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  3.     This was known (but not all of it to Ax Freeman):  Once Ax died the second time and his influence and stature became known, a great number of buildings were erected either in his honor or for new bureaucracy.  The land had to be marked as sacred and posts along with walkways, signs, and even statues were all put up almost instantaneously.  First came the bureaucracy, then came the statues, and now Ax has seemingly returned.  This isn't known to him and Kaifa, who has become the faith leader and overseer of the small city that is just outside of Boston and which Ax grew up in, isn't known to be a lover of Ax Freeman.  This isn't known to him, and had Kaifa been made aware sooner, it's unknown whether he would have let Ax live.  Still, Ax did seemingly return a second time, and soon Kaifa would become aware.  
  4.     Kaifa and the mayor also have a questionable relationship.  The mayor is Ryan Immer, previously a native of Atlanta, whom Ax had known growing up just before his death.  Ryan came to the city after Ax died and quickly became mayor with a level of social prowess Kaifa remains ignorant towards and the public keeps a strong admiration for.  When Kaifa first met Ryan, it was presumed by the former that Immer was a perfect fit.  Ryan had no direct connection to the city other than Ax, had no tie to any of Ax's perceived followers' beliefs, and for the most part, was friendly enough to follow the faith leader without asking too many questions.  The capes and red shoes, and occasional red flip flops, dismayed Ryan but he believed in Ax and when this dismay overtook him, Kaifa was able to remind him of the great journeys ahead of these people.
  5.     Ryan became mayor in a flash election that pushed an old Italian mayor almost out of the city.  It was brief, to say the least, how long the relationship between the new bureaucracy of the city and the old Italian mayor had lasted.  The old Italian mayor was spooked by Ax Freeman and didn't particularly want any religious signs or ordeals involving him.  The old mayor wanted special attention to be taken to the questionable youth and it upset him to think, after his many years as their leader, that they  may start to change or disappear.  It should be mentioned this mayor also had meaningful connections with the new casino coming into town and he couldn't see Kaifa keeping any type of relationship.  The old mayor got his house rebuilt, it seemed, out of nowhere, but the schools and parks also saw the same treatment and the denizens of the city were given first rights to the jobs in a strict manner that he called for himself.  Still, this wouldn't last with Kaifa and the new regime.  Ryan replaced the mayor in an instant, it appeared.
  6.     Kaifa is a faith leader who sets trends and gives political advice to leaders based on his religious commitments, his commitments to society, and his perceived connections to modernity.  Kaifa understands the anxieties and needs of the 20-30 year old population, the economic factors and advantages they might bring, and how the greatest danger is the death and particularly the rebirth of Ax Freeman.  Kaifa's great political intuition has led him to various projects in the past similar to this one.  Perhaps a great community figure passes away, then Kaifa is sure to appear with his team and ensure these types of people are remembered the right way.  It's well known Kaifa would be called first once Ax Freeman passed away.
  7.     Although, not to tell what could be shown, Kaifa is sensitive about his heritage and appearance and particularly his name.  He may ask sharply at times, "Is it my name?" or he'll find some number of quandaries unrelated to a present topic.  This should be recognized as it is in all of the following passages: Kaifa is soon to be off topic in any given conversation once he's at a loss.  Kaifa, for one, doesn't believe in this state of personal loss or "wrong" as it had been known over time.  Instead, Kaifa realizes the ignorance or combative nature stems from their unrealized anger toward people of his kind, and he can't quite find out why there might be a lingering hatred toward those who share his name.  Unbeknownst to him, no one knows his lineage and the bias and paranoia he presents is in-congruent with the arguments he is regularly presented.
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