[F4MF]or[M4MF][Script offer] A husband and wife become slave

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  1. [F4MF]or[M4MF][Script offer] A husband and wife become slaves to a dominant demon [futa][cuckold][mild sph][Slaves][bisexual][Wholesome?]
  3. “Servants, strip the rest of their clothing. I want to see my new slaves naked and bare.”
  5. (Sound of clothes being torn off)
  7. “Excellent, your bodies are toned, slim, and battle ready. Perfectly made to be fucked.”
  9. “Both of your seething glares are so amusing. What’s the matter, angry that I defeated your armies and took over the kingdom?”
  11. “A husband and wife. Two noble knights now stripped and enslaved to the very demon that slayed their beloved king. And here I sit on the very throne you two devoted your lives protecting.”
  13. “You both could have escaped. But that stupid pride and sense of “honor” kept you staying to fight to the bitter end. Now look how that rewarded you two?”
  15. “Humans are always such foolish creatures. But that foolishness is what makes your kind so fun to play with.”
  17. “Awww… don’t give me that look. You both probably hate me for killing the king. But guess what? I kept you two alive.”
  19. “This way, you two could be my slaves together as husband and wife. Isn’t that sweet of me?”
  21. “You wanna know the other reason I kept you two alive? Besides the fact that you both are so fuckable. It’s because of your loyalty. You both devoted your lives to this king and have been serving him for years. That kind of loyalty is hard to find. I’ll give you that humans. That loyalty is why humans make the best slaves.”
  23. “Alright, enough talking from me. Servants, prepare them. Lube up their assholes.”
  25. “Don’t even think about trying to escape or resisting. I am much stronger than both of you combined and I’ll kill you on the spot if you try to harm my servants.”
  27. “Think about your beloved next to you. They wouldn’t want to see you killed? So just let my servants tease your slutty holes and get you both ready.”
  29. “Hmmm, what a pleasant surprise. Both your assholes were easily prepped. Must not be the first time for either of you?”
  31. “What’s this? Is your husband’s cock getting hard? Looks like your husband likes his ass played with quite a bit. What a buttslut.”
  33. “Oh? What’s with that expression wifey? Didn’t know how much of a butt slut your husband was? I’m sure he tried to downplay how much he liked it when you gave him prostate massages right? I guess your husband kept secrets from you huh?”
  35. “You can’t look him in the eye right now can you? Is it because you are ashamed of him? Or is it because you’re getting aroused too? Your pussy is soaked. I’m a demon, I can sense your pheromones so there’s no point in trying to hide your arousal. Both of you are real butt sluts.”
  37. “I was going to administer an arousal spell but it looks like that won’t be needed.”
  39. “I suppose it’s only common courtesy that I show you both what you will both be servicing from now on. Just let me remove my armor.”
  41. “There we go. My cock is finally free.”
  43. “Surprised wifey? Probably the biggest one you’ve ever seen. You’re probably noticing just how much bigger it is than your husband’s.”
  45. “Are you getting jealous hubby? That your wife is lusting over a cock that’s twice as big as your own? Of course she never told you deep down she’s a real size queen. I suppose she’s kept secrets from you too.”
  47. “Oh devoted wifey, don’t cry my dear. It’s only natural you prefer my cock. No need to apologize to your husband. No need to feel ashamed and judging by the twitch of your husband’s cock, this is turning him on too.”
  49. “Just like how your husband never told you about his love for taking it up the ass, you’ve never told him about your constant craving for big cocks. See? Isn’t that great? You both know so much more about each other now.”
  51. “Both of you, look at me. Don’t misunderstand. I’m not here to take your spouse away from you. I like my slaves to be happy. If anything, I’m here to bring you two even closer than both of you ever could in your past lives.”
  53. “You both were meant to serve. In your past lives, you both served the royal throne. Now, you serve me. Instead of fighting, you’ll be fucking. That seems like a nice trade off yeah?”
  55. “Cast away your worldly ties to useless concepts like pride and shame. Give in to your cravings. Give in to the pleasure.”
  57. “So now, you two get to decide your fates. Get on your knees and submit to me. Become my loyal slaves for life. Or, choose not to, and die. I’ll kill you both on the spot if you both so wish. I’ll make sure your deaths will be quick and… not as painful as it could be.”
  59. “My, my, you both made the right choice. Already on your knees with your mouths open.”
  61. “Crawl over to me. Come worship my cock as you both welcome in your new purpose for existence.”
  63. “You both were once proud knights serving the royal family. But now, you are my slaves. No need to uphold this facade of pride. You both serve me and can live out your days simply indulging in your fantasies and pleasures. As long as you serve me, you will never age.”
  65. “Suck on my fingers. Mmmm nice and obedient.”
  67. “Are my fingers enough for you both? You’re both satisfied with just sucking fingers right? Of course not. Both of your eyes are so glazed over with arousal. Let me hear you both beg for it. Show me how much you crave my cock and show me your complete submission.”
