania was brought down when the world decided that hulkamania was obsolete, sister, and world didn't need hope and passion, sister, [/spoiler]
  51. > [spoiler] "but hulkamania is tough, sister, mortal but tough, you'll find someone to protect and one day you will have a future protected by your own inner Hulkamania [/spoiler]
  52. > [spoiler] 02's crying is suddenly stopped by hiro hugging her from behind [/spoiler]
  53. > [spoiler] destroyed by their feelings, they kiss and faint together [/spoiler]
  54. > THE END [spoiler] ? [/spoiler]
  57. > [spoiler] After credit scene [/spoiler]
  58. > [spoiler] The scene goes to another planet [/spoiler]
  59. > [spoiler] its completely lifeless [/spoiler]
  60. > [spoiler] miles of wasteland are soon erupted by something [/spoiler]
  61. > [spoiler] the ground is cracked, and it reveals a huge amount of 80's sunglasses and zebra'd cowboy hats [/spoiler]
  62. > [spoiler] a demonic voice starts laughing [/spoiler]
  63. > [spoiler] "OHH YEAH" [/spoiler]
  64. > [spoiler] [/spoiler]
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