ClockQuest Complete Logs (Pt. 4)

May 11th, 2017
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  5. _____Finale: Like Clockwork (1/3)_____
  7. {Strategy Meeting}
  8. <DrEvilKitteh> The call had been made. Four young girls (soon to be five) now readied themselves, preparing their hearts, minds, and bodies for what was to come. Whether they would be ready or not was yet to be determined...
  9. <DrEvilKitteh> First, of course, came the strategy meeting. Location: The Wand and Circlet pub.
  10. <DrEvilKitteh> A certain mechanical man (Android, dammit!) by the name of Walter Heinrich, now healed or repaired after the previous day's fight, sat in one of the booths. A huge, flexible sheet of wafer-thin plastic was spread out on the table before him. It displayed a complex diagram or something, which constantly shifted and changed, oftentimes just subtly. Next to the sheet was a gently-glowing clockwork automaton's Core that had several wires protruding from it, which fed to a device a little larger than an adult man's hand; it had several knobs and switches on the bottom half, and a screen on the top half displaying seven different active wavelengths, each a different color like a rainbow.
  11. <DrEvilKitteh> Walter's bright green eyes studied his revolver intently as he continually cleaned, assembled, loaded, cocked, uncocked, unloaded, disassembled, and cleaned it again, over and over. Occasionally, he threw a glance at the sheet or the waveform device before returning to his gun. A bit of a nervous tick while he waited, really.
  12. <DrEvilKitteh> (If you need a reminder of what Walter looks like: )
  13. <Tangent> Amelia just stalks over, the dark-haired girl's mail and knightly armor gently clinking with her movements. Occasionally, her intense blue gaze darts towards Alexa's direction. She's holding her magical sword somewhat too tightly for a (relatively) safe indoor setting and looks like she wants to take a swing at something. Or someone.
  14. <Seo-Hyun> Seo-Hyun, when she abruptly materializes at one of the booths, looks perfectly calm. At least, she does on the surface. With closer observation, it's possible to begin noticing a strange twitchiness to her, constantly fidgeting as her eyes dart about the room, with her grin looking just slightly forced. Occasionally she starts almost moving towards a plate of food sitting in front of her, which, it seemed, had appeared at the same moment she had, but for the most part her focus was on the room and the others.
  15. <LHoG> Lin strides in on time, pistol catching the light. She waves silently as she joins the group at the table, then proceeds to drum her fingers as she waits for someone to speak.
  16. <Jran-Kri> Upon arriving at the meeting, and marching in like a toy soldier, Alexa is perfectly still, staring at the plastic sheet with the blank, thousand-yard stare of a girl possessed. Every so often, her scarred eye will twitch spastically, and her body will seize up as if she was about to have a seizure. But each time, she settles down immediately, waiting for someone else to speak with picturesque patience.
  17. <Tangent> Amelia looks pained, but says nothing at her friend's...episodes. What can she do? She can't fight this like a monster, or burn it away like corruption. She's...useless against it. Again.
  18. <DrEvilKitteh> Walter looked up once people started to file in. He snapped the revolver up and slid it into the holster on his thigh, then shifted a bit to make room for people if they needed it. “...So,” the android began without preamble. “This is a map of the Overcity.” He tapped the sheet of plastic twice with his forefinger. “Or rather, a map of a section of it.” A strained smile flashed across his face. “We, and the stable area surrounding the Wand, are here.” He touched an area on the map that didn't change in the slightest. “I've determined that the Alchemist's true stronghold, the center of his operation, is...” Walter zoomed out on the map (technology, ho~) and touched an area on it that was at the opposite corner from the pub's stable zone, “ Approximately 3,500 miles away. Fortunately, given how it /is/ the Overcity, we can find a way to get there fairly quickly.”
  19. <LHoG> Lin nods along, then asks: "Do we know of a stable way there and back? For that matter, if there is one, would he know of it?"
  20. <Seo-Hyun> Abruptly appearing at the table where Walter was demonstrating the map, she glanced down to it for a moment before clearly giving up on making sense of the mercurial landscape. "From what I saw of him last time, he doesn't strike me as the sort of person who wouldn't know of every single factor that might affect his business. Which, given that he knows we're after him, includes those routes."
  21. <Tangent> "Doesn't matter." Amelia declares, expression twisting into something resembling a sneer. She might be taking their last meeting personally. "We go there, and we burn the place to the ground. And him with it if he's actually there." She seems...strangely okay with the idea of setting someone on fire. Killing them. Anticipatory, even, by the way her magic flares up a little, tinted bright and *focused*. He's a monster. He's killed who knows how many people, and he *laughed at Alexa*. He's going to die.
  22. <DrEvilKitteh> “There are a few potential ways to get close,” Walter started. “Portals or teleportation, hiring a guide that can take us through shortcuts, getting on a public transportation like a train, trolley, or bus...those are the most common. We can't actually get directly /into/ the Alchemist's stronghold just like that--at least I don't think we can--since he has automatons guarding and keeping watch all around it, and wards against teleportation, to boot.” He nodded at Seo. “He most likely knows everything, or most everything, yes. He's a paranoid bastard, so the vehicles, and portals are likely going to be watched because they're fairly regular. Sort of. The rest he would plan and prepare himself and his minions against. Of course, that means we have to be careful and very sneaky if we want to get in under the radar, otherwise he'll sic an army on us.”
  23. <Jran-Kri> "H-h-h-he sh-should k-know w-w-we're c-c-coming," Alexa stammers, continuing to stare at the plastic with an unmoving, almost thoughtless expression. Her eye twitches again. Then her head snaps up to Walter fast enough to give herself whiplash before she starts stuttering again. "B-b-b-but s-s-sneaky. S-s-seanky is f-f-f-fine. L-l-like the s-s-serpent in the G-G-Garden of E-E-Eden. C-c-c-can we h-h-hide under a tr-truck, o-o-or g-g-go... u-underg-g-ground? S-s-sewers. D-d-do a-a-automatons n-n-need s-s-sewers? Ruh-rude question." She looks back down at the plastic, as if cowed. Her brush with sanity seems to end with another spasm.
  24. <Tangent> Amelia reaches out, her armored fingers brushing against Alexa's arm in what's apparently meant as a reassuring gesture.
  25. <LHoG> "Aren't the sewers filled with monsters? Will we be able to make it through such an area without taking so much damage that the element of surprise would be rendered pointless?" She pauses, rubbing the stone hanging on her neck, then adds, "And won't he be watching the likely sewer exits too? It doesn't seem like there would be many inside of his fortress, given... the prior point," she says in reference to Alexa's last question.
  26. <Tangent> "I say we just pick a route and go for it. It's going to end in fighting in the end, anyway." Amelia chips in, tone blunt.
  27. <DrEvilKitteh> “No, automatons don't require sewers.” Walter shook his head, but not chastisingly, and flashed a dry smile. “Though that doesn't prevent the sewers from existing in the Overcity. That being said, I...would rather avoid going through them if we have to, since A, they /are/ very dangerous,” he nodded at Lin, “and B...” He sighed and zoomed in on the area with the Alchemist's stronghold. The stronghold itself couldn't be made out, and most of that part of the map was...hazy. Indistinct. “Every eight minutes, for a one minute length of time, a series of shockwaves emanates from here like clockwork.” Har har, puns. “Somehow, these shockwaves are channeled beneath the surface of the Overcity; that's partly what helped me determine that this is, in fact, the Alchemist's real stronghold. However, it also means that if we go into the sewers, there's a high chance that we'd...well, be completely pulverized by a blast before we could get very close. That being said, the sewers might prove to be a viable escape route if need be, and assuming we shut off whatever's making those shockwaves.”
  28. <DrEvilKitteh> Just then, a visible ripple pulsed across the map, originating somewhere from the stronghold. The ripple spread from the blurry area for several miles in either direction and eventually died off. But before that one could fully fade away, another ripple spread. Then another. And another. It would proceed that way for a full minute, and on the dime, the ripples ceased.
  29. <Jran-Kri> "Th-th-the a-a-air," Alexa mumbles, scuffing her boot on the floor. She glances over at Amelia, attempting to smile at her. Her crooked grin renders it an almost sinister gesture before it vanishes with another series of twitches. "K-Kuh-Kreimhild o-o-once t-t-told me, sh-sh-she f-f-flew a-a-a -- eheheh -- a h-h-hanglider o-o-over the B-B-Berlin W-Wall." The completely unrelated anecdote distractes Alexa for a few seconds before she straightens herself out like a marionette being yanked upward. "S-s-so c-c-could w-w-we a-approach w-w-with s-s-some k-k-kind of p-p-plane? I-I m-m-mean, I-I-I'm s-s-sure the ABOMINATIONS are w-w-watching the s-skies. B-b-but... I-I d-d-don't know..."
  30. <Tangent> Amelia frowns at the mention of Kreimhild. "Maybe we should just...wing it." She sighs.
  31. <LHoG> "Winging it is how people die. I'd much prefer coming back alive." The look on her face makes it plain that she's speaking from experience. "Maybe we need to do some proper scouting? If we knew where his forces are concentrated, we might be able to slip in between patrols or something."
  32. <DrEvilKitteh> “Flying is...” Walter sighed and tapped the table with his fingers. “It is inadvisable, I think--makes us very visible. That...being said...” He looked square at Seo-Hyun. “We do have an Illusionist. If her illusions can hold up under the Alchemist's countermeasures, that should make whatever we do much easier. I doubt we'll be able to just waltz right in and shoot the Alchemist in the back just like that, but passing undetected--for the most part--/will/ undeniably allow us to get close.” He straightened. “Ah, yes, I neglected to mention something else.” The android grabbed a pack from below the table and pulled out a few canister-like devices. “Pattern buffers, in essence, or so an ally of mine once called them. They stabilize an area around them for teleportation, even through hostile warding and interference. Thus, we have a fairly solid way /out/ of the stronghold,” assuming nothing happened to the buffers, but that went without saying, “but not a decisive way /in/. Yet.” Still, it was obvious that he was thinking long and hard about this dilemma.
  33. <Jar Mimic> While it may not have been obvious at first, as this discussion of plans goes on, a certain plainly dressed girl with a plain look about her has been gradually moving closer to this group of people. It is a free pub, after all. Of course, as she does hop from seat to seat, getting closer as she does, it also becomes more obvious that her attention is absolutely glued to what they’re saying. Whatever kind of stealth maneuver or espionage this person might be trying to pull off, it doesn’t seem like she’s making much of an effort to do it without being noticed. It might seem that way, but she really is trying her best. Sneaking is hard. Especially for people who’ve never had to do it in their lives.
  34. <Seo-Hyun> The illusionist in question nodded, a much more sincere smirk crossing her expression as Walter questioned her abilities. "Oh, trust me. If illusions will work at all, mine will work. I'm the best around." She didn't seem to be taking any note of the intrusion, though considering her track record of subterfuge that didn't say much.
  35. <LHoG> Lin nods assent to this plan. "If we're able to get in unnoticed, then flying in would certainly have an element of surprise. But that's only if we're able to get in unnoticed: If spotted, we'd be in the center of his territory, surrounded by foes. Near certain doom." She keeps her eyes steady on the illusionist, rubbing the stone 'round her neck as she does. "Are you certain we'll be okay if we go with that plan?"
  36. <DrEvilKitteh> “Indeed. Balancing risk and is challenging.” Walter's eyes dropped to the map again as he moved it to look at the area around the blurred stronghold. “...I think that we should go with one of two ways. Option one, we board a convoy and hide in one of their material transport wagons or somesuch. That way, as we would primarily be utilizing mundane cover and stealth, any illusion magic Seo-Hyun casts will be minimal. If it's pierced, then we would not be as exposed. However, it's also slower and a bit trickier than option two, which is flying in--once we find a viable way to. Speed, freedom, and maneuverability are the advantages, but it requires more intensive illusions and a greater strain on Seo-Hyun. And, as said previously, if we are caught mid-air without any glamors to conceal us, we would most likely be instantly spotted and attacked.” The android leaned back and sighed softly. “Now, there more...important...” He paused and squinted at the wannabe infiltrator. “...Excuse me, miss? What exactly are you doing?” Walter asked curiously, more bewildered by the girl's actions than wary that she might bear ill intent towards the group.
  37. <Seo-Hyun> "For what it's worth, I would favor the first option. Not that I don't think I can handle the strain, but we don't yet know if he has countermeasures in place. Let's not put all of our eggs in one basket." With that said, Seo-Hyun finally turned to look at the extraordinarily unsubtle infiltrator. "Having fun? I at least hope that you're not honestly /trying/ to sneak up on us right now."
  38. <Jran-Kri> Alexa's head nearly unscrews itself from her neck as it whirls to follow Walter and Seo-Hyun's gazes. Her staff appears in her hand with a flash of red light, for all the good it would do her, as her body is once again racked by a series of spastic twitches. The crystal ball at the end of the gnarled black wood glows. "'Th-the w-w-wicked f-f-flee wh-when n-none p-p-pursueth!'" She barks. Whatever that was supposed to mean.
  39. <Tangent> "Hey, hey, Alexa..." Amelia steps closer to Alexa, attention barely on the newcomer. "It's okay, it's okay..." She murmurs soothingly. Something like guilt and worry flashes across her features before she gets herself back under control.
  40. <Jar Mimic> Oh no. She’s been spotted. Who could have guessed? And with the entire entourage looking at her, suddenly the people she’s been spying on seem a lot more scary. So, when she’s spotted, she freezes. It takes several minutes before she manages to summon up the courage to do what she had planned to do should she be spotted in the first place. “Oh! Um, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude. Well, ah, no, that’s a lie, I intended to intrude at some point.” Speaking of points, this plain looking girl points a finger at Seo-Hyun. “You. You’re a friend of Iris’s. I’ve seen you visit her in the hospital. Oh, but it’s not a hospital, it’s a school’s medical center. We saw eachother there. And it’s a good thing that I ran into you, because she asked me to help you to do this thing you’re doing here. While I was there seeing her. So that’s what I’m here to do. Uh, hello, everyone. Good to see you again, Walter. I’m Rose Thorns.”
  41. <LHoG> Lin thinks about the options presented to her, then decides: "He'll be expecting us to come in smuggled, I would bet. We're probably better off not trying to sneak through the body of his forces." And then, once Rose has spoken: "Lin of the Beacon." She locks eyes with the new arrival. "You're going to be coming with us then?"
  42. <DrEvilKitteh> “Rose Thorns?” The android blinked a few times. “...The...uh. The girl who is a bipedal sheep doll. Er, mostly. You are her?” He rubbed his forehead a little bit, then gestured at the booth in general. “Well, if you would like, you may join us. I will not turn down help; we need everyone we can get. I hope you are capable in combat, however.”
  43. <Jar Mimic> “That’s right. I used to be a doll, so my strength is just like theirs, only magnified. My arms are super powerful!” she exclaims, flexing her muscle, “And I know some really powerful fighting techniques. If you need something to get smashed, I’ll smash it for you!” Her other arm throws out a mock punch. “Even that giant metal man who hurt Iris won’t be able to stand up to my Ohoraikou Hou! And that’s something I don’t say lightly about someone strong enough to beat Iris even when she’s teamed up with someone.” After saying this, she offers a bow and continues saying, “I hope that my contribution to your group will be useful, and that I won’t slow you down. Thank you for giving me a chance.”
  44. <DrEvilKitteh> At first a little bemused by Rose's talk of dolls possessing prodigious strength, Walter quickly brushed aside the particular questions that her statement brought to mind and nodded. “Er, that's very good to hear. I'm glad to have you aboard.” His eyes narrowed slightly. “...Hopefully your strength will be of use against the 'metal giant' that Iris fought, of whom I should speak.” So, while the girls thought of the best method to infiltrate, Walter provided some exposition. “I've contacted some sources out in the Sprawl, and they say that guy's some sort of bogeyman in the underworld. No one actually knows who or what he is, or whom he works for, but there are a lot of theories and horror stories about him. The one thing they do agree on is that most everyone who knows about the guy and his reputation is justifiably terrified of him. That, and he's most commonly known as 'The Ironclad Man'. Other epithets people have dubbed him as are 'Worldbreaker', 'The Crushing Wall', 'The Enforcer', 'The Crimson Hammer', 'Bane of Kalrah', 'The Blood-Soaked Titan', etcetera etcetera. Other than that, the details get fuzzy, aside from the fact that he has a unique kind of armor--which is evidently fused directly to his body; how someone found that out, I do not want to guess--a giant hammer, at least one cannon built into an arm, and the skill and ferocity to decimate entire battalions of soldiers without much effort. Hopefully, the worst tales of his exploits are hyperbole.”
  45. <DrEvilKitteh> The android sighed softly and reached over to fiddle with the device hooked up to the clockwork Core, causing the rainbow wavelengths to fluctuate and wobble. “...I also know that he is there, at the Alchemist's stronghold. Judging from what I can glean from their network, at least. Frankly, I have no idea how we can take him down, or even /if/ we can find a way to do so, but...” he eyed the blurred area of the map, green orbs glinting in thought--one could almost see the gears churning in his head as he mulled things over, “...I will most certainly do my best to see him dead.”
  46. <Jar Mimic> "Good."
  47. <Tangent> Amelia simply nods. She...doesn't seem to worried, but looks to Alexa briefly, as though coming to a decision of her own.
