[RGRE] (short) Two Nirds, aka Gamer Sunset and Anon

Jun 29th, 2019
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  1. RHORSE put together a compilation of all this comfy Shimmer Cove goodness. Go here for just about everything the RGRE thread's posted since around Feb 2019.
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  5. This topic is really comfy, and you guys did a great job writing about it.
  6. --------------
  7. >"And today, we're gonna check out this game that a fan sent to us! It's called 'Sundrip Hill', and it's available on Boil. Thank you..."
  8. >Sunset squints at the screen for a moment, leaning in briefly.
  9. >"...Cunt-flaps420. Neat. Now, we-"
  10. >You interrupt the stream momentarily as you enter the room.
  11. >You can't sleep without your Sunset, and neither her nor her fans seem to mind when you sit next to her and snooze a little bit.
  12. >Your manual labour job, if nothing else, ensures that you always get a good night's sleep.
  13. >You haven't fallen asleep past 1 AM since you got this job.
  14. >The only thing Sunset insisted on was that if you sit in on one of her streams, you wore one of the shirts - and a pair of socks - that you're selling.
  15. >Yesterday (well, last night) you wore a shirt that had her stream's logo on it.
  16. >Tonight, you're wearing a rather cute design that a fan had submitted - it's a silhouette of you and Sunset sitting on the couch together, with you leaning against her and resting your head on her shoulder.
  17. >It's fucking adorable.
  18. >The socks just have her logo on them, but Sunset (and frankly, some of her fans) just plain like that you wear them; they don't seem to care what logo is on there.
  19. >One of your nicknames on her stream is "sockslut"... whatever that means.
  20. "Hey, gorgeous."
  21. >You settle down next to Sunset and give her a kiss on the cheek.
  22. >Like always, Sunset lights up when she sees you.
  23. >There are a lot of things in your life that you're not certain of.
  24. >Your job, your financial stability, etc.
  25. >But the one thing you have absolutely no doubts about is your girlfriend's love for you.
  26. >And you love her right back.
  27. >"Hello there, stranger~"
  28. >You pull away, but Sunset grabs you by the collar and pulls you in for a proper kiss; one you're happy to return.
  29. >Predictably, Sunset's chat explodes.
  30. >>"sockslut's here"
  31. >>"LEWD"
  32. >>"get him to play mare-eo kart with you again"
  34. >>"best couple"
  35. >>"tfw no boyfriend"
  36. >>"Is he wearing those socks again? I JUST jilled off, you guys, warn me next time."
  37. >Sunset's moderators go to work, banning a few of the more abusive chatters and culling most of the cunt-pics that get sent out.
  38. >For some reason, a bunch of the people who follow Sunset get off to the idea of you seeing their pussies in the chat window.
  39. "What're you playing tonight, sweetie?"
  40. >Sunset smiles contentedly.
  41. >" 'Sundrip Hill'. A fan was very nice, and she sent it to me for free to play."
  42. >God bless these generous souls.
  43. >Your job and Sunset's streaming (and her humble merch store) let you make ends meet, but sometimes it's a near thing.
  44. >A fan gifting you a 15 or 20 bit game means that Sunset can milk that thing for content and donations.
  45. >Of course, you're just as grateful as Sunset is.
  46. "Aww, thank you everyone!"
  47. >You wrap an arm around Sunset's shoulders and snuggle the top of her head.
  48. "It's a handful keeping this one occupied without you sending her new toys to play with."
  49. >This earns you a playful (and very gentle) slap to the chest.
  50. >Chat eats it up.
  52. >>"make her plant only cauliflower, maximize profit"
  53. >>"anon = whore"
  54. >>"I can see his bulge"
  55. >>"sunset why is ur bf so cute"
  56. >>"TOUCH DICK PLS"
  57. >>"play mare-eo kart"
  58. >>"sock sloot"
  59. >You settle down next to Sunset.
  60. >Her calming presence and sweet voice (as she addresses her fans once again and starts to focus on the game) act as a balm on your nerves, and you find yourself slowly falling asleep.
  61. >You don't need a blanket when you're pressed against Sunset.
  62. >You're out like a light before she can finish thanking her fans/subscribers.
  63. >As she starts a new game, she makes a shushing gesture with her finger against her lips, and starts that night's stream.
  64. ---
  65. Sunset's friends troll her stream
  66. >You are Anon, and you're enjoying listening to Sunset talk and play games while you doze.