  69. “Hmmm… sorry… but I’m not convinced. You two surely didn’t become the best knights in the land by half-assing it right?”
  71. “Beg for it like your fucking life depends on it, because when I’m done with you two, it will... Neither of you will be able to live without my cock.”
  73. “That’s more like it wifey. Sticking your tongue out too.”
  75. “Perhaps your hubby needs a bit more motivation? He’s probably not used to submitting to bigger better cock. C’mon wifey, you’re not getting any of this cock until your husband is drooling for it as well.”
  77. “My, my, I’m impressed. You went straight for the neck. Your battle experience paying dividends even as a slave.”
  79. “That’s it, keep kissing his neck. How swiftly you maneuver your lips to all of his weak spots. Make him moan like the slut he was meant to become.”
  81. “Awww how cute, his cock is dripping with precum. Though, I’m still not convinced he craves this cock enough. You’ll need to try harder wifey.”
  83. “Hahaha without hesitation, you ignored his cock and went straight for that boy pussy. Play with it, stimulate that prostate. Make him realize all the pleasure he was missing out on.”
  85. “Now that’s the kind of expression I’m looking for! Such raw sexual energy!”
  87. “Careful wifey, don’t get carried away. I don’t want your cute little hubby to be blowing his load so soon.”
  89. “Oh my, I underestimated you wifey. You got him right on the edge. That blank expression and his mouth agape says it all.”
  91. “Now, let’s try this again. Beg for my cock. Show me how much you two need this. How much you need to be fucked by this huge cock and how much you crave the taste of my cum.”
  93. “How marvelous you two are. Tongues out, panting, and fingering each other. Bitches in heat desperate to experience all 11 inches of this demon cock.”
  95. “Well? What are you two waiting for? Worship my cock!”
  97. “Mmmm yes…. what teamwork… each of you taking advantage of every opportunity. While one of you focuses on the head, the other slides up and down my shaft.”
  99. “Yes… bring your lips together around my tip. This is like a 2nd wedding. Not just for being married to each other, but to be married to this cock as well.”
  101. “How bold of you hubby? Think you can handle all of it at once?”
  103. “Slowly now, get used to that length and girth pressing against your throat.”
  105. “Hmmm… about halfway? Not bad for your first time. But surely as a once proud knight of the former king, you’ve had to swallow worse?”
  107. “I’m sure your wife wants her turn as well but judging by her furiously rubbing her clit, she must be enjoying the show.”
  109. “C’mere wifey. If you enjoy watching your beloved husband suck cock so much, why not give him a hand?”
  111. “Just place your hand against the back of his head and…”
  113. “There we go. Push his head all the way down. I want my cock all the way in.”
  115. “A bit too much hubby? You’re eyes are starting to tear up. Don’t worry, with such a devoted wife by your side, you can take it all. Look how much faith she has in you to push you this far.”
  117. “Listen to her naughty whispers, coaching you on how to suck cock.”
  119. “See hubby? I knew you had it in you. You made it all the way to the base.”
  121. “Now let go of your weak human instincts to gag when something gets shoved down your throat. Let me destroy that gag reflex of yours.”
  123. “You love this don’t you wifey? Seeing this slutty side of your husband? Sucking cock so eagerly?”
  125. “Good job hubby, you did well. Let’s give your wife her turn now.”
  127. “Oh? Hungry aren’t you? Your husband hasn’t even finish coughing yet and you already shoved my cock down your throat. And your eyes give it away don’t they? You’re in love. In love with my cock.”
  129. “Take notes hubby, that is how you deepthroat like a real slut.”
  131. “From how easily she took it all in, something tells me this isn’t her first time with a bigger cock.”
  133. “Who do you think it was hubby? One of your fellow knights? Maybe all of your fellow knights? Or maybe it was the king himself? Perhaps he invited her to watch him fuck the queen senseless and your devoted wife couldn’t resist and just had to join in?”
  135. “Your cock is twitching again hahaha. You liked imagining that didn’t you? Your wife certainly seemed to have liked it too. Reliving her infidelity again judging by the corners of her mouth trying not to smile.”
  137. “Though, none of that matters now. This big demon cock is only cock that matters to her now.”
  139. “Don’t be distraught though. As much as she’s madly in love with my cock, she still loves you and wishes nothing but you two to worship my cock together.”
  141. “That’s enough sucking my slaves. I need to fuck.”
  143. “Cmon wifey, get on top of me, spread that pussy of yours. I want you bouncing on my cock.”
  145. “What’s that matter hubby? Need to cum? Too bad. Looks like you’ll have to wait. Don’t be greedy, you already got first dibs at deepthroating, it’s only fair your wife gets first dibs at getting her tight pussy fucked. Though, it won’t be tight anymore once I’m done with it. She might not even be able to feel you anymore.”
  147. “Though, don’t worry. After you get the chance to get your boy pussy filled with my big cock, you’ll get addicted to getting fucked too. For now, just enjoy the show.”
