Cumming Together as a Family

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  1. Cumming Together as a Family [FF4M][cuck][cheat][incest][futa][rape]
  3. GWA script All the Tags
  5. Some things seem to be popular on GWA and other platforms so I’m incorporating them into one script.
  6. Yep we are going dark on this one.
  8. So i tstarts with a wife telling her husband that she has been cheating on him because this other person is so much better (Bigger) than him. But she has had enough of… whatever… and now it’s time she get her revenge on him for whatever slights by fucking the new lover in front of him.  To make matters more interesting, if he moves from the chair they are done.  Divorce time.  She gets everything.  He has to sit there and watch until she says the magic word (the safe word).  She gets naked (and him naked because she wants to see his reaction to EVERYTHING) and after a little warm up on herself, she tells of how she found her new lover was not only that but also one of their children. She warns him not to move as she goes into detail of how she saw that big cock and how she had to have it.  Now that he is sufficiently (enraged/turned on) She calls the lover in, an it’s their daughter.  She is wearing a robe and is a bit nervous.  Mom tells her to drop the robe. Daughter does and show off the fact that she has a cock now. She got the futa mod and admits she has been fucking Mom.  The two fuck.  After mom had a good cum she wraps her arms and legs around daughter to hold her tight while she is still inside mom.  Mom tells Husband to take daughter.  Is VERY graphic.  Lots of uses of “rape” terminology and crying leading to orgasm.  After orgasm and a few moments of recovery, the twist is that this was all a role play where the husband and wife have hired/invited a play partner who had the Mod done.  She asks if next time, since her boyfriend is coming home from college that she could have a “brother.”  Mom asks husband what she things as she cooes over a younger man fucking her while Husband fucks girl.  (mod or no mod)
  11. Characters:
  13. Listener: Older male.  Wife calls him all sorts of names; honey, darling, dear husband.  Girl almost always calls him “daddy.”
  15. Wife:
  16. Older woman who is both wife of Listener and “mother” of Gir.  She should be an older woman who can create both a loving wife voice and transition to something a dominating and evil voice both while in the throws of passion.  She is a ring leader and loves to control in the play.  While Listener might have ‘written the script’ she is the director and star and she knows it.  
  18. Girl:
  19. “Daughter” to Wife and Listener.  (She isn’t really but a young woman playing a part for some fun.  Listener and Wife are essentially her sugar parents)  She should should more High school or college than young.  SHe is both nervous and confident in equal measure.  (I know that’s a contradiction)  He is doing something new by having sex with her new futa in front of Listener but loves the play so she rides that into the play.  When the “tables get turned” she doesn’t “believe” it at first and there is screaming and panic which evolves to passion and orgasm.  Remember, this is a play where everyone knows what the score is.
  23. Scene:  Wife welcomes Listener home:
  26. <Door Closes>
  28. Wife:  (from a distance)
  29. Hi, honey!  I’m in the bedroom.  Can you come up?
  31. <pause of a second then another door opens>
  33. Wife: (No longer in distance)
  34. How was work today?  Everything ok?  (Kiss)  Great to hear.  
  36. (Pause)
  38. Wife:
  39. Oh it’s just us up here.  The kids are out and about. I’ve made sure they have places to be tonight so we can have some fun.  It’s Fun Night after all isn’t it?  God, I have been waiting all week for this.  But tonight I have something special planned, so it’s not just our usual Date night ok?  So why don’t you put your stuff down over there, kick off your shoes, and get comfy while I finish up.   I have to finish my face and I can’t exactly go out in this bathrobe can I?  Oh, I made you a drink.  It’s over there, next to the chair.  Take your time.  Get comfortable.
  41. <Wife hums to herself like she is getting ready for a night out for a few seconds>
  43. Wife:  
  44. There.  Perfect.  Are you good?  Good.  Now I have to talk to you, OK?  It’s very important that you listen so I’m going to ask you sit in the chair there and not move.  OK?
