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  1. <Gamesmaster> **********************************************************************88
  2. <Gamesmaster> It is 01:20 hours, 5th October, 3067. After making contact with the supporting elements of Claw One, Claws Two and
  3. <Gamesmaster> Three gave a brief debriefing of the situation on the planets surface. Almost in disbelief, the command element
  4. <Gamesmaster> relieved them allowing the battered claws back onto the dropship. Entering the hangar, the mechs are slowly and
  5. <Gamesmaster> carefully secured in their pod docking clamps. Some more carefully than others.Popping the hatches of their mechs,
  6. <Gamesmaster> the Cadets are bathed in the smoke and noise generated by the teams as they already swing into work.
  7. * ^Vane^ climbs down and starts talking to his head mechanic over the issues during the drop.
  8. <Gamesmaster> From below, you can hear the voice of Lead Tech Kveta ordering the teams to secure the battered Cobra in place as it is winched into place, an obvious look of annoyance on her face as she fiddles with a dataslate
  9. * ^Stephan^ disembarks
  10. * Dierson_Prye climbs out of TboltC
  11. * ^Stephan^ says to himself: " Mostrosity - why do they even field this? It has 4 legs, useless agromech"
  12. * Remus stays firmly planted in his Urbanmech
  13. * Biorn climbs down to the deck, finds a corner to sit in and puts his feet up.
  14. * Jacob_Dorn takes off his Neurohelmet and remains seated in the pilot seat and relaxes for a moment
  15. * Dierson_Prye approaches Lead tech Kveta
  16. * ^Stephan^ heads for his questers afterdiembarking to change clothes and clean
  17. <Gamesmaster> *Seeing the Cadets, Kveta begins the slow walk over, meeting Diersons pace*
  18. * ^Vane^ can be seen gesticulating and pointing at varius parts of the Stalking Spider to the mechanic.
  19. <^Stephan^> quarters**
  20. <Dierson_Prye> Where is SCpt DeVega, we must debrief with him
  21. * ^Stephan^ remebers debirefing and jins the other claw members to report for debrief
  22. <Gamesmaster> "I believe he is on the bridge with the Captain. " she replies cooly "It appears it was a hard battle out there. Our units mechs have sustained heavy damage. I don't need any evaluation to tell me that getting these back into combat operational status will be in doubt within operational timescale"
  23. <Gamesmaster> "I was on my way to inform you" she continues "It appears something urgent has come up which requires your immediate attention"
  24. <Dierson_Prye> aff, before you continue...
  25. <Dierson_Prye> ...please submit your report on the situation of our mechs, I will also do the same...
  26. * ^Vane^ is finished briefing the mechanic, and heads over to the others.
  27. <Dierson_Prye>, what requires my immediate attention tech?
  28. <Gamesmaster> "All i know, is that it demands immediate secure for departure. We wil be ensuring the machines are secure, and we will be preparing to make orbit at fastest possible speed. Your debrief, by the sounds of it, might have to wait." she turns for a secod "Yaroslav! Get that Cobra in position, on the double. Get the teams moving, we do not have alot of time."
  29. * Dierson_Prye slightly affronted at the techs apparent disregard for his warrior status
  30. * Jacob_Dorn Disembarks the Deathwish and use the access lift to take him to the hangar floor
  31. * Remus has sometime during the commotion, left his mech.
  32. <Dierson_Prye> well, we need to report or secure for departure as well? I will find DeVega if you do not possess this information
  33. <Gamesmaster> Dorn is greeted by the sight of a think, lanky technician looking up at him, a small grin on his face "Have a good time out there?" he asks, amused.
  34. * ^Stephan^ left detailed intructions about his mech in the mechs computer
  35. <Jacob_Dorn> I had a lovely dance with the daughter of the planetary governor.
  36. <Gamesmaster> "Star Captain DeVega and Captain Bakar seemed insistent you meet them before we break orbit." she answers. "Yaroslav! Stop your yapping and back to work".
  37. * Linus_Svenssen climbs down from the Icestorm, gesticulating wildly at a confusted looking tech.
  38. <Gamesmaster> she turns, angrily, towards the Cobra
  39. * Dierson_Prye glares, but turns to gather claws 2 and 3
  40. <Dierson_Prye> CLAWS!
  41. * Biorn looks up lazily
  42. * Remus clears his throat, but remains in place, "Lead?"
  43. <^Stephan^> AFF!?