  48. <Jran-Kri> Alexa stills, her crooked ghost of a grin rounding briefly on Amelia again. She nods jerkily, adjusting her glasses with a trembling hand. "G-g-great o-or small, a-a-all w-w-ill r-r-receive wh-what they are o-o-owed."
  49. <Tangent> Surprisingly, Amelia looks a bit...less than thrilled. As though she's about to do something she doesn't want to.
  50. <Seo-Hyun> Seo-Hyun nods as well, looking utterly unconcerned to hear just how dangerous their quarry was. "Well, hey. Even if this guy really is bad news, I'm sure it can't be worse than some of the stuff people like us have taken on. And if they can do it, we certainly can."
  51. <LHoG> Lin looks just as unimpressed by the mention of the larger golem. "Beating it shouldn't be a problem with this much firepower."
  55. ClockQuest Part 3: Infiltration
  56. [00:54] <DrEvilKitteh> (Claiming for ClockQuest stuff.)
  57. [00:54] <Jran-Kri> ((Let's be off)
  58. [00:54] <LeftHandofDawg> (All aircraft report)
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  60. [00:55] <DrEvilKitteh> (Unfortunately, there seems to be a tie in the voting.)
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  62. [00:55] <Ral> ([X] Jump in the lake)
  63. [00:56] <LeftHandofGod> (Lin'll switch her vote if prompted, so ground it is)
  64. [00:57] <DrEvilKitteh> (Alright. I shall work on my post now; I'm just gonna skip ahead to when they reach the citadel itself.)
  65. [00:57] <Tangent> (Here, Amelia just wants to get started.)
  66. [00:57] <Tangent> (Can we assume Amelia tried to get Alexa to stay behind during the timeskip?(
  67. [00:58] <DrEvilKitteh> (Sure. Not like it'll change anything, though. I think.)
  68. [00:58] <Tangent> (ayuppp)
  69. [00:59] <Jar_Mimic> (It is time! For Rosemary to finally show what she's made of!)
  70. [00:59] <Jran-Kri> ((It will not.))
  71. [00:59] <LeftHandofGod> (Is Foxy here?)
  72. [01:02] <DrEvilKitteh> (Yeah, but apparently he's feeling out of it, so hopefully he doesn't die on us before things even get started.)
  73. [01:05] <fox_de_lumine_> (Been up for a long-ass time, feeling pretty tired. I can't guarantee I'll be around for long.)
  74. [01:06] <LeftHandofGod> (Gotcha. Let's get to it.)
  75. [01:13] <DrEvilKitteh> The party had come to a consensus: Infiltrate the Alchemist's stronghold by way of stowing away in a convoy headed to that location. First, they hitched a ride on one of the several Overcity trains--the less said about that experience, the better--and hiked the rest of the way. All in all, it took only about five hours to get within visible sight of the area around the stronghold, and boy was it a sight. Out here was where the Overcity started to get...a little /weirder/, shall we say. More fluctuations in gravity, atmosphere, consistency in the terrain (hah!), and the like.
  76. [01:13] <DrEvilKitteh> As Walter led them to a good spot while they waited for an incoming convoy to pass by, the girls would get a marvelous look at the stronghold in all its glory. But before that, one must know the land. The Overcity...curved. Warped, arching up so that a large section of it was directly vertical over the ground on the bottom--for a given definition of bottom, anyway. The stronghold was build like a fortress, with ramparts, guard towers, thick walls, and such. From the center-top of the citadel, a spiral tower rose up and connected it to a huge factory overhead, belching black and grey smoke. Around the tower orbited a ring of debris from various sources, from chunks of the Overcity uprooted and thrown into the air, demolished buildings, vehicles, and more. And, all around both the citadel and the factory, the Overcity had been leveled and destroyed, with occasionally-shifting rubble the only remnants of the buildings that once stood there. Others would appear, but then they too would promptly be brought down, either by artillery from the citadel or shockwaves emanating from the factory through the ground that made the cityscape shake and quake for miles around.
  77. [01:13] <DrEvilKitteh> “...Quite a setup he has here,” Walter muttered, unable to help but feel a little impressed by the whole thing. They waited in the top floor of an apartment building that was still intact, as it was in a zone that was out of range of the artillery and far enough away to not be shaken to pieces by the shockwaves.
  78. [01:13] <DrEvilKitteh> (Shitty sketch of stuff: )
  79. [01:16] <Jran-Kri> Alexa stares blankly at the grand architecture. "S-s-s-so w-w-was S-S-Sodom and G-Gommorrah. A-a-as a-a-above, so b-b-below."
  80. [01:17] <Tangent> Amelia...shakes her head, standing tall. Another look to Alexa. She...she wouldn't stay away. No matter how she argued, Alexa refused to stay behind...and in the end, Amelia couldn't bring herself to...force her to. "Yeah. It won't matter, it's all going to burn."
  81. [01:17] <LeftHandofGod> Lin is less interested in the grandeur of the architecture and more interested in spotting weak points...not that there are any apparent from here. She rests her hand on the grip of the pistol at her waist, one eye on her map.
  82. [01:17] <fox_de_lumine_> Seo-Hyun just seemed amused by the whole situation. As always. "Well, if there was any doubt of whether he had resources to spare. If the wackjob is right and this is gonna be like Sodom and Gomorrah, then how about we go... er. Wait. Those places /were/ burned to the ground, right? Or am I confusing them with some other city."
  83. [01:19] <Tangent> "...Don't call her that." Amelia snaps, turning to glare at Seo.
  84. [01:19] <Jran-Kri> "B-b-burned i-i-is o-o-one interpretation," Alexa says simply, staring straight ahead. This seems to be one of her more lucid moments, as she doesn't rise to the comment. "Th-they w-w-were s-s-scoured f-f-from the m-m-map b-b-by r-righteous f-f-fury."
  85. [01:20] <Jar_Mimic> "It's a shame that I'm probably going to have to wreck some of this. It's really pretty in a way. I think I remember seeing a painting like this before." Rose tightens a gloved fist before rolling up the sleeves on her faux suede jacket. It's her mother's. And also her way of feeling that her mother is still with her.
  86. [01:21] <fox_de_lumine_> "Hey, I'm not exactly wrong, am I?" Shrugging, Seo-Hyun decided to redirect the topic of discussion. "I'm not exactly seeing any torrent of divine wrath, so I guess it falls upon us to take care of the whole 'righteous fury' thing. Walter, I'm guessing you didn't have an opportunity to plan this far ahead?"
  87. [01:25] <DrEvilKitteh> "Sounds apt," the android murmured. "I'd like nothing more than to watch this place be obliterated." He lifted a hand and patted the air. "But please, we must focus on the real enemy. Infighting will just make the Alchemist's job easier." His eyes focused on Seo-Hyun. "I have a few ideas. One of them concerns whatever is generating those shockwaves; if we can find a way to sabotage or redirect it, we can destroy everything just like that. That's one idea, at least. Another would be to locate the Prime Core, the central hub of the automaton's army network that links them via their Cores. Destroy that, and everything will be much easier for us."
  88. [01:25] <DrEvilKitteh> Meanwhile, the convoy was in sight down the road through one of the windows, and on Lin's map. It was composed of several transports guarded by Clockwork Zombies, Soldiers, and a few Sentinels; apparently, no Stalkers were around. The latter ones, those automatons in the shapes of various animals with keen senses and detection abilities, complicated things a little. Then again, Seo-Hyun was no pushover with Illusion magic, either...
  89. [01:26] <LeftHandofGod> "We have incoming. Looks like the convoy we're trying to sneak into. Lots of baddies." Lin eyes her map carefully, then looks in the direction the convoy is coming from.
  90. [01:27] <fox_de_lumine_> The gumiho attempts to grab a quick peek at Lin's map, swiftly giving up upon seeing the complexity of the map in question. "If we had more time I could probably zone out for a bit and do some zero-risk scouting, but it looks like the hour's already nigh. Just give me the signal and it'll be like none of us are even here."
  91. [01:29] <DrEvilKitteh> Walter nodded. "Is everyone ready?"
  92. [01:29] <Tangent> Amelia's gone quiet. Her free hand clenches and unclenches. "Ready." She says simply.
  93. [01:30] <Jran-Kri> Alexa merely nods. Her hands flex like she means to claw at something, fingers tensing and untensing.
  94. [01:30] <Jar_Mimic> Alright, this is the time Rose has been waiting for. Time to put on the best act that she's ever put on in her life. "I was born ready." Nailed it.
  95. [01:31] <LeftHandofGod> Lin nods, taking her hand off her pistol and her eyes off the map. "All set. They're coming close."
  96. [01:31] <DrEvilKitteh> "Remember: We hide, and we wait. This is where stealth is paramount." He returned his gaze to Seo-Hyun. "Let's go."
  97. [01:32] <Tangent> Waiting. Something Amelia's never been good at. She sees something that needs doing, she rushes in, and never mind who or what sees. But right now, it's like she's surrounded by problems she can't fix that way. Or maybe not at all. She shakes her head again, trying to focus.
  98. [01:34] <fox_de_lumine_> "Right-o. Nobody panic, they can probably hear us." Almost before giving the words time to properly process, Seo-Hyun spread her hands, bolts of foxfire shooting out at her... well, not exactly friends, but allies. The flmaes did not burn or even feel like much of anything beyond a faint tingling, however, even as the magical girls (and robot) swiftly blurred into complete invisibility.
  99. [01:35] <Tangent> Amelia starts. She almost calls out, says something to Alexa, but manages to catch herself. Instead, she reaches out, warily, to where she remembers her friend being.
  100. [01:36] <Jran-Kri> After a moment, Alexa's invisible hand brushes against Amelia's. Then she grabs hold of her wrist in an almost vice-like grip. Of course, since she's a barely-functioning noodle of a girl, it's not that hard.
  101. [01:37] <LeftHandofGod> Lin nods, then a moment later realizes nobody can see that. And...she can't see her map either. Oh well. She waits in silence.
  102. [01:37] <DrEvilKitteh> Right on time, too, for the convoy was now trundling past the building in which they hid. "Third from the front," an invisible Walter whispered. "Seo, cover the back hatch in an illusion so they don't notice it being opened." Then, sloooowly, he opened a window and began to swiftly and quietly climb down the side of the building.
  103. [01:37] <Tangent> Amelia grips her right back. I'm here, her grip seems to say. I'm here. I'll protect you.
  104. [01:39] <LeftHandofGod> Lin moves quickly to follow, hand stretched out to make sure she doesn't walk into whoever is in front of her.
  105. [01:39] <fox_de_lumine_> There was no response from Seo-Hyun, and even her movement was silent as she followed after Walter. The others would just have to trust that she could be serious and professional when the moment of truth came.
  106. [01:40] * Jran-Kri lets go of Amelia to slip after Walter, keeping close behind their robot guide.
  107. [01:41] <Jar_Mimic> Alright! Claws are useful for climbing. So, Rose follows along. It really takes her some effort to actually stay quiet. This is a very bizarre thing for the former sheep doll. Her life has been a mostly very loud one thusfar.
  108. [01:41] <Tangent> Amelia winces, but follows. She can't be at ease, and not just because they're trusting a corrupted girl who makes her magic flare up and puts her on edge...Or that they're on a stealth mission. It turns out that the armored knight-wannabe can make fairly little noise...if she tries. And has magic helping.
  109. [01:44] <DrEvilKitteh> Once he made sure the Soldier guarding the third transport in the convoy nearest the back had moved a sufficient distance away, Walter promptly opened the back with as much finesse as he could manage. Regardless of whether or not Seo came through, when he (and the girls following) hopped inside, they would be met with a dark interior full of various tools and supplies, from Lowe's and Home Depot and Dwarves 'R Us for instance. However, there was enough space, albeit rather cramped, for them to wait.
  110. [01:46] <fox_de_lumine_> Sure enough, even as Walter opened the door it seemed to stay solidly shut. The experience was likely rather disorienting, and would continue to be so for the rest of the group as when they reached the convoy they were faced with an unmoved back of the truck.
  111. [01:47] <LeftHandofGod> Lin hops through the apparently solid hatch, faithful in the abilities of those she's working with, then scrambles to the far end to make room for the rest of the group.
  112. [01:48] <Jar_Mimic> Rosemary pockets a tool. This will be useful to lodge inside of the metal man when the opportunity presents itself. Payback. Hopefully she can lodge it someplace that doesn't already have a hole. To maximize the pain, of course.
  113. [01:49] <Jran-Kri> Alexa's warped mind balks at this, but she slips in quickly enough. She scurries deep inside, keeping close to the wall.
  114. [01:49] <Tangent> Amelia takes a step forward after a fraction of a second, moving into the seemingly-solid door with justtt a bit more force behind it than she would have if she'd trusted it to be open. She stumbles as she finishes her step, but doesn't make much noise.
  115. [01:51] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 13 v
  116. [01:51] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [5, 10, 2, 2, 7, 9, 10, 7, 7, 2, 7, 9, 5]. Successes total: 10
  117. [01:54] <DrEvilKitteh> Walter made sure everyone was situated and accounted for before settling down and looking around at the interior and what it contained. One thing in particular caught his interest: a deactivated Stalker, for some reason, was buried under a few pickaxes and sacks of Beard Polish. He delicately uncovered it and began to tinker with the inert automaton, curious about it and the possibilities it presented.
  118. [01:54] <DrEvilKitteh> Through a window near the front of the transport's cargo area, the closer they got to the Alchemist's citadel, the more they began to realize the sheer scope. Not just the size of the structure itself, though it was certainly impressive, but...behind the fortress was a /massive/ excavation area. Miles wide, miles deep, they couldn't even see any activity at the bottom of the crater. Not that that was really a surprise, considering their admittedly terrible viewing angle, but it was...still damned huge.
  119. [01:54] <Tangent> "This again?" Amelia says quietly before shrugging. "We'll just have to blow it up, again."
  120. [01:55] <DrEvilKitteh> Additionally, none of the guards apparently heard or saw anything. The party had successfully passed unseen through the clockwork automaton's midst.
  121. [01:55] <LeftHandofGod> Lin almost lets out a sigh of relief on getting close in without being detected, but... better to stay undetected.
  122. [01:56] <Tangent> (actually is it obviously a bad idea to speak atm?)
  123. [01:56] <Tangent> (because if the coast isn't clear, then yeah, silence.)
  124. [01:56] <fox_de_lumine_> Seo-Hyun's voice responded immediately - sounding as if it was right next to Amelia's ears. Because the cannibalistic master-illusionist fox girl with a habit of playing tricks on people wasn't creepy enough already. "What do you mean, 'again'?"
  125. [01:56] <DrEvilKitteh> (Whispering is fine, I think. Seo's illusions can help with that, too.)
  126. [01:57] <fox_de_lumine_> (Yeah, Seo-Hyun is basically doing wide-band invisibility, which includes some sound dampening.)
  127. [01:57] <Jar_Mimic> "This is going well so far," the mostly plain looking girl whispers, "Let's try to keep this momentum going for as long as we can. Seo-Hyun, your power really is impressive. Please, keep up the good work."
  128. [01:58] <Tangent> Amelia whirls around, clearly trying to find the monstergirl before giving it up. "He was digging last time too. When we ran into Walter." She says curtly. And quietly. "It doesn't matter."
  129. [01:59] <fox_de_lumine_> A faint giggling could be heard from the other side of the truck from Amelia. Or perhaps cackling was a more accurate term. "He might be looking for something. Who knows what kind of ore you can dig up in a place like this?"
  130. [01:59] <DrEvilKitteh> "The Alchemist has been digging all across the Sprawl," Walter whispered. "Gathering supplies and useful materials...and looking for something, yes."
  131. [02:00] <LeftHandofGod> "Any idea what for?"
  132. [02:02] <DrEvilKitteh> "No, not yet. There's no telling what could be buried deep beneath the Sprawl..."
  133. [02:02] <Tangent> "It isn't going to matter, because we're going to stop him here and now." Amelia doesn't sound too happy. "And wreck whatever he has here while we're at it."
  134. [02:04] <fox_de_lumine_> "Easy there, Ms. Paladin. I want to see him burn just as much as you do, but we're not going to get anywhere but a dissection table or a shallow grave if we let anger get the best of us. Slow and steady et cetera."
  135. [02:05] <DrEvilKitteh> The ground started shaking, trembling, as shockwaves passed through it. The transport shuddered but remained standing. This would continue for exactly a minute, afterwhich the shockwaves--which were steadily increasing in intensity the closer they got to the citadel--ceased for another eight minutes.
  136. [02:08] <Tangent> "I'm not..." Amelia starts, then stops at the quakes. She doesn't seem inclined to pick it back up afterwards, though after a few more minutes, she fumbles for Alexa under the illusion.
  137. [02:09] <Jran-Kri> Still in total silence, Alexa nonetheless once again grabs Amelia's hand once she brushes against her.
  138. [02:09] <Jar_Mimic> "I'm not afraid of a dissection table. Even if I lost all of my arms and legs, I could still fight on as long as someone's able to carry my body out." This is definitely something she should be whispering in a tense situation like this.
  139. [02:10] <LeftHandofGod> Lin fumbles for the stone chained to her neck, and with the softest clicking of chains, she finds it and begins running her fingers along where she knows the silver band to be by memory.
  140. [02:10] <Tangent> "Hey, Alexa...You okay?" Amelia whispers, always direct to the point. She still wishes Alexa'd agreed to stay behind, no matter how much she knows the other girl needs to feel like she isn't helpless, but...a guilty part of her's glad her best friend's here.
