The Adventures of the Chaos Colt (CHPT 4)

Apr 3rd, 2017
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  1. The Adventures of the Chaos Colt!
  3. Chapter 4 - And It All Shatters
  7. >You hold on frantically to Silver Steel’s neck as she bursts into the hallway. Both of you look left and right. Guards dash by, putting on armor, wielding their weapons, or giving commands to other guards.
  8. >”GO GO GO!”
  9. >”Get all your equipment on and move out!
  10. >”Sky Fleet, suppress fire amongst the enemy!”
  11. >”Man the cannons!”
  12. >”Ship those medical supplies to the eastern district, pronto!”
  13. >Silver Steel runs through the crowd and finds one of the entrances for the pegasi soldiers. One of the guards stops her on they way.
  14. >”Silver! We need you along with Ferrous’ squad! The enemy outnumbers us seventeen to one!”
  15. >S-Seventeen to one?! Who’s the enemy?! WHAT’S GOING ON!? Silver Steel shakes her head and readies to take off.
  16. >”I have to take this child to safety! Just group up with the rest of the squad!” She takes off into the air, leaving the soldier behind.
  17. >D-Dear goodness… What’s happening? The sky’s crimson red with swirling black clouds. From the sky light snowfall comes down, along with arrows raining from above. Silver flaps her wings harder and harder, jetting through the air as the arrows make whizzing sounds as they nearly hit you both.
  18. >”Anon! Where do you live? Quick! Just point it out!”
  19. >Your hoof involuntarily points towards a village close to the center of the empire.
  20. “O-Over there!”
  22. >”Just hold on! I’m going to try and get to higher ground so we have- WHOA!” An arrow nearly takes her head off. “S-So that doesn’t happen!” She flaps harder and slowly goes up into the clouds. You tug on her mane, teeth chattering. Should you look back and see…?
  23. >You hesitate as you hear explosions going off. More arrows zip by, and the clashing of metal against metal causes you to dig your ears into Silver’s mane. She notices how afraid you are and attempts to console you.
  24. >”C’mon, bud! We’ll be alright once we get to the Capitol. Just stay low and hold on tight.” Silver Steel dodges a couple more bombs and arrows. “Stay strong, Anon! We Crystal Guards must never shatter!”
  25. “I j-just wanna go home!”
  26. >Another arrow darts by, but Silver quickly glides to the side. You move your head so you can look down below. Purple fire and arrows engulfed the farmland and towns. The fire spreads quickly, destroying the buildings as ponies scurry away in panic. Guards shout orders at them to evacuate.
  27. >”This way! This way!”
  28. >”To the Capitol! Follow the guards and they will lead you to the bunkers!”
  29. >Some crystal ponies resist, not willing to leave their families behind.
  30. >”My family is stuck in that building! I have to go back-”
  31. >”We’ll handle it, sir, just move along!”
  33. >The stallion gets swallowed up by the crowd and gets pushed along by some guards.
  34. >A mare swims through the ocean of ponies, frantically searching for her daughter.
  35. >”My daughter?! Where’d she go?! SWEETIE!”
  36. >And away she’s pushed with the rest of them.
  38. >It’s complete and utter chaos… N-Not even the good kind of chaos. What kind of monsters would destroy such a beautiful place?! Ruin the ponies’ peaceful and happy home?! You don’t dare to turn around, for the fear of what’s behind you causes tears to roll down your cheeks.
  39. >Curiosity gets the better of you, and you turn your head towards the wall. All around the colossal walls are thousands and THOUSANDS of black plated knights.
  40. >Each knight had black armor covering their forelegs. The platebody covered their shoulders and their entire upper body, along with white spikes that looked sharp enough to pierce metal. But their helmets… O-Oh jeez… T-Their helmets, instead of having a place for them to see, they had t-these spooky goggles that only had a slit of glowing green light for their vision.
