Drought (Sequel to Camping Trouble.) [Abandoned][Rewrite Pen

May 21st, 2014
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  1. Sequel to Camping Trouble. Contains transformation, bondage, rape and...Maybe some other stuff. I don't know, I haven't gotten that far yet...Or really far enough to show the transformation or rape, but that's besides the point I know those two things will be in the story either way.
  3. Also, I suck at titles. Enjoy.
  5. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Four months had gone by since Lorelei's appearance and Larry's disappearance...And the disappearance of many, many other people. Within a week rumors started flying this way and that, growing more grand and complex by the day. There was everything from swamp monsters (despite the lack of swamp in the area) to aliens, from government conspiracy to a mystical ancient curse, from the angry spirits of the dead to an act of God. Eventually the rescue parties stopped and the area was fenced off, including the now abandoned town nearby, the entire population of which had been converted. Even after that, she had managed to lure people within range ot the tentacles. All kinds of people still came out there from time to time, dare devils, conspiracy theorists, self-proclaimed scientists and researchers, all victims, all captured and all transformed.
  8. Lore sat by the lakeside, bored out of her mind. It had been over a week since the last human she had seen and even he was able to turn tail and run before she could lure him in. The fool had come at night and got scared of his own shadow, screaming about demons as he fled. Everyone else was too far away. She pondered a way to try to relocate whatever this tentacled creature was that was transforming people into ponies, but came up with nothing. The worst part about not having anyone to transform was the sexual drought she was enduring and with each passing hour she was going more and more out of her mind with lust. She couldn't even entice the tendrils out of the water anymore, it seems as though they got bored of her, only giving her satisfaction once she managed to bring it another human.
  9. Alright, she had enough. Giving a quick stretch of her wings, Lore took to the sky. If she wasn't going to get fucked, she at least wanted to do something other than sitting around doing nothing. Maybe she should call it quits and head back to Equestria permanently. There was more there for her than on Earth, now. Of the time she had spent there so far, she had earned herself a place in society, a home, made friends (not counting those she converted, of course) and generally enjoyed the more peaceful world. But she had the lingering urge to 'remodel' at least one more human to a pony. As she flew to the deserted town, she thought of ways to lure humans close enough to fall into her trap. It was a tough game to play, she couldn't let people see her and escape. She had no way to stop them, she was a colorful, flying, small horse and what rumors would spread? If people knew what to expect, they would be able to prepare.
  10. Landing on a roof of a corner store, Lore scanned the empty streets. No change since her last visit. Turning her gaze to the edge of the town, she saw something that caught her attention. Flying towards the chain link fence, a sly grin crossed her face. A large hole had been cut in it, large enough for a human to get in. Someone had entered her territory. Lore began planning to capture her new friend immediately. In fact, she had planned for just such an occasion, having acquired a specially made and enchanted set of rope, complete with ball-gag from a shadowy store in a back alley in some town in Equestria. Lore took off like a shot back to her camp to retrieve the rope and some other equipment she had picked up from the same shop, within minutes she had it packed in her saddlebags and within a few more short minutes, she had returned to the empty town. Flying high in the sky, she investigated the streets until she found him. He seemed to be searching for a cause of the disappearance of the townsfolk, unprepared to find out first hand. Lore watched him from the sky as he prepared to enter a house that had it's front door standing wide open. He looked around a moment, to make sure no one was there, failing to look in the sky and missing Lore completely. Perfect.
  11. Once he entered, she landed and sauntered towards the same house, poking her her head in to look around. Lore stepped back a moment to pull the rope out of her pack, before fully entering the small house. It took her just a few seconds to find him in the kitchen, apparently reading notes on the fridge. He didn't notice her.
  12. "Think fast!" she called, throwing the ropes at him and visibly startling him. Instantaneously the magic within the ropes activated binding the man every which way, tying his arms behind his back, his feet together and even setting the ball-gag in his mouth. Trapped and helpless, just the way Lore liked it.
  13. "You HAVE heard the warnings about this area, right? Y'know, people disappearing with out a trace, rumors of monsters and aliens and all that jazz?" she chided "Didn't that give you the hint this area might be dangerous? I mean, it's lucky for me you were stupid enough to come here." She paused, before continuing "Unlucky for you. Well, stupidity isn't luck." She slowly made her way over to the trapped human, giving him a seductive look and licking her lips as she examined his body while ignoring his struggling and muffled attempts at calling for help. Lore gently put a hoof on his crotch and carefully rubbed until she felt his dick harden. "Well, if we want to continue, you're gonna have to lose the clothes. Nod if you agree." This only caused the man to struggle more and shake his head in defiance. "Too bad, at least I'll enjoy this." Unable to simply pull his clothes off due the ropes, Lore sat her saddle bags down and pulled a scroll out, unraveling and quickly reading it. She wasn't a unicorn, so she couldn't use magic naturally, but she did manage to get her hooves on some useful enchanted scrolls. Upon reading it, bright and swirling light leaped from the page and shot towards the man, or more specifically: his clothes. The various fabrics covering his body vanished, leaving only the ropes binding him in place.
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