  141. [02:11] <Tangent> There's an invisible flicker of flame, and Alexa finds herself holding bare fingers instead of enchanted metal.
  142. [02:12] <Jran-Kri> "I-I-I h-h-hear a t-t-tongue, shriller th-than all the m-m-music," Alexa says simply, clenching Amelia's wrist. "... I-I j-j-just nodded. I'm f-f-fine."
  143. [02:12] <Jar_Mimic> Rose stops talking after this comment not even directed at her. Her own voice is shrill, and she knows it.
  144. [02:14] <Tangent> Amelia bites her lip. She takes a breath, and then Alexa finds herself clutched in a clumsy hug. "If you say so...Hey, when this is over...Let's...let's just...take a break from all this, okay? Maybe...maybe just us. We could go to somewhere near home. Somewhere quiet, just...relax. Talk about stuff. Does you want to?"
  145. [02:14] <Tangent> Her voice's strangely soft, catching once or twice.
  146. [02:16] <fox_de_lumine_> As Amelia spoke, she might - if she were particularly perceptive - pick up on a shift in the acoustics of the space they were in, as if her voice were suddenly bouncing around a much smaller area rather than the entirety of the truck.
  147. [02:16] <DrEvilKitteh> There was a small scraping sound of metal on metal as Walter tugged something free from within the Stalker's chassis. He didn't really seem to care about the quakes for the time they lasted, nor did he comment on anything else, so enthralled in his tinkering was he--with invisible hands, no less.
  148. [02:17] <Jran-Kri> Alexa hums under her breath. There is another prolonged silence. "I-I n-n-nodded a-again," she says simply. The ghost of laughter slithers out of her throat like a rattlesnake's hiss. "Y-y-yes. I... I... w-w-would like. To. G-g-go. Home."
  149. [02:18] <LeftHandofGod> "...makes one of us," mutters Lin under her breath; it's probably audible in this quiet, enclosed space.
  150. [02:19] <Jran-Kri> "AFTERTHIS," Alexa hisses. It's almost possible to hear her neck cricking as she whips her head around. "A-a-after the w-w-work is d-d-done." She continues in a whisper.
  151. [02:21] <Tangent> Please let her be okay. Please. "We'll get it done." She says, soothingly, softly. Her fingers gently press against Alexa in small circles, as though trying to calm an injured animal. "It'll be okay..." It's not clear if she's talking to Alexa or herself at the end.
  152. [02:23] <Jran-Kri> Alexa merely hums again, falling silent.
  153. [02:24] <DrEvilKitteh> Several minutes later later, and making truly impressive time in the progress, the convoy rumbled through the massive portcullis at the front of the stronghold. Simply put, the area immediately inside the citadel was cavernous. Clockwork automatons bustled around in parts, going to and fro, with many of those little skittering spider-like ones flitting about in a frantic hurry. Stairs and elevators going up and down were visible, and despite the traffic, gaping, open areas presented themselves to the group's view, which would be quite useful for navigating around without bumping into anyone.
  154. [02:24] <DrEvilKitteh> “Everyone, link hands so no one gets lost,” Walter frantically whispered. “Seo, take mine, I'll lead.” He held his invisible hand out to the gumiho and readied himself.
  155. [02:24] <Tangent> Amelia reluctantly lets go, but holds onto Alexa with one hand.
  156. [02:25] <LeftHandofGod> Lin reaches out a hand, looking for whoever was next to her.
  157. [02:26] <fox_de_lumine_> Seo-Hyun took the robot's hand and then extended her other towards the rest of the cabin. "I'll let you guys figure out what order you all want to move in, though we may want to have Amelia close to the front."
  158. [02:26] <Jran-Kri> Alexa takes Amelia's hand as well, letting herself be dragged along at her leisure.
  159. [02:26] <Tangent> Amelia actually cracks a smile at that. "Fine by me."
  160. [02:26] <DrEvilKitteh> (Walter>Seo>Amelia>Alexa>Rose>Lin)
  161. [02:26] <DrEvilKitteh> (Sound good?)
  162. [02:26] <LeftHandofGod> (Good)
  163. [02:26] <Jar_Mimic> Not wanting to hold hands with someone she's only just met, Rosemary goes straight for Seo-Hyun's other hand. There we go. She's holding someone's hand now, wheterh it's Seo's or not.
  164. [02:27] <DrEvilKitteh> (Heh.)
  165. [02:27] <Jar_Mimic> It's not, but she doesn't mind.
  166. [02:27] <fox_de_lumine_> (Sounds like Amelia would get quite mad at holding Seo's hand so I'm down with that)
  167. [02:27] <Jar_Mimic> (Sounds good.)
  168. [02:27] <LeftHandofGod> That hand is slightly colder than would be expected normally.
  169. [02:27] <fox_de_lumine_> ("wait a minute, are these claws- OH GOD DAMN IT")
  170. [02:28] <Tangent> (Amelia'd deal with it.)
  171. [02:28] <Tangent> (She just gets antsy around monstergirls and Seo rubs her the wrong way.)
  172. [02:29] <Jar_Mimic> Although, at some point, she begins to question why the hand she IS holding is vibrating so much.
  173. [02:30] <Tangent> (lewd)
  174. [02:30] <fox_de_lumine_> (oh god i just realised this is an orgy of handholding, someone call the censors)
  175. [02:30] <DrEvilKitteh> (They're all invisible.)
  176. [02:30] <DrEvilKitteh> (It's fiiiiiiiiiiiiine.)
  177. [02:33] <DrEvilKitteh> Together, Walter led the girls through the crowd, winding amongst the automatons. There were only a few close calls, with the worst being the moment that one Soldier stumbled after hitting someone's invisible foot, but it shook off its confusion and continue marching after a moment. They headed up to a stairwell, to the door on the other side, and down a perpendicular hallway to a more or less empty broom cupboard. “Alright, you can drop the invisibility,” said the android as he released Seo-Hyun and relaxed. “...Good. Now we can figure out where to go from here.”
  178. [02:34] <fox_de_lumine_> And abruptly, everyone blurred back into visibility. Seo-Hyun looked a good deal more tired than she had when she had first hidden the group. "Can you just... give me a minute, first? Need to catch my breath."
  179. [02:34] <Tangent> Amelia'd gone tense as it hit her boot, but that tension's replaced by anticipation. She straightens, then lets go off Alexa, raising her sword up in hand as she looks around for signs of trouble. "Take your time." Was that a joke? It's hard to tell...
  180. [02:35] <LeftHandofGod> Lin glances around at her allies, drumming her fingers on her leg. It's...a little crowded in this broom closet for her.
  181. [02:36] <Jar_Mimic> "I'm sorry about that close call before," the glove wearing girl confesses, lowering her head, "I'll try and be more careful in the future. You're all doing a good job, though. Let's keep it up."
  182. [02:40] <DrEvilKitteh> "Of course. I need to look at this anyway." Walter pulled out a small...thing. It was shaped weirdly, more or less flat, a few inches long, almost like a board for a computer of some kind. Except more bronze and clockwork-y. "Using this identity chip, I ought to be able to look back at the Stalker's memory's. With luck, it will have been around this area enough for me to glean some useful information on the layout and important potential targets." He shrugged at Rosemary. "Don't worry about it. We got through it just fine." With that, the android pulled out the device with the screen and knobs on it, which he promptly plugged the identity chip into by way of connecting wires.
  183. [02:42] <fox_de_lumine_> Seo-Hyun paced off to a corner of the broom closet, closing her eyes as she braced herself against the walls. She didn't seem to be in a state to do much of anything planning-wise.
  184. [02:44] <DrEvilKitteh> (Vox is retiring for the night soon, but we'll continue for a little bit before pausing.)
  185. [02:45] <Tangent> (You have logs yeah?)
  186. [02:46] <DrEvilKitteh> (Duh.)
  187. [02:46] <Tangent> (alright)
  188. [02:49] <DrEvilKitteh> (...No one else gonna post?)
  189. [02:49] <LeftHandofGod> (Was waiting for Walter to identify targets, but if ya want one)
  190. [02:49] <DrEvilKitteh> (That will come in a bit.)
  191. [02:50] <LeftHandofGod> Lin keeps a close eye on her map, continuing to drum her fingers on her leg impatiently. "Doesn't look like their patrols come by our position often. Lucky us."
  192. [02:51] <Jar_Mimic> "I won't worry about it," Rosemary replies, adjusting her clothes nervously. Wearing clothes all the time is still a relatively new thing for her, so the sensation of fussing over them is comforting for her. "I'll take what I did wrong into account, and improve for next time. No more slip ups."
  193. [02:59] <DrEvilKitteh> Walter took another cable, stuck it into the device, and plugged the port in the back of his head, through his hair. He made sure he was holding both the chip and the scanner securely, then flicked a switch and pushed the main button. His eyes lit up, glowing bright green, causing the android to stiffen and stare blankly out into space. He remained that way for about five minutes, at which point he shut his eyes and rigorously shook his head. “Gah. That has always been a supremely unpleasant experience.” Walter unplugged himself and shoved both the scanner and the chip into one of his coat pockets. “...Good news and bad news. The Stalkers has been around here--quite extensively, actually. I know where the Prime Core room is, where most of the Alchemist's labs are, the temple's location, and...and...” He hesitated, a visible shudder running through his body. “I only caught glimpses, but he has prisoners in one of the labs up in that spiral tower. Magical Girls. Live captives. I...I think.”
  194. [03:00] <Tangent> "Then we have to help them." Amelia says, as simply as if she was saying her name. " bad does it look?"
  195. [03:01] <Tangent> *them first.
  196. [03:01] <LeftHandofGod> Lin nods at this. "Prisoners come first. No matter how bad it looks."
  197. [03:02] <Jran-Kri> "'As he died to make men holy, so we live to make men free,'" Alexa sings, her stutter nowhere to be found. Even she seems surprised for a moment, but when she speaks again, it's back in full force. "Y-y-yes, I... w-w-want. J-justice. But... w-we h-have to ruh-rescue them."
  198. [03:03] <DrEvilKitteh> "...Some part of me sincerely hopes that they are dead," Walter replied in a soft voice. He looked almost...queasy. If that was possible for a clockwork robotic person.
  199. [03:04] <Jar_Mimic> "Prisoners? Th-that's awful. We have to help them no matter what. I can put off my..." Gritting her teeth, Rose swipes at the air. "I mean, I can put off Iris's justice for a little while if it means that we can save people."
  200. [03:13] <DrEvilKitteh> An intercom crackled to life, feedback ringing for a good several seconds before it faded away. “Gooooood morning, my Clockwork Legion all~!” boomed the Alchemist's voice in a cheery tone that just /oozed/ 'sociopath'. “Or afternoon. Evening. Elevenses? Wait, no, that's a food time. Bah, whatever. Point is, be sure to say 'Hi' to Walter and his pedo posse while you're out and about. I'm sure they can use the company while ol' Ironclad hunts 'em down like ducks. Er...or was it dogs...” He sighed explosively and banged on the speaker. “Whatever! It's not like they can foil my oh-so-eeeEEEevil plans at this stage anyway! MUAHAHAHA!” ...The Alchemist weakly cleared his throat. “...Ah, yes, quite. Kill 'em dead, Legion, but be sure to save some for Ironclad--he likee some bloody, tenderized meat every now and then, or so I hear. Charming bloke, honestly.”
  201. [03:13] <DrEvilKitteh> The intercom shut off with a crackling hiss.
  202. [03:13] <DrEvilKitteh> (Aaaand pause.)
  203. [03:17] <DrEvilKitteh> (So, quick note to everyone: I'll be late tomorrow. Around 10-11 PM EST is when I get back, but since everyone else except maybe Lefty /should/ be back on by that time, we can continue ASAP.)
  204. [03:18] <LeftHandofGod> (I'll be back around by like 930 EST actually, so it should be fine)
  205. [03:18] <Tangent> (sounds good)
  206. [03:19] <DrEvilKitteh> (Okay.)
  207. [03:20] <DrEvilKitteh> (And it looks like everyone is in agreement to go rescue the captives first. Maybe Seo, too, but we'll see when Vox gets on tomorrow; speaking of, someone should catch him up in my stead if he doesn't get back on before I leave for my game.)
  210. [22:36] <DrEvilKitteh> (Claiming this room for ClockQuest shit. Time to burn the motherfuckin' midnight oil to get as much of this shit done as possible, Mahous.)
  211. [22:37] <DrEvilKitteh> (Repost incoming.)
  212. [22:37] <LeftHandofGod> (Caffeine in hand; gogogo)
  213. [22:37] <Jar_Mimic> (I have all night!)
  214. [22:37] <DrEvilKitteh> [02:59] <DrEvilKitteh> Walter took another cable, stuck it into the device, and plugged the port in the back of his head, through his hair. He made sure he was holding both the chip and the scanner securely, then flicked a switch and pushed the main button. His eyes lit up, glowing bright green, causing the android to stiffen and stare blankly out into space. He remained that way for about five minutes, at which point he shut his eyes and rigorously shook his head. “Gah. That has always been a supremely unpleasant experience.” Walter unplugged himself and shoved both the scanner and the chip into one of his coat pockets. “...Good news and bad news. The Stalkers has been around here--quite extensively, actually. I know where the Prime Core room is, where most of the Alchemist's labs are, the temple's location, and...and...” He hesitated, a visible shudder running through his body. “I only caught glimpses, but he has prisoners in one of the labs up in that spiral tower. Magical Girls. Live captives. I...I think.”
  215. [22:37] <DrEvilKitteh> [03:00] <Tangent> "Then we have to help them first." Amelia says, as simply as if she was saying her name. " bad does it look?"
  216. [22:37] <DrEvilKitteh> [03:01] <LeftHandofGod> Lin nods at this. "Prisoners come first. No matter how bad it looks."
  217. [22:37] <DrEvilKitteh> [03:02] <Jran-Kri> "'As he died to make men holy, so we live to make men free,'" Alexa sings, her stutter nowhere to be found. Even she seems surprised for a moment, but when she speaks again, it's back in full force. "Y-y-yes, I... w-w-want. J-justice. But... w-we h-have to ruh-rescue them."
  218. [22:37] <DrEvilKitteh> [03:03] <DrEvilKitteh> "...Some part of me sincerely hopes that they are dead," Walter replied in a soft voice. He looked almost...queasy. If that was possible for a clockwork robotic person.
  219. [22:37] <DrEvilKitteh> [03:04] <Jar_Mimic> "Prisoners? Th-that's awful. We have to help them no matter what. I can put off my..." Gritting her teeth, Rose swipes at the air. "I mean, I can put off Iris's justice for a little while if it means that we can save people."
  220. [22:37] <DrEvilKitteh> [03:13] <DrEvilKitteh> An intercom crackled to life, feedback ringing for a good several seconds before it faded away. “Gooooood morning, my Clockwork Legion all~!” boomed the Alchemist's voice in a cheery tone that just /oozed/ 'sociopath'. “Or afternoon. Evening. Elevenses? Wait, no, that's a food time. Bah, whatever. Point is, be sure to say 'Hi' to Walter and his pedo posse while you're out and about. I'm sure they can use the company while ol' Ironclad hunts 'em down like ducks. Er...or was it dogs...” He sighed explosively and banged on the speaker. “Whatever! It's not like they can foil my oh-so-eeeEEEevil plans at this stage anyway! MUAHAHAHA!” ...The Alchemist weakly cleared his throat. “...Ah, yes, quite. Kill 'em dead, Legion, but be sure to save some for Ironclad--he likee some bloody, tenderized meat every now and then, or so I hear. Charming bloke. Honest.”
  221. [22:37] <DrEvilKitteh> [03:13] <DrEvilKitteh> The intercom shut off with a crackling hiss.
  222. [22:40] <Tangent> "I'm going to kill him." Amelia announces, deadpan. It's not entirely clear if she's trying to be funny.
  223. [22:41] <Seo-Hyun> Abruptly, Seo-Hyun's exhaustion was gone, replaced by a seething, nearly murderous anger. "/What/?! How? How does he know we're here?! We should have been entirely undetectable!"
  224. [22:42] <Jar_Mimic> "Oh, is he sending the giant metal man to us? Good." Rosemary folds her arms, looking angrily toward the door of the broom closet. "That'll save me the trouble of having to look for him."
  225. [22:46] <DrEvilKitteh> Walter was resting his face in his hand, feeling a headache from looking into the Stalker's memories and what the Alchemist had said. Alexa was twitchy usual and made a short, harsh biblical quote that will go unmentioned because the GM's a lazy bastard. "...I don't know how," the former muttered, not lifting his head from his palm. "Regardless, we're inside his stronghold now, and he doesn't know where exactly we are. So we still have /some/ element of surprise."
  226. [22:48] <LeftHandofGod> "So the plan: Free the prisoners first, then what?" asks Lin, her tone communicating urgency.
  227. [22:49] <Tangent> "Rescue the prisoners, find him, set him on fire."
  228. [22:50] <Seo-Hyun> "Oh, good. It's been a while since I had barbecue. What about the muscle? Anyone have a way to attack him without being in proximity?"
  229. [22:50] <Jar_Mimic> "Also, we're not a pedo posse. If he was staying true to the latin root, then it would be appropriate, but I'm certain that he was using it in the more colloquial sense of a pedophile by the way he said it. That would make Walter the pedo." A pause. "Yes, let's find the shortest route to the prisoners."
