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Give My Love to Rose

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  1. Give My Love To Rose
  3. >You tie the pony leash to the O hook you installed into the floor
  4. >You finally did it
  5. >You went out and bought yourself a cute little mare
  6. >Originally you'd wanted a pegasus, but a little research revealed how troublesome they could be
  7. >And no way did you want to deal with a unicorn
  8. >So you settled for an earth mare instead
  9. >You really didn't care as long as she was beautiful
  10. >And she is
  11. >You drove home from the market in silence to give her time to adjust to this new life
  12. "Look around. This is your new home."
  13. >She looks at your modest living room, with a dazed expression
  14. "What's your name?"
  15. >"Roseluck, master."
  16. "That's a pretty name for a pretty pony."
  17. >You expected a smile or something, but she's just looking down at the floor where the leash is tied
  18. "You're not going to have it bad here. I'm not going to work you hard, nor do I have any intention of hurting you"
  19. >She looks up at that
  20. "Just know I'd be within my rights if I beat you to death"
  21. >She flinches
  22. "So don't do anything to make that seem like a good idea."
  23. >She nods
  24. "But you were expensive, and I'm nether rich enough nor enough of a sadist for that to be a desirable option"
  25. >She's back to looking at the floor
  26. "You do have a purpose here, though. You are to take care of me whenever I need talking care of"
  27. >She cringes as if you were thretening to hit her
  28. "Oh, come on. The more enthusiam you put into it the better your life is going to be, Roseluck"
  29. >"I'm your concubine, master?," she says matter of factly, still without eye contact
  30. "That's what you are. And I have every intention of making that as pleasant as possible for both of us"
  31. >She lifts her head up and her pretty pale green eyes look into yours
  32. >They're full of sadness
  33. >You usually aren't into redheads, but sad or not she's georgeous
  34. >And she's yours
  35. >You own her
  36. "Are you hungry?"
  37. >"Yes, master. They didn't feed us at the market"
  38. "Barbarians. Hayburger OK?"
  39. >"Yes, master."
  40. >You'd prepared ahead, and have pony food ready in the kitchen
  41. >You wander off to get it
  42. >Upon your return she hasn't moved at all
  43. >You place a plate with a hayburger in front of her
  44. >"Thank you, master"
  45. "Eat now. Later you can tell me what kinds of foods you like, and I'll make it a point to keep them in"
  46. >She nods and gets to work on her meal
  47. "Ideally I'd like you to be happy here. If that isn't possible I at least want you to feel well taken care of"
  48. >Her mouth is full, but she nods and makes eye contact again
  49. >Sad eyes are kinda sexy, at least on ponies
  50. >It's actually taking quite a bit of effort to just let her eat, because you'd really like to just get down to the business you bought her for
  51. >But it's better if she understands the situation
  52. >She may be your sex pet, but you want to be the kind of owner who treats his sex pet well
  53. >And unceremoniously raping her when the poor thing hasn't eaten all day
  54. >That doesn't sound like something a good owner would do
  55. >And the idea that one day she mght see you as a good owner appeals to you
  56. >What she actually thinks has no bearing on the situation, of course
  57. >But you like being seen as a good guy
  58. >Even if you're a good guy who just purchased another sentient being to be his living sex toy
  59. >You're hardly the only one, though
  60. >Today at the market mares outsold stallions by two to one, and nearly all of the buyers were men
  61. >And selling prices were related to how pretty they were, for sure
  62. >You see she's finished her meal
  63. "You want to see your room, Rose?"
  64. >"Yes, master"
  65. >You untie the leash from the hook and lead her down the hall
  66. >Opening the door you reinforced to show her the modest bedroom
  67. >The bars you installed on the window look good
  68. >And the bed you have for her is probably more copmfortable than anything she's slept on recently
  69. >While the wall mounted TV may be a little overindulgent you want her to be comfortable
  70. >You think she's impressed
  71. >Or she ought to be
  72. >This is a pretty luxe set up for a slave
  73. >In spite of the bucket on the floor so she doesn't have to leave the room at night
  74. >You weren't going to pay to put in another bathroom
  75. >Not for a pony
  76. "I think it's time you showed me your appreciation," you say, unzipping your pants
  77. >You've been half hard since the market, and you're wet with precum at the tip
  78. >You run your hand over her mane, guiding her head toward you
  79. >She doesn't resist, nor does she flinch
  80. >You feel her hot breath on you before contact
  81. "Look me in the eye."
  82. >Sad eyes look up at you as she takes you in her mouth
  83. >Which feels even better than it looks
  84. "God, you are a georgeous little thing, aren't you?"
  85. >Sad eyes getting watery
  86. "A georgeous little thing that doesn't have a gag reflex," you say, thrusting the head of your cock down her throat
  87. >This causes those eyes to shut, resulting in little tears running down her face
  88. "Look at me!," you command, continuing to fuck her face
  89. >She complies
  90. "And show a little more enthusiam with that tongue"
  91. >Again, she complies
  92. >The feeling of her tongue working the base of your shaft while you're fucking her throat is incredible
  93. >As your pleasure increases you feel yourself tightening up
  94. >You aren't going to last long like this at all
  95. >And it doesn't matter
  96. "That's a good girl," you say looking down at those moist eyes
  97. >A few more thrusts down that little throat and you'll be there
  98. "And you know what good girls get?," you say as the spasms of pleasure wash over you and you onload right down the little pony's throat
  99. >She dutifully swallows every drop, and stays on your cock until you pull out of her
  100. >You have the feeling this is going to prove to be worth every penny it cost you
  101. >That's going to take a while, though
  102. >You reach down to her, brushing the tears away from her face
  103. "We're going to have a lot of fun together, Rose."
  104. >You put your cock back in your pants and walk to the door
  105. "I'll be back," you say as you exit into the hall, shut the door and lock it from the outside
  107. >Be Anon
  108. >You just came in her mouth 10 mintes ago
  109. >But knowing she's here with you - finally! - you're already hard again
  110. >And there's absolutely nothing to stop you from paying her a visit in her room
  111. >There never will be
  112. >You walk to the kitchen and grab a couple sugar cubes, putting them in your pocket
  113. >Sweets for a sweet little pony
  114. >And walking to her door you notice the spring in your step
  115. >This might have been a lot of money, but damn is it exactly what you needed!
  116. >You listen at the door
  117. >Silence
  118. >You thought maybe you'd hear the TV you got for her
  119. >She probably doesn't know how to work it
  120. >You unlock the door and slowly open it, so as not to startle her
  121. >She's exactly where you left her, sitting on the floor
  122. "Hi Rose! I'm back."
  123. >"Yes, master"
  124. "You know, I was going to twell you to stop calling me master, but I really like the way you say it."
  125. >"Yes, master."
  126. "Yeah, like that. It's really hot. Haven't checked out the TV yet?"
  127. >"No, master"
  128. "Do you know how to work it?"
  129. >"No, master"
  130. "Let me show you," you say, grabing the remote.
  131. >You show her the basics, and she seems to understand
  132. "Also if you don't feel like wayching anything there are a bunch of music channels. I know ponies love music."
  133. >"We do, master. Thank you."
  134. "I've got something else for you," you say, reaching into your pocket to produce the sugar cubes. "When was the last time you had these?"
  135. >"It's been a while, master."
  136. "Well, here you go," you say, extending your palm out to her.
  137. >She moves toward you and in seconds you feel her soft lips nibble against your hand
  138. >It feels good, and your dick is now straining against your pants
  139. >She sound she makes as she chews, somewhere between a soft moan and a whimper is not making this any less hot
  140. "You are a good little pony, Rose."
  141. >"Thank you, master"
  142. "And you know I'm going to fuck the hell out of you right now, right?"
  143. >She turns to present to you, lifting her tail
  144. "That's a good little pony, all right"
  146. >For years you've been fantasixing and saving up for this moment
  147. >And you have to admit you're proud of yourself for finally making it happen
  148. >You are balls deep in your own pretty little mare
  149. >It was a little dry going in at first, but some spit took care of that
  150. >And then her body provided the rest after a few strokes
  151. >Standing there with a handful of tail looking down at yourself slamming against her pony butt you feel like a king
  152. >You're gonna have to put a mirror on that wall though, so you can see her face as well
  153. >Probably do that tomorrow
  154. >While you were hoping for little moans of pleasure, the soft sobs you're getting from her are a decent substitute
  155. >At least for now
  156. >She's good and tight, too
  157. >You don't know or care whether or not she was a virgin, but it's obvious she's never given birth
  158. >And you did pay extra for that
  159. >Worth it
  160. "Push back onto me"
  161. >She complies, letting out a little squeak as you mash against her cervix
  162. "Nice. Do that a few more times and you're gonna get me."
  163. >Again, she complies
  164. >The little squeaks are really hot
  165. >You release her tail and put your hands on her rump, pulling her onto you with all your strength
  166. >And you let go in her
  167. >This is how it's going to be anytime you want from now on
  168. >She's so soft and warm
  169. >"You're pleased, master?," she asks in a voice as soft as her fur
  170. "Oh, Rose," you say, easing out of her. "I couldn't be more pleased."