  44. <Gamesmaster> "Some dance" replies the tech, to Dorn. "One foot in front of the other." Turning to Kveta "Alright, im on it" Yaroslav repies, dropping off the Cobras foot.
  45. <Jacob_Dorn> One PPC after another is more acurate...
  46. <Jacob_Dorn> Any how...
  47. * Jacob_Dorn meets with Dierson
  48. <Dierson_Prye> follow me, we must meet and debrief with SCpt DeVega
  49. * Dierson_Prye to those claw members assembled nearby
  50. * ^Stephan^ folows Direson
  51. <Jacob_Dorn> Sir.
  52. <^Vane^> Aff.
  53. * Dierson_Prye heads to find DeVega
  54. * Jacob_Dorn fololows suit
  55. * Remus winks at Kveta on the way by. Wow, such class and charm.
  56. <Gamesmaster> *Kveta, looks at Remus, a small smile spreading across her face.* "I must attend to my work, good luck with the Captain"
  57. <Gamesmaster> "He seems torn between a decision"
  58. * Jacob_Dorn also still has the bandages wraped round his head from the headwound recived during the mission
  59. <Gamesmaster> *WIth that, Kveta walks off to oversee the repairs of the Cobra*
  60. * Remus nods and chuckles, "Thank you for the warning, and good luck with your work."
  61. <Gamesmaster> "No bother" she calls back
  62. * Remus catches up with the rest of the pilots, "Be prepared."
  63. <Gamesmaster> \\ IM GOING IN DRY
  64. * ^Stephan^ sights but says nothing
  65. <Remus> \\How many stimpacks did you take?\\
  66. <^Stephan^> \\53+ rhe red bull with black coffee\\
  67. <Gamesmaster> *Through the cramped and twisted corridors, the Cadets slowly make their to the bridge. The air is not much improved over the interior of a mech cockpit. After a while, you reached the familiar bridge door, and Dierson enters. The balding form of Captain Bakar greets the cadets, and he quickly ushers them with minimal fuss into the briefing room, a look of urgency spread across his face. Even as they enter the briefing room, the imposing forms of both Star Captain DeVega and Star Commander Zenobia dominate
  68. <Gamesmaster> s the room.
  69. <Gamesmaster> "Sit" Zenobia says bluntly
  70. <Dierson_Prye> Aff
  71. * Dierson_Prye motions claws to seats
  72. * Remus grunts and sits.
  73. * Dierson_Prye sits
  74. * ^Stephan^ sits
  75. * ^Vane^ finds a seat.
  76. * Biorn shrugs and sits
  77. * Linus_Svenssen sits, hastily.
  78. <Gamesmaster> "Warrior Declan has filled both myself and Star Commander Zenobia in on the moonside situation" DeVega states. "It says alot about you Cadets, to be able to deal with the situation without incurring valuable losses."
  79. <Gamesmaster> *Zenobia taps her fingers impatiently against the table top*
  80. * Dierson_Prye nods at DeVega
  81. * Dierson_Prye glances at Zenobia
  82. * ^Vane^ nods curtly.
  83. * ^Stephan^ looks at zenobies for half a second, but then quickly turns back to devega
  84. * Remus merely smirts.
  85. <Dierson_Prye> Thank you SCpt DeVega
  86. * Dierson_Prye says after a pause
  87. <Gamesmaster> "Whilst i await a full report from our Chief Engineer, from reports it is indicated we have suffered extensive damage to several machines which will take days to repair. Fortunately, thanks to the current situation, we may be able to extend the operation to allow for the repairs to be completed, in moon orbit. The facility did not make any transmission, that we could monitor, so I will assume a strategic victory"
  88. * Jacob_Dorn has taken a seat
  89. * Jacob_Dorn and frowns a little
  90. <Gamesmaster> *Zenobia glares at Jacob Dorn* "Star Captain, whilst this might be true, the enemy clearly had more resources than we expected. It is more than a matter of luck, than skill, that we did not lose valuable equipment. I propose that whoever is responsible for the intelligence failure is immediately disciplined."
  91. <Gamesmaster> she states, flatly.
  92. * Dierson_Prye looks at Zenobia
  93. * Remus continues to smirk.
  94. * ^Stephan^ again looks her way for second, with an unfriendly look, but then turns back and says nothing
  95. <Dierson_Prye> while I can not speak for the skill of the claws as a whole, there was sufficient skill to handle the odds we encountered
  96. <^Stephan^> aff.