  46. (Pause)
  48. Wife:
  49. OK.  Good.  Before I begin, You have to know something.  Let’s just call it ground rules.  (teasing and tempting) Yes, like a game, a very daring and exciting game.  It’s something that is going to get your blood boiling and your face flushed but I need to lay out a few things before this happens ok?  Just remember that I love you, that I will always be here for you, and if you are up for it, I can help you with some aftercare.  Can you remember that?
  51. (Pause)
  53. Wife:
  54. Oh I love you too.  
  56. (kiss)
  58. Wife: (Takes on a more serious if not more malicious tone)
  59. I’m Serious, honey.  I’m very serious.  This is how it’s going to go.  You are going to sit there.  You are not going to leave that chair until I tell you differently.  Because do you know what would happen if you don’t.  (Pause… then in a forceful whisper)  I’m going to divorce you.  That’s right.  I’m going to take the kids, the house, the bank account and getting you to pay alimony until you are old and grey.   No more sex.  No more kids.  No more me.  We are done.  So you better sit your ass in that chair until I tell you otherwise.  I’m not going to tie you up or shackle you.  I want to see if you are a good boy.  Can you been a good boy for me?
  61. (Pause)
  63. Wife (No longer whispering but still sexy and forceful).
  64. Good Boy.  Now get comfortable because it’s going to get uncomfortable fast.  But while you are getting comfortable, I think I should too.
  66. <Sounds of cloth falling as Wife removes bathrobe>
  68. Wife:
  69. That’s better.  A lot more relaxed.  (Pause) Oh do you like this?  I got all new lingerie for tonight.  I know how much you love that whole garter belt and open cup bra thing with all this lovely lace and satin.  It’s like a pinup calendar brought to life, your little burlesque dancer all for you.  Though I have to tell you aren’t the only one.
  71. (Pause)  
  72. Wife:
  73. No honey.  I wasn’t talking about me, though you know how much I love to play sexy dress up.  I was talking about someone else.  There is someone else who has been been seeing to my needs
  75. (pause for dramatic effect)
  77. Wife:
  78. Because you should know….  I’ve been fucking around behind your back.
  80. (Pause)
  82. That’s right.  I have found a nice bull to fill my pussy when you have been at work.  While you have been slaving away trying to make a nice if small home for us, I’ve been bent over and used by a massive cock.  When you were out with the boys, (Getting excited at the telling) I was getting filled, and ravaged by a huge dick, making me scream.  An I have to tell you, it’s a huge, huge cock.  It’s definitely bigger than yours, and thicker, did i mention thicker?  This cock stretches your wifes pussy out so much I can’t even take it all most days.  And no matter how much lube we use I can’t fit it in my ass.  It’s just that big!
  84. (pause)
  86. Wife:  (in a mocking voice)
  87. Aw what the matter honey?  Don’t like the thought of some stud plowing your wife behind your back?  You don’t like it when someone takes me in our own bed and makes me scream for more so loud the neighbors have to send their girls over to wonder what happened to me.  Imagine their faces when they see me riding someone who obviously isn’t my husband.  Sorry but it’s true. (Proudly and sexy) I have taken a lover who fucks me hard and rough every time you are away.  
  89. (Pause)
  91. Wife:
  92. You want to know who it is?  I bet you do.   Look at you, all red and full of shock.  Don’t look so surprised honey.  I love you but I have to get fucked hard and often.  Just be thankful it’s just one person and not a whole host who take me one at a time or in a huge gangbang… Cocks in me and around me, filling my every whole with hot throbbing dick.  Mmm… Wouldn’t you like that?  Watching your wife get taken by all those hard and ready cocks?  Or do you want to come back from that little daydream and figure out who I have really been sleeping with? Do you want to know who’s been stuffing my pussy?  
  94. (Pause)
  96. Wife:
  97. Oh you know who alright.  It’s someone you see all the time.  Yes.  That’s right, i’m not fucking a stranger or the postman or some random person in the neighborhood, I’m with someone you call by name, talk to every day… (whisper) someone you consider family.  Someone you would never have expected.  