  171. >You run a hand gently along her mane
  172. "You're a really good little pony, Rose"
  173. >She turns to look at you
  174. >Her eyes are a little red and puffy from crying, but she manages a smile
  175. "I made a pretty big mess in you. It's starting to drip out a bit. You wanna get cleaned up?"
  176. >"That would be nice, master"
  177. >You lead her to the bathroom and run the shower for her
  178. "I'm going out tomorrow, so you'll spend the day in your room."
  179. >She nods as she steps under the stream of water
  180. >God, she's even cuter with a wet mane!
  181. >Gonna have to fuck her in the shower soon
  182. "I can pick up a few things for you if you like"
  183. >"That's very kind of you, master"
  184. "Well I have hay, oats, apples and carrots already in. Anything else you'd like?"
  185. >"Anything, masteer?"
  186. "Within reason, sure."
  187. >"Maybe some tender little lettuces?"
  188. "What, spring mix?"
  189. >"Spring mix," she says whistfully
  190. "Sure, I'll get that tomorrow"
  191. >Along with that mirror
  192. "OK, time to get dried off and back to your room."
  194. >The first week of owning your own mare went by in a blur
  195. >You'd get up in the morning, let use the bathroom, fuck her
  196. >Then lock her back in her room with some oats and fresh water while you went to work
  197. >You'd come home, let her out again, and spend the evening having dinner toigeter, making small talk, watching TV and having more sex
  198. >Then lock her back in her room at night while you fucked around online
  199. >By the end of the week she barely sobbed at all when you fucked her, which was nice
  200. >And having all the benefits of a relationship without it actually being a relationship was as great as you'd hoped
  201. >The guys on the SlaveLovers forums were right about that
  202. >You totally understand why so many women look down on guys like you
  203. >For those who can afford it and aren't interested in starting a family a mare slave is better than a wife or gf in every way
  204. >Your desires are met without any capitulation on your part, beyond care and feeding of your slave
  205. >Then again, reading the forums it seems like you lucked out
  206. >Rose's level of compliance isn't all that unusual
  207. >But it seems a lot of ponies require a firmer hand than she does
  208. >You're happy you got one that doesn't
  209. >You were prepared to exert a certian level of physical and psychological domination and indimidation over your slave if it had been necessary
  210. >But it's nicer not to have to go there
  211. >Especially when $10 worth of spring mix is enough to buy her a moment of something that resembles joy
  212. >And as long as she knows exactly what her purpose is and lives up to it - making this so easy
  213. >You intend to lavish little luxuries on her to show your appreciation
  214. >Not that you HAVE to
  215. >But it sure beats having to, well... beat her, or some shit like that
  216. >You'd rather not have to go there
  217. >Not with such a pretty little thing like her
  218. >Some guys get off on that
  219. >You've read their posts on SlaveLovers
  220. >And you GET it, but it makes you feel sorry for their mares
  221. >You're of the opinion that guys like that would be better off finding a sub woman and just treating her like a slave
  222. >Instead of putting a poor mare without any choice in the matter through that
  223. >But you're not one to tell others how to live their lives
  224. >Especially when there are plenty of people out there - mostly women, of course - who think your situation is despicable
  225. >You get that, too
  226. >You're in no rush to tell your parents about your purchase
  227. >Especially in light of what happened today
  228. >You got laid off, as did most of your department
  229. >Seems like the company finally figured out that paying 20 people very decent salaries to do little more than stare at computer screens all day...
  230. >Wasn't really that smart of a business move
  231. >So you have two or three months to find a job before your savings run out
  232. >Really a pain in the ass for this to happen right after a major purchase like Rose
  233. >If you hadn't bought her you'd have had enough to take a few months off then still fund several more months of a job search
  234. >Still, she's worth it, even if this does put you in a stressful position
  235. >Arriving home from your last abbreviated workday you head straight to her room
  236. >Opening the door you find her lying on the bed listening to classical music on one of the TV's music channels
  237. >She looks at you brightly and says, "Master, Vivaldi is amazing!"
  238. >There's a bright spot for your day
  239. "Yes he is. The concerto for two mandolins is my favorite," you say sitting on the bed next to her
  240. >"Master, I was thinking..."
  241. "Should you really be doing that?"
  242. >"Please?"
  243. "Ok Rose. I hope I don't regret this. What's on your mind?"
  244. >"You bought me because you think I'm pretty"
  245. "No, Rose. I bought you because I know you're gorgeous"
  246. >"Yes, master. And you want me to stay like this?"
  247. "Of course I do"
  248. >"Master, I'm afraid I won't when I spend all day lying in bed."
  249. "Good point. I ought to be taking you out so you can run around"
  250. >"You'd DO that, master?!"
  251. >She's even cuter when she's all excited
  252. "It looks like I'll have plenty of time to do that. Come here," you say, patting your lap
  253. >She manouvers herself onto you, and you wrap your arms around her, nuzzling into her neck
  254. >She's clearly surprised by this, but her forelegs soon wrap around your neck
  255. >This is stress relief
  256. >Her warm, soft body, her sweet smell and the sound of her heartbeat and breathing soothes your stress immediately
  257. >You know everything is going to be all right
  258. >"Master, is everything OK?"
  259. "It will be," you say.
  260. >"Should I, you know... use my mouth on you? That relaxes you, doesn't it, master?"
  261. "It does, and you should. But not right now. Let's stay like this for a little bit."
  262. >You feel her relax onto you
  263. >It's not such a bad day anymore
  265. >You should be looking for a job
  266. >And you've made a few half-assed attempts online
  267. >But it's hard to focus on a job search when you're around the house all day with Rose
  268. >Playing with your slave concubine is a lot more fun
  269. >And when you do go online it's always back to the SlaveLovers forums
  270. >Which have actually been really helpful
  271. >You found a park near you where other masters take their slaves for a little outdoor time
  272. >And discovered the shock collar is the preferred security measure for such outings
  273. >Along with where to get one that looks stylish enough that it's purpose isn't obvious
  274. >Hard to spend effort on a job search when you're holding such a pretty little shock collar like that
  275. >And there's a mare in the house who will be very excited for an outing
  276. >Even though you're home most of the time now you still keep her locked in her room for the most part
  277. >It's really for her benefit
  278. >Like keeping anxious dogs in their crates
  279. >You want her to feel safe and secure
  280. "Rose, " you say, unlocking her door and swinging it open. "I have something for you."
  281. >She looks up and spies the collar
  282. >"That's pretty, Master! Thank you."
  283. "Get over here and let me put it on."
  284. >You snap the collar around her neck and it automatically locks into place
  285. >The controller in your pocket is the only way to unlock it
  286. >Rose has turned to the mirror you recently put on the wall so you could look her in the eyes while banging her from behind
  287. "It looks good on you"
  288. >"Does this mean?," she begins
  289. "Yeah, Rose. We're going out today. You get to run."
  290. >"Oh, master. I haven't so much as cantered in weeks!"
  291. "Just remember that thing is for your safety. I don't want to have to activate it, but if I have to to keep you safe I will"
  292. >"I understand, master," she says.
  293. "And neither of us want that."
  294. >She nods, trying to feign a serious look, but still smiling
  296. >In the car you show Rose how to play with the radio while you put the address of the park into your phone
  297. >It's going to be a ten minute drive
  298. >With the seatbelt light on, because there's no practical way to get the passenger side belt around her
  299. >As you drive she scans through the FM channels, finally stopping on the local college station
  300. >They're playing some 50's Miles Davis Quintet stuff
  301. >Her ears shoot straight up as she listens intently to Miles' trumpet
  302. >From the edge of your vision you see her scrunch her nose
  303. >The scrunch relaxes and she closes her eyes
  304. >"This is beautiful, right master?"
  305. "A lot of people love it, or did back in the day"
  306. >"Even though it's full of mistakes?"
  307. >You laugh
  308. >Now she's looking at you, confused
  309. "Yeah, Rose. A common criticism of Miles was that he flubbed every other note"
  310. >"That's what it sounds like, but it's still beautiful"
  311. >It's been dawning on you little by little, but it really hits you now
  312. >She's not just your beautiful little pet
  313. >She's also really perceptive and smart
  314. >And good comapny, too
  315. >You've read about guys totally falling for their mares
  316. >And figured you were at zero risk for that, since you've always been good at compartmentalizing your emotions
  317. >But having a mare of your own is one thing
  318. >Little flashes of her personality shining through in unguarded moments is something else entirely
  319. >Something you hadn't anticipated
  320. >You don't want to be one of those guys who falls for his mare
  321. >But it's almost scary to understand how that happens
  323. >When you arrive at the park the lot is empty
  324. >It is a weekday early afternoon
  325. >You park the car right near the path leading in and turn to Rose
  326. "This is a nice little outing. And it could be a regular thing. Don't mess it up for both of us. You're free to run once we're in the field"
  327. >She's looking at you excitedly
  328. >It's really cute
  329. >You like her really cute like this
  330. >The little gleam in her eyes
  331. >It makes you feel like you're a good master
  332. "But if you go beyond my line of sight things aren't going to be good for either of us."