  67. >It's your day off - in fact, you managed to score two in a row, so you have tomorrow off as well - so you aren't as exhausted as you normally are after a day's work.
  68. >In fact, it's Sunset's day off tomorrow too!
  69. >That means she can start her stream a little bit earlier, and even let it last a little bit later.
  70. >That always brings in 20 or 30 extra bits.
  71. >So instead of crashing and falling asleep immediately, you get to just doze and enjoy your girlfriend's stream.
  72. >"And that's how you beat Mother Gascoigne. It's a difficult boss fight, that's for sure, but with enough perseverance, you can-"
  73. >DING DING!
  74. >You snort at the sound coming from the computer speakers and jerk your head up.
  75. "Whu-?"
  76. >Sunset giggles and pats your head.
  77. >"It's nothing, sweetie; that's just the donation bell."
  78. >You've never heard that one before.
  79. "...but you get donations all the time."
  80. >Sunset nods.
  81. >"Yeah, I set it up last night so that the bell goes off if there's a 20 bit donation or higher. The donater can attach a message, and I intend to reach each and every message on these 20-bit-plus donations. Let's take a look at it - yup, it has a message attached to it."
  82. >Sunset squints at the screen; one of these days, you'll convince her to get a pair of reading glasses.
  83. >She thinks it makes her look old, but neither of you are a day over 26.
  84. >"Fashionista donates 40 bits and says, 'Your boyfriend is cute, I'd like him to sit on my fac-' oh."
  85. >She grimaces, not really pleased at the message.
  86. >"Thank you, Fashionista," she says, grinning but sounding cross, "but please do not talk about my boyfriend like that. Fewer l-lewd messages, please."
  87. >The chat, predictably, starts pumping out all sorts of remarks about your genitals and which parts of your anatomy users would like to shove their faces in.
  88. >Twilight, one of Sunset's mods, dishes out a few 3-hour bans.
  89. >Still half-asleep, you wave at the camera.
  90. "Y-Yeah," you say with a yawn, "Thank you, Fashionista. I'd like to do... whatever you said too..."
  91. >You yawn again and settle down against Sunset, closing your eyes once more.
  92. "...or whatever..."
  93. >You feel Sunset press a kiss onto the top of your head, and slowly begin to forget about that message.
  94. >You don't know how much time has passed, but Sunset is talking about an entirely different boss when that damn bell goes off again, waking you up.
  95. >DING DING
  96. "Lord above..."
  97. >Sunset looks a bit sheepish.
  98. >"Sorry, sweetie. It's a slow night tonight - Sunday night, after all - and I wasn't expecting that many high donations."
  99. >She waves at the camera.
  100. >"And thanks again for those donations, everyone! You're keeping the stream going, and keeping my sleepy little sweetheart off the streets."
  101. >You smile sleepily at the camera.
  102. "Thanks for keeping my girlfriend occupied, you gals. If she didn't spend hours fiddling with that controller, she'd spend that time fiddling with my-"
  103. >Sunset knows you too well, and she interrupts you before you can say anything too dirty.
  104. >Chat loves it, of course.
  106. >>"make bf play pls"
  107. >>"why is ur boyfriend a whore"
  108. >>"SOCK SLOOT"
  109. >"Let's read out that donation! Alright... 30 bits coming in from... Apples?" she ends on a quizzical note.
  110. >She smiles at the stream.
  111. >"Thank you, Apples! And her message is... 'touch the penis.' "
  112. >Dead silence for a whole two seconds.
  113. >Sunset sighs.
  114. >"Not on camera, thank you. Now, back to Stawberrymilkborne. These skeletons are archers, and they're real fatherfuckers when they-"
  115. >DING DING
  116. >You can't help but giggle a bit - Sunset's getting a lot of donations tonight.
  117. >She has the best fans, for real.
  118. "Yeesh, you guys are generous tonight."
  119. >You nuzzle Sunset's shoulder.
  120. "Must be because you're kicking so much ass at this game."
  121. >Sunset rewards you with a kiss on the cheek.
  122. >"Thank you to... Butterwings for a donation of 50 bits! Wow! And your message is... I'm not reading that."
  123. >You glance down at the screen, ignoring Sunset's frustrated grumbling.
  124. >...holy shit.