  99. (Pause)
  101. Nope, it’s not your brother.  It’s not even my brother but you are getting closer.  Would you like a hint?
  103. (Pause)
  105. Wife:
  106. How’s this for a hint.  (Yelling) You can come in now!  (not yelling) Ta-da!
  108. Girl: (Bother taunting, teasing, and nervous at the same time, like the first night of a dominatrix)
  109. Hi dad.  Are you surprised?  
  111. Wife:
  112. That’s right honey.  I’ve been fucking your daughter right here in our bed.
  114. (Pause)
  116. Girl:
  117. I think he’s shellshocked.
  119. Wife:
  120. No I know that look.  He’s not really understanding things.
  122. Girl:
  123. Oh you mean like all that talk of getting rammed and filled with dick but I’m a girl and don’t have a penis sort of thing?  He’s taking this school girl uniform in and really wondering what is going on?
  125. Wife:
  126. Oh yes.  I think that’s it exactly.
  128. Girl:
  129. Maybe he thinks that we grind pussies together and call it a cock… or, like, that I have a strap on toy or something?  That might not be bad, i guess.
  131. Wife:
  132. But nowhere near the good stuff, baby.  Why don’t you show him what we are talking about?
  134. Girl: (a little nervous at the reveal but still staying in control)
  135. Um.. Ok. Let me just take these nice white panties down my legs first.  No sense in them getting in the way.  And you can take a moment to look at how nice your daughter’s legs are.  See how shapely they are as I pull my panties all the way down… There.  Do you want to see, Daddy?  Do you want to see me?
  137. Wife:
  138. I know he does.  I can’t tell you the number of times he wrote about fucking you in that journal of his.  You can’t imagine how hot he must getting knowing he’s going to take a look at what’s under your skirt for the first time since you were little.  I bet you are just screaming to take a look at your girl naked aren’t you?
  140. (Pause)
  142. Wife:
  143. You better show him before he pops, babygirl.  Go on and lift that skirt with your hands before something else does.
  145. Girl:
  146. Here we go….  
  148. (Sounds of skirt being raised-clothing moved)
  150. Ta-da!  See daddy?  I went in for the futa modification, the best of both worlds package.  They gave me a nice big cock. And a hefty set of balls.
  152. Wife: (sexy)
  153. Yes they did, babygirl.  I so love seeing your girl cock… Ohhh… look Honey.  Look how hard she is getting.  Look at that girl cock grow.  
  155. Girl:
  156. Mmm… I like your new lingerie, Mom.
  158. Wife:  (Sexy teasing)
  159. I see you do.  That beast keep getting harder and harder.  Oh I can’t wait to get fucked with that thing tonight!  Especially with your father sitting right there.
  161. Girl:
  162.  Do you like it daddy?  Please say you like it.  Please say you like my girl cock.  After all (whispers in his ear)  Your wife seems to like it.  *giggle*  (normal voice) Oh he is getting red.  Did i make him angry?
  164. Wife:
  165. Or he is really excited.  My mouth is positively watering looking at that girl meat of yours.  I just want to drop to my knees and lick it up and down.
  167. Girl:
  168. *giggle* Mom!  Give me a minute.   Do you want to keep my skirt on?  Want me to look like the innocent school girl in my plaid skirt, white blouse, and headband?  Or do you want me naked with my tits all out and bouncing as I drive my cock into your mouth?  Do you want me looking into your eyes as you take my dick?
  170. Wife:
  171. I don’t know what I love more, your outfit or your mouth.  
  173. Girl:
  174. *sexy teasing* I love your mouth more.
  176. Wife:
  177. Oh that’s it!  I have to have you!
  179. Girl:
  180. Then kiss me first.  Show dad how a real woman kisses!
  182. <kissing and passionate humming and moaning as the women collide, kiss each over feverishly. For about 15 seconds>
  184. Wife:  
  185. *hungrily* No...I want you naked.  I want to feel your tits pouce as you fuck me.  