  333. >"I understand, master," she says in a thoroughly affirmative way
  334. >You unlock the doors, and step out of the car
  335. >She's having a little trouble with a door not meant for hooves
  336. >You walk around to the passenger side and open it for her
  337. >She's by your side in a second
  338. >You walk down the path through a little ring of woods toward the field, and she trots alongside you, almost bouncing
  339. "You can run. Full gallop, as long as I can see you. The field is yours otherwise"
  340. >"Yes, master"
  341. >You come to the edge of the field and she's off like a shot - running away from you as fast as she can
  342. >It's about 150 yards long
  343. >After about 50 she stops and looks back at you
  344. >You have a finger on the button in your jacket pocket
  345. >The collar is supposed to be somewhere between an electric fence and a taser in strength, depending on how long you hold the button down
  346. >Could be anywhere between a jolt and bringing her down
  347. >Neither option is a good one, so you're really hoping she behaves
  348. >You smile and wave to her, and she's off again
  349. >She's fast
  350. >And fucking beautiful at a gallop
  351. >You were never that into native horses
  352. >Of course you grew up with the internet, so you knew fucking a mare COULD be kinda sexy
  353. >But not so much as to capture your imagination
  354. >They were just beautiful creatures you pretty much had no real interest in
  355. >The ponies from Equestria are another matter entirely
  356. >First time you saw one of those mares you got a hard on
  357. >Like you were watching porn
  358. >Something about them
  359. >They can't help it, either
  360. >Because they're sexy regardless of how they act
  361. >That's a common theme on SlaveLovers, how they just can't not be sexy
  362. >She's sad?
  363. >Sexy
  364. >Excited?
  365. >Sexy
  366. >Scared?
  367. >Still sexy
  368. >Joyful?
  369. >Totally sexy
  370. >Confused?
  371. >Sexy
  372. >Disgusted or horrified?
  373. >Still sexy
  374. >Even suffering
  375. >Sexy, though a little less so in your view
  376. >They're like cocaine, which is probably why pony slavery was so quickly embraced
  377. >And why so many women are outspoken against it
  378. >That and the economic reality
  379. >It's still cheaper to have slaves than to try to automate certain industries
  380. >At least given the current state of robotics
  381. >Stallions are smart and can easily outwork an average man when it comes to physical labor
  382. >There are plenty of people who say robots will put the slave trade out of business within a decade, which could be possible for laborers
  383. >But they never mention the concubine trade, which is a whole different thing
  384. >And seems to be about a quarter of the business
  385. >Four legs and a tail might have been the best a shepheard or stable hand could do a couple thousand years ago
  386. >But that poor bastard didn't have options like THIS
  387. >Four legs and a tail is the new supermodel for a lot of us
  388. >Except there's no gatekeeper like John Casablancas to keep regular guys from getting their grubby little hands on them
  389. >Just the cost of one, which is thankfully still almost exactly between a car and a house
  390. >Within reach for many, including you
  391. >And you're actually having a better time here in the park than you expected
  392. >You did this for her, but...
  393. >Watching her run is something you could spend hours doing
  394. >The way she moves is beautiful
  395. >She's strong and graceful
  396. >And she just leapt into the air for no reason
  397. >Landed perfectly, her mane and tail flowing with her
  398. >You like seeing her like this
  399. >Joyful, almost
  400. >And you now have half a chub
  401. >Which is about to get awkward given the sound of foot and hoof steps approaching behind you
  402. >You turn to see another man approaching you with a white and purple mare at his side
  403. >He looks to be about 15 years older than you - an aging dudebro
  404. >"Hey man!," he says
  405. "Hey"
  406. >"That your girl over there?"
  407. "Yeah."
  408. >"Good for you. Ownership Has Its Privileges"
  409. >Oh fuck, he's a memester
  410. >That's some shit from the SlaveLovers board
  411. >You can't believe you're hearing someone else say that in real life
  412. >"Is she a troublemaker?," he asks
  413. "Nope. Totally compliant, so far at least"
  414. >"New to Ownership?"
  415. >You really don't want to admit it, but he's got you
  416. "Yeah"
  417. >"Congratulations, bro. It's a way of life," he says, extending a hand you're obligated to shake. "I'm Jay..."
  418. "Anon," you reply. "Nice to meet you," you lie
  419. >"Foxxy, men are talking here. Run along and meet a new pony frind."
  420. >His mare canters off in the direction of Rose, which is someting of a moving target, given how she's still galloping around
  421. >You notice she's wearing a collar very similar to the one you just bought for Rose
  422. >"I've been bringing Foxxy here for years. I'm an early adpoter"
  423. "Good for you"
  424. >"Oh yeah," he replies. "So how long have you had yours?"
  425. "A week and a half"
  426. >He busts out laughing, then says, "Good for you, too!"
  427. >Good for You is as much a SlaveLovers meme as Ownership Has Its Privileges, so now you're as much a memester as Jay
  428. >Fuck
  429. >"So, first few weeks?"
  430. "Yeah"
  431. >"So your dick is sore, right?"
  432. "Only a little"
  433. >"Probably not half as sore as she is. Using lube?"
  434. "Haven't had to"
  435. >"Probably should anyways. Don't want to hurt her. Lube is always agood idea, except when she's in heat. Then all bets are off."
  436. >You laugh
  437. "I'll keep that in mind, but would rather not be having this conversation, Jay"
  438. >"I gotcha, bro. Just trying to look out for a newbie. Besides, we have something in common. We both got pretty ones, didn't we?"
  439. >His mare is older than Rose, but it's easy to see how she could have been as pretty not too long ago
  440. "You got that right"
  442. >Be Roseluck
  443. >The sun is shining on you
  444. >There's grass under your hooves
  445. >And you're running and jumping as you please
  446. >This almost feels like freedom
  447. >If it weren't for the shock collar around your neck and the watchful eyes of your master on you
  448. >Even so it's better than being locked in your room all the time
  449. >Not that your room is that bad, either
  450. >Your bed is comfortable and you have a TV with a hundred channels of music
  451. >And you're well fed
  452. >You even asked for tender lettuces and within a day spring mix appeared
  453. >Not that that does anything to quiet the noise from the storm ofcompeting emotions in your head
  454. >Anger, no actual rage, for which there is no outlet, so it has to stay bottled up
  455. >You're pretty sure you're already scarred for life on that front
  456. >Then there's the paralising sadness you have to fight from getting the best of you
  457. >And despair, something else to fight against constantly
  458. >Horror and revulsion, too
  459. >Plenty of each, and really no way to fight those, you just can't let them show
  460. >Then there's guilt, because as awful as your situation is you KNOW it's A LOT better than so many other ponies have it
  461. >You don't even know how to wrap your mind around that
  462. >Which leaves you feeling an almost perverse gratitude
  463. >You're disgusted at yourself for feeling that, but there it is
  464. >You're outside running in the grass while so many others are...
  465. >Stop
  466. >Enjoy this moment
  467. >If gratitude is what you feel then feel it
  468. >It's probably less self-destructive than most of the other feelings fighting for your attention
  469. >Give yourself over to gratitude, and don't deny yourself a moment of joy
  470. >It feels so good to run!
  471. >And you are grateful for the opportunity
  472. >If that extends to HIM for making this happen so be it
  473. >Looking back in his direction you see he's been joined by another man and mare
  474. >She starts off in your direction
  475. >You don't want to break out of a gallop just yet, so she can catch up to you
  476. >But you are excited to talk to somepony else
  477. >In an almost private setting, no less!
  478. >When she finally gallops alongside you it's obvious she's a little older and the pace is a bit much for her
  479. >You break into a canter so you two can talk
  480. >"Never sen you here before, hon," she says
  481. "First time," you reply
  482. >"Welcome, then. I'm Foxglove"
  483. "Roseluck"
  484. >She glances back toward the men, then asks, "How long have you two been together?"
  485. >You're shocked
  486. >She makes it sound like you're dating or something
  487. >Then you quickly realize she's being euphamistic
  488. >It's a lot easier to say and hear "been together" than a more accurate description
  489. "Just over a week"
  490. >"You poor thing! You must be so sore!"
  491. "I'm pretty sore"
  492. >"I'd like to say it gets better, but it's like men are ALWAYS in heat"
  493. >You laugh
  494. >The idea that a male could be in heat is so completely absurd
  495. >But that's exactly how they act
  496. >"I've been with Jay for five years"
  497. >You notice she calls her master by his first name, but there's an even bigger revelation in her statement
  498. "So you were one of the first?"
  499. >"Yeah," she says a little sadly. "I'm a regular trailblazer. So you haven't even been in heat with him yet, have you?"
  500. "I've been dreading it, and I'm probably due next week"
  501. >"Spring and Summer are cruel to a mare. And instinct is a lot more cruel that way here."
  502. "Don't tell me I'm gonna... like it"
  503. >"Every mare is different," she says, blushing. "I'm not going to lie. I do. Then for the next two weeks I hate myself for it. And then..."
  504. "It starts up all over again. Shit."
