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Feb 13th, 2018
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  1. When I co-founded it was meant to be the antithesis of every other streaming, distribution and production company involved in professional wrestling at the time. It was meant to be a company that had a conscience and above all did the right thing. It was these principles that guided the company, helping to establish a good reputation amongst both people in the professional wrestling business and, most importantly, the fans themselves. We didn't have the money backing that FloSports, WWN Live, or the rest of our competitors had, but we had the passion for independent wrestling and a genuine desire to help it grow.
  3. In November of 2017 we began our deal with Smart Mark Video. As part of that deal we began getting IWA Mid-South content. IWA had by that point earned a pretty bad reputation, and with good reason. Still, owner Ian Rotten had a young crop of talent that I felt deserved a spotlight. As live streaming became more and more important to our business model the idea to stream IWA events became a topic of discussion. This was before the Michael Elgin situation unfolded, mind you. I felt, because we would be putting more eyes on IWA than had been on them in the last decade, and believing that I had the backing of Smart Mark Video owner Mike Burns, that we'd be able to make Ian behave while giving talent the exposure they deserved. Unfortunately, on all accounts, I was wrong.
  5. By the time the Michael Elgin situation had blown up we'd already hammered out a deal with IWA, using Mike Burns and Smart Mark Video as the middle man. At no point did any of us involved with speak to Ian Rotten directly. The only communication we had with anyone involved with IWA was Nick "Maniwa" Glenn and IWA's video editor. Despite what Gerard Durling and claims, we never signed any contract with Ian Rotten or IWA.
  7. As everyone else canceled Elgin from their events, IWA announced him for an upcoming event. Gerard and I spoke, and we agreed that we would stream IWA as planned, but that we would NOT stream any event featuring Michael Elgin. In hindsight it's not something I am proud of, and I wish I'd used my power to put an end to the deal right then and there, but I thought that if we could at least avoid streaming and legitimizing Elgin, we could give the talent the spotlight they deserved, as we'd originally intended. I accept all criticism anyone has for this decision, I'm not perfect and have made many mistakes.
  9. Gerard, the co-founder of, began go back and forth on whether or not we should stream Michael Elgin throughout January and early February. For weeks leading up to today's events we'd argued over it. While i cannot confirm this, I believe that it was Mike Burns who was putting into Gerard's head that we should stream Elgin. Again, to show how imperfect I am, I too at one point gave up and consented to Elgin being allowed on the stream as long as we didn't advertise him at all. I was sick of arguing and explaining over and over to Gerard and Burns why we could not stream him. I couldn't understand why we were even still arguing over it. I just wanted to move on and focus on something positive. Without going into too much detail, I've been dealing with several health issues as well as being forced from my home, and the stress of it all was just getting too much for me to handle. Again, not my proudest moment. I deserve any and all criticism for this moment of weakness.
  11. Less than 24 hours later though a concerted, funded campaign began to hit Twitter, Youtube, and Tumblr attacking the woman at the heart of the Michael Elgin situation. I again insisted to Gerard and Burns that we could not, under any circumstances, stream Michael Elgin. His role and the initial treatment of the alleged victim was bad enough, but a funded campaign to attack and harass them was enough to give me my second wind on the issue. To a lesser extent, his threat of physical violence towards myself also played a role in this, as he had told others he was going to assault me because I was a vocal supporter on Twitter of the the alleged victim. Again Gerard agreed with me that we could not and would not stream Michael Elgin. Indeed a day before IWA's first live stream, when IWA began to advertise a mystery opponent, and Gerard and I were concerned that it was Elgin, Gerard even said that he would call and have the building pull the internet that we had paid and had installed at the venue if the mystery opponent was Elgin. We were both relieved to find out that Elgin was in Japan and was not the mystery opponent.
  13. One final issue came up before the first live stream. IWA had already started to advertise that Michael Elgin would be on the second date that we'd planned to stream on. Gerard and I, at this point still being on the same page, agreed we wouldn't stream that event and would stream a different event instead, as we'd asked IWA to be able to stream two events a month. This was relayed to Mike Burns, who was supposed to relay it to Ian Rotten because, again, no one from was in direct contact with Ian Rotten. Imagine our surprise then as IWA announced, during the first live stream, that we'd be streaming the February 15th event featuring Michael Elgin.