  187. Girl:
  188. You kinky thing, mom!
  190. <Sounds of clothing coming off.  Talking over sounds>
  192. Girl:
  193. What do you think Mom?  You want to put on a show for Dad?
  195. Wife:
  196. Let him look, babygirl.  If he’s going to see the nice cock that is going to fuck his wife before his eyes, then the least you could do is show him his own daughters tits.
  198. Girl: (Faux innocent)
  199. Do you want to see my titties, Daddy?  Do you?  I know I’ve gotten more developed since the last time you saw me without a top on.  But are you ready to see you nice sweet innocent little girl’s tits?  Oops… there goes my blouse.  And my bra isn’t far behind.  Last chance to walk away now?  Are you sure you want to see your own daughter’s tits?
  201. Wife: (playfully scorning at husband)
  202. Remember what I told you, Honey.  You leave that chair….
  204. Girl:
  205. Well I guess he isn’t moving so he’s going to see his sweet young daughter all naked.  (teasing) Oh… so sorry daddy.  I just have to let the girls out to breathe.
  207. <cloth sound>
  208. Wife:
  209. And there they are.  Such firm and luscious breasts.  I never noticed how big your nipples are before.
  211. Girl:
  212. Mom!  You are going to make be blush and dad is going to get so confused.
  214. Wife:
  215. They just look so enticing.
  217. Girl:
  218. Oh Mom, Why did you have a taste?  Or better yet, lick my tits and stroke my girl cock.
  220. Wife:
  221. MMm…. Oh I thought you would never ask.
  223. <Sucking and licking sounds as wife licks girl’s breasts and strokes Girl’s cock.  Girl Moans appreciatively>
  225. Girl:
  226. Yes, mom!  That feels so good….  Hey Dad.  I bet you never thought you would see another woman sucking your daughter’s tits, huh?  Then again, I bet you never thought it would be mom and definitely not while she was stroking my big girl cock! *giggle*  Oh yeah mom.  Get your tongue around my nipple.  You know how much I love it when you stroke me off.
  228. <Sucking continues for a few moments then stops for a second.>
  230. Wife:
  231. Oh Baby.  You are getting so hard in my hand.  And your tits are so yummy.  I could do this all day… but I have other things to taste don’t I?
  233. Girl:
  234. Oh you bet!  I can’t wait till you are sucking my cock right here in front of dad.  What do you think dad? *Gasp* Is… Is that a tent I see?  (like a tattletale) Mom!  Dad’s got a boner!
  236. Wife:
  237. He what?  Oh, he most certainly does?  So what did it honey?  Me licking tits or seeing your baby girl’s cock?  You know your father has always been ass man.  But I think this is getting him hot seeing me stroke your big dick.
  239. Girl:
  240. (conspiratorially) How big is dad’s cock?  Am I really bigger than him?
  242. Wife:
  243. Oh you better believe it!  Longer and thicker.  You fuck me with it so good.
  245. Girl:
  246. I want to see.  I want to see dad’s cock! I want to know which of us is packing the bigger meat.
  248. Wife:
  249. (teasing) I don’t know… I did tell him he couldn’t move from the chair.
  251. Girl:
  252. He doesn’t have to get out, just lift his hips up and pull down those pants.  I want to see Dad’s cock.  Don’t you want your little girl to see your cock, you pervy daddy?  Have you thought about my lips or my pussy wrapped around your thick hard shaft?  Have you thought about me sucking on your dick, looking up at you from the ground and begging for my daddy to make me a woman?   (Suddenly, playfully shocked)  Oh My God!  Mom!  Is he blushing?  
  254. Wife:
  255. Yes he is, Baby girl.  Your daddy has definitely thought about fucking you.  Oh that is it! If he wants to stay, he has to take of his pants then sit his ass back down.