  230. [22:51] <DrEvilKitteh> "They're in..." Walter hesitated and made a face, " of the Alchemist's laboratories. In that spiral tower, along with several other laboratories nearby. He might be in one of them. That being said, the factory above has the Prime Core in it, and it's still one of my prime targets."
  231. [22:52] <LeftHandofGod> Lin gestures with her pistol. "If we need to fight the muscle, leave him to me. So... the prisoners, then the prime core to reduce the strength of the foe?"
  232. [22:53] <DrEvilKitteh> "Unlike the Alchemist, I now know where, precisely, the housing chamber for the Prime Core is." Walter looked at the others, clearly seeking their input on that as well.
  233. [22:53] <Tangent> "First the prisoners, then the guy himself. His stuff can wait- he's not getting away this time!" Amelia thumps her armored fist for emphasis.
  234. 22:55] <Seo-Hyun> "Which gives us a better chance of tearing that smug fuck to shreds?" Seo-Hyun didn't seem aware of the irony of her of all people calling the Alchemist smug.
  235. [22:56] <LeftHandofGod> "If we take out the core, we don't run the risk of drowning in the blood of his army that would inevitably come to his aid. We need to mitigate the numbers problem we have before we try to fight the bastard himself."
  236. [22:56] <DrEvilKitteh> "I'd say that not having an army at his beck and call would tilt the odds much more in our favor." He nodded at Lin.
  237. [22:56] <Jar_Mimic> "Well, after we rescue the prisoners, I don't have any imput over where we should go after that. But hitting the guy first would be better, right? I mean, if we break his stuff, he could always repair it."
  238. [22:57] <Tangent> "My vote's for going right at him. He got away last time. Not this time."
  239. [22:57] <Seo-Hyun> "Then let's amputate the beast before we behead it. I don't want to give that piece of shit the slightest chance against us."
  240. [22:59] <DrEvilKitteh> (...Hrm. Since Alexa can't give proper input, do you guys mind if I use Walter/my vote for the tiebreaker?)
  241. [22:59] <LeftHandofGod> (fine by me
  242. [22:59] <DrEvilKitteh> (Going for the Prime Core it is.)
  243. [23:00] <Ralphone> (What happened to Alexa this time?)
  244. [23:00] <DrEvilKitteh> (Jran's at work late.)
  245. [23:00] <Seo-Hyun> (Everyone is having all the problems.)
  246. [23:00] <Ralphone> (Oh.)
  247. [23:05] <DrEvilKitteh> "...Looks like the Prime Core it is." Walter slowly nodded and looked at Lin, then Seo-Hyun. "We'll need to take one of the elevators; it will be much faster, but...the automatons pack themselves into them. Seo, make an illusion of us as a couple squads of Soldiers. If you do it well enough, we can get through without the real automatons questioning much, if anything. We just need to stick in close formation while the illusions make the Soldiers look like they're marching together."
  248. [23:07] <Seo-Hyun> Seo-Hyun nodded grimly, practically flinging the motes of foxfire at her companions as they were very swiftly disguised to look like the clockwork infantrymen who infested the complex. It seemed like Seo-Hyun was still taking things a bit personally.
  249. [23:10] <DrEvilKitteh> "Lin, tell us when. I don't even want a Servitor drone to notice us exiting this room."
  250. [23:10] <DrEvilKitteh> On the Super Map, there were some enemy contacts around their area, but within the next minute they would definitely have a chance to quickly exit without being seen.
  251. [23:12] <LeftHandofGod> "On my mark. Get in formation. Keep me towards the rear, I'll try to keep a subtle eye on my map." She watches intently for an opening.
  252. [23:12] <DrEvilKitteh> !roll 1d60
  253. [23:12] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: 40
  254. [23:12] <Jar_Mimic> "Ready to move on your signal." Grimacing at the door, Rose readies herself.
  255. [23:13] <Tangent> Amelia wordlessly strides to the front of the group.
  256. [23:14] <DrEvilKitteh> “Remember, walk together and quickly, but not fast enough to draw attention,” Walter muttered.
  257. [23:14] <DrEvilKitteh> Forty seconds later, exactly, there would be an opening.
  258. [23:14] <DrEvilKitteh> The citadel shook as the pulses began again, but it was a slight thing. The shaking wasn't nearly as violent as when they had been traveling outside in the convoy transport, so presumably this building was somehow braced or made in such a way that it harmlessly absorbed the shockwaves.
  259. [23:14] <LeftHandofGod> Her eyes light up. "There it is...on go. 3, 2, 1, go."
  260. [23:15] <Jar_Mimic> Alright, best soldier impression. Soldiers goosestep, right? Goosestepping it is.
  261. [23:15] <DrEvilKitteh> (Vox, roll MAG, and everyone roll AGI or LCK.)
  262. [23:16] <Seo-Hyun> (Still at +3 dice, right?)
  263. [23:16] <DrEvilKitteh> (Yeah.)
  264. [23:16] <LeftHandofGod> !ex 13 [Goosestep]
  265. [23:16] <Molbot> LeftHandofGod: [10, 1, 5, 8, 6, 9, 6, 4, 10, 7, 2, 1, 2]. Successes total: 7
  266. [23:16] <Jar_Mimic> !ex 6
  267. [23:16] <Molbot> Jar_Mimic: please make sure the dice pool size is specified correctly. Must be a number between 1 and 100.
  268. [23:16] <Jar_Mimic> !ex 6 v
  269. [23:16] <Molbot> Jar_Mimic: [5, 1, 2, 4, 7, 7]. Successes total: 2
  270. [23:16] <Seo-Hyun> !ex 16 Illusions
  271. [23:16] <Molbot> Seo-Hyun: [2, 6, 10, 3, 2, 9, 7, 7, 10, 1, 4, 8, 9, 5, 1, 3]. Successes total: 9
  272. [23:17] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 6 v (Alexa)
  273. [23:17] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [9, 3, 3, 2, 7, 7]. Successes total: 3
  274. [23:17] <Seo-Hyun> !ex 5 Agility
  275. [23:17] <Molbot> Seo-Hyun: [10, 1, 2, 10, 9]. Successes total: 5
  276. [23:17] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 10 v (Walter)
  277. [23:17] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [1, 5, 10, 1, 1, 10, 10, 7, 3, 2]. Successes total: 7
  278. [23:17] <Tangent> !ex 5
  279. [23:17] <Molbot> Tangent: please make sure the dice pool size is specified correctly. Must be a number between 1 and 100.
  280. [23:17] <Tangent> !ex 5 Awful agi
  281. [23:17] <Molbot> Tangent: [8, 10, 5, 2, 9]. Successes total: 4
  282. [23:17] <DrEvilKitteh> (As it turns out, Walter is quite good at imitating robotic movements.)
  283. [23:18] <DrEvilKitteh> (Who'da thunk.)
  284. [23:26] <DrEvilKitteh> They promptly exited the cupboard and shut it behind themselves. Walter was in the lead next to Amelia, and as one, the group headed back the way they'd came to one of the elevators. None of the Sentinels seemed to pierce Seo-Hyun's illusion, but Rosemary, Alexa, and Seo all had some close-call. Rosemary was, unsurprisingly, the most...conspicuous. To be fair, another Soldier evidently didn't notice her until they bumped knees, causing the real automaton to stumble and fall to the ground. The group kept moving, and none of the other automatons seemed to notice /who/, precisely, had caused the Soldier to rather roughly tumble to the floor. Alexa, in her twitchy agitation, bumped shoulders with a Flesh Golem and barely avoided braining it with her staff out of sheer righteous fury and revulsion. Seo merely drew the eyes of a small pack of Sentinels as they exited the elevator the group was standing in front of, but most of them dismissed the illusion-clad girls and android. Upon moving inside, hitting one of the buttons, and watching the doors closes with a clang, Walter relaxed a bit but didn't move much. "...Seo, can you make the Soldier illusions look static?" he muttered out of the corner of his mouth. "The elevators may be watched."
  285. [23:29] <DrEvilKitteh> *none of the other automatons seemed to notice /who/, precisely, had caused the Soldier to rather roughly tumble to the floor.
  286. [23:30] <Seo-Hyun> The words echoed in Walter's ear, rather than coming from Seo-Hyun herself. "What am I, an amateur? They're already frozen in place." Her words came out quite harshly, either due to continued irritation or simply the strain of maintaining a large number of illusions as perfectly as she could manage.
  287. [23:32] <LeftHandofGod> "How far from the elevators do we have to go?" asks Lin, watching for any signatures that don't match what she's seen thus far.
  288. [23:32] <Jar_Mimic> Like before, it takes a sizable amount of willpower for Rose not to immediately start apologizing profusely. As a whisper, she simply says to them, "G-good job, everyone. It wasn't perfect, but we did well just the same. Sorry I almost got us caught. I didn't even notice I knocked that guy down."
  289. [23:33] <Tangent> "Don't worry about it." Amelia says, too tense to be comforting.
  290. [23:35] <DrEvilKitteh> Unruffled by her tone, Walter sighed and rotated his neck. It was...disconcerting, to say the least, given how the illusion overlaying his person didn't move when he did. "...There are elevators going straight into the spiral tower, and beyond, directly into the factory. And vice versa. This isn't one of them, so we'll need to do some more trekking through the hallways again before we reach one that can."
  291. [23:35] <DrEvilKitteh> As for the map, there were most certainly numerous signatures that were unfamiliar to Lin, but it was impossible to tell what exactly they were. Some were large, some were small, but the entire citadel was practically crawling with automatons.
  292. [23:43] <DrEvilKitteh> (Nothing?)
  293. [23:43] <LeftHandofGod> (Nothing here.)
  294. [23:46] <Seo-Hyun> (Nein.)
  295. [23:48] <Jar_Mimic> "I'll do my best to improve. Please, put up with me for a while longer. I promise that I won't screw up like that again." Rosemary is very glad that an illusion covers her. This isn't a state she wants people to see her in.
  296. [23:49] <LeftHandofGod> "Stay calm and stay focused. We'll be fine," mumbles Lin, trying to reassure the other girl enough to keep her from making mistakes out of nervousness.
  297. [23:55] <DrEvilKitteh> The elevator slowed after a minute and gave a low, growling /gong/ to signal its arrival. The doors thudded open, putting the group face to face with another squad of Soldiers. Fortunately, there was enough room to exit and maneuver around the clockwork constructs, which they did fairly seamlessly. However, they were in the very heart of the citadel, and it showed. Patrols were much more common and the guards were on much higher alert, but it didn't look like they were actively searching for the party. Again, they got through the dimly-lit hallways made of bare, thick stone fairly easily, as Walter was able to better silently direct them than before.
  298. [23:55] <DrEvilKitteh> Some minutes passed before they reached an intersection. To the left down the hall was a set of thick, heavy double doors, and to the right down the corridor were a few elevators. There was...a dearth of guards around that area, however. Only a few Soldiers walked by, and that was literally it, even on Lin's map--speaking of the map, the room to their left was empty, blank, nonexistent. Like it was a nonentity or something. Weird.
  299. [23:55] <DrEvilKitteh> As Walter approached the intersection and made to turn right, both he, Seo-Hyun, and Lin could hear faint whistling coming from the corridor directly ahead.
  300. [23:59] <Seo-Hyun> Seo-Hyun kept moving... Just long enough to make the turn and get out of the corridor in question. She waited there, however, seemingly intent on investigating the source of that whistling.
  301. [00:00] <LeftHandofGod> Lin's hand twitches toward the gun on her hip, but with some willpower, she is able to resist the urge to pluck it from its holster.
  302. [00:02] <Tangent> Amelia just grips her sword a little tighter, but doesn't break stride. A look back.
  303. [00:03] <Jar_Mimic> Whistling isn't something that gets on Rose's radar, even if she could hear it. Her mother whistles a lot. So, she just follows everyone else, hoping that they know where they're going. Obviously, she has no real idea.
  304. [00:07] <DrEvilKitteh> The intercom crackled to life again. The first thing they heard was a high-pitched scream that was abruptly cut off. “Whoops, wrong recording there. Ahem.” The Alchemist sucked in a breath. “Goooood afternoon my Clockwork Legion all~! It looks like those silly little girls and their rusty, obsolete android have been scared from their hidey-hole by my last broadcast! No, seriously, ol' Ironclad claims he's caught their scent, finally. Terrific, standup guy. Really. Honest. But go figure, huh?” He cackled and clapped loudly. “Ahhh~, it's just so damned /satisfying/ when everything works out perfectly. I knew they were coming, obviously, but I just kept babbling for hours every few minutes to rile 'em up if they did manage to sneak in. Good god, I impressed even /myself/! That's no mean feat, Legion mine!”
  305. [00:07] <DrEvilKitteh> The source of the whistling didn't stop, and gradually drew near as the broadcast went on. If Lin deigned to stop and check her map, she'd see a single contact meandering through the hallways, heading in their direction. At /looked/ like one. It was a little fuzzy and twitchy. Like it might not be all there.
  306. [00:08] <LeftHandofGod> If the coast appears to be clear for the moment, Lin mutters, as quietly as possible, "Incoming, we need to move it."
  307. [00:10] <DrEvilKitteh> The coast was, indeed, clear. Only one other contact was even near them, and that was a Servitor bot that's skittering along the wall down the coridor the elevators were in.
  308. [00:11] <Tangent> "...Right. Let's go."
  309. [00:15] <DrEvilKitteh> !roll 1d20
  310. [00:15] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: 4
  311. [00:16] <Jar_Mimic> "I'm prepared to smash something if I need to," the former sheep doll whispers. Naturally, she follows right along with the group.
  312. [00:17] <DrEvilKitteh> Walter paused and looked over his shoulder at the heavy double-doors opposite the elevators. He felt Something strange. He shook it off. That could come later, at the very least after the captives were...freed.
  313. [00:17] <DrEvilKitteh> Together the group went to an elevator, waited about fifteen seconds, then stepped inside. Walter pressed a button. Just as the doors were sliding shut, they caught a glimpse of a figure in a cream robe waltzing into the intersection.
  314. [00:18] <Tangent> (Time to stop the doors?)
  315. [00:18] <LeftHandofGod> The moment the doors shut, Lin mumbles to Walter, "Can you jam this set of elevators? I think that's the one that was hunting us."
  316. [00:19] <DrEvilKitteh> (If you really want to try, roll AGI to see if Amelia can get there fast enough.)
  317. [00:20] <Jar_Mimic> "What? That was him? O-open the doors, then! He's right there! I know that we can take him if..." She realizes that she's yelling. So she starts whispering again. "If we all work together."
  318. [00:21] <LeftHandofGod> "...Captives first. Stick to the plan."
  319. [00:22] <Seo-Hyun> "He knows where we are. It's bait. If we go out there and try to attack him now we'll be torn to shreds.Bide our time, make sure that we're the ones taking him off guard."
  320. [00:24] <DrEvilKitteh> "...That may well have just been an illusion of the Alchemist," Walter growled. "But I will jam them, yes. He will likely notice that I have done so fairly soon, though." He knelt and plugged into a port below the button panel, and began fiddling with the mechanisms behind it after.
  321. [00:25] <LeftHandofGod> "...Freeing the captives will announce our position anyway. After that, we have to move fast to shut down the core."
  322. [00:25] <Jar_Mimic> Wearing a cross look, Rose begins to tap her foot impatiently. "I suppose you do all know what you're talking about. It's just frustrating knowing he might be out there. But if it's a trap, then you're right."
  323. [00:27] <DrEvilKitteh> Walter nodded. “Good point.”
  324. [00:27] <DrEvilKitteh> Several moments later, everything began to feel lighter. Gradually, but as the elevator moved "up", they started to feel the sensation more and more. The group was entering the area where gravity was rather wonky and weird due to the layout of the Overcity around them.
  325. [00:30] <Jar_Mimic> This definitely makes her feel better. "Woah. This is cool. I want one of these for home."
  326. [00:32] <Seo-Hyun> "Somehow I get the impression that it'd be hard to create upwards-facing gravity in your house. And not particularly helpful."
  327. [00:34] <Tangent> Amelia's gone quiet again, after an abortive gesture at the door. "Prisoners come first." She says to herself, sounding far from happy about it. "Can't wait to blow all of this up. I just want it to burn." She says flatly.
  328. [00:40] <DrEvilKitteh> The elevator made another /gong/ as it slowed and stopped. There was still some gravity, but it was pulling them down /and/ slightly to the side. When the doors opened...nothing was immediately outside to greet them. The spiral tower was about 100-130 meters across in width, it was a little hard to tell.
  329. [00:40] <DrEvilKitteh> “Quick, hurry. It's just down this corridor and to the left.” Walter gestured ahead. He was still kneeling in front of the panel, but after a bit more tinkering, he finished the job and rushed out.
  330. [00:40] <DrEvilKitteh> The door leading to the captive's room was, surprisingly, not reinforced much at all. No guards around here, either, just Servitor drones.
  331. [00:41] <LeftHandofGod> Lin eyes her map, concern on her features. "This...isn't right. Shouldn't a prison be better guarded?" she asks, voice hushed.
  332. [00:43] <Seo-Hyun> "I don't think this is a prison." The constant faint tingling of the foxfire surrounding the group ramped up slightly, seemingly indicating a degree of agitation on Seo-Hyun's part.