  41. >The forehead of the helmet had these red horns, and all their manes are long and black with purple highlights. Yet the most intimidating thing is how they marched… They’re all robotic and mechanical. All inn sync when firing arrows or taking blows against the wall.
  42. >The mechanical knights in the back lines are shooting this dark-purplish plume of magic into the sky. Others used the dark magic on their arrows, shooting towards the crystal guards on the cannons and pegasi archers in the sky.
  43. >Catapults are being pushed inside the army, hurling bombs of purple flame into the Crystal Empire with each launch. They explode into the wall, causing it to slowly crack and crumble. You turn back around and hug Silver Steel tighter.
  44. >You start to shiver as the snowfall comes down harder. The chilly wind causes your mane to go up, so you snuggle against Silver for some warmth. The wind starts to push her down, and her wings get weighed down with snow.
  46. >”The storm is getting too strong! We’ll have to land and go by hoof if we don’t want to get frozen or turned into skewered pony!” She makes a dive towards one of the nearby towns and lands safely. She could now leave you with the other guards to escort you to safety. Also ehe can return to her squad and help on the frontline.
  47. >But she stops and looks down the sea of ponies. They all trample on top of each other. Families are getting separated, and some are lying limp on the ground… Hopefully unconscious. You tug on her mane worryingly.
  48. “Why’d we stop? We have to go!”
  49. >”It’s just… I’ll personally just escort you to the Capitol, but there’s too much commotion going on down here!” Ponies constantly start bumping against you and Silver, but she keeps her balance.
  50. “H-How about we try to rooftops?!”
  51. >You point to the buildings that are still intact. Silver Steel jumps and flies over to what looks like a chapel. She positions herself so she’s behind cover to avoid being hit by arrows and fire. After a few short breaths she responds.
  52. >”That would be a terrible idea. There’s dark fire spreading like crazy, arrows and bombs falling from the sky, and that type of risk is just as dangerous as being in that crowd!” She looks back down to the crowd, then to the rooftops again. “But… It could get us there faster.”
  53. >When the coast is clear, she makes a leap onto a nearby rooftop. She gallops past the fire, moving in zig zags to avoid arrows. You see a giant shadow cover the entire roof and look up.
  54. “BOMB!”
  55. >Silver Steel takes off into the air, the bomb exploding flames of purple and nearly singeing both of you. She doesn’t look back or hesitate, keeping her eyes along the safest path. Up ahead, you see pegasi archers littered across the rooftops.
  57. >You see a small, round, and wooden shield up ahead on roof. When Silver passes by it, you quickly scoop it up, but it’s heavier than you anticipated and it almost causes you to fall off.
  58. “W-Whoa!”
  59. >Silver Steel tilts her back a bit to the side to prevent you from slipping off.
  60. >”What do you think you’re doing? You could have gotten us both killed with a move like that!”
  61. “S-Sorry! But I got this shield!”
  62. >You hold the shield up above Silver. Right as you raise it, an arrow sticks onto it.
  63. “See! I’ll hold it up and cover us!”
  64. >She hesitates to make a remark against how risky your plan was, but there’s no time to focus on that. You held the shield up, catching arrows that targeted you and Silver as she flew from rooftop to rooftop.
  65. >Then suddenly, the wall comes crumbling down besides you. It instantly starts to fall apart, all around the entire perimeter. The crystals shatter into millions of pieces, causing crystal dust and smoke to litter the outskirts of the empire.
  66. >The collapse causes all the ponies on the ground to loose their balance as it sends out a giant earthquake. Silver almost loses her balance, but quickly hovers in the air. She turns her head towards the wall and her mouth drops open.
  67. >”The wall… They destroyed the ENTIRE thing…”
  68. “Who’s they?! W-What are those…”
  69. >The mechanical knights start to march on top of the shattered crystals, their glowing eyes piercing through the fog and purple flames.
