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  1. #include <stdio.h>
  2. typedef struct vec {
  3.     int chislo;
  4.     float vec1, vec2;
  5.     float vec3, vec4;
  6.     float vec5, vec6;
  7. } dlina;
  9. int main() {
  10.     dlina dl;
  11.     FILE *file;
  12.     file = fopen_s(&file, "C:\Users\zheny\source\repos\vec. txt", "r");
  13.     fscanf_s(file, "%d%f%f%f", &dl.chislo, &dl.vec1, &dl.vec2, &dl.vec3, &dl.vec4, &dl.vec5, &dl.vec6);
  14.     printf("collichestvo = %d;\n vec1 = %f;\n vec2 = %f;\n vec3 = %f;\n", dl.chislo, dl.vec1, dl.vec2, dl.vec3, dl.vec4, dl.vec5, dl.vec6);
  15.     return 0;
  16. }
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