  505. >"It does bring you closer"
  506. >You cringe
  507. "That sounds horrible"
  508. >"What's the alternative? Chew on your anger until it destroys you? Kill yourself?"
  509. >You've got no reply to that
  510. >After a short silence she says, "If there's no way back to Equestria for me I'd rather be here with Jay than without him. Some of our time together has actually been nice. And what would happen to me without him?"
  511. >Her eyes are shiny, but there's no trace of tears
  512. >You're sure she's had a lot of practice controlling that
  513. >The worst thing is that she's making perfect sense
  514. "I'm so sorry, Foxglove"
  515. >You, on the other hand feel a couple tears run down your face
  516. >"So am I," she says looking deep into your eyes. "I wish I had something better to tell you"
  517. She conmtinues, "Is at least kind?"
  518. "If you call having his way with me whenever he wants kind"
  519. >"They all do that. I mean does he hurt you? Or threaten you?"
  520. "He threatened me just once, when he first brought me home. He's never hurt me, yet"
  521. >"But he sees to it you're fed and comfortable?"
  522. "Pretty well, actually," you admit
  523. >"Then maybe he's like Jay. I will never forgive him for what he's done to me - for what he's taken from me"
  524. >She trails off, then continues
  525. >"But I appreciate him. You don't HAVE to forgive them to appreciate them"
  527. >Be Anon
  528. >Standing in a park watching your pony run with another mare
  529. >Talking with the owner of that other mare
  530. >Some old dude named Jay
  531. >Who is way into ponies
  532. >"So what do you do for a living?," he asks
  533. "Between jobs right now. I was in QA, but got laid off. I've got pretty strong computer skills, so I'm pretty sure I'll find something soon"
  534. >"I hear you. I droned my way through an IT job for years before I retired from that"
  535. >Retired?!
  536. >Dude can't be a day over 40
  537. "You're retired?"
  538. >He smiles and says, "Yeah. Bitcoin. Now all my work is pony related"
  539. >Fucking Bitcoin
  540. >You kept meaning to buy some, but by the time you got serious it was a couple hundred dollars and didn't seem worth the risk
  541. >It was a risk you should have taken
  542. "What kind of pony related stuff are you working on?"
  543. >"Ive got a bunch of projects. Some more for fun, some with actual business models behind them"
  544. "Like what?"
  545. >"I do online special interest groups, meet ups, swingers' parties... but the only moneymakers are brokered sales. And rentals"
  546. "How many ponies do you own?"
  547. >He laughs
  548. >"Just Foxxy over there. I may pick up another, younger mare in a couple years to let her retire as well. I was thinking about maybe getting a filly, but I'm pretty sure she'd take that really badly"
  549. "By retire her you mean?"
  550. >"Just that. Let her do whatever she wants while another mare takes the pressure off her. Of course I'd still take care of her when she's in heat"
  551. >He smiles
  552. >"Foxxy's my first. I'll always love her. And while I know she'll never understand - really understand that - I've seen to it she's set up and taken care of for the rest of her life"
  553. "I like your style"
  554. >"Bro"
  555. "So how do you make money on sales and rentals if you just have one mare?"
  556. >"I don't make money on her. I could. Plenty of guys who can't afford a pony of their own will pay a premium to discreetly fuck a mare in heat."
  557. "But you don't pimp her out?"
  558. >"No. I help other guys pimp their mares out. I like to think I have an eye for talent. Like your mare there. She could totally be a moneymaker"
  559. >You hadn't thought about that
  560. >Maybe you don't need to find a job
  561. >Maybe you can live off your investment for a while
  562. "That's profitable?"
  563. >"It is when she's in heat. Even some poor bastard with a four inch pecker can feel like a sex god with a mare in heat. And he'll pay for the privilege. You won't get rich off of it, but it will pay the bills"
  564. "I'll keep that in mind"
  565. >He pulls out the latest iPhone from his pocket
  566. >"Let me get your contact info"
  567. >You reach for your less fashionable smartphone and complete the exchange
  568. >"Anonymous. Got it. But I'll tell you brokered sales are where the real money is"
  569. "How so?"
  570. >"Think about it. Where'd you buy... um, what's her name?"
  571. "Rose. And I went to the auction at the market"
  572. >"Wew, lad"
  573. >This guy clearly spends too much time online
  574. >"So you paid retail to avoid the hassle of a private sale"
  575. "Pretty much"
  576. >"If I'd set up a private sale for you it would have cost 60 to 70% of what you paid, and that would have included my 15% commission"
  577. "How can you do that?"
  578. >"I have an eye for talent. Plenty of people don't know what they've got. They buy some sweet young mare to look after their kids when a kindly older mare would do just as well"
  579. >You nod, floowing along
  580. >"So I approach them with a deal - a kindly old mare and a few grand for their sweet young thing. Most folks won't take it, but some will"
  581. "So then you just have to find a buyer for the sweet young thing, which I'm guessing is the easy part"
  582. >"I've got them lined up," he says a little smugly. "And even after my cut they're still paying below market rate. Everybody wins!"
  583. "That's fucking brilliant"
  584. >He smiles at you
  585. >"Ponies can be a living if you play your cards right. Here."
  586. >He furiously types on his iPhone, then your phone beeps
  587. >"I just sent you an invite to a private forum. It's masters only. Plenty of guys there are floating really creative business models."
  588. "Thanks, man"
  589. >"Think nothing of it, bro. The Privileges of Ownership can be a lot more than most people think. Welcome to the club!"
  590. >You watch the mares in the distance under the sun, trotting next to each other and chatting
  591. "I think they're hitting it off"
  592. >"Most of them are sweethearts," he responds.
  593. >You suppose that's true
  594. >"Well it's been real, bro, but we have to get going."
  595. >He extends a fist and you bump it with your own
  596. >Then he brings his fingers up to his mouth and lets a loud whistle loose
  597. >Immediately his mare breaks away from yours and starts running toward him, as he's already walking away from you
  598. >Just like a dog
  599. >Fuck, that's hot
  600. >You gotta learn to whistle like that
  602. >Be Anon
  603. >Driving back from the park with Rose
  604. >Your head is still spinning a bit from talking to Jay
  605. >The idea that pony could be your income instead of just getting another job?
  606. >You spent a lot of money on Rose, and Jay said she could be a moneymaker
  607. >You'd never considered that before
  608. >You obviously don't have a business mind
  609. >But it seems like Jay does
  610. >Dude is retired, after all
  611. >Gonna have to reach out it him
  612. "Did you have a good time?"
  613. >"It was so nice to get out, master!"
  614. "Well that's gonna be a thing from now own. Should have been from the start. Totally my fault you had to ask for it"
  615. >"It's OK that I ask for things once in a while, master?"
  616. "I want you to feel taken care of, Rose. If I overlook something you can point it out to me"
  617. >"Thank you, master"
  618. "And you got to make a new friend. You and Foxxy hit it off?"
  619. >"It was nice to meet her. I would like to see her again"
  620. "You will. I'm gonna keep in touch with Jay"
  621. >"She said he's kind"
  622. "He loves her. That's between us, Rose. He said she'd never really understand it, but he loves her"
  623. >No response
  624. >Maybe you shouldn't have said that
  625. >Fuck it
  626. "Also it was really hot the way she came running when he whistled for her"
  627. >She's looking away from you, out the window
  628. >But there's absolutely no doubt she just rolled her eyes
  629. "Rose!"
  630. >"I'm sorry, master. I didn't mean to..."
  631. "You sure did. Don't lie to me"
  632. >"You know I'll come running just like that if you whistle for me, master"
  633. "That's not the point, and you know it"
  634. >She gives you a pleading look
  635. >"May I give you a blowjob, master?"
  636. "Now you're just trying to change the subject"
  637. >"Please, master"
  638. >You haven't had a blowjob while driving since you dated that crazy bitch back in college
  639. >And your dick really likes the idea
  640. >You unzip your pants
  641. "You've got to be more considerate, Rose"
  642. >"I will be, master. I'm sorry. May I be appreciative now?"
  643. "Go for it"
  644. >If she's gonna be a handful she's gonna get a mouthful
  645. >And her begging to blow you because she knows she fucked up?
  646. >That you can get used to
  647. >Ownership has its Privileges
  649. >Be Roseluck
  650. >Locked in your room at the end of the night
  651. >Your master left you a couple carrots and an apple
  652. >And you have the TV playing music
  653. >You've decided you don't like Ravel
  654. >Today was full of ups and downs
  655. >You got to run almost free
  656. >Outside in the sun with grass under your hooves
  657. >Which was wonderful in spite of having to wear a shock collar
  658. >And you got to meet another nice mare
  659. >Who unfortunately gave you a glimpse of what the future probably holds for you
  660. >And it isn't all that pretty
  661. >Though she was
  662. >Then your master told you her master LOVES her
  663. >Which is totally absurd
  664. >Because if he really did she wouldn't be in such an awful position
  665. >Trying to reconcile her anger and resentment toward him with her appreciation for how well he treats her as a fucking slave
  666. >When he's not raping her and whistling for her like a fucking dog
  667. >Which your own master seemed to admire
  668. >Because his ideal is to treat you like a pampered dog when he's not raping you
  669. >Until you're so codependent that you can't tell that from actual love
  670. >Because to him that's what love is
  671. >Humans are so fucked up
  672. >And you just couldn't hide it anymore today after to talking with Foxglove
  673. >When he was talking about them
  674. >And you rolled your eyes when he said her response to Jay's whistle was "hot"
  675. >It's hot that his slave comes running when he calls?!