  97. <Dierson_Prye> ...but I do agree with you on the matter of intelligence failure
  98. <Gamesmaster> "Concerns noted, Star Commander Zenobia. However, the fact remains that we had no way of knowing additional forces were down on the surface. From the initial repots giving to Declan, the enemy appeared from an underground location that was shielded from any active or passive scans. The lack of information however, is surely a worry. We cannot afford to let the enemy surprise us again.
  99. <Gamesmaster> "That much is evident, i concede. Against freebirths, however" she replies.
  100. *** Biorn quit (Quit: Page closed)
  101. <Gamesmaster> "This whole operation was distasteful - freebirths, executions, these are not the ways of the clan. However necessary. But not the gauge of a warrior" she continues to Dierson
  102. * Dierson_Prye continues to look at Zenobia...bemused and irritated at being ignored...
  103. * Dierson_Prye nods...slowly
  104. <Dierson_Prye> I .....agree
  105. <Gamesmaster> "You do not need to look so abashed Dierson. You must feel the same way as I do, being a fellow falcon"
  106. * Jacob_Dorn gives Zenobia a blank "not a single fuck given" stare
  107. <Gamesmaster> *she nods in acknowledgement*
  108. <Dierson_Prye> it is not the way of the clan
  109. <^Vane^> Star Captain, could this lack of information be connected to the previous.. challenges we have encountered trying to perform our duty as Claws?
  110. <Dierson_Prye> the true ways of the clan died on Twycross, after the Wolf betrayel...honor has taken a back seat for many warriors, you must admit...
  111. * Remus gives a quiet snort at that comment.
  112. <Gamesmaster> "It was however, necessary. I presume that all base personnel, that could contact or give an account of the attack, are indeed removed?" DeVega injects. Turning his head to Vane, he answers "Doubtful, our intel out here is limited. We have options, options that will be discussed later, but I am satisfied that for now, the current situation has been dealth with."
  113. <Dierson_Prye> fellow warriors stand testament to the dire circum....
  114. * Dierson_Prye is cut off by DeVega
  115. <Dierson_Prye> all threats to mission security are taken care of
  116. * ^Vane^ nods to DeVega
  117. <Dierson_Prye> SCpt
  118. <Gamesmaster> "I do not appreciate your comments Team Leader Dierson. Remember, it was Khan Chistus ambush which disgraced the falcon. Both sides were to blame for the idiocy which has kept us from the soil of Terra."
  119. * Dierson_Prye gives DeVega a questioning look
  120. <Dierson_Prye> if you say so SCpt, aff
  121. * Jacob_Dorn remains silent, his forehead wraped in bandages
  122. * ^Vane^ turns his head away from the conversation, looking grim.
  123. *** Biorn ( joined
  124. <Gamesmaster> "Noted, in that case, with the operational objectives met, we will be immediately making for orbit in order to shelter within the debris field. We do however, have some information to impart. Whilst Captain Bakar was navigating us down, we managed to get another closer look at the Jumpship we encountered in orbit."
  125. <Gamesmaster> DeVega continues.
  126. * ^Stephan^ loks with interest
  127. <Gamesmaster> "The ship appeared to be tens of degrees warmer, leading us to the conclusion that she is being prepared to leave system. Long range scans saw the retrograde profile of what we believe to be a small transport shuttle, which it has been decided probably delivered a skeleton crew to the jumpship. It appears that it had been unmanned afterall."
  128. <Gamesmaster> "We also, I will add, noticed the following"
  129. <Gamesmaster> *DeVega takes out from his pocket a small holo projector and switches it on. A fuzzy image emerges of the jumpships hull, and slowly comes into focus. The green head of a Jade Wolf becomes clearly visble, marked alongside what appears to be the starboard section*
  130. <Jacob_Dorn> Hmmmm
  131. * ^Vane^ squints at the image.
  132. <Gamesmaster> "As you can see" he continues "She is one of ours"
  133. <Dierson_Prye> ...
  134. <^Stephan^> Interesting. And yet we did not know about her preasence here?
  135. <Gamesmaster> "If we had known, we would not have sent an unprepared dropship, equipped with mechs that are completely useless in a recovery scenario" states Zenobia, looking at Stephan with intent
  136. <Gamesmaster> "The very fact that freebirths have obviously acquired her by force, is bad enough, but the fact that they are in possession of one of our KF drives is completely unacceptable."