  125. " 'If I had your boyfriend alone with me, I would ruin him for everyone with my tight pu-' "
  126. >"God dammit, you gals!" shouts Sunset, openly glaring at the camera, "Quit talking about fucking my boyfriend!"
  127. >She turns to you, looking unhappy and worried.
  128. >"Hey, hun," she says quietly to you, "If this is making you uncomfortable, you don't have to stick around. I didn't include you just so that I could exploit you for cash, you know."
  129. >Her expression darkens.
  130. >"It's not right that they think they can just... VIOLATE my boyfriend with their words!"
  131. >You pull her in for a kiss on the lips, which she eagerly returns.
  132. >Just like magic, you can feel the tension leave Sunset's body.
  133. >When you pull away, you cup Sunset's cheek.
  134. "I think my presence is just encouraging trolls tonight. Your stream's scheduled to end in an hour - I'll wait for you in bed."
  135. >You lower your voice a bit so that nobody but Sunset hears it, but you're not quiet enough to avoid what you say next from being picked up by Sunset's headphone-mounted mic.
  136. >You ALWAYS forget she's got that thing, and this ALWAYS happens when you try and sneak messages to Sunset.
  137. >Like that time you thought you were being sneaky when you leaned over and playfully suggested a night where you eat her out where the camera can't see her while she plays.
  138. >Chat didn't leave you alone for WEEKS after that.
  139. "I'll 'entertain' myself until you get there, alright? Neither of us work tomorrow - I'll make the next few hours worth all the trouble you're putting up with tonight."
  140. >Unknown to you, the chat is now exploding.
  141. >>"someones getting laid tonite"
  143. >>"stream you two fucking"
  144. >>"nightnight sunsets bf"
  145. >>"Set the bar to 100 bits and make ur bf strip if someone donates that amount!"
  146. >>"vote 2 play mare-eo kart ffs"
  147. >>"Please I have money I want to see the butt!"
  149. >>"bye Anon"
  150. >You stand up and throw off the blanket (that a very nice girl knitted for you - it has Sunset's logo on it and it's so fucking comfy), intent on going back to you and Sunset's bedroom and 'warming yourself up' a bit for when Sunset gets to bed.
  151. >She gets so frustrated with a couple of girls ruining her stream tonight, and you feel partially responsible since they all seem to have fixated on you tonight.
  152. >You're gonna give her the ol' lick-a-roo.
  153. >[spoiler]You will never call it "the ol' lick-a-roo" out loud.[/spoiler]
  154. >Unfortunately, in your sleepy delirium you forgot that you're just wearing a Sunset-brand t-shirt, and your comfy pair of boxers
  155. >With the light (the one facing Sunset so that chat can see her face despite the room being otherwise nice and dark) shining at the angle it is, you unknowingly give Sunset's streamers a pretty good shadowy outline of your dick and balls.
  156. >Before you can make it more than a few more feet away, the donation bell activates again.
  157. >DING DING!
  158. >"God damm- 20 bits coming from BoltFromTheBlue, saying 'how big is his pe-' Oh, for FUCK'S SAKE!"
  159. >CLICK
  160. >The room becomes pitch black as Sunset shuts down her entire setup.
  161. >Apart from the whine of machinery and electronics turning off, the only sound in the room is Sunset's frustrated growls.
  162. "Aww, Sunny..."
  163. >Now you just feel bad.
  164. >You walk over to where you're reasonably certain Sunset is (it IS pitch black here) and grope around the couch until you find her shoulders.
  165. >...well, you find her TITS first, but then you use those as a reference point until you're resting your hands on her shoulders.
  166. "All that trolling happened because I was there, didn't it?"
  167. >Sunset sighs and rests her hands on yours.
  168. >"No, Anon, it's not your fault. Those gals would have found another way to get under my skin if you hadn't been there."
  169. >She squeezes your fingers.
  170. >"Besides, it's not too bad. I'll leave an apology video for my subscribers for cutting the stream off so early, but they'll understand - what those trolls were saying was NOT cool. And, y'know... we DID get a nice bit of money because of those idiots."
  171. "Aww, that's my Sunny," you coo, pressing a kiss on top of her head, "You always COULD find the silver lining, no matter how shitty things were. Now, c'mon; we've now got an extra hour for me to make up for all that trouble."
  172. >Sunset's computer setup has a few LEDs that are still on, and they glint off the toothy grin that appears on her face at your words.
  173. >"Race you?"
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