  676. >In the moment you didn't care whether or not it was stupid - you couldn't hide your disgust
  677. >But it was really fucking stupid
  678. >Because he's not, and he noticed
  679. >And knowing how much he likes having his dick sucked barely got you out of that
  680. >There you were fantasizing about killing him while begging to suck his dick
  681. >And swallow his cum
  682. >He pretty much saw right through you, but gave you a pass anyways
  683. >You're gonna have to do better to survive this
  684. >And how the hell are you supposed to do that when you feel the change in your body?
  685. >You're going to be in heat tomorrow
  686. >There's really no way to hide that
  687. >Which pretty much means that while your mind will remain steadfast in horror over your situation
  688. >Your body is about to betray you
  690. >Be Anon
  691. >It's morning, and this not going to work thing really agrees with you
  692. >Lazing in the kitchen over a second cup of coffee
  693. >You went over your finances last night, and realized you can go another two months like this
  694. >Possibly six months if Rose pulled her weight a little
  695. >Which would be the end of September, when the window for her being able to do so ends for the year
  696. >They don't go into heat in fall and winter
  697. >The question is how do you feel about that - making her pitch in?
  698. >You'd like to think you're cool with it
  699. >Because there doesn't seem to be cause for jealousy
  700. >She can't leave you - you own her
  701. >It's not like a wife or gf, where the risk of them fucking another guy is either having to raise his kid
  702. >Or lose her affection to another
  703. >Or both
  704. >Neither of those are in play here
  705. >It seems like you have nothing to lose
  706. >As long as the sight of some other guy fucking her doesn't weird you out
  707. >Would it?
  708. >You're not sure, but you don't think so
  709. >No weirder than letting someone drive your car
  710. >Except that Rose isn't exactly a car
  711. >How would she handle it?
  712. >She'd be in heat, so she'd probably enjoy it on a physical level
  713. >But you suspect emotionally she'd not be into it at all - she still cries a little sometimes when you fuck her
  714. >The question is could she handle having clients?
  715. >Or would it create the kind of problems you'd rather not have to deal with?
  716. >She already gave you a little trouble yesterday
  717. >Though she immediately tried to make things right
  718. >And you sent the wrong message by letting an unsolicited blowjob make up for insubordination
  719. >Regardless now you're left wondering what set her off
  720. >Was it you saying you thought Foxxie was hot?
  721. >Is she a jealous one?
  722. >Could make sense
  723. >Her position is hardly assured
  724. >For all she knows you could get tired of her and sell her at any time
  725. >So other mares might seem like threats
  726. >Not that Foxxie is any kind of threat
  727. >Though Jay did mention swingers' parties
  728. >So there's the chance he'd let you take a turn with her in return for a spin with Rose
  729. >You didn't buy her to trade with other masters, though
  730. >And you didn't buy her to pimp out
  731. >That just became an interesting idea when you got laid off
  732. >But that's not even where Jay said the real money is
  733. >Brokering sales
  734. >Maybe you should test the waters on that front next time you talk to Jay
  735. >Because that sounds more interesting than an office job
  736. >Enough brooding - time to fuck your little horse
  737. >As you unlock and open her door you notice the smell right away
  738. >It smells like her, but muskier
  739. "Rose?"
  740. >She looks up at you and blushes
  741. >This is new
  742. >She's in heat!
  743. >What else is new is the look in her eyes
  744. >Sadness isn't what you see
  745. >Her pupils are bigger than usual
  746. >Judging nonverbal cues isn't exactly your strong suit
  747. >But you'd swear she's looking at you with a mixture of hate and lust
  748. >Like your college ex did when you two hooked up for hate sex a couple times after your breakup
  749. >That was the best sex of your life to date
  750. >Though you have a feeling that's about to change
  751. >"Master, this is not just confusing for me, it's also..."
  752. "What, Rose?"
  753. >She looks away from you, blushing harder and says, "infuriating, master"
  754. >You weren't expecting that
  755. "What's troubling you?"
  756. >"I submit to you because you're my master. It doesn't feel like submission today."
  757. "That's great, Rose. Having you do whatever I say is wonderful, but..."
  758. >She gives you what seems like a passionate look
  759. "Having you actually being into it - having it be something you want - is something I've been looking forward to"
  760. >"It's so confusing, master"
  761. "What's confusing about a little pleasure in your life?"
  762. >"It isn't totally fucked up to enjoy my own oppression? To be yearning for it right now?"
  763. "You've got no choice about your so-called oppression. You HAVE a choice about whether or not you enoy this"
  764. >"I really don't though"
  765. "I'll give you the choice right now. Ask me to leave you alone for the rest of the day, and I'll do just that"
  766. >"No," she says with a desperate edge. "Part of me wants that, but I can't ask for it"
  767. "Then you've made your decision, Rose. I think it's a good one. You deserve a little pleasure"
  768. >You feel a little shitty for playing mind games with your little pony while she's in heat
  769. >But it is kind of fun
  770. "Here, Rose. Let me do something just for you. Not for me, but for you"
  771. >You kneel behind a very confused pony and plant a little kiss on her clit
  772. >And you're rewarded with a wink, and a moan from Rose
  773. >You also notice she's raised a rear hoof
  774. "Do you want to kick me?"
  775. >"I so want to kick you! Celestia, I would love to kick you! But don't stop what you're doing, master!"
  776. "Don't kick me then"
  777. >This is your first time going down on a mare
  778. >That clit is really a moving target
  779. >You bring two fingers into her, and they're immediately soaked
  780. >Responsive Rose is entirely different from passive Rose
  781. >You appreciate both, but this is better
  782. >She backs up onto your face, legs shaking and lets out a grunt, followed by a high pitched nicker
  783. >You've seen enough pony porn to know you just got her off
  784. >And you are diamonds
  785. >Also your face is totally smeared with pony cum
  786. >You dig the smell
  787. >You stand up behind her, and she looks back at you
  788. >Her pupils are nearly as wide as the green part of her eyes
  789. >You can't resist pulling a horsey move with her like this, so you lean over and bite her ear
  790. >Her whole body shivers
  791. >You guide your cock into her, and you feel it squeezed as she winks on you
  792. >That doesn't happen when she isn't in heat
  793. >You totally get why guys will pay a lot to fuck a mare like this
  794. >It's like her vag is blowing you while you fuck her
  795. >You understand why stallions have a reputation for finishing quickly
  796. >Even your (sadly) circumsized cock isn't going to last more than ten minutes of this
  797. >And it doesn't
  798. >By the time you're unloading with the head of your cock mashed against her cervix she's cum three more times
  799. >Treated you to a variety of sexy pony noises she's made along the way
  800. >Rippled that little hole of hers around your dick like nothing you've ever felt before
  801. >And totally soaked not just your crotch, but the upper part of your legs as well
  802. >As you ease out of her she turns to face you
  803. >She's extra beautiful right now, if that's even possible
  804. >Mane a little mussed up, glow on her cheeks, pupils still large
  805. >And a little bit of a crazy girl smile on her face
  806. >"You have no idea how conflicted I am right now."
  807. "Let me take a guess. Part of you wants to kiss me, and part of you wants to kill me?"
  808. >"I want to do both," she says, breaking eye contact with you
  809. >"Actually, I want to kiss you, fuck you again, then kill you. Then you come back to life and I get to fuck and kill you again"
  810. >That's showing some spirit!
  811. "Well then, choose wisely!"
  812. >She leans in and kisses you
  813. >First lips, then your tongues brush against each other
  814. >Then you feel her bite your lower lip, almost a little too hard
  815. >She just stays like that for a few seconds and whimpers, then releases you
  816. >This Rose is a badass
  817. >Like your Nissan just turned into a Maserati
  818. >You actually know the difference, because a rich friend let you drive his Maserati once
  819. >And fucking Rose in heat is like that
  820. >But even better
  821. >You're not sure you want to share this with anybody
  823. >Be Anon
  824. >You don't know whether or not you just fucked up
  825. >You just had a nice lunch with Rose after what was definitely the hottest sex of your life
  826. >Then put her in her room, promising another visit soon
  827. >Then you posted about it on SlaveLovers forum
  828. >The reaction was pretty mixed, even though you got a lot of Good for you's
  829. >A few guys thought it was brilliant
  830. >Some called you a monster for fucking with her head
  831. >But the consensus was that you were playing with fire by encouraging even remotely threatening behavior
  832. >Instead of just clamping down on it like you're supposed to
  833. >Especially when she's in heat
  834. >But that's just the opinion of random strangers on the internet
  835. >You don't know who to believe
  836. >So yo text Jay, asking if he's free to talk
  837. >A minute later your phone rings
  838. "Hey man, thanks for the call"
  839. >"No problem. What's up?"