  15. The day after the arguments began again about whether we would stream Michael Elgin or not. And the arguments continued up until Friday, February 9th. I did everything I could to try and prevent Elgin from appearing on a live stream, even compromising that we'd stream the event and either take an intermission during his match or have the match go on after the stream was over. All told, over the last month, I probably spent nearly 20 hours arguing against streaming Michael Elgin. I used every argument I could make; I argued the moral reasons, I argued the business reasons, and in desperation I even tried to argue that we shouldn't be the first person to stream Elgin post scandal even if he eventually salvaged his image. I wrote emails, I exchanged text messages, I made phone calls. And yes, I offered a compromise of streaming the event minus the Elgin match itself. All of my suggestions were shot down, ultimately, and on Friday, February 9th in an email to a couple of our mutual friends and myself Gerard stated we'd "probably" be streaming Elgin on the 15th. Attempts to speak to Gerard after that email were ignored, my calls were sent to voice mail and my texts were not responded to. It is at that point I took the issue public and over the weekend took to Twitter.
  17. I believed, with all my heart, that all of the good will and the positive community we'd built would be severely hurt if we streamed Michael Elgin. I tweeted out, on my personal account, a plea for fans to tell my partners that they didn't want to support a company that legitimized Michael Elgin, that brought him back in from the cold. While my partners continued to ignore my texts or calls, I continued my plea in hopes that we'd avert what I believed to be a terrible mistake. During all this, on Saturday, I went to the ER due to chest pains, after having gone to the ER earlier in the week after experiencing them while shoveling snow. I was kept in the hospital from Saturday until late Monday, when I checked myself out against doctors advice. My doctors believed that the stress I'd been dealing with, between my health issues, my housing issues, and now these issues, was causing my already high blood pressure to sky rocket.
  19. I woke up Tuesday, today, to emails telling me that all passwords had been changed, that I'd been removed as an admin on the Facebook page, and even the passwords for personal accounts of mine that were used for stuff had been changed. The Twiter account had blocked me, Gerard had blocked me on all social media, Mike Burns had blocked me on all social media, and they'd blocked my number. I tweeted about what was going down, and then received an email telling me that they'd severed ties with me. As co-founder and co-owner, I was locked out of the company I helped found, and was offered no compensation for the year that I'd put into the company. All because I took a stand against streaming Michael Elgin. Regardless of what they claim, that's what it boiled down to. Years of friendship, and a promising, amazing company, all thrown down the drain because Gerard and Burns were too cowardly to take a stand.
  21. Gerard and company have told people that they are contractually obligated to stream the event on Thursday featuring Michael Elgin. That is not true, there was no contract between IWA or Ian Rotten and, at least not before February 9th. Contractual obligations were never a part of the discussion, and indeed, Ian was okay with us not streaming the event as long as he was paid for the event regardless. In addition, Paul Couture,'s developer, has lied to people on Twitter saying that as long as they don't watch any IWA content that IWA will receive no compenstation. Again, this is a lie: IWA is compensated through the deal made with Smart Mark Video, they are paid regardless of how much their content is watched. In addition, IWA is paid a flat fee for the live stream itself, regardless of whether or not a subscriber watches it. Paul made these lies without acknowledging that he is the developer of
  23. There is much more I can say and indeed, I am not perfect in all this. I will take any blame where it is due. I am an opinionated, passionate person. I am not the easiest person to deal with, I admit. I also compromised myself more than I want to admit, I am not perfect, and I will have to come to grips with that personally. I put my heart into that company though. From the actual name, to the ethos that we operated under, that was my vision and my heart. was my love letter to independent wrestling, to the fans that I will always identify with, and professional wrestling as a whole. It breaks my heart that it lost it's way. It breaks my heart that my friends, people who called me their family, betrayed me. I did what I believed was the right thing. I accept that many will disagree my actions and respect their opinion. Right now though, I've checked myself back into the hospital and am going to take care of myself, and that is my main concern. All those who have supported me, it means the world to me. I love you all and I love and believe in the best parts of independent wrestling, even if independent wrestling doesn't believe in me. Thank you.
  25. Adam Lash
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