  149. “That’s it wifey, spread that tight pussy.”
  151. “You’re dripping wet! Been too long since you’ve had a big cock hasn’t it? And the fact that your dear husband is about to watch you get fucked is making you even hornier. Such a slut.”
  153. “Well then slave, you’ve been waiting all night for this. Bounce on this demon cock and show the world who owns your pussy.”
  155. (Hips slapping and moaning)
  157. “god, you’re pussy is gripping my cock so tightly. I can barely get half of it inside you.”
  159. “What’s this? You’re already about to cum? Turn around then slut. I want to make sure your hubby gets front row seats to the pleasure my cock is giving you. So he can see his lovely wife get turned into a slave to my cock right before his eyes.”
  161. “Just look at your husband! Trying so hard not to cum as he plays with his ass. Can’t tell what’s turning him on more, the sight of you getting fucked or the thought of my cock getting shoved up his ass next.”
  163. “Yes… that’s it wifey... squirt your pleasure out… this is just the beginning. You got your orgasm but I haven’t yet. Just let me grip your hips and I’m going to (hips bucking) thrust up (hips bucking) and fuck you senseless.”
  165. “You could barely handle taking half of my big demon cock, not sure what’s going to happen to your pussy when I shove the rest of it in.”
  167. “There... we...go. My entire cock is inside you, stretching you out completely. I’ve broken your pussy, now to break your mind!”
  169. (Fucking and moaning)
  171. “Yes! Yes! Take that demon cock you slut. You love this cock don’t you? And you want me to pump you full of demon cum right?”
  173. “Not gonna happen unless you beg for it first! Cmon wifey, beg for my cum!”
  175. “oh fuck yes! Seeing your head whip back and eyes roll up as you’re cumming again is going to send me over the edge!”
  177. “Take it my slave! Feel my demon cum filling you up!”
  179. (Moans and post orgasm breathing/panting)
  181. “Fuck your pussy is amazing. Your hubby for sure picked the perfect wife.”
  183. “Ready for your turn hubby? You’ve made quite the puddle of precum by now.”
  185. “C'mere then. Get on your knees and clean us up.”
  187. “That’s it, lick all the cream out of your wife’s well fucked pussy and off my cock.”
  189. “Hahaha looks like your wife will need some help getting off me. Her legs are still shaking.”
  191. “There we go. The devoted husband helping his wife onto the ground so he can finally get his turn.”
  193. “Geeze hubby, with how much your cock is twitching, I bet you’ll cum the second you shove my cock into your ass.”
  195. “That’s it, line the tip with your lubed hole. Only the tip though. I’ll decide when you get to start.”
  197. “Well wifey, kneeling so close? You really want to see me destroy his ass don’t you?”
  199. “He’s been such a good boy hasn’t he? Not cumming the entire time you got fucked and even cleaning us up afterwards. He deserves this demon cock doesn’t he?”
  201. “Fine then, hubby. Start sliding down my cock.”
  203. “What’s this? Your wife could barely handle half but you’re taking all of it so easily. Turns out the real size queen wasn’t your wife, it was you.”
  205. “Your hips are starting to shake. Your little g-spot prostate can’t take much more of this can it? Well you got 3 more inches to go.”
  207. “Good job slave! You got it all in and well, well, well. Just as I suspected. You actually came the second all 11 inches of demon cock got shoved up your ass!”
  209. “That’s it, cum like the slut you are! Let all that cum cover your wife’s tits.”
  211. “So much cum… and your wife loves it.”
  213. “Enough teasing though. I’ve got to destroy your ass and claim it as my own as well.”
  215. “Let’s see just how much cum I can milk out you!”
  217. (Hips thrusting and panting)
  219. “Your mind is going blank isn’t it? All you can think about is my (hip thrust) big (hip thrust) demon (hip thrust) cock!”
  221. “See that wifey? This is the side of your hubby that you’ve never seen before! To think you two were married for this long and you never knew what a complete buttslut he is!”
  223. “Come suck your husband’s cock slave! Let’s milk him dry!”
  225. “Your hips are shaking again hubby! You’re about to cum!”
  227. “Cmon then, cum! Cum into your loving wife’s mouth as I pump your ass full of demon spunk!”
  229. (Moaning and post orgasm breathing/panting)
  231. “Now wifey, you’re on cleanup duty. Clean out your husband’s gaping hole dripping with my cum.”
  233. “Aww how cute. Hubby, it looks like your wife wants a kiss?”
  235. “Mmmm nothing like a nice sticky cum kiss to solidify both of you as my eternal slaves.”
  237. “Now embrace. See? You two are now even closer than you were before. You two get to indulge and share your mutual love for big cocks together forever.”
  239. “Alright, enough with the lovey dovey shit. One of the succubuses will show you both where the bed chamber is. Get cleaned up and get some rest. You’ll need that energy for tonight.”
  241. “I’ve got a couple demon friends coming to visit and they are all expecting two obedient slaves to service their every need.”
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