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  1. BrokenEspeon: I use 2 Eeveelutions with flaws that cant be ignored
  2. BrokenEspeon: Flareon (Speed, moves) and Leafeon (Tried so hard, but Flying, Fire, Ice, and Bug are mostly Special, with the sole exception of Flying.)
  3. BrokenEspeon: (And they exist.)
  4. BrokenEspeon: (Also, Leafeons pool is bad. OuO)
  5. BrokenEspeon: Flareon's weakness are mainly Physical, and Leafeon's are Special.
  6. BrokenEspeon: And they are both PU for a reason.
  7. BrokenEspeon: I still use Flareon in OU.
  8. stay chimpin frens: BrokenEspeon, are you espeon21 on an alt by any chance?
  9. BrokenEspeon: No, Chimpin
  10. BrokenEspeon: I'm Darky.
  11. #Hollywood: espeon21 is broken
  12. #Hollywood: stop it
  13. stay chimpin frens: LOL
  14. BrokenEspeon: I am DARKY. >8[
  15. BrokenEspeon: Flareon got dat physical bulk tho with my set running 240 Defense (is its maximum)
  16. BrokenEspeon: And no STAB.
  17. BrokenEspeon: Speed is lower than minimum for - nature. Screw 31 IVs, I go for 0.
  18. BrokenEspeon: 121 Speed is the result.
  19. BrokenEspeon: Just like every Eevee set I pull, except it pulls it off 10% better.
  20. BrokenEspeon: Until Eviolite and then Eevee pulls it better
  21. BrokenEspeon: X3 I can make Eevee beat a Flareon in what I use it for
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