  71. >And through the army, a flood of pure black smoke starts to flood the empire. Ponies start to scream louder and run faster as the speeding storm of smoke consumes everything. And as it does, the constant green slits of light get closer… And closer… AND CLOSER!
  72. “GO!”
  74. >Silver Steel just takes off, speeding through the air. The blizzard becomes thicker and thicker, making it hard to see through the white mist of snow and ice. “This stupid blizzard! Agh!” You cover your face with the shield. There aren’t anymore arrows or bombs falling from the sky, so you assume it’s safe to use it a scover from the storm.
  75. “S-Silver! What are those things?! How did they do that?!”
  76. >”No time to talk! I need to focus on- AHHH!” An arrow strikes Silver’s wing, causing her to plummet towards the ground.
  77. “SILVER!”
  78. >You let go of the shield and hang on tight as you both fall into the white mist, not knowing what could be at the bottom. The wind and force of gravity is too much, causing you to lose grip and fly off Silver’s back.
  80. >A-Are you dead?! I-Is the simulation over?! There’s… Just white… No… NO NO! You push against the white, unsticking your head from a mound of snow. You wipe your forehead.
  81. “Phew… T-That was close… Silver?”
  82. >The wind howls louder, making it hard for you to see or hear anything through the storm.
  83. “SILVER!”
  84. >You cover yourself with your forelegs as the temperature drops more. Through chattering teeth, you call out one more time.
  86. >DAAAAAD! S-SAVE ME! PLEASE! Please….
  87. >No answer… You’re too afraid to move or find help. Is this the end?! A-Are you gonna die? No no no please no no no! Dad! Discord! Come on!
  89. >You hear Silver’s words echo in your mind. “Stay strong, Anon! We Crystal Guards must never shatter!”
  90. >Then you start to remember Discord’s words of encouragement.
  91. >“Where’s that Anon I love and care for? The one who never gives up and is always happy, hmmm?” The way you remember it… It just sounds like he’s right there. You lift your head up with determination written all over your face.
  92. >”I-I have t-t-to f-f-find her…”
  93. >You muster enough strength to get up and seek for help. Pushing against the wind, you go in the direction you think Silver might have landed. The harsh winds and ice nip like needles against your skin, and you couldn’t feel your ears or the tip of your muzzle anymore.
  94. >After a couple of minutes pushing through, you see a figure lying in the snow.
  95. “Silver!”
  96. >With all your strength, you push harder and get through to your fallen friend.
  97. “Why did they do this…?”
  98. >The arrow that hit her is poking out of her wing. It looked pretty deep… Please be okay… You push her chest with your head.
  99. “S-S-Silver?”
  100. >N-No… She can’t be… You put your ear next to her chest. Oh thank goodness! She’s still breathing. You look around for some shelter from the storm.
  101. “H-H-Hold on Silver, I’m g-g-going to find us some s-s-shelter…”
  102. >Making sure not to stray too far off from your friend, you cover your forehead with your foreleg to see out in the distance better. Darnit! The storm just keeps getting worse and worse. You decide it’s best to just stick with Silver, warm her up, and see what you can do about that wound.
  104. >You hear something approach you from behind, so you turn your head and...
  105. >D-Discord… Is that… NO!
  106. >Those glowing green horizontal eyes… OH PLEASE NO!
  108. >You turn around and try to run, only to slip on frozen ice. All you can hear is the synchronized marching and crunching of the snow behind you. Something grabs your tail and slowly drags you back. You dig your hooves into the snow.
  109. “AHHHH! LET GO! AAAH!”
  110. >Tossing and turning, you squirm on the ground, and feel something get REALLY close to your face. You close your eyes, moving your head away. It’s so cold that even your tears are beginning to freeze up.
  111. “P-P-Please! M-Mom! D-Dad! S-Silver!”
  112. >You open one eye. Its green eyes stare into yours, as if digging into your soul and mind. The creepiest part is that it made no sound whatsoever, like it isn’t even a living being. It leans closer, the spikes on its armor just mere inches away from your fur.