  137. <^Stephan^> Interesting indeed. And troubling. *looks at Devega so that he may continue debriefing
  138. <Dierson_Prye> ...we need to recover it, Jumpships are not in excess supply...
  139. <Dierson_Prye> how long has it been missing?
  140. <Gamesmaster> "As you both state, Star Commander Zenobia and Cadet Stephan, it is troubling. Our clan barely has the resources to replace, and manufacture, new mech units with our limited resources, never mind new jumpships. You are correct Dierson. So far, it is unknown"
  141. <Dierson_Prye> is unknown how long it has been missing?!?
  142. <Dierson_Prye> do we as a clan not keep track of things as small as Jumpships?
  143. * Dierson_Prye Looks at Zenobia
  144. <Gamesmaster> "We do not know its identity, it appears as though extensive modification has already begun on the external hull. Therefore, we can only surmise its one of two jumpships that has gone missing. It could be either of them"
  145. <Dierson_Prye> you are correct Zenobia, we must purge our intelligence personel of incompetence
  146. <^Stephan^> One of tho?
  147. <^Stephan^> Two*
  148. <Gamesmaster> Zenobia allows herself a small laugh, before regaining her composure "This is definetly the case, but you know the watch are comprised of 'warriors' of lesser stature. They cannot be expected to give accurate reports. However, we do know, as the Star Captain indicates, that two of our dropships, matching this ones class, have gone missing, presumed destroyed by the bandits.
  149. <Gamesmaster> In a strange way, despite her defilement, it could be seen as a blessing that she is intact at all."
  150. <Dierson_Prye> If we can reclaim her
  151. <Dierson_Prye> nothing can be wasted
  152. * Dierson_Prye smiling with intensity at Zenobia
  153. <Jacob_Dorn> I never relied on Intel to begin with...
  154. <Gamesmaster> "This is true. " Zenobia states. "The entire command staff has put forth a plan, which will see her back under our control. " she answers
  155. <^Vane^> Since we're hearing this Star Captian, do you need us to go get her?
  156. * Dierson_Prye looks at DeVega with concealed worry
  157. <Jacob_Dorn> I asume so.
  158. <Gamesmaster> The Star Captain nods "We cannot allow her to be lost, as she is irreplaceable. We have no other warriors onboard, apart from half trained labourers and crew that have only been exposed to basic boarding training. As such, it falls on us to reclaim the Jumpship."
  159. <Jacob_Dorn> Exelent! so when can we get started?
  160. <Gamesmaster> "This would also be an excellent opportunity to demonstrate to the Star Colonel of our competance, and therefore leaves no room for error."
  161. <Dierson_Prye> I request any additional personnel be sent if we are to be sent....with our excellent "intelligence" we should take as much firepower as possible
  162. <^Vane^> Are the two missing ships of identical class and make?
  163. <Gamesmaster> "I cannot spare any crew" Bakar responds. "We will be ensuring the Jumpship does not activate her engines, and if she does, this will necessitate disabling her with pinpoint fire"
  164. <Gamesmaster> "I cannot spare anyone: everyone is needed to ensure that the piloting operations go smoothly. And besides.. you ll have Claw One" he answers
  165. * Dierson_Prye moves
  166. <Gamesmaster> "The captain is correct" Zenobia answers. "We will be going with you. This is far too important to leave to a green unit"
  167. <Dierson_Prye> Aff, that is acceptable then
  168. <Dierson_Prye> green...
  169. * ^Vane^ flashes Zenobia an angry look.
  170. <Dierson_Prye> some of us are anything but green
  171. <Dierson_Prye> freebirth incompetents aff, green?
  172. <Dierson_Prye> neg
  173. * Remus snorts a bit louder this time.
  174. * Dierson_Prye clinches jaw starring at Zenobia, not backing down
  175. <Gamesmaster> "We will see, quiaff?" she responds
  176. * ^Vane^ joins in on the stare.
  177. <Dierson_Prye> Aff
  178. <Dierson_Prye> we will see
  179. <^Vane^> Aff
  180. * Jacob_Dorn gives another "not a single fuck given" stare
  181. <Dierson_Prye> how long until we redevou with the Jumpship?
  182. * Dierson_Prye at Capt Devan
  183. <Gamesmaster> "The operation will begin immediately. We will use the dropships to cordon off the Jumpship, and intimidate the ship into radio silence with threats of firing on her. Whilst her escape is blocked, we will use the transport shuttle to dock with her aft docking collar."