  840. "Rose went into heat for the first time with me today"
  841. >"Good for you!"
  842. "I don't whether or not I fucked things up"
  843. >"She's OK, isn't she?"
  844. "Of course. I mean in the M/s way"
  845. >"Were you firm or lenient?"
  846. "Lenient"
  847. >"Kind of hard not to be, isn't it? When she's responding like that it's super easy to forget your position"
  848. "I might have gone a little further than that"
  849. >"I'm listening"
  850. "Before we got going she raised a hoof at me"
  851. >"What did you do?"
  852. "I asked her if she wanted to kick me"
  853. >Silence from Jay
  854. "And she said she'd love to"
  855. >"She didn't, though. Right?"
  856. "I went down on her instead"
  857. >"Living dangerously"
  858. "It gets worse. After she told me she felt conflicted"
  859. >"They always do. It's really cute"
  860. "So I asked her if she didn't know whether she wanted to kiss me or kill me"
  861. >"Oh, never a good idea to put that in their minds. What happened next?"
  862. "She said both. Then kissed me with a little bite. Didn't leave a mark, but she definitely bit me. And I let it slide"
  863. >"Aw, dude. That's fucking with her head pretty hard"
  864. "The problem is it was super hot to let her feel like..."
  865. >"She had some say in the situation?"
  866. "I let her have a little, yeah. How fucked am I?"
  867. >Jay sighs and says, "Not totally. You've only ever had sex with women before Rose, right?"
  868. "Yeah"
  869. >"Then it's natural that when your pony is... responsive, you'd want to treat her like a woman. Let her be willful"
  870. >He adds, "But if you do that with ponies you end up with dangerous behavior problems that have to be met with..."
  871. >He sighs, "a level of discipline you really don't want to have to dish out to a cutie like her"
  872. "I'm not over that line yet, right?"
  873. >"I don't think so. But you have to make it clear that Estrus is a high spirited time, and the only time this sort of behavior is going to be tolerated. And set some limits for her, for fuck's sake!"
  874. "Got it"
  875. >"Don't let her be the one to have to figure out just what constitutes crossing the line just because you decided to move it because she's so cute in heat"
  876. "Again, got it. And that pretty much answers my other question"
  877. >"Which was?"
  878. "The wisdom of renting her for high risk encounters where the line has been moved"
  879. >"OK, yeah. I know exactly what you're talking about. We could both make a lot of money off that..."
  880. "But?"
  881. >"You didn't buy Rose because you get off on the idea of brutalizing her and terrorizing her, right?"
  882. "Fuck, no."
  883. >"Well that's the kind of guy you'd have to become to keep her in line and you safe in a set up like that"
  884. >He adds, "And I avoid doing business with guys like that. I don't like to see ponies hurt."
  885. "Me, neither."
  886. >"Then be careful how willful you let her be. It may be hot, but there will be consequences for it. And I don't want to see either of you hurt because you misjudged the situation"
  887. "That's why I reached out to you"
  888. >"Then be sure she knows where the line is when you move it on her, and when you're going to move it back"
  889. >He adds, "And you can pretty much forget about renting her at this point. I only do rentals with purely submissive ponies, for everybody's safety"
  890. "Thanks, Jay."
  891. >"No prob, man. Gotta look out for the rookies. I'll text you next time me and Foxxy are going to the park. Maybe we'll meet there."
  892. "Sounds good"
  893. >There you have it
  894. >You fucked up a little, but you can recover from it
  895. >And you need to get serious about finding a job, because pimping Rose isn't going to be it
  896. >You had mixed feelings about that anyways
  898. >You unlock and open the door to Rose's room with a few sugar cubes in your pocket
  899. "Rose? We need to talk"
  900. >You're greeted by the sight of your concubine giving you bedroom eyes
  901. >"Are you breaking up with me, master?"
  902. >God, she's funny, too?
  903. >You totally understand guys falling in love with their mares when they're in heat
  904. >It's almost impossible not to
  905. "No," you say slowly
  906. >"So you're not just gonna let me go?," she pouts
  907. "Not even on the table, Rose. Estrus is a time of high spirits," you begin
  908. >She laughs
  909. >"You're giving a speech about this because you're suddenly an expert on it?"
  910. "No, but I like you like this"
  911. >"You like your concubine actually responding to your affections? What a surprise!"
  912. "You'd be surprised, Rose. Plenty of guys like them submissive all the time. And others just want cuddles"
  913. >"I don't know if that's better or..."
  914. "Totally creepy?"
  915. >"It sounds creepy right now. But no less creepy than you raping me last week"
  916. "That's what I want to talk about. Freedom to speak, especially during these high spirited times. And it isn't rape when I own you"
  917. >"But you like getting a piece of my mind while I actually want you?"
  918. "I love it"
  919. >"Of course you do! You think it's hot, right?"
  920. "Yeah, because it is."
  921. >She blushes
  922. "But we have to set some limits."
  923. >"Like not saying I hate you?"
  924. "No, I love that, too. And I loved you wanting to kick me"
  925. >"That wasn't premeditated, you know."
  926. "Not like biting my lip"
  927. >"That kinda was"
  928. "Still hot though"
  929. >"You know," she begins, "under normal circumstances you telling me what you think is hot disgusts me"
  930. "But now?"
  931. >"I'm disgusted with myself for being so turned on."
  932. "Don't be. It's natural."
  933. >"I know. What isn't natural is dealing with the feelings it brings up."
  934. "I don't know how into that I want to get"
  935. >"Let's just say it's hard to reconcile something that you see as a burden become what you desire"
  936. "You're talking about my dick?"
  937. >She nods, looking down at the floor and mumbles, "And I really want it"
  938. "I just want you to understand first. We can only be like this during Estrus. The rest of the time things go back to normal"
  939. >"You know that's really messed up, but it I get it. Can I ask? Are you doing this just because it turns you on?"
  940. "I bought you because you turned me on"
  941. >She blushes harder
  942. "I'm doing this because I actually like you, and enjoy getting to know you a little more than what the confines of our positions allow"
  943. >"I'm a little flattered, master. But I'm not in the same place as you that way, you know"
  944. "I don't expect you to be. You still have to obey me, and if, god forbid you ever hurt me, even accidently..."
  945. >"Obviously," she says with a little eyeroll. "But the idea that I want to sometimes is OK?"
  946. "Only when you're in heat. Off limits the rest of the time, just like rolling your eyes at me"
  947. >She nods, and you let a few moments pass in silence
  948. "You know, the way you're holding your tail is really... attractive"
  949. >"It's supposed to be. It's an invitation"
  950. "Can you do that when you're not, you know?"
  951. >"I can try. It won't be the same, though"
  952. "I'd still appreciate you putting the effort in"
  953. >"Can you stop talking and appreciate that I don't have to put any effort in now?"
  954. >Definitely time to stop talking
  956. >Be Anon
  957. >You just finished going down on Rose for the second time since she went into heat
  958. >This time there was no hoof raised in protest, though
  959. >If anything she leaned herself toward you the moment she realized what was about to happen
  960. >And she came really fucking quickly
  961. >And hard
  962. >You are diamonds, but chill enough to realize the moment is not going to pass quickly - she's still in heat
  963. >You'll get yours soon enough
  964. >"You know that's totally a human thing, not a pony thing?"
  965. "How so?"
  966. >"A stallion will sniff back there, and maybe nibble for a moment, but he gets to business pretty quickly"
  967. "Not try to finish you off that way?"
  968. >"Never, that's a human thing. Same for the other way around"
  969. "Mares don't blow stallions?"
  970. >"I'm a smalltown girl, so I can't say it absolutely isn't a thing, but it wasn't where I come from"
  971. "So blowing me is weird?"
  972. >Having sex when not in Estrus is unnatural and weird. Blowing you is super gross and disgusting"
  973. "Yet you initiated it when you weren't in heat to distract me"
  974. >She blushes, seemingly more out of embarrassment than lust
  975. >"It's obvious how much you love it. And it isn't totally horrible. Some women MUST use that to manipulate men, right?"
  976. "I even let you get away with it"
  977. >More blush
  978. >"So it does sort of work, even when you can see through it? Though I guess not during Estrus. You haven't gone for my mouth once since I came into heat"
  979. >She's got you there
  980. >You haven't thought about fucking her cute little throat once since her marevag started actually responding to you
  981. "What about mares who like other mares? What do they do?"
  982. >"I have no idea. Nopony talks about that stuff..."
  983. "Or stallions who like other stallions?"
  984. >"That's obvious. Like a stallion went for a mare... but hit the wrong... target"
  985. "Do they hit the wrong target often?"
  986. >Blushing continues
  987. >"Why are you asking me all this?"
  988. "Well you said oral seemed like purely human stuff to you. Your opinion about anal is suddenly interesting to me as well"
  989. >Her eyes narrow
  990. >"Interesting, how?"
  991. >You smile
  992. >"No, master, please! You said you didn't want to hurt me! You don't want to hurt me, do you?"