  113. “S-Stop looking at me! G-Get away!”
  114. >You try to think about Dad. About meal time, all those adventures he created for you at home, the hugs and pats on the back… Silver Steel and the Crystal Ponies. How happy they were before…. B-Before…
  115. >There’s something hypnotic about those green eyes. All those happy thoughts you try to think of go away, and get replaced with… Mean thoughts… Stop… Stop! Your pupils dilate and begin to shake. The mechanical knight pushes down on your chest with its hoof.
  116. “N-No! Mom! Dad! Don’t leave me! P-Please…!”
  117. >D-Dad?! I’m sorry for failing at chaos magic! Just don’t leave me! Please! I promise to do better.
  119. >The tears just starting flooding from your eyes as you sob. The monstrosity gets its head closer, and dark smoke starts dripping from underneath its helmet. But before it makes contact, the thing is knocked by a flash of teal.
  120. >But you couldn’t get up. You kept thinking about the horror of all the ponies’ homes being destroyed. All the guards that fought hard and fell in battle. The wall instantly crumbling and flooding with darkness and numbing snow.
  121. >Somepony picks you up and groans as they do. ”Anon! Are you… Agh… Alright?!”
  122. >No more… No more… Please…
  123. >Silver Steel shakes you frantically. “ANON! Snap out of it! You’re safe!” Huh… Whaa…
  124. “W-What’s going on? What happened?!”
  125. >”Stay with me lil’ dude! We have to find some- OOMPH!” She gets the wind knocked out of her by the mechanical knight, sending you stumbling onto the ground. You roll quickly over and get back up. The knight charges at you, but Silver bucks him out of the way.
  126. >”AGH… My wing… They’ll pay for this… YOU’LL PAY YOU MONSTER!” The knight slowly gets back up and its forehead starts to glow purple. Out of thin air, a sword of pure darkness appears. The knight grabs it in its mouth and slowly walks towards Silver.
  127. >Silver takes out a crystal bow and loads it up with an arrow from her quiver. “ANON! Run!”
  128. “R-Run?! B-But what about you-”
  129. >She fires the arrow, but the knight quickly dodges and slashes forward. A mist of darkness trails along where the air sword swung, like a path of flames. Silver backsteps and fires another, striking the knight right in the foreleg. Its leg starts to get covered in crystals from the shot, crippling its movement.
  131. >But it breaks itself free, shows no sign of pain, and simply keeps swinging and attacking.
  132. >”I SAID GO! RUN AWAY AS FAR AS YOU CAN! GRRAH!” She fires a volley of three arrows, getting one stuck in the knight’s armor, and the other two missing. You look back and forth between Silver and the blizzard.
  133. >You hesitate for a moment, but follow her orders and run into the storm. You don’t look back and keep galloping through. When will this all be over?! You just wanna go home! Dad would have saved you by now! Something has to be wrong!
  134. >The dark mist from earlier rushes through the storm and knocks you over in an instant. The shadows push you harder than blizzard, but you cling on for your dear life. A tall figure walks through and approaches you
  135. >Is that… DAD!
  136. “DAD! Oh thank goodness! Get me out of here, please!”
  137. >The figure looked like Discord, and spoke exactly like him. “And why, pray tell, would I do that?”
  138. “Huh? D-Dad, it’s me! Anon! Your son!”
  139. >He stretches his neck out to take a closer look, but his shadowy appearance never changed. “My son? I don’t have a son! And my son wouldn’t be a failure like you!
  140. “I-I’m a spirit of chaos like you, though!”
  141. “A spirit of chaos? HAH! If I were your father, I would be VERY disappointed indeed.”
  142. “Dad… Why would you say that…? I thought… I thought…”
  143. >The image of Discord pokes your chest hard, causing you to fall onto your back. “Listen here, green bean. You’re below anypony. Not only are you an outcast to all ponies in Equestria, but a disappointment of what you truly are. You should be called the Spirit of Failure!” He snaps his talons and a dunce cap appears on your head reading ‘DURRR I SUCK AT CHAOS’.