  184. <Gamesmaster> "Once inside, we will split into two. Claws Two and Three will secure the KF Drive and the Engine Area, where Claw One will secure the Engineering, and Sensor locations. From there, we will meet in the general crew quarters area, before moving to secure the bridge section."
  185. <Dierson_Prye> aff
  186. * Dierson_Prye resigned
  187. <^Vane^> Aff. Shematics of the ship?
  188. <^Vane^> Schematics*
  189. <Gamesmaster> "It is imperative the ships engines are disabled. We cannot crew her, the best we can do is ensure she does not escape, and place her in a nearby location where she can be salavaged."
  190. <Jacob_Dorn> shematics.... ha!
  191. <Gamesmaster> "The schematics will be uploaded to your combat noteputers. It is important to note that, for this operation, we will be making do with the equipment usually reserved for defending the dropship against boarding actions - we are not equipped for infantry operations"
  192. <Dierson_Prye> ...
  193. <Jacob_Dorn> So we charge at them bare ass naked with pistol and knife drawn? Sounds fantastic.
  194. <Remus> At least this should be humans this time...and not...those things.
  195. <Dierson_Prye> Silence Dorn
  196. * Jacob_Dorn genuinly sounds enfusiastic
  197. * Dierson_Prye looks at Remus with shared relief
  198. <^Stephan^> That is wHat you can don freborth (at dorn). We will use the equipment.
  199. * ^Vane^ sighs.
  200. <Gamesmaster> "You will charge where you are told to, Cadet" Star Captain DeVega notes seriously. Bakar behind him supresses a small snigger, as Zenobia pretends not to notice
  201. <^Vane^> Shut it. *at the bickering soldiers*
  202. <Jacob_Dorn> But yes..... When do we depart?
  203. * Jacob_Dorn serious biusness time face
  204. <^Stephan^> \\ next rp
  205. <Gamesmaster> "We have sufficent, the crew men will have assembled the necessary." DeVega states "We will be at the Jumpship within 2 hours. I suggest you get some rest. Meet us at the Shuttle at 03:30 hours."
  206. <^Vane^> Aff.
  207. <Dierson_Prye> Aff SCpt
  208. <Dierson_Prye> stands to depart
  209. <^Stephan^> aff.
  210. <Biorn> Aff
  211. <Linus_Svenssen> Aff.
  212. * ^Vane^ stands.
  213. * Linus_Svenssen suppresses a yawn
  214. <^Vane^> With your leave Star Captian?
  215. <Gamesmaster> *Noticing, Zenobia looks intently at Lnius*
  216. <Jacob_Dorn> Aff Commander.
  217. <Gamesmaster> "Ensure you bring military grade stiulant. It will not do to be overcome by fatigue whilst on a combat mission"
  218. * Jacob_Dorn sets a reminder of meeting on his PDA
  219. <Remus> If Ridian does not nick it all.
  220. <Linus_Svenssen> I'll make a note to, Star Commander
  221. * Dierson_Prye nods at Zenobia, leaves
  222. * ^Stephan^ heads to his quarters for a quick shower and a nap
  223. * Dierson_Prye pauses
  224. * Dierson_Prye looks back at Remus
  225. <Dierson_Prye> where is Ridian?
  226. * Dierson_Prye looks around
  227. * Remus opens his mouth to speak before holding a moment.
  228. <Remus> I never saw him leave his mech.
  229. * ^Vane^ heads to the infirmary.
  230. <Dierson_Prye> I will contact the ships medical personel to check his mech
  231. * Dierson_Prye departs this time
  232. <Jacob_Dorn> Are we dismissed?
  233. * Remus shrugs.
  234. <Remus> I would hope so.
  235. <Remus> Or more than one person is going to get, ahem, disciplined.
  236. <Gamesmaster> "You are dismissed" DeVega nods "As I said, get some rest. We will ensure the plan is entirely feasible"
  237. <Gamesmaster> "Before we ready for departure. there is no room for error" DeVega replies.
  238. <Jacob_Dorn> Captain.
  239. * Jacob_Dorn nods and salutes before heading off to the sickbay to get his head checked
  240. * Linus_Svenssen stumbles out in search of sleeping quarters
  241. * Remus gives a quick salute, and slowly makes his way out to wander around the halls.