  993. "I don't want to hurt you," you say. Then you add, "But I don't mind making you a little sore"
  994. >"You made me sore all last week without doing THAT!"
  995. "That's why I got this," you say, producing a small bottle of lube from your pocket. "May as well see how it works"
  996. >Her ears go back
  997. >"Why would you do that? You KNOW just an inch down is something so much better waiting for you?"
  998. "Maybe to see your reaction," you say, squeezing a generous amount of lube onto a finger, and kneeling behind her
  999. >"Master, please don't"
  1000. "Your voice says no, but your tail says yes"
  1001. >"I can't control that"
  1002. >You touch her ponut with your lubed up finger
  1003. >She gasps, but her horsepussy winks as you smear the lube on her
  1004. "Can't control that either, I guess?," you say, sliding a fingertip up her warm asshole
  1005. >She raises a back hoof and says, "I swear I'll kick the shit out of you!"
  1006. >You leave your finger in her, but reach down with your other hand to lower that hoof
  1007. >She resists a little, but the hoof soon returns to the floor
  1008. "No you won't, but I love that you want to. Turns me on as much as this," you slide your finger further into her, "turns you on"
  1009. >"I'm not turned on," she says quietly
  1010. >You brush your thumb against where her clit hides to be met with it winking against you as you feel her ass clench your finger
  1011. "You're not?"
  1012. >You ease your finger out of her, stand and take your pants off
  1013. >Your freed cock is standing at attention, and you reach for the lube and squeeze some onto it
  1014. >Rose is facing the mirror you installed in her room, you can see her face in it, her eyes pleading with you
  1015. >"Please don't, master"
  1016. "It's not going to hurt if you just relax, Rose," you say, steadying your cockhead against her back door
  1017. >You push forward a little
  1018. >"I'm not afraid of it hurting," she replies desperately. "I'm afraid of what you're doing to me!"
  1019. >You ease into her very slowly
  1020. "What am I doing to you?"
  1021. >"Ow... ow... mmmmmm. You're perverting me. Ow... Oh, buck!"
  1022. >You're torn between two great views
  1023. >That of your cock slipping into her asshole, and her face as she starts to cry just a little in the mirror
  1024. >You feel the tight ring of her slowly slide down you as your head is surrounded by warm softness
  1025. >Not nearly as good as her vag in heat, but still delicious as you pull back for another stroke
  1026. >And feel that tight ring slide back toward your cockhead
  1027. >You grab her tail with one hand, reaching the other down onto her just at where your balls would otherwise slap
  1028. >"It's not enough that you have you're way with me. You have to make me enjoy it physically as well!"
  1029. "Does that make me a monster?"
  1030. >"For assuring I get off on my own nightmare?," she asks. "Yeah, it totally does"
  1031. >You pause mid stroke
  1032. "I could just stop right now"
  1033. >No you couldn't, but you can't resist messing with her a little more
  1034. >She sighs, "The damage has already been done. Both of us want this now, and you know I'm gonna cum from it"
  1035. "Well then," you say as you resume, "So am I"
  1036. >"I hate you for this"
  1037. >You slam into her as much as your hand rubbing her will allow, which seems like just enough for the both of you
  1038. >Teary eyes are now looking at you in the mirror with properly wide pupils
  1039. "You're still a good girl, Rose"
  1041. >Be Anon
  1042. >Your first Estrus with Rose was even better than you expected
  1043. >She was amazing!
  1044. >And you capped it off last night by making her cum twice while you fucked her ass
  1045. >She broke into tears after the first one
  1046. >Then sobbed her way through the second when you finished in her
  1047. >Ashamed of herself for being so easily perverted by you
  1048. >Which was delicious
  1049. >But five days have passed since the start of her heat, so the next two weeks or so are going to be back to business as usual
  1050. >You explained that to her
  1051. >Speaking her mind and making little threats are only tolerated when she's actually hot for your dick
  1052. >Because then it's hot to you as well
  1053. >You expect her to show proper deference again now, in both words and actions
  1054. >And don't intend to tolerate anything short of that
  1055. >She said she understood
  1056. >Time to see if she does
  1057. >First you respond to Jay via text that meeting up at the park today at 1PM with him and Foxxy is a go
  1058. >You're sure Rose will like having another mare to talk to after the last five days
  1059. >And you want to see if there's any way to get into some sort of business arrangement with Jay
  1060. >Because doing what he does sounds a lot better than finding another boring job
  1061. >You unlock and open the door to her room
  1062. >She's on her bed
  1063. "Good morning, Rose!"
  1064. >She looks up at you and blushes, then looks away
  1065. >God, she's adorable!
  1066. >"Good morning, master," she says softly
  1067. >Good start
  1068. "How does meeting up with Foxxy and Jay at the park today sound?"
  1069. >That got her ears to prick up
  1070. >"That sounds great, master," she says sincerely
  1071. "Good, because I've already arranged it. After the last few days it'll be good to get out of the house"
  1072. >She blushes again
  1073. "Plus I fingured you'd want to have another mare to talk to"
  1074. >That gets you a sheepish smile
  1075. >"You figured correctly, master"
  1076. "We had a pretty intense few days there. So I'm also giving you a day off from those kind of duties today"
  1077. >Now she locks eyes with you, and her pupils widen a little
  1078. >"You can DO that?"
  1079. "Of course I can. You know I'm a man of my word"
  1080. >"But it's been at least once every 10 hours since I got here"
  1081. >Now it's your turn to blush
  1082. "What can I say? I'm really into you..."
  1083. >"Lucky me"
  1084. "Careful, Rose"
  1085. >"I AM lucky, though. You actually care about me in your way. I could have been bought by someone who didn't"
  1086. "I do carfe. It means something to me that you appreciate that. I don't know why, but it does"
  1087. >"Then understand that this gesture of yours means something to me, too. It is going to be difficult for you though, isn't it?"
  1088. >You laugh, and she looks confused
  1089. "You've only seen the side of me that's excited to have you here. You don't know the man who dispensed with every luxury INCLUDING a fucking social life for FOUR years..."
  1090. >You look her right in the eyes to show your intensity
  1091. "WHILE paying the mortgage on this place JUST so I could save up enough money to bring you here"
  1092. >She's a little taken aback
  1093. >"So it took you four years of work, planning and sacrifice to become a... master?"
  1094. "YOUR master"
  1095. >"I hope I'm worth it..."
  1096. >You reach out a hand to caress her mane
  1097. >She doesn't flinch, nor pull away from you
  1098. >And she feels so good
  1099. "So far so very good. And you might not believe it, but self-control is something I have"
  1100. >"I believe it, master"
  1101. "Then late's change the topic, because you ARE incredibly attractive to me, and I'd rather not test my limits"
  1102. >You break the contact with her, letting your hand fall back to your side
  1103. >She gives you another weak smile
  1104. >"When are we meeting Foxglove and Jay?"
  1105. "Right after lunch"
  1107. >By the time you get to the park Jay and Foxxy are already there
  1108. >Jay greets you with a brohug, as both martes trot off together wearing their collars
  1109. "Where I can see you!," you shout after Rose
  1110. >"They know," say says softly. "So your first Estrus with her nearly got the better of you?"
  1111. "I needed a reality check, for sure. Thanks for being there. Truth is it worked out great"
  1112. >"She seems compliant"
  1113. "Yeah, but man was it fun letting her get all lippy when she..."
  1114. >"Was out of her mind horny for you?"
  1115. "Yeah. Not quite like really hot hate sex, but a little like that. Her body says one thing while her voice says the opposite"
  1116. >Jay laughs. "Never was my thing, but you're not alone there. Plenty of guys like their mares really high spirited when they're in heat"
  1117. "That's exactly what she is. Told me flat you how much she wanted to kick the shit out of me"
  1118. >Jay raises an eyebrow. "Are you playing a dengerous game with her? She's got a lot more to lose than you do"
  1119. "I think I've got it dialed in. She said she hated me for perverting her, and cried"
  1120. >"Sounds like you're mindfucking her pretty hard as well"
  1121. "This was while I was fucking her ass. She came twice."
  1122. >"Impressive. Not all of them can do that. And you're little creepy for sharing that with me, you know?"
  1123. "Sorry. Just needed a reality check"
  1124. >"The reality is you have something exceptional on your hands. And you're a little bit of a twisted fucker"
  1125. "Aren't we all?"
  1126. >"Fair point," he says looking at Rose and Foxxy on the other side of the field
  1127. >You follow his gaze
  1128. >They look super cute together
  1129. "What do you think they're talking about?"
  1130. >"Exactly what we were just talking about, but from the other perspective. I can just about see Rose blushing from here"
  1131. >So can you
  1132. "She's something special"
  1133. >"You chose well"
  1134. "I thought I might have an eye for talent like you, and maybe developing it, too"
  1135. >"You might," he says in a serious manner. "Think you could do the same thing with another couple of mares?"
  1136. "I'm sure I could. Capital is the issue for me"
  1137. >Jay shakes his head
  1138. >"You gotta spend money to make money"
  1139. "So that's my entry level hurdle for getting into the business?"