  144. “STOP! PLEASE! I c-can do better! I can change!”
  148. >You teleport onto a stool in a room full of random ponies you’ve never seen. They start jeering and laughing at you.
  149. >”What is that thing?! Disgusting!”
  150. >”Spirit of Chaos?! Ooooh I’m so scared!”
  151. >”Hey, turn into a trash bin so you’ll actually be useful for once!”
  152. >A pony that looked like Silver Steel throws a tomato at your face. “You thought YOU could be a Crystal Guard?! Sorry lil’ bud… We don’t recruit babies who cry in battle.” They throw more and more rotten food. You try your best to cover yourself. King Lattice steps up and gives a disapproving glare.
  153. “You failed us, Anonymous… You left your friend to die against that fiend in the snow.”
  154. “B-But she told me to go!”
  155. >King Lattice shakes his head and titters. “Excuses excuses… I was wrong, son… You’ll never be fit to be a Crystal Guard, let alone anypony worth anything.”
  156. “No! I can! You’re all wrong!”
  157. >The floorboards start to chip off and break. You’re swallowed into a pit of cotton candy. You bounce and land on top of a cotton candy cloud in front of the giant door that’s upstairs your house. The one that leads to Equestria, but it’s now a giant gate.
  158. >Discord stood at a podium with a white powdered wig and a judge’s mallet. He points the mallet at you and smirks. “What’s this clown doing in my court? I like clowns, but THIS one puts them all to shame! Meh, very well….” He takes out a giant book labelled ‘Ponies of Equestria’, quickly skimming through the pages at a fast speed.
  159. >“Let’s see… Anon Anon Anon… Nope! Can’t find any ‘Anonymous’ in here! Looks like you’re not eligible to go to Equestria! EVER!” He slams his hammer down. Shackles and chains appear, bounding you tight.
  160. “Please! I wanna go! Let me go! I’ll do anything!”
  161. >The room darkens and the giant gate grows. It grows a face and stares down at you intimidatingly as it speaks in a loud, booming voice.
  164. “I can control my powers! D-Dad said I could if I try hard and when I’m a bit older!”
  165. >A spotlight flashes next to the guardian door. The judge version of Discord cackles and eats some popcorn.
  166. >“Who said you were my son, again? You’re just some runt of the litter I picked up from that disgusting human world. Even THEY didn’t want you! I don’t even know why I picked you up in the first place! You can’t control your powers AT ALL!”
  167. >Before you can even speak, duct-tape covers your muzzle.
  168. “MMPH! MMPH!”
  169. >The door looks down and speaks to Discord. “LOCK HIM UP IN TARTARUS, WHERE HE BELONGS…”
  170. “MMMMMPH! MMMPH!”
  171. >You squirm and shake, trying to break free. A portal gradually begins to form beneath you, slowly sucking you down into a dark abyss full of creatures far worse than what you’ve seen in the void of chaos. The judge Discord waves innocently as you sink away into Tartarus.
  172. “Byyyyye Anooooon!”
  173. >DAD! NO PLEASE! You’re not a failure! You’re not a failure! You can change, you’re not a baby! You sob and close your eyes, muffled cries coming from behind the tape.
  178. >Glowing green eyes appear from the darkness. The orbs had trails of purple mist coming from the side, and had a crimson red center. The pupils are dark crimson and narrow, and they cackle in a deep voice menacing voice.
  179. >”Ahahahahah… BWAHAHAHAHAAH!”
  180. >Those same, piercing green eyes. Your eyes open wide and you start to breath very fast. You shake violently and turn away. The face of a grey stallion with a large, long dark mane appears with the eyes. His mouth gets really close to you, close enough to feel his hot breath and see his sharp white fangs.