  257. Girl:
  258. You heard mom!  Get them off, Dad!  I want to see your cock and I want to see it now!  Mom, get down there and start sucking me off!  I want to be rock hard when I see Dad’s cock!
  260. Wife:
  261. Anything for my baby girl!
  263. <Sounds of Wife sucking on Girl’s cock while Husband takes off pants… sounds of clothing dropping.>
  265. Girl:
  266. Oh yeah mom!  God you really know how to suck dick!  Is that why you married her, Dad? Did mom win you over with her dick sucking skills?  I bet it’s hard to watch her suck off another cock, huh?
  268. (Pause)
  270. Girl:
  271. OH!  It’s very hard!  So very hard!  I got to say, Daddy, I thought mom was teasing when she said I had the bigger dick.  No i don’t know.  That’s a pretty big dick, daddy.  I bet… *groan*…. I bet you used to love it when mom would suck you off, huh?  And then you thought about me, huh? Putting my lips around it.. And my  *ooohhhh*  Tongue…. Oh yeah mom, Keep sucking my girl cock.  Love it! Take it!  Make it yours!  Just like you are mine, isn’t that right, Mom?
  273. Wife:
  274. (Mumbles around cock)
  276. Girl:
  277. What was that mom?  Didn’t you teach me not to talk with my mouth full?
  279. <Sucking sounds stop but sloppy sounds of Wife stroking Girl Continues>
  281. Wife:
  282. *gasp for air*
  283. Yes, I’m yours.  I’m sorry, Honey, but I love fucking and sucking her girl cock! I love feeling her tits bounce against mine and, no offense, but, well, it takes a girl to know how to really eat pussy.
  285. Girl:
  286. You know how much I love to lick you, don’t you, Mom.
  288. Wife:
  289. Oh yeah.  Honey, she licks your wife’s pussy so amazingly.  But I think watching that will drive your father over the edge.  
  291. Girl:
  292. It will?
  294. Wife:
  295. He loves licking pussy. Absolutely adores it. So watching you get between my legs and eating me out while he is forced to sit there would pretty much break him.
  297. Girl:
  298. Do we want to break him?
  300. Wife:
  301. I have other ideas.  I’m so wet already, think it’s time he watches fuck his wife and let’s see if he can deal with that.  What do you think, Honey?  Are you ready to watch your wife get fucked?  Ready to see that bull dick split me open?  
  303. (pause)
  304. Wife:
  305. Then you better be ready to leave that chair if you don’t want to see.  Are you going to do it, Honey?  Are you ready to leave or are you ready to watch me cuck the fuck out of you?  I’ll give you to the count of five.  One!  Come here baby girl and let me lay down on the bed I share with your father.  Two! That’s right, crawl on top with those nice tits and big cock hanging down.  Three!  Give a kiss while you press your body to mine.. Let me see what’s about to happen.
  307. <kissing noises for a couple of seconds>
  309. Wife:
  310. Mmmmm…. Four!  Oh baby girl, get that dick wet!  Slide it up and down your mother’s pussy. Oh yeah.. That’s right.  Feel how hot I am for you.  
  312. Girl:
  313. Oh Mom, you are so hot and positively dripping.  
  315. Wife:
  316. You know I am, baby.  On the last count get ready to push into me.  Push into your mother’s pussy.  Do it before your father completely goes mad with lust.
  318. Girl:
  319. Just say the word, mom, and I’ll cuckold dad.  Oh just those words get me so hard. Mmm…. (breathy) Ready.
  321. Wife:
  322. FIVE!
  324. <Wet sounds as Girl pushes her cock in Wife)
  326. Wife and Girl:
  327. OH!!!  *moaning in delight*
  329. Girl:
  330. Oh mom! You’re so tight!  So hot and wet on my cock!  I love how you feel.
  332. Wife:
  333. That’s it baby!  Pound your mommy with that big hard girl dick.  God you feel so good! Hard! And thick!  Oh baby it’s so much cock inside me!   Are you watching, honey?  Don’t turn away,  You’re missing all the fun.  Watch her. Watch your daughter fuck your wife.  Watch as she pounds my sweet pussy.That’s it, honey.  Watch me.  Watch us fuck.
