Princess Scilight draft

Oct 18th, 2015
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  1. >You wake up back right where you started, that same purple dragon looking at you.
  2. >"Oh, good you're awake! You kinda fainted when I ran right in after I heard you scream so many times."
  3. >The dragon chuckles slightly.
  4. >"And since when do you wear glasses? And have your mane in a bun like that?"
  5. >You don't even say anything.
  6. >A little dragon. Speaking to you.
  7. >And you've seen some strange things over the past few weeks, particularly during the Friendship Games.
  8. >Portals, vine monsters, becoming a corrupted demon, and your dog gaining the ability to speak.
  9. >And yet this little creature, its mere presence, frightens you the most.
  10. >And strangely, the dragon's voice sounds awfully similar to your dog.
  11. >It also looks similar, with the familiar purple body and green spikes.
  12. ..."Spike? Is that you?"
  13. >The dragon gives you a confused look.
  14. >"Of course it's me! Your number one assistant! Your favorite dragon! The one you hatched when you were a filly and got your cutie mark as a result! Your little brother!"
  15. >He looks around.
  16. >"Well, kinda."
  17. >Cutie mark?
  18. >What's a 'cutie mark?'
  19. >Sunset may have mentioned it to you once.
  20. >Enough of this.
  21. "W-Where am I?"
  22. >Spike gives you another confused look.
  23. >"Um, your castle? In Ponyville? In Equestria?"
  24. "Equestria?"
  25. >"Yeah! Look, what's going on, Twilight? You're acting really weird."
  26. >You sigh.
  27. >What if this little guy is the key to you going back home?
  28. "I...look, let me explain."
  29. >You tell Spike about your life back home, and about recent events like the Friendship Games, as well as your relationship to your new friends.
  30. >"So wait. You're the Twilight from that world?"
  32. >You nod.
  33. >"Huh. Wait, oh no!"
  34. >Spike hyperventilates.
  35. >"That means that MY Twilight is gone!"
  36. >He screams and begins running around.
  37. >"Wait, I got it! Follow me!"
  38. >You get out of the bed and follow the purple dragon (somehow without the use of heroin).
  39. >You follow him into a chamber, and you find yourself facing a tall mirror.
  40. >"This is how Twilight and I get to your world whenever we visit."
  41. "So I've heard."
  42. >"Wait, you know about our adventures?"
  43. >You nod.
  44. >"Sunset Shimmer told be everything when we hung out for the first time. Well, that and that princess version of me as well."
  45. >"Huh. Wonder why I wasn't there."
  46. >"So is this a portal of some sort?"
  47. >The dragon nods.
  48. "Yep!"
  49. >Spike begins to play around with some sort of console
  50. >"I think this is how you're supposed to do this. At least according to Twilight."
  51. >He keeps messing with the mirror.
  52. >"Come on..."
  53. >The mirror seems to be powering on.
  54. >You'll be home any second now!
  55. >The mirror is engulfed in white, looking like something right out of Stargate.
  56. >The white disappears as sparks and a bit of smoke begins to leak out the console.
  57. >"Ah, rats."
  59. >You scream again.
  60. >Spike keeps trying, but nothing happens.
  61. >"Yeah, this thing is bust...Wait, tell me."
  62. "Tell you what?"
  63. >"What was the last thing you remember before you woke up here?"
  64. "Umm, well..."
  65. >You tell him about your studies on interdimensional travel.
  66. "All I remember is falling asleep at my desk while working on a portal device, and now I'm here."
  67. >"Huh..."
  68. >He looks at a nearby clock.
  69. >"Oh, no! We gotta go!"
  70. "Go? Where?"
  71. >"To the Crystal Empire! To overlook preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration!"
  72. "Umm, what?"
  73. >"No time to explain! We gotta catch the train!"
  74. "But what about this? Me going home?"
  75. >"We'll deal with that later! Come on, we gotta leave!"
  76. >You run after him out the door, not knowing what in the world is going on.
  77. >You're also feeling quite down.
  78. >What if you never go home?
  79. >What if you never see your parents or your friends again?
  80. >The thought is enough to kill you a bit inside.
  81. >You hope there's a way...
  82. _______
  83. >You and Sunset head out, walking to Canterlot High.
  84. >You explain what happened along the way.
  85. >"So wait. You're telling me you fell asleep and woke up here?"
  86. "Mmhmm."
  87. >"In the room of the other Twilight's room?"
  88. "Yes, I'm pretty sure that's what happened."
  89. >"Huh. Stange..."
  90. >You head to the statue outside.
  91. "Well, I guess I'm gonna head home. Got a pretty busy day today."
  92. >"Oh yeah? Like what?"
  93. "Well, for starters, getting your friend back in her homeworld. Should be easy. And I have to look over preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration."
  94. >"Oh, wow! I remember going to those as a filly..."
  95. "Yeah. Well, it was nice seeing you!"
  96. >You and Sunset exchange a hug, and you walk towards the statue.
  97. >Walking right into it face first, nothing happening other than hitting your face.
  98. >Oh, no.
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