  181. >He had a red devilish horn for a unicorn horn with a spikey metallic crown. The same symbol on the metallic knight’s helmet is on the crown.
  182. >”Give in, young one… You have been tossed aside… Outcasted by your own father, from all the friends you made on your embarkment…” You don’t respond.
  183. >J-Just go away…. Go away! Go go, go away! Bad thoughts, don’t come or stay...
  184. >The face begins to speak. ”Let fear dictate your actions. Show ponies your true colors, what you are capable of!” Then its expression changes to one of anger and disgust.
  185. >“...Or forever be a runt of your race, and a disgrace to your bloodline!” It’s all too much that you can’t even comprehend what he’s saying anymore.
  186. “I-I’m not a failure… I can change… D-Don’t leave me, Dad… Please...”
  189. >You curl up into a ball and lean against the telescope stand.
  190. “I’m a pony… I-I am a pony… D-Dad please… I-I’m s-s-sorry…”
  191. >After a couple of moments crying on the ground, you realize you aren’t sinking anymore, and those strange sounds from Tartarus are noe gone. You open your eyes and look around.
  192. >You’re home... Not in Tartarus at all. You try to stand up, but it takes a lot of effort because you feel super weak and energy deprived.
  193. “Dad… Are you there…?”
  194. >Everything looked the exactly way you left it. Was it all a dream? A weird nightmare from all the stuff that happened before? You drag yourself over to the telescope and open the slot. The book is still inside… It wasn’t a dream…
  195. >All those things you saw. They were all real. The Crystal Wall, the fall of the Crystal Empire… Those mechanical knights….
  196. “Sombra’s Army…”
  197. >You take out the book and open it up, skimming through the pages to the part you experiences. Fall of the Crystal Empire… Outnumbered… The entire wall shattered instantly… Blizzard… Sombra’s Army… Who’s Sombra?
  198. >You turn to the next page and nearly drop the book. T-The same green eyes… Those red pupils and sharp teeth! You back away from the book, not daring to look at the image again.
  200. “T-That’s Sombra?! T-That thing… The monster that…”
  201. >He caused that all to happen… He was the one who led the entire attack. You cover your eyes and rush over to the book, covering the picture with your hoof. You pant and open your eyes, reading the description of S-S-S-..... Suh suh….
  202. “K-King S-S-Sombra led his army and t-took over the Crystal Empire… He used dark magic to manipulate ponies using their deepest fears and phobias… A nightmare come to life…”
  203. >So it was all just… Part of the history? That wasn’t all real! That dark smoke that knocked you over… That had to be the fear stuff!
  204. “So all that stuff was just… Fake?! But it felt so… Real…”
  205. >It all felt too alive to be fake. That looked and sounded too much like your dad. What if you are a failure? You are just a failure… You’re not a pony… You’re not a… WAIT A SECOND.
  206. “OH NO! UH UH! You’re not getting me… Suh suh… Soooo… THAT SCARY DUDE! You’re not tricking me! You’re justing using my mean thoughts against me!”
  207. >You triumphantly close the book and toss it away.
  208. “TAKE THAT! Hah! You can’t trick me that easily! Even if it… STOP!”
  209. >You shake your head furiously. Why are those mean thoughts in your brain?! STOP STOP STOP!
  210. “No! I may not be a real pony, but I am a spirit of chaos! And one day, I’ll be super duper good at chaos!”
  211. >You march off from the platform and keep your head up high. That meanie won’t get you! Nope! He tried to trick you and you know his trick now. Take that Sooohh… Suh suh… Forget it!
  213. >While walking and basking in your victory over the evil dude guy, you stumble over something.
  214. “AGH- MMPH! Owww… What in the hay… Huh?”
  215. >You get up and rub your head, looking back on what you tripped on. It’s a statue… And it’s turned over. Wonder what it is. It’s kinda heavy, but with enough effort you turn over the statue, causing rock dust to come up.
