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  1. # Find and explain 3 Euclid or Keter SCPS.
  2. #### CP-968, Object Class Keter.
  3. 968 is a porcelain bowl, lined with steel and braces. It appears as a black, adhesive, high viscosity oil that mimicks the appearance of prey or a wounded animal to lure predators to attack it. It then grabs the predator with it's oily substance and is drowned. It then digests them at a cellular level.
  5. SCP 101, Euclid
  6.  appears as a bag of medium-moderate size, with ranging size in diameter.
  7. The depth varies with no standard mean of equality to the diameter.
  8. It has a mouth of sorts contained within the opening.
  9. It "eats" all matter placed into it.
  10. Site-19 now uses it as a sort of "garbage disposal"
  12. SCP 543, Euclid
  13. SCP 543 is a set of video tapes, all 4 hours.
  14. Tapes are labeled with Dates and Times.
  15. All tapes viewed appear to be static, however, if the tapes are watched for long enough, they can discern an image.
  16. It is cognitohazard, and appears to "draw people in" where they then die of dehydration or hunger. They are not forced, as they do daily life actions such as eat, drink, etc. but slowly over time begin to devote more and more of their life to watching. They then die.
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