  335. Girl:
  336. Oh mom!  This is so awesome.  You are getting tighter just talking to dad like that. You are gripping me so much! I never felt you like this before.
  338. Wife:
  339. Oh just kiss me and fuck me with that girl cock!
  341. *Moans and slapping sounds as they fuck for a moment*
  343. Wife:  
  344. Oh honey, she’s gonna make me cum!  Come oh, baby girl, fuck your mother! Fuck your mother hard!  I need it!  I need it so much… That’s right… more...More!  I’m gonna cum on your girl cock!  I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!  I’m gonna……..*screaming orgasm*
  346. Girl:  (still fucking hard)
  347. Oh god mom!  Fuck you look so beautiful when you cum. I just want to fuck you harder.
  349. Wife:
  350. Let me wrap my legs around you, pull you in deeper and deeper… I still can’t believe I’m fucking my baby girl’s cock.
  352. Girl:
  353. I know how much you love.  Take it!  Take my cock!  Take it like a little slut!
  355. Wife:
  356. *moaning* Language!
  358. Girl:
  359. Fine.  Take my cock like a fucking slut!
  361. Wife:
  362. Better.  Oh come here.  Let me hold you tight.
  364. Girl:
  365. Mom, you feel so good wrapped around my cock.  I love it when you wrap your legs around my ass and pull me deeper inside you.    Your arms pulling me tight.  OH… sooo… goood…….  Hold me tight, mom.  Hold me tight and fuck back against me…..  Oh yea…… (suddenly surprised and a little shocked) Wait.  Mom?  What are you doing?  You stopped.  You’re holding me too tight.. (struggling) I can’t move…  Mom?  What’s going on?  
  367. Wife:
  368. Just relax, baby girl.  I think your father has really shown how much he loves me.  See that?  His hard cock standing straight up as he watches his own daughter fuck his wife.  And he never left that chair.  I’m so proud of my man!
  369. Girl:
  370. Am I not your man, mom?  I am inside of you right now after all.
  372. Wife:
  373. But he’s still my husband.  And he made me so proud.  I think it’s time he was rewarded.
  375. Girl:
  376. “Rewarded?” What are you talking about?
  378. Wife:
  379. What do you think, Honey?  Here she is.  Your daughter, caught red handed cucking your ass in your own marriage bed.  She has been a naughty, naughty girl.
  381. Girl: (getting panicked)
  382. Mom!  You are holding me too tight.  I can’t move.  I’m locked inside you.  What are you doing?
  384. Wife:
  385. I now formally give you permission to get out of that chair.  Rise up, my love!  Rise up and show your daughter some discipline.
  387. Girl: (Panicked, almost scared)
  388. MOM!  What’s going on? Dad’s getting up and coming over here.  He looks beet red.
  390. Wife:
  391. I would say he is either absolutely furious with you or he is so turned on he can’t see straight.  Either way, you, my sweet child, are about to find out what happens when you fuck another man’s wife.
  393. Girl:
  394. Wait! NO!  Mom, I can feel his hands on my ass!  Oh god is he mounting the bed?
  396. Wife: (Deviously whispering)
  397. That’s not all he’s going to be mounting.
  399. Girl: (alarmed and knowing she’s in danger)
  400. What?!  No!  Dad, don’t do this.  Please don’t do this!  I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to get you this angry.
  402. Wife:
  403. Oh it’s too late for that, baby girl.  Way to late indeed.
  405. Girl:
  406. Please, dad!  Please!  I’m so sorry. I’m so… (gasp)  He’s right there.  I can feel him at my pussy.
  407. Wife:
  408. It’s got to be dripping after all the fucking you have been doing.  Should be easy for him to slide into.
  410. Girl:
  411. No!  Please, mom!  Make him stop.  Please, I’m begging you.
  413. Wife:
  414. And deny the vengeance my husband craves after watching you defile his wife and call his marriage a joke?  Don’t be absurd.