  216. “BLEGH! Eugh…”
  217. >The dust subsides and you raise your eyebrow in confusion.
  218. “A statue of Discord…?”
  219. >You dust off the statue and realize… It’s Maid Discord! Is this some sort of prank your dad is pulling off?
  220. “Dad, c’mon. I’m not really in the mood for pranks right now… And why didn’t you get me out of the simulator? You usually do if something bad happens!”
  221. >He doesn’t respond. You look around and glare at the nothingness.
  222. “Hah hah hah! Very funny! You can come out now, Dad!”
  223. >Maybe he’s hiding! You go up to the second floor of your room and go to your nightstand. You open the drawer and hop inside it, ending back in the living room. Again, you search under the couch.
  224. “Daaaaaaaaad!”
  225. >Now under the lamp.
  226. “Dad?”
  227. >Kitchen? You poke your head in and shout.
  228. “DAD!”
  229. >What? C’mon! You aren’t liking this one bit! Maybe Chef Discord knows what’s up. You go up to the fridge and open the door. Another statue plops out and scares your fur off.
  230. “AHHH! W-What?! Another one?”
  233. >A statue of Chef Discord… He’s frozen in time, rubbing his mustache and holding his signature spatula. Did that mean…? You walk out the kitchen and back into the living room. You open one of the doors in the room that lead to your tutoring room. This is where Discord or the tutor clone would teach you stuff.
  234. >It’s a giant gameroom, like those TV game show thingies. It’s like if you get an answer right on a math problem or stuff like that, you win a prize! If you get something wrong… You don’t wanna talk about it.
  235. “Had slime in my mane for weeks! Ewww!”
  236. >What’s weird is that the flashing lights, cameras, and TV are all shut off. And like you predicted, Gamehost Discord is a statue as well, frozen in stone with his microphone in his paw and greeting to an empty audience.
  237. “What’s happening? It’s like all the chaos got shut off…”
  238. >You walk out of the room and shut the door. Chef Discord is a statue… Gameshow Discord is one too… Even Maid Discord… You walk upstairs, contemplating on the situation until you reach your dad’s office. You hesitate to open the door when you read the sign that says ‘ERROR’.
  239. >But you push it open and inside… Nothing. But usually there would be a desk floating in the black void, but it isn’t there anymore. Suddenly the entire house begins to tremble and you fall over.
  240. “Whoa whoa whoa!”
  241. >It feels like the entire place is falling! WAIT!? If the chaos in the house is shut off…. THAT MEANS-
  242. >You lean against the wall to balance yourself against all the trembling. You use your temporary wings and fly as fast as you can downstairs. You hit your head against the ceiling and land face between the couch cushions
  244. >Then it all just stops in one big crash. The furniture and stuff around the house just flies all over the place. You hang on to the couch like it’s the best teddy bear you’ve ever had, until everything stops. You fall off the from the couch, twitching at the sudden impact.
  245. “Ohhhh…. Everything hurts….”
  246. >You get your bearings and shake your head, climbing onto the couch to look out the window. The entire house DID fall out of the sky, and landed onto a giant piece of land in the chaos void. It’s like a jungle of just weird creatures, objects, plants, and everything that defies what isn’t chaos.
  247. >There’s a waterfall going upstream with birds swimming in it. There’s trees filled with random numbers and animals that you’ve never seen before. The ground’s made out of quicksand that spits stuff out instead of sucking stuff in.
  248. >Out in the purple space of the void, you see these void worms starting to swarm around the island. They shriek and crash into the house. You panic and hide under the couch. Underneath it you find that Indiana Jones figure you lost a while back. You frantically grab it and hug on for dear life.
  249. “T-There’s snakes outside, Indy! W-We can hide together until Dad comes back…”
  250. >You start to doubt that your father is coming back. You last remembered him fighting those alicorn princesses… Celestia and Luna? And then all the statues and the chaos shutting off… What if…
  251. >What if he lost….?
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