  333. [00:46] <DrEvilKitteh> "It's not a prison," said Walter grimly. "It's a laboratory." He grabbed the door and tore it out of the wall, snapping the locks, to reveal a...blank, rectangular room about thirty feet long and twenty feet wide, with a solid mirror covering most of the left wall. There was a single table opposite the door with notes and instruments scattered haphazardly about. In front of the mirror was a long, low control panel of sorts, with several different buttons, switches, antique screens, and the like, with a spinny chair sitting before it.
  334. [00:46] <Tangent> "Just when I think it can't sink any lower."
  335. [00:48] <Jar_Mimic> "Yes, I remember he said it was a lab. But... Where are the prisoners? I don't see anything here. Would smashing something help? Or would doing an investigation of the surroundings, trying to find clues be more helpful?"
  336. [00:48] <LeftHandofGod> Lin scans the room without a word, then returns to watching her map with increased intensity.
  337. [00:50] <Tangent> Amelia's walked over to the mirror. The girl in the reflection just looks tired...but there's an angry look in her eyes as both she and her reflection raise a sword and stab forwards.
  338. [00:50] <Tangent> [Amelia attacks the mirror]
  339. [00:50] <DrEvilKitteh> Walter strode in and began looking over the control panel. Fairly quickly, he found something and pulled it out: a card, similar to the identity chip he'd yanked out of the inactive Stalker. He read the label, then stepped over to the table and rifled through the contents atop it.
  340. [00:51] <DrEvilKitteh> The entire room was fuzzy and incoherent on Lin's map.
  341. [00:51] <DrEvilKitteh> (Roll STR.)
  342. [00:52] <Tangent> !ex 11 Strength offense
  343. [00:52] <Molbot> Tangent: [1, 6, 10, 5, 7, 10, 10, 1, 2, 6, 6]. Successes total: 7
  344. [00:53] <DrEvilKitteh> A small crack appears where Amelia stabbed it, but the force shocked her arm rather uncomfortably. Not enough to damage her, especially with regeneration, but it was unpleasant all the same. Evidently, it was a damn tough mirror.
  345. [00:54] <Tangent> "Goddamnit!" Amelia glares. She's not going to be beaten by a mirror. She takes another swing at it!
  346. [00:54] <Tangent> !ex 11 Strength offense take 2
  347. [00:54] <Molbot> Tangent: [10, 8, 9, 6, 1, 10, 1, 1, 10, 6, 1]. Successes total: 8
  348. [00:58] <DrEvilKitteh> This time, she hits it at a very bad angle. Her wrist twists as the sword bounced off and skidded across the surface, cracking it a little more but injuring her a little. (1 Wound.)
  349. [00:59] <DrEvilKitteh> "Amelia, wait!" Walter hurried over and waved frantically in front of her. "I have an easier way. I, uh...I think." He set several gathered cards down on the control panel and tentatively pressed a few buttons and flipped some switches to turn it on. That was step one...
  350. [00:59] <Jar_Mimic> "Oh, are we hitting the mirror now? Let me try! I'm sure I can break it." At the suggestion, Rosemary's eyes change color. They go from green to red as muscles visibly tense in her exposed wrists.
  351. [00:59] <Tangent> "Ah!" Amelia holds her wrist to herside, wincing in pain. She looks about to straight up bullrush the mirror when Walter steps in, leaving her standing to the side, wincing as tendrils of smoke drift from her arm.
  352. [01:00] <Jar_Mimic> !ex 17 Punch
  353. [01:00] <Molbot> Jar_Mimic: [9, 7, 2, 1, 1, 4, 4, 2, 6, 7, 10, 1, 10, 4, 10, 6, 9]. Successes total: 10
  354. [01:01] <DrEvilKitteh> A larger crack appears in the mirror. Rosemary was able to successfully hit it at a decent angle without injuring herself.
  355. [01:03] <Jar_Mimic> "Aww. But I hit it as hard as I could. This isn't normal glass. Should I try again?" She looks honestly confused.
  356. [01:05] <LeftHandofGod> Lin draws her pistol, but keeps it pointed at the ground, and keeps an eye on her map...even if it seems to be useless.
  357. [01:06] <Tangent> That's when Amelia slams into the glass, shoulderfirst. She seems to be very, very annoyed for some reason.
  358. [01:06] <Tangent> !ex 11 TAKE THREE
  359. [01:06] <Molbot> Tangent: [1, 10, 5, 2, 7, 9, 6, 6, 8, 2, 8]. Successes total: 6
  360. [01:06] <DrEvilKitteh> "Wait!" Walter begged. "I've almost got it."
  361. [01:06] <DrEvilKitteh> Just then, a speaker that looked like it had come from an old record player crackled softly as audio began to issue forth. After a moment, words were spoken in a familiar voice. ( )
  362. [01:06] <DrEvilKitteh> “...” The android paused to look at the speaker, then one of the cards that he'd slotted into the panel, and grimaced. He continued working, despite the continued slams.
  363. [01:07] <DrEvilKitteh> This time, Amelia hits without hurting herself. Much. A crack appears, and her shoulder is sore from the impact, but not very damaged.
  366. Audio Log:
  367. >A: Log begins. Date is...approximately seven-hundred and two days after excavations began. Specimen 001, Entry 1.
  368. >A: [clears throat]
  369. >A: This is the first so-called “Magical Girl” that I have been able to successfully capture. Uuunnnfortunately, she could not be taken alive. A pity. Perhaps the next time will yield better results in that department. The specimen's magical outfit takes the shape of a pink and purple dress with numerous frills, an ornate ribbon on the head, dainty white gloves that extend just past the elbow, and heeled shoes with a copper buckle. That being said, her attire was severely damaged and stained with copious amounts of blood during the capture process. Her enchanted weapon seems to be a small crossbow adorned with hearts and cutesy wings. Rather adorable, honestly. Hair is light brown with pink streaks. Eyes are...aquamarine. Features appear to be a mix of Caucasian and...hrm. I want to guess Indian, but she could be Pakistani as well. Either way.
  370. [pause]
  371. >A: ...It doesn't look like her internal organs have received /much/ damage. Most of the damage is to the throat, middle of the left arm, and the left side of her hip. Cause of death definitely seems to be exsanguination, particularly from the neck. In fact...both...carotid arteries appear to be severed. I can't be sure right now, but the strike may even have damaged the vertebrae of her neck. Still, moving on.
  372. [muted clatter of metal instruments]
  373. >A: Beginning dissection now.
  374. [sounds of a body being cut open]
  375. >A: ...Heart is intact. Intestines and kidney are damaged, both from blunt-force trauma and the injury to her hip. According to preliminary scans, she had an affinity for...light-based magic, it looks like. I think I'll extract the brain, next. Perhaps I can find a way to harness the magic of these “Magical Girls” somehow... Maybe as a Clockwork Flesh Golem? Could be effective, moreso if they can use their magic. Hmmm. Possibilities, possibilities...
  378. Quest Resume:
  379. [01:09] <Tangent> Amelia just listens, expression torn between disgust, contempt, and fury. She's already decided the Alchemist is going to die- this latest atrocity is just another reason.
  380. [01:09] <Jar_Mimic> "Oh, alright, I'll keep hitting it." Once again, she winds up a single punch.
  381. [01:09] <Jar_Mimic> !ex 17 Punch
  382. [01:09] <Molbot> Jar_Mimic: [8, 6, 6, 4, 4, 10, 10, 1, 8, 6, 10, 1, 3, 10, 8, 6, 6]. Successes total: 11
  383. [01:10] <DrEvilKitteh> (...I feel kinda like I'm shoehorning the audio logs in, but I wrote the damn things up so I'd /like/ to have you guys read 'em.)
  384. [01:10] <LeftHandofGod> (Joke's on you, I fuckin' /love/ audio logs)
  385. [01:11] <LeftHandofGod> Lin walks over, and sits next to the speaker, gun in her lap. "...Is there more?"
  386. [01:11] <DrEvilKitteh> Another successful hit, another large crack. Its entire surface was covered in spiderweb cracks.
  387. [01:12] <Jar_Mimic> "But it sounds like he was trying to bring them back to life after killing them. I wonder if they would have turned out like I used to be. No way he was able to, though. That kind of thing is impossible without the right kind of magic." And another.
  388. [01:12] <Jar_Mimic> !ex 17 Punch
  389. [01:12] <Molbot> Jar_Mimic: [7, 9, 4, 8, 4, 6, 1, 8, 2, 9, 5, 7, 1, 5, 8, 1, 5]. Successes total: 7
  390. [01:13] <Seo-Hyun> (Audio logs are the shit. I don't know why people are so down on them.)
  391. [01:13] <LeftHandofGod> (it was my favorite part of playing fallout)
  392. [01:13] <DrEvilKitteh> (Oh, I like 'em. It's just that I had to use muh GM NPC to actually get them playing.)
  393. [01:13] <DrEvilKitteh> (Otherwise you guys probably wouldn't even have cared until after this part.)
  394. [01:14] <Seo-Hyun> Seo-Hyun shook her head, finally paying mind to the group again. She still looked awfully angry. "He had no intention of bringing them back. He just wanted to stitch the corpse into a robot to harness its power. Also, care to explain why exactly you all are trying to punch through a mirror?"
  395. [01:15] <DrEvilKitteh> Mutely, Walter nodded and keyed the next major log he was able to find. (Refer to Titanpad again.) He pressed a final button and looked to the right side, where a door had /finally/ materialized next to the mirror. "...Well. Better late than never." Also, Rosemary cracked it a /little/ more, but unfortunately, this time was the time she twisted her wrist and/or hurt her knuckles. (1 Wound.)
  397. Second Log:
  398. >A: Log begins. Date is approximately seven-hundred and twenty-three days after the excavation began. Specimen 004 is alive, as are Specimens 005, 007, and 008. Surprisingly, Specimen 006 is a male, which is unusual for these Magical “Girls”. But then /that's/ unusual in and of itself as well. But I digress... [smug tone] I am pleased to say that my plan worked /spectacularly/. Not only did I succeed in stymieing their concerted attempt to disrupt my operation, but my automatons took down no fewer than /six/ Magical Girls, four of which are alive! Oh, this /really/ is a joyous day. Of course, more than one escaped, but that's to be expected. Still, six is quite a bit more than I had hoped for. The Ironclad Man was a critical part of this operation, so of course I am extremely grateful to him. But...anyway. Specimen 004 wears a flowing silver outfit with a long scarf and stereotypical witch's hat, pumps, an ethereal-looking skirt, and thin...platinum rings on her fingers. Skin is dark, hair is long and curly, eyes are chocolate brown, features appear to be a mixture of African and Latino traits. Her weapon is a cutlass or sabre of some kind.
  399. [pause]
  400. >A: I am removing the gag now.
  401. [sobs and crying come from a young girl]
  402. >A: Would you kindly state your name for the record, little one?
  403. >YG: [sniff, sobs harder]
  404. >A: Come now, it makes record keeping a /lot/ easier.
  405. >YG: [shrieks in pain]
  406. >A: Alright, alright, see? This is what I have to do when you won't answer me. Now, kindly state your name for the record.
  407. >YG: [blubbers incoherently]
  408. >A: [kind tone] Again, please.
  409. >YG: M-M-Maggie...C-C-Cle- [hiccup, sob] ...Clemens...
  410. >A: Ah, thank you. Maggie Clemens, correct?
  411. >M: [sniffle] “M-mhm.”
  412. >A: Good. And how old are you?
  413. >M: Th-th-thirteen...
  414. A: A tender young age. What is your magic, Maggie?
  415. >M: ...I-I'm g-g-good with g-g-ghosts, a-a-and o-other s-spirits...
  416. >A: Oh, fascinating. Tell me, how did you gain your magic?
  417. >M: Th-the P-P-Puchuu gave it t-t-to m-me.
  418. >A: I've been hearing about these “Puchuu” for a while now. I hear they come in /all/ kinds of shapes and sizes. What does yours look like?
  419. >M: A-a... H-he's a little c-c-cute b-bear, o-or a puppy...o-or s-s-something...
  420. >A: I see, I see. [takes a deep breath] Well now, I'm afraid that I'm on a busy schedule, Maggie. I'll come back to you later, but for now, I'm gonna reward your cooperation with some kindness: you won't be conscious or feel anything about to happen, okay?
  421. >M: W-w-w-what a-are you g-g-going t-to do t-t-to m-me?!
  422. >A: Oh, just some tests and minor procedures; getting things like bloodwork, spinal fluid, saliva, bone marrow, and a teensy bit of vivisecting. It will all be /painless/ for you, my dear, I promise. And I will most likely be able to do it in a nonlethal manner, too.
  423. >M: N-n-no! [starts sobbing] D-d-don't! I-I d-don't w-w-wanna! S-s-stop! P-...p-plea....please...
  424. >A: Shhh sh sh sshhh. There we go. Sleep.
  425. >M: [crying fades]
  426. [silence]
  427. >A: Specimen 004 is now unconscious. Beginning procedure now.
  429. Quest Resume:
  430. [01:16] <LeftHandofGod> "...If you need to be healed, I can take care of that," calls Lin across the room, racking the slide of her pistol and catching the bullet.
  431. [01:17] <Tangent> "I'm fine." Amelia snaps, on edge as she stalks over to the door.
  432. [01:17] <DrEvilKitteh> Alexa muttered something, waved her staff, and instantly mended Rosemary's injury with a red glow that suffused the Real Girl Now's arm.
  433. [01:18] <Jar_Mimic> "This REALLY isn't normal glass. Thankfully, Mr. Walter was able to get the door opened." And even more thankfully, there was a healer, who Rosemary ran right over toward, offering up her fist, which wasn't visibly hurt because of her glove. It certainly did sting, though. Oh, she got healed on the way. "Never mind! Thank you, um, miss."
  434. [01:18] <Tangent> "If anyone's, we need to help them. Come on."
  435. [01:19] <LeftHandofGod> Lin remains in place. "Keep it going," she orders as she loads the bullet back into the magazine.
  436. [01:19] <Tangent> Amelia tugs at the door.
  437. [01:20] <Seo-Hyun> "So that's a no, then. Alright, let's go see what's behind this mirror you were all so intent on punching down. That probably would've hurt like hell when it finally shattered, come to think of it." Seo-Hyun started pacing towards the door, a sphere of foxfire forming in her hand in case it remained shut.
  438. [01:21] <Tangent> Amelia's already on her way through, sword in hand.
  439. [01:22] <DrEvilKitteh> Wordlessly, Alexa went along with Amelia to the now-open door. Like the one Walter had torn off earlier, this one wasn't reinforced in the slightest. The room on the other side of the mirror was dark, though small lights on machines could be seen here and there. It seemed like she either had to find the light switch or clap. Maybe.
  440. [01:22] <DrEvilKitteh> Again, Walter slotted a card into the panel and started the log. (Titanpad, dur.)
  442. Third Log:
  443. >A: Log begins. Date is approximately seven-hundred and twenty-three days after the excavation began. Specimen 005 is alive. Barely. Also unconscious. Ol' Ironclad brought her in, and he really did a number on the girl. I have no idea how on Nannos she's still alive, but these Magical Girls have proven to be incredibly resilient, so I probably shouldn't be surprised. Mm... Her magical outfit, what remains of it, appears to be a hybrid of a Western wedding dress and a kimono. It even has kanji, now unreadable, along the sleeves and torso. Hair is dusky black and jaw-length, eyes are almond-shaped, and her skin is a light caramel. Features seem to be a mix, with Asian--possibly Japanese--as the most prominent. Her weapon is a modest Colt revolver, with a nice handle made of horn and a silver finish.
  444. [pause]
  445. >A: It appears that both her legs and her left arm have been crushed and mangled, likely thanks to the Ironclad Man's hammer. Her ribs have been damaged...almost all of them...broken collarbone, fractured vertebrae on the lower back...her jaw's fine, but there's likely a hairline fracture along her skull, judging by that blood and the laceration from the blunt-force trauma on the...scalp...there...
  446. [long pause]
  447. >A: Oh. What is this?
  448. [clatter, then another short pause]
  449. >A: Oh, my! She can /heal/ herself! Incredible! [maniacal laughter] I will be able to take /so many/ samples from her! Ah, but this can only be a gift from the Sprawl itself! It is fate and providence! [more maniacal laughter] Now, let's get you fully healed so that I may claim my reward~!
  451. Quest Resume
  452. [01:25] <LeftHandofGod> Lin stands, and almost moves to follow, but... "I'll watch the door," she calls to the group entering the neighboring room.
  453. [01:25] <Seo-Hyun> "Death's too good for him." That simple statement seemed to be enough for Seo-Hyun at the moment as she stepped through the door, holding her flame aloft.
  454. [01:26] <Tangent> Amelia's expression tightens further as she hears the log. Her expression could be carved from stone for all that it's changing from its waxwork mask of controlled anger as she stalks further into the room, a faint blue glow around her.
  455. [01:26] <DrEvilKitteh> (Oi, pause pause)
  456. [01:27] <DrEvilKitteh> (I need to write descriptions of shit here.)
  457. [01:38] <DrEvilKitteh> A soft glow began to fill the room, and quickly, the lights overhead were on. White, fluorescent and sterile, like in a hospital.
  458. [01:38] <DrEvilKitteh> Meanwhile, Walter put a fourth card in and played it, then just stared blankly through the mirror. (Titanpad again.)