  242. * Biorn just shrugs and heads for his bunk to check his gear and get some sleep.
  243. * Remus heads down to the mechbay to check on his Urbanmech
  244. * Dierson_Prye arrives at Medical to inform them about Ridian
  245. <^Vane^> Upon arriving at the infirmary, Vane get's the staff to do check what's hurting, and fix as much as they can, they have an hour and 15 minutes. He spends the time studying schematics to his objectives. Then showers quickly in their facilites, grabs some stims and heads to the armoury.
  246. * Jacob_Dorn after his head wound has been checked out he catches a hour adn a half sleep then heads to teh armory for teh remaining half hour to familierise him self with the equipment
  247. <Dierson_Prye> informs the Med bay personnel about Ridian, nods at Vane, grabs some stim packs and high caloric nutrient pack and heads to the Armory to change and get the assigned Gear
  248. <Remus> \\I don't have TS atm, but I'm here\\
  249. * ^Stephan^ wakes up 30 minutes before departure and srambles to get his gear in order and grab a couple of high calorien nurient packs for himself
  250. * Linus_Svenssen sleeps as long as possible, grabbing the nescessary supplies on the way back to the shuttle hangar.
  251. * ^Stephan^ arrives at questermaster some 10 minures later (20 mins before we gather up)
  252. <Gamesmaster> *Informing the Med personnel about Ridian, Dierson is directed to the ships Chief Medical Officer. The CMO reports that the technician crews have just recovered Ridian, and that he will not be combat worthy due to combat exhaustion induced through overuse of performance enhacning stimulants*
  253. <Dierson_Prye> that is unfortunate
  254. <^Stephan^> What equipment can I expect to use on the enemy vessel, he says to the warrior in charge
  255. <Dierson_Prye> is there no way he can be revived?
  256. <Gamesmaster> *The CMO, a certain Bohdan, replies to Dierson* "It is. It may be possible that he comes round, before the units expected deployment, but I would not count on it"
  257. <Gamesmaster> "I would need to examine him further to makea full assessment."
  258. <Dierson_Prye> would it be possible to give him....several....stim packs to get him back to combat effectiveness?
  259. <Gamesmaster> "It could be possible, once he has regained conciousness. I would not wish to risk making him dependent however."
  260. <Dierson_Prye> ...I think...
  261. * Dierson_Prye says slowly
  262. <Dierson_Prye> ...he is already dependent
  264. <Remus> \\*Dierson sunglasses*\\
  265. <Gamesmaster> A look of worry spreads across Bohdans face. WOrry lines snake across his darkended face and he presses fingers into the space just below his eyes,o bviously stressed. "This would be most difficult to manage for a mechwarrior. I will assess him fully, you have my word."
  266. <Dierson_Prye> Aff, do what is needed...we need him on the upcoming mission
  267. <Dierson_Prye> ...his absence may prove the failure of the could also prove the reverse...however, risking one cracked out mechwarrior is worth it to potential insure mission success
  268. <Dierson_Prye> Do what you must...
  269. <Gamesmaster> "Aff " he replies, turning back to a medical monitor and returning to his work
  270. <Dierson_Prye> ...I trust you will file a report to SCpt DeVega if he is not combat ready
  271. * Dierson_Prye turns and goes
  272. <Gamesmaster> "Of course" he says
  273. * Dierson_Prye barely hears as his back disappears around the door exit
  274. * Remus pops into medical as Dierson is on the way out.
  275. <Remus> Do we have a free hand to patch me up?
  276. <Gamesmaster> *Meanwhile, in the armoury, Stephan is greeted with the sight of no warrior, but a Crewman, gathering equipment into a transportation cart.* Can't do much for you. The Quartermaster has already gone to the Hangar with the majority of the equipment. DeVega wants a quick and speedy departure, and hes personally over seeing the distribution
  277. * ^Stephan^ resuplies his guss ammo, then leaves to the main hangar
  278. <Gamesmaster> *Luckily, Stephan finds some gauss ammo, and the Crewmen allows him to take it. It wouldn't do to interfere with a warrior.*
  279. <Gamesmaster> *And besides.. that one looks truly terrifying*
  280. * Jacob_Dorn the reminder on his PDA rings out to inform him to meet up at the hanger so he heads to the meeting point
  281. * Remus goes to the mechbay to check on his Urbie to see the status of it's leg.