  1140. >"Kinda is," he says flatly. "You couldn't afford another mare even if I found her for you?"
  1141. "I'm living off my savings right now, and that's only going to last another couple months. Most of what I had saved went into buying her"
  1142. >"I get it. You did good with Rose, but a pony you buy for your personal needs isn't gonna make you any money"
  1143. "I could re-fi the house..."
  1144. >"That only gives you one shot, right? No room for error"
  1145. "Fuck. And no other kind of loan is an option, really. My credit score is immaculate, but I'm unemployed"
  1146. >"I'll look around for you anyways. And try thinking outside the box."
  1147. "I don't even know where the box is"
  1148. >"Most of us are just making it up as we go along. But there is money to be made"
  1149. "What about brokering sales?"
  1150. >"I've built up my network over five years. You're just starting out. Besides me and some folks online who do you know?"
  1151. "No one"
  1152. >"I can make some introductions, but you'd be a year at best away from making any deals. People do business with someone they know and trust"
  1153. "Thanks. It's good to know you, regardless"
  1154. >"Yeah, and our mares seem to have hit it off as well. I haven't seen Foxxy laugh like that in a while"
  1155. >Sure enough Rose must have just said something that cracked Foxxy up
  1156. >Because Rose is laughing a little, but Foxxy is almost in tears she's laughing so hard
  1157. "She's funny. After I talked to you I told her we needed to talk and guess what she asked me?"
  1158. >"What?"
  1159. "She asked if I was breaking up with her!"
  1160. >"That's hilarious"
  1161. >He whips out his iPhone and points it at the mares
  1162. >You hear a click noise, then watch him mess with the screen, then hold it up to show you
  1163. >It's a better shot than you thought he'd get at this distance
  1164. >Two pretty mares laughing together while standing in a grassy field
  1165. >"The camera on this thing is better than my XLR. I'll send it to you," he says, tapping on the screen
  1166. >Your phone beeps in your pocket
  1168. >Be Anon
  1169. >It's been three days since you and Rose had a nice afternoon with Jay and Foxxy
  1170. >Now you're having a pretty good morning
  1171. >With Rose's mouth wrapped around your cock
  1172. >You don't even have to remind her to look you in the eye anymore
  1173. >She's got that down, and it's cute as fuck
  1174. >You do miss the fire that was in those eyes when she was in heat
  1175. >But that's likely to return in a week and a half anyways
  1176. >This is just fine in the meantime
  1177. >Feeling her tongue working the base of your shaft
  1178. >As the your cockhead slides in and out of her little throat
  1179. >Pretty grewen eyes looking up at you the whole time
  1180. >She knows you really like this, and puts the effort in to do a good job
  1181. >And she's doing a good job, bless her little heart
  1182. >Your phone rings
  1183. >Won't be getting that right now
  1184. >You grab a handful of mane and force her onto you so you're as far down her throat as possible
  1185. >And start fucking her face like that
  1186. >She can handle it, too
  1187. >No gag reflex is just another thing to love about ponies
  1188. >If you tried this with a woman you'd end up with a crotch full of puke
  1189. >If you could cajole a woman into letting you facefuck her in the first place
  1190. >No cajoling needed with your little pony
  1191. >A few more thrusts and you're going to be there
  1192. "Rose"
  1193. >"Mmmm hmmm"
  1194. >You look into her eyes as you unload partway down her throat
  1195. >You feel hew swallowing as you do
  1196. >You stay there for a few seconds as her tongue continues to move against the base of your cock
  1197. "OK, now press your tongue against me as I pull out so you get every drop"
  1198. >She does just that, and sawllows again once you're out of her
  1199. >"And now you're happy," she says, stating the obvious
  1200. "Sometimes that's all it takes"
  1201. >"A lot of the time," she says with a little smile
  1202. >You can tell it's a little focred, but you appreciate her effort anyways
  1203. "You're a good girl, Rose," you say, reaching for your phone to see who called
  1204. >Your missed call was from Jay
  1205. "Go to the kitchen and get yourself a treat," you say as you call Jay back
  1206. >He picks up on the second ring
  1207. >"Dude!"
  1208. "You rang?"
  1209. >"She used to be a florist. Did you know that?"
  1210. "Who?"
  1211. >"Your Rose. Back in Equestria she was a florist"
  1212. "That fits, doesn't it?"
  1213. >"In a typically pony way, yeah"
  1214. "So what's up?"
  1215. >"I got a pitch for you. You're not going to love it, but hear me out."
  1216. "OK"
  1217. >"I can get you into the business of spotting and developing pony talent AND Rose a flower shop"
  1218. "How would you pull that out of your ass?"
  1219. >"I've got a couple clients - wealthy married couple. She wants a stallion, so that's his excuse to get a mare"
  1220. >He continues, "She knew exactly what she wanted, and I've already brokered that deal. He had no ideas"
  1221. "I'm following you"
  1222. >"All I get from him is that he likes redheads and a sense of humor. So I went out on a limb and sent him a pic of Rose"
  1223. "I'm guessing he loved her"
  1224. >"Yeah, I might have let it slip that in heat she gets lippy and can cum from anal"
  1225. "I'm guessing that adds value?"
  1226. >"To the right buyer it adds a lot. When I mentionned she was a florist - Foxxy told me - he said he'd want to set her up with a little shop"
  1227. "Why would he do that?"
  1228. >"These are rich, but busy people. They want their ponies to be autonomous and income generating when they're not playing with them"
  1229. "Smart"
  1230. >"I also told him you'd be a reluctant seller, because that is the case, right"
  1231. "Yeah"
  1232. >"He wants to close the deal quickly so he has a nice mare to play with while his wife gets plowed by the stallion I just sold her"
  1233. "So what's the offer"
  1234. >Jay names the sum
  1235. >"I'm guessing that's twice what you paid for her?"
  1236. "Nearly three times"
  1237. >"So you didn't do too badly at the auction. You see what this gets you?"
  1238. "Two more mares you help me find to see how well I can groom them, and enough money to live off for the rest of the year while doing it"
  1239. >"And Rose gets a flower shop! That's the icing on the cake. You get into the business, and she gets back to hers"
  1240. "Can I think about this?"
  1241. >"Don't take too long. And don't tell Rose unless you're gonna do it. It would be cruel to dangle something like this..."
  1242. "I know," you interrupt. "Let me go"
  1243. >"Talk soon"
  1244. >You wander into the kitchen where you find Rose with her face buried in a large plastic container of Spring Mix
  1245. "We need to talk, Rose"
  1246. >She raises her head and cocks both ears forward, still chewing
  1247. "You never told me you were a florist. That's your special talent, isn't it?"
  1248. >She swallows and answers, "Yes," guardedly
  1249. "Is that something you'd like doing here?"
  1250. >"Yes," she says, slowly and carefully
  1251. >You explain the situation to her
  1252. >"Holy shit, master! So when you said 'We need to talk' this time you actually WERE breaking up with me!"
  1253. "Yeah. Evidently you were talking with Foxxy about the same stuff I was with Jay, and that made you a lot more valuable"
  1254. >"So I have a reputation now?," she says with feigned indignance
  1255. "In very exclusive circles, evidently"
  1256. >"It's not like it's my fault"
  1257. "Not your fault at all. But I won't lie. I'm gonna miss you, Rose"
  1258. >"Would you like a little lock of my mane to remember me by?"
  1259. "That'd be nice"
  1260. >Her eyes widen
  1261. >"You're more sentimental than I gave you credit for"
  1262. "You're special, Rose"
  1263. >"That's very kind of you to say. But something tells me you'll feel the same way about the next pretty mare who worships your cock"
  1264. >You really should check her on this, but you decide to let it slide
  1265. >"And the ones after that, if I understand correctly"
  1266. "Rose!"
  1267. >"Master. A guy who saves every cent he can for four years so he can buy a concubine is a guy who knows exactly what he wants"
  1268. >You nod
  1269. >"But what you want is something very simple. I'm sure there'll be mares who are better at being that than I am"
  1270. >You laugh
  1271. "I'm actually counting on that"
  1272. >"Please stay kind then, because that's how I'm going to remmeber you. That and how much you love getting your dick sucked"
  1273. >You laugh again
  1274. "So do I call Jay and tell him the deal is on?"
  1275. >She stands up on her hind legs, throwing her forelegs around your shoulders as you lean down to her
  1276. >You feel her teeth close gently on your earlobe as she whispers, "Yes, master"
  1278. Epilogue
  1279. >This one is young
  1280. >Definitely a mare now, but probably was a filly just a year ago
  1281. >You're letting her poke around while she gets used to new surroundings
  1282. >Don't want to spook her
  1283. >She walks over to the framed photo on the wall of a red headed pony with a rose cutie mark
  1284. >Between the glass and the matte under the pic is a little lock of red mane
  1285. >"Master! Is that your special somepony?"
  1286. >This one is dumb as a box of rocks
  1287. >You indulge her
  1288. "The closest I've ever gotten to having a special somepony"
  1289. >"Maybe I could... be... your..."
  1290. "Maybe you could"
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