  459. [01:38] <DrEvilKitteh> It would take a while to fully take everything in, but simply put, the room on the other side of the mirror was like a morgue combined with a horror film. There were numerous tables, slabs really, standing about four feet off the floor. There was a girl on every single one of them. Correction: there was a girl's dissected /body/ on every single one of them. Or what just /looked/ like bodies, in several cases. And that was only the start. Limbs, organs, bodily fluids...all of them had been...chopped up with surgical precision. Everything important or of interest to the alchemist had been removed and set in transparent containers filled with pale yellow gel below the slabs. Additionally, each body had several tubes coming from it and going down to devices built into the slabs directly beneath them, and a few girls still had fresh blood flowing out of their bodies.
  460. [01:38] <DrEvilKitteh> But it wasn't a bloody room, oh no. It was /clean/, except over at the counter with the sink, where tools and such had been washed off. Speaking of, numerous sets of tools were arranged neatly on the little wheeled tables next to each slab. Scalpels, saws, precision hammers and spikes, long needles... Everything one needed to dissect--and vivisect--a body. And then some.
  462. Log Four:
  463. >A: Log begins. Date is approximately seven-hundred and twenty-three days after the excavation began. We have come now to Specimen 008. Evidently, she's quite a feisty one, so I will exercise caution when dealing with her. Magical outfit is damaged, but only somewhat. It's a lighter blue, mm...lolita-style dress, with a skirt stopping midway down the thighs, and like-colored stockings almost covering the entirety of her legs, as well as boots going halfway up her calves and white gloves. Hair is dark blue, chin-length. Skin is pale. Eyes are...light purple, perhaps lavender. Features seem more or less European, no definitive distinguishing traits. Her weapon is a stave, steel with a blue-white drop-shaped crystal at the top, and has "Numquam Obliviscar" engraved on the shaft.
  464. [pause]
  465. >A: I am removing the gag now.
  466. >Girl: [groaning] Ugh, my head...where am I?
  467. >A: Why, in my examination hall, of course. Would you please state your name for the record?
  468. >G: Morgan. Morgan Salazar. And what do you mean by...?" [three second pause] [curt and hostile tone] Ah. The Alchemist, I presume?
  469. >A: Oh, I'm glad you remember my voice! I remember seeing /you/ amongst that small team who infiltrated one of the outlying dig sites. I actually almost got another one of you--that first girl, the one with the hood with Ice magic and a warhammer. She escaped, though, but I wouldn't be surprised if she succumbed to her wounds before getting help. Now, how old are you?
  470. >M: I've stopped counting. I was 11 when I was turned, if that helps.
  471. >A: I see, I see. And what, pray tell, would your magic be?
  472. >M: Water, although that should be fairly obvious given that the crystal on my weapon is a water droplet.
  473. >A: Mm, yes, I surmised as much. What gave you your magic, Morgan?
  474. >M: You have most likely interrogated a fair amount of magical girls before me. Take a wild guess.
  475. >A: A “Puchuu”, then? What does yours look like?
  476. >M: It had very wide eyes. Its body was a mixture between a monkey and a cat, but its face was...well, vaguely unsettling. Not enough to be outright off-putting, but I still felt uneasy looking upon it for too long. And I know for a fact it had a permanent smile.
  477. >A: Interesting. Most interesting. [smugly] I'm quite happy you cooperated with me, Morgan Salazar. I will do my best to make the coming procedure as painless as possible. You were very concise and coherent, too, instead of blubbering on and on...oh, that got so tedious.
  478. >M: [sarcastically] Oh, I am sure you will. I may look like an eleven year old, but I am not an idiot.
  479. >A: Oh, no no no... I'm being /completely/ sincere, my dear. Why, even little Maggie over there didn't believe me, but after dosing her with drugs that numb and put her to sleep, she couldn't feel a thing, I guarantee. Now, of course, you can't actually /see/ her since your head's strapped to the table, but all the same... [sound of rustling] Now, here. You will feel a pinch, but in a minute, you'll be aaaaall fine.
  480. >M: You are /disgusting/, do you know that? All those people turned into clockwork beasts, all these girls you are experimenting on having god-knows-what done to them, and for what? Ultimate power? Ruling the world? Some other asinine goal?
  481. >A: [takes in a deep breath] Here I thought we were having a perfectly pleasant conversation, Morgan. Why would you go and insult me like that, hm? I'm being /kind/ here, /nice/ and /merciful/ and...and you're being rebellious, willful. Tsk tsk, I'd expected better of you after earlier. ...Come now, please just...relax, and let this be over with.
  482. >M: [short silence] [sound of spitting something solid that whacks loudly against something] Consider that a present from everyone you have made suffer, you pitiful, wretched bastard.
  483. >A: [sighs and growls] …That /stung/ a little. [rustling and the slap of a gloved hand seizing Morgan's face] I'm /done/ being nice, Ms. Salazar! You know what?! There's this tricky little procedure I've been wanting to do for a while now! Yes!'s becoming clear to me now, little girly. I'm going to perform it on /you/ right /now/. [brief, hysterical laugh] Replacing gag! Clamping vice around the specimen's head! Let's keep that pretty little eye /open/ and /still/ with this little contraption, shall we?!
  484. >M: [muffled contemptuous sighing]
  485. >A: [talking in a bit of a sing-song] ...~Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye~... [evil giggling]
  486. >M: [very slight, stifled muffle]
  487. >A: Yes, yes, this is coming along nicely. Let me see inside that brain of yours, Miss Salazar...
  488. [various sounds for another couple minutes]
  489. >A: Removing optical-neural needle now. Aaand...moving on to the cornea removal surgery~!
  490. [clink of a metal scalpel]
  491. >M: [another very slight muffled noise]
  492. [silence for a minute]
  493. >A: I hope you're enjoying this. No drugs to numb or render you unconscious... It must be excruciating. Ahhh...and there it is. Lovely. Now for the removal of the rest of your eye! Oh, it will be ever so amusing to pluck it from your skull! [malicious giggle]
  494. [more clinks and rustling]
  495. [a rather unpleasant sound as an eye is scooped out]
  496. >M: [screams in pain and anger, the sound muffled and long]
  498. Quest Resume
  499. [01:40] <DrEvilKitteh> (Bah, I don't think I did that room description justice. But I got the gist across.)
  500. [01:42] <Tangent> Amelia...stares. For a long, long moment. Then she abruptly moves to Alexa. " don't need to see this." She chokes. She physically pushes her friend outside, any thoughts of permission or gentleness gone as she focuses on making sure Alexa doesn't need to see this. God help her, but right now, that's all she can think of.
  501. [01:43] <Tangent> And when she's done, she stumbles back in. She has to check. She tells herself, like a mantra. She has to check. She'll make him pay, do what she can, but...she needs to make sure they're beyond help. Even if...Oh, god.
  502. [01:43] <Seo-Hyun> Seo-Hyun didn't seem horrified. If anything, she seemed only more comfortable, standing in the veritable abattoir. Possibly even hungry, judging by the way she stared at the dissected organs. "...I don't think we're going to need to worry about extracting any prisoners. If they're even alive, I'm guessing they won't survive being transported, no matter how gently it's done."
  503. [01:44] <Tangent> The bile rises in her throat. They don't even look like people any more. Just meat. many. Amelia is going body to body, the images embedding themselves into her mind as she looks for signs
  504. [01:44] <LeftHandofGod> Lin hears the other girl's words, and stands to walk to the room. "Are you sure?" Then, on seeing it...she goes silent, before checking over bodies Amelia hasn't gotten to yet.
  505. [01:45] <Tangent> "We have...have to check." She says, tonelessly. Her expression speaks for her, though. Hollow-eyed. Pale. Faintly shaking.
  506. [01:47] <Tangent> Iris's friend...She has no idea how to tell her after this. She won't let her hear that tape. She's happier not knowing.
  507. [01:48] <Jar_Mimic> Well, to say that the sight scared the fight out of Rosemary would be a dramatic understatement. As the red washes from her occuli, her green eyes stare blankly at the sight before her. "M-mom can fix this. M-mom... Mommy." Mommy, I'm scared. I'm so scared I don't even know what to do. Please, come help me, please. I don't want to do this any more. Iris wouldn't want me to be here.
  508. [01:50] <DrEvilKitteh> The more they looked, the more they would realize that, somehow, /some/ of the butchered, captive girls were still alive. Chief amongst them was the girl with regeneration, who had a body that was...mostly intact, and slowly healing, as well as a familiar face: Morgan, the Water specialist from when they'd assaulted that outpost a while back. She was unconscious and pale, and in a grotesque situation, her...eye had been removed after being sliced up, as the audio log had indicated, which left an empty, bloody socket. Contraption attached to the table hovered over her head, and a thin needle protruded downwards from it that had poked into her still-intact eye, the pupil specifically.
  509. [01:50] <DrEvilKitteh> After shaking for a while in the corner, Alexa followed closely after Walter into the...examination room. “I can disconnect them. The...ones that are still alive, at any rate. And...I'll need Alexa to make sure they actually stay alive long enough to get out of here.”
  510. [01:51] <LeftHandofGod> "...I have healing abilities too. Allow me to help." Lin's hands shake as she racks the slide of her pistol and catches the bullet that is ejected. "...Save all we can."
  511. [01:53] <Seo-Hyun> "...If they're alive... We need to find a way to get them out of here. Even if the Alchemist hasn't warded this place against teleportation, I still doubt I'd be able to pull them out and return here unnoticed."
  512. [01:54] <Tangent> "Morgan?" Amelia whispers. She almost pulls the contraption free right then and there, but thinks better of it. Instead, she takes a more careful approach. "Oh, god..." Gently, almost reverently, she pulls the contraption upwards. If she can.
  513. [01:55] <Tangent> "'ll be okay, Morgan." She says, not sure if the other girl can hear her. She hopes it's true. "Alexa...Alexa can fix you...You'll be okay..."
  514. [01:56] <DrEvilKitteh> "Alright, good." Walter nodded at Lin. "I...well. We can use one of the 'pattern buffers' a one-way ticket out of here. It /should/ bring everyone in its effective radius back to the Wand, but...then they can't retur-" In a flash, he darted over and pulled Amelia's hands away from the contraption. "Easy, easy. You need to be delicate with this." He pressed a few buttons on the side of it, and a gentle whirring came as the needle sloooowly retracted. After several moments, it exited the eye, red blood welling up and spilling down her eye.
  515. [01:56] <DrEvilKitteh> ...And then she blinked.
  516. [01:58] <Tangent> "Morgan...It's me, Amelia..." Amelia says. "We're here to rescue you. Iris sent us." She says urgently. "You'll be okay. You're safe now. I promise. Can you hear me?" Amelia's gaze is fixed on Morgan, horrified and doing a poor job of hiding it. She focues on the other girl's eye rather than the socket.
  517. [01:58] <LeftHandofGod> Lin reacts immediately, channeling healing magic through the bullet in her hand to try to seal the wound. "Stay calm. We're here to help," she murmurs, hoping that the other girl is capable of understanding.
  518. [02:00] <Jar_Mimic> Finally, Rose's features begin to distort with anguish. "M-mom can put them back together! I know she can! She put me together! Th-this will be easy! She does this all the time! They'll be okay! They'll all be okay!" Please, please, Iris, mom, Rea, birdies, someone, come help! I don't want to be here anymore! Take me away from here! I want to go home! I want to go home!
  519. [02:02] <Tangent> Amelia seems to be keeping it together, somehow. Internally, she's just repeating her own mantra over and over again. It'll be okay. It'll be okay. They'll save the girls they can, they'll kill this BUTCHER, and then...and then it'll be okay. Somehow.
  520. [02:04] <Tangent> "Rose." Amelia murmurs. "You don't n-need to watch. G-go...go watch out...outside, o-okay?" The effect of her order's a bit ruined by the fact she sounds like she's on the verge of snapping herself.
  521. [02:06] <DrEvilKitteh> Morgan grunted and tensed, but couldn't move at all from the restraints. However, it didn't take much for the healing artifact (I assume) to seal the hole in her good eye. The...other would take quite a bit longer, though, but she wasn't in danger of death from blood loss or going into shock.
  522. [02:06] <DrEvilKitteh> “Rose, it's okay.” Walter stepped over to the girl and put his hands on her shoulders comfortingly. “Look into my eyes.” They faintly glowed green. “We'll help them, alright? It's just going to take some time, that's all."
  523. [02:06] <DrEvilKitteh> “...Time that you don't have,” came a blithe voice from the corner. The Alchemist flickered into existence, sitting on a stool and closely examining his nails. Or...fingers. Where his nails would be, as he had the armor on and all. “Ironclad's almost here, you know. He seems.../quite/ excited to finally meet you.” He looked up at them and grinned, or at least that was the impression they got. “I'm glad to see all of you admiring my handiwork. Truly, I was on the verge of a breakthrough with regards to a Clockwork Flesh Golem that harnessed a Magical Girl's abilities, but I no longer need such a toy.”
  524. [02:06] <Tangent> Amelia looks up. She opens her mouth. Then she closes it.
  525. [02:07] <LeftHandofGod> Lin glances at the Alchemist, but...more important things. "Walter, the other girls. Quickly." (And yes, healing artifact)
  526. [02:07] <Tangent> "Let's get them out of here." She says to the others instead. She doesn't even seem to notice the Alchemist anymore.
  527. [02:09] <DrEvilKitteh> "Right, yes." Walter was /sorely/ tempted to go for his revolver, but instead he busied himself with unhooking the remaining girls who survived. Both Lin and Alexa...well, needless to say, they made the whole thing work, otherwise the girls would've bled to death in mere moments.
  528. [02:09] <DrEvilKitteh> But even now, thuds could be heard, coming closer. Thuds that Rosemary would recognize after a scant few seconds as familiar armored footsteps...
  529. [02:09] <Tangent> Only the occasional, uncontrolled puffs of spontaneous flame around the Knightgirl betray her feelings, even as she works with the others. The Alchemist...No, that THING? It doesn't matter what it says now. It's passed any point where Amelia has anything to say to it. It's just going to burn.
  530. [02:09] <Seo-Hyun> "Oh, excellent. I'm looking forward to seeing what his liver tastes like. Do tell him to armor up a bit before he arrives. Nothing spoils a meal quite like massive internal bleeding, you know." Seo-Hyun's blithe sarcasm seemed suspiciously like a defense mechanism, though nothing about her demeanor actually betrayed that fact.
  531. [02:09] <Tangent> Now, though...
  532. [02:10] <Jar_Mimic> Actually being interacted with doesn't help the former sheep doll a wink. What she does is just try to hold onto the hands holding onto her. It doesn't work, of course. "R-really, mom can fix this! She can! I saw her take out dad's heart just like this, and then she put it into me. This'll be no problem for..." Then she hears it. She hears the footsteps.
  533. [02:11] <LeftHandofGod> "We need to get them out before the fighting begins. Is... is that all the living ones?" asks Lin, who is by now covered in the blood of half of the girls in the room from brushing against or putting pressure on their bleeding forms.
  534. [02:11] <DrEvilKitteh> "Oh, I can /guarantee/ that he is more than sufficiently armored." The Alchemist giggled maliciously. "Hear him, now? That, my dear girls, is the sound of your doom approaching. Yes, melodramatic I know, but it's quite true."
  535. [02:12] <Tangent> Amelia looks up from where she's been helping Alexa with a girl who...didn't even look like a person anymore. "I...I think so." She shakes her head, looking to the door.
  536. [02:12] <Tangent> she replies to Lin, then
  537. [02:12] <Jar_Mimic> Suddenly, everything becomes clear. All of the surgical gore surrounding her seems to fade away from her thoughts. Each footstep makes her vision clearer. Each one makes her vision redder. Rosemary remembers why she's here. Her fist tightens. "Me. This'll be no problem for me. I think mom can wait until after we've cleaned up Mr. Ironclad."
  538. [02:13] <Seo-Hyun> "Hm. Ego. Quite a serious flaw, if classical tales are to be believed. Don't worry, I'm sure it won't come back to bite you in the ass. Fatal flaws never do."
  539. [02:14] <Tangent> "You're just...just a kid. You shouldn't be here. should go." Amelia says. "There...there's no shame in that." She seems somewhere between resigned and anticipatory, a strange mix- it's like she's riding a train and she knows where the next station is but can't see it yet.
  540. [02:14] <Tangent> *too. Someone has to make sure they're okay.
  541. [02:14] <LeftHandofGod> "Hurry up and get them out, Walter!" A hint of desperation can be heard in Lin's voice. "They need to be clear before that thing arrives!"
  542. [02:15] <Tangent> Amelia takes another step towards the door. Worst comes to the worst, it goes through her...and probably will, if it's anything like the giant.
  543. [02:18] <DrEvilKitteh> Six girls. Those are all the ones yet living, though their grasp on life was tenuous at best. But it was better than nothing, and if Walter's pattern buffer + teleport method worked, they could be transported out of here with ease. Walter had selected Morgan to perform the teleportation itself, given as how she was wobbling on her feet and would be no use to everyone, though she was /extremely/ pissed off at the Alchemist and wanted nothing more to kill him with her bare hands. The robed, armored man merely giggled some more at the Water girl.
  544. [02:18] <DrEvilKitteh> “Try to buy us some time, but /be careful/!” Walter stressed the last part as the massive footsteps drew nearer and nearer.