  282. * ^Vane^ enters the armoury. Sees it mostly empty.
  283. <^Vane^> Hey. *at the crewman* Where is the gear?
  284. <Gamesmaster> *The crewman shys away from Vane. Not another person coming to interfere with his task.. he was going to be late* "What do you need" he says, in a resigned voice
  285. <^Vane^> Magnum rounds, food, bits and bobs.
  286. * ^Vane^ flashes a smile.
  287. <^Vane^> Relax, I'll be quick.
  288. <Gamesmaster> "Look, if the quartermaster sees me handing out equipment without it being cleared, I am going to be in a whole heaps worth of trouble. You get caught, you own up to it ok? No taking anything unexplainable. your friend already came in and relived me of some gauss rounds.
  289. <Gamesmaster> Thats going to be difficult to wave away, I think they were already allocated to the Star Commander"
  290. <Gamesmaster> *he furrows his brow*
  291. <^Vane^> He's not my friend. I'll make sure they know I made you give it to me, ok?
  292. <Gamesmaster> "Sure, take it." he says leaning back against the wall resigned
  293. <^Vane^> But I just need some magnum rounds, and if you have anything else useful for boarding a ship?
  294. <^Vane^> Shaped charges?
  295. <^Vane^> For breachin bulkheads and the like?
  296. <Gamesmaster> "Nothing particularly useful. I have some backup battery packs, maybe a flashlight or two, a basic toolbox, and... I do have some C8 that could be used for breaching, but i doubt that would go unnoticed if it disappeared."
  297. <^Vane^> All right.
  298. <Gamesmaster> "Most of the welding equipment has already been transported to the hangar bay. I do however have one thing that may be of use"
  299. <Gamesmaster> *he pulls out a set of what look like to be night vision goggles, but they are slightly bulkier that usual.*
  300. * ^Vane^ 's eybrows raise.
  301. <Gamesmaster> "These are a pair of Ultrasonic detectors. Often used to diagnose mechanical faults on dropships, not exactly the military grade units you find, but still useful"
  302. <^Vane^> Indeed. I'll borrow those if you don't mind.
  303. <Gamesmaster> "They are used like optics. Im guessing in the cramped environment it could be useful. Its pretty good at seeing through solid bulkheads"
  304. <^Vane^> Nice.
  305. <Gamesmaster> "Never been one to want to use something that powerful near my brain cavity. Just be careful, this unit is prone is flickering and its not in top condition, otherwise it wouldn't have ended up here."
  306. * ^Vane^ has filled his pockets with some batteries and magnum rounds.
  307. <^Vane^> Got ya.
  308. <^Vane^> I'll try to get it back to you in one piece.
  309. <Gamesmaster> "Please do, or the CE will have me by the balls. Names Maksimilian, and I wouldn't go asking the quartermaster where I am.. find me yourself or you'll give the game away"
  310. * ^Vane^ taps his nose.
  311. <^Vane^> I know the game Maks.
  312. * Jacob_Dorn waits for others to arive
  313. <^Vane^> Thanks, see you.
  314. * ^Vane^ heads out to sort his gear.
  315. * Remus weeps many manly tears over the leg of his precious Urbie
  316. <Remus> \\end session, END SESSION! What happens on the next exciting episode?\\
  317. <^Stephan^> \\ Will our heroes survive the blody fight for the enemy vessel? will it jump before the boarding party secures it? Find out in our next thrilling episode of clan Jade wolf RP!
  318. <Gamesmaster> As Remus enters the hangar bay, he can see the looming form of the Urbanmech at the other end of the hangar. Its new 'leg' is still firmly in place. The techs seemingly uncaring, continue to work on the Cobra
  319. <Gamesmaster> It looks distinctly... unbalanced. The repair machinery did a clean job, but its obvious that the heavier leg is causing the Urbanmech to lean ever so slightly
  320. <Remus> \\my baby, NOOOOO!!\\
  321. * Remus looks very sorely disappointed, tilting his head to the side just enough to make it appear straight.