  416. Girl:
  417. Mom!  Dad!  Please!!  Please don’t do it!
  419. Wife:
  420. Rape her, Honey.  
  422. Girl:
  423. No! NO!!! (no’s turn to shouts as Husband enters Girl)
  425. Wife:
  426. Oh yes!  Your girl cock just throbbed so hard as you father entered you.  Mmmm… delicious..
  428. Girl:
  429. Mom! No! Please!  
  431. (Girl grunts as husband starts fucking, mom follows suit with moans of pleasure)
  433. Wife:
  434. That’s right Honey.  Rape her!  Rape our daughter good!  Every time you thrust hard into her, I can feel her cock pushing into me deeper.
  436. Girl:
  437. Mom!  Why!  Why are you letting Dad rape me!  Oh Dad.. please stop.  This feels so… soo….
  439. Wife:
  440. It feels so good doesn’t it? Your cock deep in your loving mother while you dad fucks your nice hot pussy?  It’s more amazing than anything you felt it in your life isn’t it?
  442. Girl:
  443. Mom! Please!
  445. Wife:
  446. Please what?  Please milk your cock with my pussy?  Please start thrusting up when he fucks you down?  I can do that.  I can do that and more.
  448. (Grunts and moans get more intense and there is sex sounds for about 15 seconds)
  450. Girl:
  451. Mom! It’s too much!  It’s way to much! I’m gonna… I’m gonna…
  453. Wife:
  454. You better not cum.  Your father has to finish fucking you first.  Do you hear me… He has to cum inside you before you cum inside me.
  456. Girl:
  457. Oh god, daddy, are you close?  No?  Oh god dad, i’m so close.  I need you to… I need you to..
  459. Wife:
  460. Say it, baby girl.
  462. Girl:
  463. I need you to rape me harder.  That’s right. Fuck your little girl Daddy.  Rape my little pussy for fucking your wife.  Make me feel every inch of your cock!  Harder, daddy!  Harder!  Oh god, I can’t hold on much longer.  It’s all too much!  
  465. Wife:
  466. Are you close, Honey?  That’s right fuck her good.  Oh Honey, I’m going to cum again.  Cum!  Everyone cum!  Cum as  family!
  468. (everyone loudly cums, if not in unison then pretty close together.)
  470. Wife:
  471. Buttermints!  Buttermints!  Buttermints!  Ok everyone, get off me.  It’s getting hard to breathe.
  473. Girl:
  474. Alright daddy, can you pull out of me?  Thanks.
  476. Wife:
  477. You too.  I’m pretty full of your cum
  479. Girl:  
  480. Wow that was great this time.  Are you guys ok?
  482. Wife:
  483. I was about to ask you the same thing.
  485. Girl:
  486. Are you kidding?  That was amazing!  Wow!  You guys are fun tonight.
  488. Wife:
  489. Whew… I was worried we went a little dark with the roleplay this week.
  491. Girl:
  492. Ok it’s a bit darker than I go but you guys paid for this nice futa mod, and it is fun to have a dick and a pussy at the same time.  Hell even my boyfriend likes it.
  494. Wife:
  495. Really?
  497. Girl:
  498. Well he likes it when I talk about my cock and getting myself off.  Nothing like our sessions together.  Oh that reminds me…
  500. Wife:
  501. We haven’t forgotten.  The usual payment has been sent already.  We love you doing these games with us.
  503. Girl:
  504. I love it too!  You guys are by best clients.  But that wasn’t what I was about to ask.  So...Um.. speaking of my boyfriend…. Do you think you guys might… I don’t know… He doesn’t charge so it would be on me but… um.. Do you think, next time, I might have a brother?
  506. Wife:
  507. What do you think, Honey?  Ready to watch me with our "son" while you pleasure our "daughter?"  Maybe we can "catch" them in the act and have to show them the ropes?  What do you think, Honey?
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