  545. [02:18] <DrEvilKitteh> “...Nah.” The Alchemist raised a hand and made a gesture. His fingers crackled with electricity. “Letting you all escape would be ever so /boring/.” He pointed his hand at the group. (Roll AGI or LCK to intercept the Alchemist before he casts his AOE spell.)
  546. [02:19] <LeftHandofGod> !ex 10 [OH FUCK NO]
  547. [02:19] <Molbot> LeftHandofGod: [10, 3, 8, 4, 5, 5, 2, 6, 1, 2]. Successes total: 3
  548. [02:19] <Seo-Hyun> !ex 5 [>implying seo-hyun can do anything if it doesn't involve illusionist keikaku]
  549. [02:19] <Molbot> Seo-Hyun: [8, 7, 2, 1, 1]. Successes total: 2
  550. [02:19] <Tangent> !ex 5 Amelia is useless
  551. [02:19] <Molbot> Tangent: [3, 6, 2, 1, 7]. Successes total: 1
  552. [02:21] <Jar_Mimic> !ex 6 for a thing?
  553. [02:21] <Molbot> Jar_Mimic: [6, 1, 4, 7, 4, 7]. Successes total: 2
  554. [02:21] <DrEvilKitteh> (Everyone except Amelia is able to intercept the Alchemist if they so choose.)
  555. [02:21] <LeftHandofGod> (I'll take that shot.)
  556. [02:22] <Seo-Hyun> (I'll take some bullshit that can be vaguely qualified as a shot.)
  557. [02:23] <DrEvilKitteh> (Hrm... Let's say... Nah, just write it out. He was gonna cast Chain Lightning, so together, you three can mitigate it and presumably attack him.)
  558. [02:24] <DrEvilKitteh> (Though Lin should go first, since she was fastest.)
  559. [02:24] <LeftHandofGod> Lin dives into the line of fire, drawing her pistol as she does and squeezing the trigger.
  560. [02:25] <LeftHandofGod> (Roll an attack then, ja?)
  561. [02:25] <Tangent> Amelia's slow to turn- too slow- as she finally reacts to events, far too late to make a difference.
  562. [02:25] <DrEvilKitteh> (Nope.)
  563. [02:25] <LeftHandofGod> (Roger roger.)
  564. [02:26] <Jar_Mimic> "Too bad." As though her whole body moved without moving, Rose appears before this man who can only be called less than a man. "Your relevance ends where my mission begins. Don't stick your nose in my business." She flicks his hand out of the way with a finger.
  565. [02:27] <Seo-Hyun> (Seo-Hyun's response is fairly drastic, so I'll wait until those two resolve.)
  566. [02:28] <DrEvilKitteh> The bullet slammed into the Alchemist's palm, piercing it and halting his spell before it was fully cast. Then, Rose broke his hand with a loud /cruch/ and knocked his arm to the side. The chain lightning backfired, then, zapping both Rose (for 2 Wounds) and the Alchemist, making the latter convulse violently and providing quite a nice opening for Seo-Hyun.
  567. [02:30] <Seo-Hyun> Quickly, Seo-Hyun tapped into the reserves of her illusion-weaving abilities, seeking out something much darker than her typical tricks of light, sound, and other sensory inputs. Instead, a dart of foxfire shot towards the Alchemist... and attempted to worm its way into his mind, attacking his perceptions rather than his surroundings to try to force him into sensory deprivation and begin to reenact his own experiments upon him, simultaneously and non-anesthetized.
  568. [02:32] <DrEvilKitteh> The Alchemist /shrieked/...and then began to laugh maniacally, electricity chaining from himself to...himself, over and over again. "You! You are just /adorable/!" he yelled shrilly, and in jerking motions, began to stand upright.
  569. [02:34] <Seo-Hyun> "...What? No, no, no, you don't get it, that's not how this works. You are /supposed/ to suffer an inconceivable level of agony, trapped inside your own mind while we effortlessly kill you and leave. You could at least try to play by the rules." Seo-Hyun attempted to assault the Alchemist's mind once more, just for good measure. She could've gotten some detail subtly wrong the first time, after all.
  570. [02:34] <Tangent> (When can Amelia do something?)
  571. [02:34] <DrEvilKitteh> (Now.)
  572. [02:34] <DrEvilKitteh> (Gut the bastard, if you'd like.)
  573. [02:35] <Tangent> And that's when a furious, screaming Amelia rushes in, blade swinging and composure completely snapping. He's real and he's there and HE'S A MONSTER BURN BURN BURN.
  574. [02:35] <Tangent> (Roll or just fluff?)
  575. [02:35] <DrEvilKitteh> (Fluff.)
  576. [02:38] <Tangent> The sword comes down. Again and again and again. "BURN! JUST DIE, YOU DISGUSTING FILTH! BURN AND DIE!" Amelia's fires burn up around her until her armor glows like a shining mirror and her blade's as white as an incandescent bulb- her actual swings at the alchemist are absolutely wild and uncontrolled at this point. "YOU DON'T DESERVE TO LIVE!" She screams at him.
  577. [02:39] <Tangent> She's so tired of monsters. Monsters that look like people, that aren't just animals, but all the worse for it, and she's always too slow, never good enough to stop them before they can hurt people. Well. This is her. Stopping one.
  578. [02:41] <DrEvilKitteh> The Alchemist cackled again. "DAMN YOUR RU-!" Slice. He went down, but still he shrieked with uncontrollable laughter. "IT'S C-C-CUTE THA-A-AAAT YOU THINK I-I-I'M THE ONLY O-O-ONNNE, GIIIIII-I-I-IRL!" Fire and steel reveals, beneath that burned robe and scorched armor, a clockwork body. Gears, wires, servos, and a Core. Upon smashing the latter one, the Alchemist would quickly cease moving and go completely inert.
  579. [02:42] <Jar_Mimic> "Would one of you misses be willing to give me a little healing light? I got knicked by him. I want to be in top shape when I wreck that metal man." Fire burns in the former sheep doll's eyes.
  580. [02:42] <LeftHandofGod> Lin wordlessly aids the other girl, pistol still in hand.
  581. [02:43] <Tangent> Amelia smashes until there are just pieces. Then she keeps smashing, single-mindedly until there are ashes, and until her shining blade's starting to warp. Finally, she stops, breathing heavily. Wordlessly, she stands, and stumbles back to her position near the door.
  582. [02:43] <DrEvilKitteh> The footsteps are now booming and making the floor shake. And then, abruptly, the wall explodes.
  583. [02:43] <DrEvilKitteh> (Everyone roll LCK.)
  584. [02:44] <LeftHandofGod> (+3 dice? totally forgot that earlier)
  585. [02:44] <DrEvilKitteh> (Yerp.)
  586. [02:44] <LeftHandofGod> !ex 6 [Luck]
  587. [02:44] <Molbot> LeftHandofGod: [6, 9, 4, 3, 1, 2]. Successes total: 1
  588. [02:44] <Seo-Hyun> !ex 5 [Guessing this is too indiscriminate of an attack for Seo-Hyun to keikaku out of the way.]
  589. [02:44] <Molbot> Seo-Hyun: [3, 10, 1, 3, 3]. Successes total: 2
  590. [02:44] <Tangent> !ex 5
  591. [02:44] <Molbot> Tangent: please make sure the dice pool size is specified correctly. Must be a number between 1 and 100.
  592. [02:44] <Tangent> !ex 5 Amelia gonna splat
  593. [02:44] <Molbot> Tangent: [4, 2, 7, 5, 9]. Successes total: 2
  594. [02:45] <Jar_Mimic> !ex 6 for luck
  595. [02:45] <Molbot> Jar_Mimic: [3, 2, 9, 8, 10, 8]. Successes total: 5
  596. [02:45] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 6 (Uh, Alexa's LCK, maybe? Dunno what it actually is.)
  597. [02:45] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [8, 9, 3, 10, 4, 6]. Successes total: 4
  598. [02:45] <Tangent> (...Well at least Amelia can rest assured that Alexa is just fineeee.)
  599. [02:46] <Seo-Hyun> (inb4 we're rolling against 10 successes)
  600. [02:47] <DrEvilKitteh> A giant figure, clad in dark armor burst through the wall facing the hallway outside. In one swift movement, it took a shaking step in, reached a huge metal hand forward, and bodily seized Lin. The Ironclad Man snapped his body back, sending the girl through the hole and hurtling at the wall just across the hall from it. (Roll STR, AGI, VIT, MAG, or LCK to try avoiding damage, Lefty. Doesn't matter which.)
  601. [02:47] <LeftHandofGod> !ex 9 [AGI, FUCK]
  602. [02:47] <Molbot> LeftHandofGod: [5, 6, 10, 6, 6, 9, 7, 5, 4]. Successes total: 4
  603. [02:48] <DrEvilKitteh> Lin slammed into the wall, but fortunately only received minor damage. The Ironclad Man's throw had been hasty, if powerful. (-3 Soak.)
  604. [02:49] <DrEvilKitteh> (No one else post yet.)
  605. [02:53] <DrEvilKitteh> “Morgan, go!” Walter pulled his revolver out and unloaded it in under a second directly at the Ironclad Man, aiming for weak points and vulnerable areas. The armored figure barely paused as he lunged forward and swept a massive hammer through the air at Walter. The android barely managed to dodge the worst of it, but the blow still hit and caused an arm to crumple, and he was sent through the cracked mirror, shattering it, and then the wall on the other side, making a small hole in it.
  606. [02:53] <DrEvilKitteh> Morgan, barely able to stand but holding one of the cylindrical buffers, got as close as she could to the other still-living girls and activated it. A barely-visible sphere of warped space surrounded them, and after a few seconds, they vanished with the sound of a hundred inhaled breaths. The survivors were gone, safely. Or that was the hope, at least.
  607. [02:54] <DrEvilKitteh> With an angry Ironclad Man in the party's midst, it is time for Initiative.
  608. [02:54] <Seo-Hyun> !ex 5 [agi]
  609. [02:54] <Molbot> Seo-Hyun: [7, 9, 9, 1, 2]. Successes total: 3
  610. [02:54] <Tangent> !ex 5 lolagi
  611. [02:54] <Molbot> Tangent: [4, 4, 10, 6, 7]. Successes total: 3
  612. [02:55] <LeftHandofGod> !ex 10 [AGI]
  613. [02:55] <Molbot> LeftHandofGod: [2, 10, 9, 1, 7, 6, 7, 5, 7, 2]. Successes total: 6
  614. [02:55] <LeftHandofGod> !ex 3 [Forgot the +3 dice]
  615. [02:55] <Molbot> LeftHandofGod: [1, 1, 9]. Successes total: 1
  616. [02:55] <DrEvilKitteh> (Rolled a d2, Amelia goes before Seo.)
  617. [02:55] <Jar_Mimic> !ex 6 for luck
  618. [02:55] <Molbot> Jar_Mimic: [1, 4, 8, 8, 6, 3]. Successes total: 2
  619. [02:56] <DrEvilKitteh> (Init Order: Lin>Ironclad>Amelia>Seo>Rose.)
  620. [02:56] <DrEvilKitteh> (Lin!)
  621. [02:57] <LeftHandofGod> Lin staggers to her feet and opens fire into the monstrosity without a word.
  622. [02:57] <LeftHandofGod> !ex 13 [AGI]
  623. [02:57] <Molbot> LeftHandofGod: [6, 1, 10, 10, 10, 8, 8, 2, 10, 5, 10, 6, 4]. Successes total: 12
  624. [02:57] <LeftHandofGod> (17 with marksman, AP; whoops)
  625. [02:58] <DrEvilKitteh> (Btw, Ironclad's Init Roll: [7, 10, 4, 7, 5, 10]. Successes total: 6 )
  626. [02:59] <Seo-Hyun> (Holy shit.)
  627. [02:59] <LeftHandofGod> (Apparently pissed about the whole vivisection/being thrown through a wall thing)
  628. [03:03] <DrEvilKitteh> Lin was /much/ more successful than Walter with regards to shot placement, and indeed, the Ironclad Man's armor was peppered with holes. But he didn't slow, and instead targeted the nearest girl that looked like a threat: Amelia.
  629. [03:03] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 17 v (Ironclad Hammer Smash! Functions as Melee Piercing.)
  630. [03:03] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [4, 4, 8, 10, 10, 2, 4, 9, 10, 1, 8, 3, 4, 1, 4, 10, 7]. Successes total: 12
  631. [03:04] <LeftHandofGod> (Jesus H. Fuck)
  632. [03:05] <LeftHandofGod> (Lin has avenger, so if anybody drops a threshold, say so)
  633. [03:05] <Tangent> Amelia's there to meet him. She doesn't try and dodge, instead raising her sword grimly in an attempt to deflect the blow.
  634. [03:06] <Tangent> [using luck as well after the roll heh]
  635. [03:06] <Tangent> !ex 12 v Parry attempt
  636. [03:06] <Molbot> Tangent: [8, 9, 7, 8, 7, 4, 3, 3, 3, 10, 8, 9]. Successes total: 9
  637. [03:06] <Tangent> [...That's before luck]
  638. [03:06] <DrEvilKitteh> (You mean FP?)
  639. [03:06] <Tangent> [Yeah, 1 FP]
  640. [03:07] <DrEvilKitteh> (-2 Soak.)
  641. [03:07] <DrEvilKitteh> The hammer grazed the side of Amelia's shoulder and Outfit, but she just /barely/ avoided getting hit full-on.
  642. [03:07] <DrEvilKitteh> (Amelia!)
  643. [03:08] <Tangent> Amelia stumbles. "Try harder." She spits up at it then brings her sword around into a two handed grip and lunges, fire flaring up around her as the knight girl charges!
  644. [03:09] <Tangent> [All out attack, Power Overwhelming]
  645. [03:11] <DrEvilKitteh> (Oh, my mistake. That should've been -3 Soak to Amelia.)
  646. [03:11] <Tangent> [Spending another luck, and kk]
  647. [03:11] <Tangent> !ex 13 [All Out attack, both +2 damage and dice from Power Overwhelming, Amelia loses a defensive dice next turn]
  648. [03:11] <Molbot> Tangent: [9, 4, 9, 5, 10, 10, 1, 1, 2, 8, 2, 8, 6]. Successes total: 6
  649. [03:11] <Tangent> [So that's 8 dice total heh]
  650. [03:11] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 17 vs Ironclad Parry!
  651. [03:11] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [6, 5, 2, 2, 1, 8, 6, 1, 6, 9, 8, 7, 10, 6, 9, 6, 9]. Successes total: 8
  652. [03:12] <DrEvilKitteh> (So how many successes did she get? 8?)
  653. [03:12] <Tangent> [Yeah, after luck's taken into account]
  654. [03:12] <DrEvilKitteh> Amelia's sword scraped against the Ironclad Man's armor, scarring it, and she managed to dance out of the way of his retaliatory swipe.
  655. [03:13] <DrEvilKitteh> (Seo!)
  656. [03:16] <Seo-Hyun> Seo-Hyun took a moment to look over the situation before casting out a bolt of foxfire at the ironclad man, attempting to burrow into his helmet and twist the very way he saw the world around him. [Phantasmal Visions]
  657. [03:16] <Seo-Hyun> !ex 16
  658. [03:16] <Molbot> Seo-Hyun: [7, 5, 10, 10, 3, 10, 9, 10, 3, 4, 9, 5, 6, 3, 6, 4]. Successes total: 11
  659. [03:18] <DrEvilKitteh> The Ironclad Man isn't even fazed. He shrugs it off without even noticing the attempt.
  660. [03:18] <DrEvilKitteh> (Rose!)
  661. [03:18] <Jar_Mimic> This is it. This is the time. When Rosemary at last sees the thing that hurt her sister, she reacts. She reacts by growing. The faux suede jacket, Union Jack shirt, and black nylon pants which all hung loosely around her suddenly fit tightly around muscles which have bulged to such a point. This is barely the same person as before. Now swolen with mass, she aims a single punch right at the giant metal man's knee.
  662. [03:19] <Jar_Mimic> !ex 17 flurry which I'm fluffing as one punch
  663. [03:19] <Molbot> Jar_Mimic: [9, 7, 9, 9, 8, 9, 6, 2, 4, 6, 9, 10, 1, 8, 5, 9, 8]. Successes total: 12
  664. [03:20] <DrEvilKitteh> Rosemary succeeds in putting a small dent in the Ironclad Man's armor, making his leg slide back just a tad.
  665. [03:20] <DrEvilKitteh> (Lin!)
  666. [03:20] <Rally> (>Flurry with 12 successes
  667. [03:20] <Rally> (>Small dent)
  668. [03:21] <Rally> (Jesus christ that's one tought fucker.)
  669. [03:21] <DrEvilKitteh> (Rolled 12 successes for Defense.)
  670. [03:21] <Seo-Hyun> (You think that's bad, you should've seen what he defended mine with.)
  671. [03:21] <LeftHandofGod> "Die you bastard!" she barks at the monstrosity's back, another volley of bullets following her words.
  672. [03:22] <LeftHandofGod> !ex 13 [AP, Mystic Artifact used: 6 MP -> 5]
  673. [03:22] <Molbot> LeftHandofGod: [7, 3, 1, 5, 6, 10, 3, 7, 3, 2, 8, 8, 9]. Successes total: 7
  674. [03:22] <LeftHandofGod> (8 with marksman)
  675. [03:22] <Tangent> (Don't you ROLL for that extra dice, or have I been doing it wrong?)
