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  1. G] [Lunchmanx]: we just did an argus u missed it
  2. [G] [Murgaldamos]: Its ok, my Druids just going to get disappointed again
  3. [G] [Murgaldamos]: Or maybe the Feral one this time
  4. [G] [Cattitude]: you cant handle playing feral
  5. [G] [Nerdragin]: lol
  6. [G] [Cattitude]: youd probably use the chest saying "oh i want more range"
  7. You have unlearned [Mass Entanglement].
  8. You have learned a new spell: [Typhoon].
  9. Furtyrand has gone offline.
  10. [G] [Murgaldamos]: Kinda like how you cant handle Destro. Caarter going to town on you on argus
  11. [G] [Murgaldamos]: !
  12. [G] [Nerdragin]: #ShotsFired
  13. [G] [Cattitude]: you playing feral is like nerd playing anything
  14. [Furti] has come online.
  15. [G] [Nerdragin]: cattidue i've seen your dps meters on your hunter #lawl
  16. [G] [Aelxx]: shots at the peanut gallery
  17. [G] [Cattitude]: yea bm hunter is pretty bad
  18. Blingtron 6000 says: My presence is requested for duty.  I must leave immediately.
  19. [G] [Murgaldamos]: I was to bad to play Moonkin so i'm a bear main now on my druid
  20. [G] [Nerdragin]: then on your lock every week get schooled by cater  
  21. [G] [Murgaldamos]: just spam thrashhhhhhhhhh
  22. [G] [Cattitude]: lock is rng tho
  23. [G] [Nerdragin]: then blame it on gear/legos
  24. [G] [Cattitude]: nerd omg calm down it was a fucking meme
  25. [G] [Nerdragin]: like 95% of ppl
  26. [G] [Lunchmanx]: oh feral
  27. [G] [Lunchmanx]: we had a druid join our dht earlier n we thought he was a boomkin
  28. [G] [Lunchmanx]: but he was feral
  29. [G] [Nerdragin]: lawl
  30. [G] [Lunchmanx]: needless to say we bricked the key
  31. [G] [Murgaldamos]: Why didnt he just step out and respec
  32. [G] [Cattitude]: must of beena bad feral
  33. [G] [Nerdragin]: i always ask before they join
  34. [G] [Lunchmanx]: i didnt notice he was feral until the first boss
  35. [G] [Nerdragin]: what spec they be
  36. [G] [Lunchmanx]: i think his io said he was boomkin
  37. [G] [Lunchmanx]: so we just assumed
  38. [G] [Murgaldamos]: Remember when I made that comment in NH where a Druid I invited said he was feral, I said 'RIP', and kicked him and it made the front page?
  39. Aelxx has gone offline.
  40. [G] [Lunchmanx]: lol
  41. [|Kf104|kAlex|k] (Alex) has gone offline.
  42. [G] [Bluenas]: murgaldamos
  43. [G] [Murgaldamos]: thats how you do it
  44. [G] [Bluenas]: monkaS
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