  322. * Remus goes about inspecting the paint job, to see if his glorious coyote skull is still there
  323. <Gamesmaster> *Descending down to the hangar floor, Remus walks up to the Urbanmech to see that the painjob, despite the laser scouring, is still mostly intact. However, a hit to coyote skull, indirectly, appears to have half melted it into a gooey mess. Only part of it is still recognisable*
  324. *** ^Stephan^ quit (Quit )
  325. <Gamesmaster> *He notices that the techs however, thankfully havn't noticed, or have yet to complete, any paintwork on his prized possession*
  326. * Remus looks heartbroken over the glorious decals of his mech being melted, but makes his way over to the techs to see what he can do to assist in repairs for the Urbanmech
  327. <Gamesmaster> *Kveta, noticing Remus, turns to meet him.* "Everything go ok with the Star Captain?" she asks
  328. * Remus nods, "Seems we found a lost Jumpship of the Clan, so they are sending us over to investigate and reclaim. Less nerve wracking than I initially expected."
  329. <Remus> How goes repairs?
  330. <Gamesmaster> "A jumpship, in this part of space? But this is the first time we have been out here. That makes little sense.." she answers. "Repairs are going well. If you mean if its going to get a replacement leg, I would not count on it. We didn't bring many replacement parts, but I've yet to check the roster, it could be a possibility. It will walk again, and it will be operational very soon compared to this"
  331. <Gamesmaster> *she points at the Cobra*
  332. <Gamesmaster> "Whatever took that apart did it clinically"
  333. <Gamesmaster> "Doubt that will see any kind of operation in the next two weeks, if we are stuck in any kind of combat situation"
  334. <Remus> me nods, "Dorn has a way of earning the ire and fire of his enemies it seems."
  335. * Remus nods, "Dorn has a way of earning the ire and fire of his enemies it seems."
  336. <Remus> You should have at least a few days to try to cannibalize something in the time while we are investigating.
  337. <Remus> I understand spare parts are low, but I would wonder if it would be possible to restore the paint scheme, at least to a degree, once you manage to piece Dorn's...Deathwish together.
  338. <Gamesmaster> "I do notice he has a particular way of.. interacting with his fellow clansman. He doesn't seem to have integrated into clan society yet. He will learn, I hope, for his sake. Oh it may be possible, but that Urbanmech leg looks like it is probably going to be the best solution"
  339. <Gamesmaster> "It certainly is a bit of a deathtrap. Its certainly no omnimech.. " she visibly winces
  340. * Remus stares at the wreckage of a mech, giving a chuckle at Kveta's remark.
  341. <Remus> I meant cannibalize the do not have words to describe that melted pile of metal.
  342. <Gamesmaster> "If you mean the bespoke paint job, I am sorry but thats going to have to go. It is already earmarked for replacement with the claw colours, depending on if you pass your trial. If you do though, I will promise you Ill find a way of incorporating it into the new design... I know what its like to be taken as a bondsman."
  343. <Gamesmaster> "The Cobra should be saveable as well.. I do not think any of the command staff would accept any combat loss this early into our deployment. I do not want to be disciplined for failing to meet expectation"
  344. *** Dierson_Prye quit (Quit: HydraIRC -> <- Now with extra fish!)
  345. * Remus nods, "Understood, should you require assistance while I am not on mission, I would be happy to lend assistance. What is expected of bondsman can be...unreasonable at times."
  346. *** ^Vane^ changed nick to IceVamp
  347. <Gamesmaster> "It can, but once we have embraced our new clan and ways, we can use our previous experience to only become stronger. Your offer of assistance is greatly welcomed. It is likely we will need to calibrate the new leg - the machine is now slightly overweight, which will no doubt stress the myomers"
  348. * Remus nods.
  349. <Remus> understood.
  350. <Gamesmaster> "THe last thing i want is additional pressure forcing one of the myomers to give in combat. When you return, we will carry out the necessary checks. Try not to get killed out there, what we do not need is more dead mechwarriors"
  351. <Remus> Aff, I could not agree more.
  352. <Remus> Especially when it is my own life we're talking about.
  353. <Remus> me lets out a dry laugh.
  354. <Gamesmaster> Kveta smiles "True. I must get back to my work. Do not worry about the Urbanmech. Even if it is 'just' a garrison mech, I will see it does not go neglected"
  355. <Remus> I do not worry as such.
  356. * Remus turns to leave the bay and get ready for BOARDING ACTION
  357. <Gamesmaster> *With that,she turns and walks back towards the Cobra maintainence team. With one longing glance up at the cockpit, Remus turns and ascends the entry ladderback up to the Gantry, and exits leaving for the hangar bay.
  359. *** Remus quit (Quit: I love my HydraIRC -> <-)
  360. <Gamesmaster> ********************END OF SESSION TWENTY*********************
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