  676. [03:23] <LeftHandofGod> (Uh... roll for the extra dice on what? Marksman? It's successes as far as I'm aware and have been doing every time Lin's done combat)
  677. [03:23] <DrEvilKitteh> (Nope. Marksman adds +1 Success for each 10 rolled.)
  678. [03:24] <Tangent> (ohhh my bad)
  679. [03:30] <DrEvilKitteh> More pocks in the armor, but it's not enough. The Ironclad Man's armor slooowly began to repair itself, but even worse, its surface dappled and shifted in the light, becoming glossy black, imbuing the giant with enhanced speed and power. Rocket boosters fired at the back of his hammer as it glowed a bright, sick orange. In one motion, he swung it around, striking at everyone in Close Range, then pointed his arm at Lin. The forearm armor popped open to reveal the barrel of a large cannon, which fired a shell almost as long as Lin's head at her.
  680. [03:30] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 20 v AOE Hammer Swipe at Rose, Amelia, Seo-Hyun
  681. [03:30] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 16 v Cannon Shot at Lin
  682. [03:30] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [8, 4, 9, 5, 6, 10, 2, 7, 8, 4, 2, 3, 8, 10, 1, 7, 3, 7, 7, 8]. Successes total: 13
  683. [03:30] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [4, 5, 2, 6, 2, 7, 1, 5, 2, 9, 6, 9, 4, 1, 7, 7]. Successes total: 5
  684. [03:30] <LeftHandofGod> !ex 13 [AGI, +1 dice from MA, FP spent: Hammer dodge]
  685. [03:30] <Molbot> LeftHandofGod: [8, 9, 10, 2, 3, 2, 10, 5, 8, 2, 1, 8, 6]. Successes total: 8
  686. [03:31] <Tangent> [...hammer swipe is str?]
  687. [03:31] <LeftHandofGod> (Great question)
  688. [03:31] <DrEvilKitteh> (Yerp.)
  689. [03:31] <LeftHandofGod> (Cool; Cannon shot is... AGI?)
  690. [03:31] <Jar_Mimic> !ex 12 +2FP Parry
  691. [03:31] <Molbot> Jar_Mimic: [8, 10, 5, 9, 4, 2, 1, 4, 1, 4, 2, 9]. Successes total: 5
  692. [03:31] <DrEvilKitteh> (And Lin is dodging the cannon shot. She's in Far, so she's not affected by the Hammer.)
  693. [03:31] <Jar_Mimic> (9 in total.)
  694. [03:32] <LeftHandofGod> ( Should I just keep that roll?)
  695. [03:32] <Tangent> !ex 11 [parry, before luck point]
  696. [03:32] <Molbot> Tangent: [4, 8, 5, 4, 1, 6, 7, 8, 5, 5, 10]. Successes total: 5
  697. [03:32] <Tangent> Luck for 2 more successes
  698. [03:33] <DrEvilKitteh> (I'll let you take away the FP spent, LEfty.)
  699. [03:33] <Seo-Hyun> Seo-Hyun simply vanished in a burst of blue flame and mad laughter. Because of course she did. [Decoy]
  700. [03:33] <LeftHandofGod> (Thanks DEK)
  701. [03:34] <DrEvilKitteh> (Tan, Jar, what are your guys' Soak/HP?)
  702. [03:35] <Tangent> (4/7, 15/16)
  703. [03:36] <DrEvilKitteh> (Amelia's down to 1/7 Soak and 11/16 HP.)
  704. [03:37] <LeftHandofGod> (that's a threshold drop, avenger time~)
  705. [03:38] <LeftHandofGod> !ex 13 [AP]
  706. [03:38] <Molbot> LeftHandofGod: [1, 3, 2, 6, 2, 2, 9, 6, 2, 9, 5, 4, 1]. Successes total: 2
  707. [03:38] <Jar_Mimic> (Down to base, 9/10 hp. I think.)
  708. [03:38] <DrEvilKitteh> The bullets bounce off harmlessly.
  709. [03:39] <DrEvilKitteh> (Well, it dealt 2 Soak Pen and 1 w/s.)
  710. [03:39] <DrEvilKitteh> (Anyway, Amelia!)
  711. [03:40] <Tangent> Amelia staggers back onto her feet. Her armor's warped, but smolders as it...and her body...knit themselves back together, glowing like embers.
  712. [03:40] <Jar_Mimic> (7/10, then, I think.)
  713. [03:40] <Tangent> [Spend 2 mana to regain an extra point of HP]
  714. [03:40] <LeftHandofGod> (Can avenger happen twice in one attack? I'd be inclined to say no, but I'm just curious)
  715. [03:40] <Tangent> [13/16 HP now]
  716. [03:41] <DrEvilKitteh> (Lemme check.)
  717. [03:41] <DrEvilKitteh> (...Hm. Doesn't say. I'll allow it.)
  718. [03:41] <LeftHandofGod> (Those +2 dice bonuses stacking too, or nah?)
  719. [03:42] <LeftHandofGod> !ex 13 [AP]
  720. [03:42] <Molbot> LeftHandofGod: [3, 2, 6, 10, 8, 2, 7, 9, 9, 10, 2, 4, 4]. Successes total: 8
  721. [03:42] <LeftHandofGod> (10 with marksman)
  722. [03:42] <DrEvilKitteh> ( I think that'd be a bit much.)
  723. [03:42] <LeftHandofGod> (Fine by me.)
  724. [03:42] <DrEvilKitteh> The bullets bounce of harmlessly. Again.
  725. [03:43] <DrEvilKitteh> (Also, is that it, Tan?)
  726. [03:44] <Tangent> (Looking at my options.)
  727. [03:45] <Tangent> Amelia slashes at the creature, stubbornly trying to bring down the behemoth with just a sword.
  728. [03:46] <Tangent> !ex 10
  729. [03:46] <Molbot> Tangent: please make sure the dice pool size is specified correctly. Must be a number between 1 and 100.
  730. [03:46] <Tangent> !ex 10 not a chance
  731. [03:46] <Molbot> Tangent: [1, 5, 7, 7, 7, 3, 2, 8, 4, 8]. Successes total: 5
  732. [03:46] <Tangent> [And triggering scald if she takes a hit]
  733. [03:47] <DrEvilKitteh> A massive armored knee smashed into Amelia's face after her sword clanged and slid against the armor, unable to find purchase, but she did manage to spill her burning blood onto the Ironclad Man's armor because of it.
  734. [03:48] <DrEvilKitteh> (Seo!)
  735. [03:48] <Tangent> [What wounds does Amelia take?]
  736. [03:48] <DrEvilKitteh> (Ah, right. -1 Wound.)
  737. [03:51] <Seo-Hyun> In a woosh of blue flame, Seo-Hyun appeared a short distance away and, taking but a moment to re-assess the situation, sent out another bolt of blue flames... this time intruding into Amelia's mind instead, Seo taking advantage of her outside perspective to highlight additional opportunities and points of potential weakness through her magical hallucinations. [Aid]
  738. [03:51] <DrEvilKitteh> (Rose!)
  739. [03:51] <Tangent> "What the...Get ou-" Amelia stumbles, shaking her head like a punch-drunk boxer.
  740. [03:52] <Jar_Mimic> That her last hit did nothing but move his knee shocks the former sheep doll. "I didn't think it was possible to be that tough." But she is not disuaded. She winds up another punch for the same knee.
  741. [03:52] <Jar_Mimic> !ex 17 a punch
  742. [03:52] <Molbot> Jar_Mimic: [2, 9, 6, 6, 1, 8, 1, 10, 4, 1, 1, 10, 9, 6, 1, 6, 5]. Successes total: 7
  743. [03:53] <DrEvilKitteh> (...I feel so sorry.)
  744. [03:53] <DrEvilKitteh> Another small dent. Ol' Ironclad barely seems to notice.
  745. [03:54] <Jar_Mimic> (Ah, would you please announce whether these count as successful hits?)
  746. [03:54] <DrEvilKitteh> (Success. By way of Tie.)
  747. [03:55] <Jar_Mimic> (Ballin'.)
  748. [03:56] <LeftHandofGod> (Then Lin?)
  749. [03:58] <DrEvilKitteh> The Ironclad Man's armor started to ripple and waver, changing back to normal. The giant noticed this, of course, and so lifted his hammer high. Energy swirled off his armor and into the hammer head, making the sickly orange aura suffusing it to glow brighter and brighter.
  750. [03:58] <DrEvilKitteh> (Lin!)
  751. [03:58] <LeftHandofGod> Lin watches the armor change, didn't matter. It hurt her friends, and it will die for that!
  752. [03:59] <LeftHandofGod> !ex 15 [AP]
  753. [03:59] <Molbot> LeftHandofGod: [6, 9, 1, 7, 9, 7, 3, 5, 6, 2, 4, 9, 1, 5, 7]. Successes total: 6
  754. [03:59] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 17 v Toughness!
  755. [03:59] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [6, 8, 1, 1, 6, 10, 2, 5, 6, 9, 4, 3, 8, 1, 8, 8, 9]. Successes total: 8
  756. [03:59] <DrEvilKitteh> The bullets bounce off harmlessly. (No damage.)
  757. [03:59] <DrEvilKitteh> (Amelia!)
  758. [04:00] <Tangent> And Amelia's charged right back in, her magic glowing around her as she charges in once again!
  759. [04:01] <Tangent> [2 mag for 2 Hp regen to 14, then Power Overwhelming for -1 HP]
  760. [04:01] <Tangent> !ex 12 [With aid, all out attack, power overwhelming]
  761. [04:01] <Molbot> Tangent: [9, 3, 9, 7, 4, 10, 2, 1, 8, 3, 10, 7]. Successes total: 9
  762. [04:02] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 17 v Toughness!
  763. [04:02] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [1, 9, 5, 4, 9, 1, 2, 9, 4, 2, 8, 9, 9, 9, 5, 4, 4]. Successes total: 7
  764. [04:02] <Tangent> [So...5 HP/success after power overwhelming kicks in?]
  765. [04:02] <DrEvilKitteh> (You guys still haven't removed all his Soak yet.)
  766. [04:03] <DrEvilKitteh> (Just saying.)
  767. [04:03] <Tangent> [heh, or soak damage as it were]
  768. [04:03] <LeftHandofGod> (Did someone say more AP rounds? Because that sounds like more AP rounds)
  769. [04:03] <Tangent> [oh right, and 1 soak and 1 mana came back since it's been 2 turns and lolreegen]
  770. [04:03] <DrEvilKitteh> Amelia's sword hit the Ironclad Man's armor and cut fairly deep, her magic causing its metal to warp and melt a little. (Successful hit.)
  771. [04:03] <DrEvilKitteh> (Seo!)
  772. [04:04] <Tangent> "You're going down." Amelia snarls, her sword coming free with a shower of sparks and cinders.
  773. [04:05] <Tangent> "No matter how tough you are, we're taking you down!"
  774. [04:05] <Tangent> "And your boss is next!"
  775. [04:06] <Seo-Hyun> "See, Amelia? I'm trying to help. Use the information I'm giving you!" Seo-Hyun maintained the connection to Amelia, doing everything she could to give the knight as much useful information as she could. [Maintain: Aid]
  776. [04:07] <Tangent> "Urgh, fine! I'm on it!" Amelia snaps back. Looks like gratitude's taking a back seat to stabbing...for now.
  777. [04:08] <DrEvilKitteh> (Rose!)
  778. [04:11] <Jar_Mimic> "But I don't care how tough you are. My fists can be replaced. The Magical Girls you've killed can't be."
  779. [04:11] <Jar_Mimic> !ex 17 for a punch
  780. [04:11] <Molbot> Jar_Mimic: [3, 7, 5, 4, 4, 5, 1, 1, 1, 7, 6, 8, 2, 9, 1, 4, 1]. Successes total: 4
  781. [04:11] <Jar_Mimic> (Wat)
  782. [04:12] <DrEvilKitteh> (...)
  783. [04:12] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 17 v Toughness!
  784. [04:12] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [5, 7, 2, 8, 5, 3, 10, 9, 2, 3, 9, 1, 1, 8, 2, 10, 7]. Successes total: 10
  785. [04:12] <Jar_Mimic> (Would it be too much to ask for a do-over?)
  786. [04:12] <DrEvilKitteh> (Spend a FP, then.)
  787. [04:13] <DrEvilKitteh> (But you can't spend another for adding bonus successes.)
  788. [04:13] <Jar_Mimic> (Spending an FP as a sacrifice to the dice gods. Please, smile upon me this day.)
  789. [04:14] <Jar_Mimic> !ex 17 Rose isn't incompetant guys, I swear.
  790. [04:14] <Molbot> Jar_Mimic: [6, 4, 6, 5, 2, 5, 6, 8, 1, 3, 7, 6, 6, 4, 9, 3, 9]. Successes total: 4
  791. [04:14] <Ralphone> (...)
  792. [04:14] <Jar_Mimic> (WAT)
  793. [04:14] <LeftHandofGod> (oh god)
  794. [04:14] <DrEvilKitteh> (You have my condolences.)
  795. [04:14] <Seo-Hyun> (The dice gods do not accept your sacrifice.)
  796. [04:14] <Tangent> (Poor Rose ;;)
  797. [04:14] <Ralphone> (I get the feeling dice just don't like Jar.)
  798. [04:14] <DrEvilKitteh> Rosemary's fist...bounced off the armor. No effect.
  799. [04:14] <Ralphone> (Cause this kind of shenanigans just keeps happening.)
  800. [04:15] <DrEvilKitteh> (Ironclad's turn~)
  801. [04:15] <LeftHandofGod> (Oh shit, here we fuggin go)
  802. [04:17] <DrEvilKitteh> A sound like tectonic plates grinding against one another issued forth from the titan's helmet. He was chuckling. Then, with a mighty roar, he brought the hammer down.
  803. [04:17] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 30 v Worldbreaker (Everyone roll Sunder/Parry, Dodge, Toughness, Shield, or Luck Out.)
  804. [04:17] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [6, 6, 3, 9, 9, 4, 10, 2, 8, 2, 7, 6, 9, 1, 7, 10, 4, 3, 3, 1, 9, 9, 2, 2, 7, 8, 5, 5, 7, 5]. Successes total: 15
  805. [04:17] <LeftHandofGod> !ex 12 [FP spent, also FUCK]
  806. [04:17] <Molbot> LeftHandofGod: [5, 4, 10, 1, 3, 4, 2, 5, 3, 1, 3, 1]. Successes total: 2
  807. [04:18] <Jar_Mimic> !ex 12 +2FP Parry
  808. [04:18] <Molbot> Jar_Mimic: [2, 6, 5, 5, 9, 2, 10, 9, 8, 1, 9, 1]. Successes total: 6
  809. [04:18] <Tangent> !ex 10 [Parry before Luck, also luck spent]
  810. [04:18] <Molbot> Tangent: [2, 2, 4, 7, 7, 8, 9, 8, 8, 1]. Successes total: 6
  811. [04:18] <Seo-Hyun> !ex 15 [Shield + FP, can't rusemaster my way through that shit]
  812. [04:18] <Molbot> Seo-Hyun: [5, 2, 7, 3, 4, 5, 5, 1, 5, 3, 10, 6, 4, 3, 4]. Successes total: 3
  813. [04:18] <Tangent> [TPK incoming]
  814. [04:19] <Ralphone> (Rip Party.)
  815. [04:19] <Ralphone> (They ded)
  816. [04:19] <LeftHandofGod> (No, it's cool, Lin has sturdy :^) )
  817. [04:20] <DrEvilKitteh> (2 Soak Pen, 4 Instant Wounds/Soak Damage upon success, 1 w/s after. Additional Effects to be explained in fluff post.)
  818. [04:21] <DrEvilKitteh> (...Actually, wait, take away that 2 Soak Pen. Just say "4 Instant Wounds/Soak damage upon success" as the only thing there.)
  819. [04:22] <Tangent> [does 1w/s apply?]
  820. [04:22] <DrEvilKitteh> (Yes. 1 wound per success.)
  821. [04:23] <LeftHandofGod> (Puts Lin at base soak/7 HP [thanks sturdy])
  822. [04:24] <Seo-Hyun> (Seo's down a threshhold and change.)
  823. [04:24] <LeftHandofGod> (Will hold off on avenger rolls until after your fluff post, DEK)
  824. [04:24] <Jar_Mimic> (Rosemary is down to Determination, which will put her back up to 3/10)
  825. [04:25] <Tangent> [If she was at 13/16 HP and 2 SP before, I think she's at 1 SP now and 5 HP, right?]
  826. [04:25] <Jar_Mimic> (Ah, scratch that. Down to 1/10 without DT.)
  827. [04:25] <Tangent> [Amelia, was, I mean]
  828. [04:27] <Tangent> [...Trigger Scald I guess lol]
  829. [04:31] <DrEvilKitteh> Everything vanished in a flash of bright, sickly orange light. In a word, the spiral tower /exploded/. Not /all/ of it, mind, just about the ten or so floors around the one the combatants were on. A shockwave tore through the architecture, rending it apart and scattering it into the air, some pieces of debris joining the quasi-asteroid belt nearby.
  830. [04:31] <DrEvilKitteh> The girls all felt a burning sensation, a tearing sensation, something clawing at their very souls...and then the feeling of near-weightlessness as they each tumbled helplessly through the air in the minimal gravity, nearly a mile and a half above the ground.
  831. [04:32] <DrEvilKitteh> (And pause.)
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