cortana na na

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  1. [Intro]
  2. Yeah, I got questions
  3. Deep questions
  5. [Verse 1]
  6. Cortana ooh-na-na (hah)
  7. How much potassium in a banana-na? (ooh)
  8. Difference between a hedgehog and an echidna? (ah)
  9. How many seconds in an hour?
  10. Cubic metres in a shower
  11. Cortana ooh-na-na
  12. I need to know if it's "GIF" or "JIF"
  13. And where to make one
  14. How did one guy play all of those Biffs?
  15. And talk to himself
  16. Why isn't Xena spelled with a "Z"?
  17. Can you please tell me
  18. What does ayayayaya even mean?
  19. Ayayayaya!
  20. Did she sleep with Hercules?
  21. O-o-o-o-o-ooh (ah)
  22. Does hot glue stick to plastic?
  23. Should my poop be elastic? (ahem)
  24. And another thing
  25. O-o-o-o-o-ooh
  26. Is Yoplait French for yogurt
  27. Or is that a lie?
  28. Hoh-hoh-hoh-hoh-hoh!
  29. Cortana ooh-na-na
  30. Did Oprah Winfrey really give out all those cars?
  31. Can Flex Tape really repair boats sawn up in half?
  32. I sawed this boat in half!
  33. And also
  34. What flavor's umami?
  35. Does this mean rain or sunny?
  36. Help me Cortana-na
  38. [Bridge]
  39. Bixby
  40. He's constipated
  41. On his Galaxy (ough)
  42. Fresh out of ideas with no fears (hey)
  43. Fresh out of ideas (stumped, stumped)
  44. He has no plan
  45. No need to worry
  46. Samsung's got Windows 10 (booya-uh)
  47. Sing it Bixby
  48. Download it for free
  49. Ain't talkin' Siri (uh-uh-uh)
  50. Uninstall Clippy
  51. I don't want that son of a B
  52. Helpin' me
  53. Only one assistant for me
  54. Google's AI is actually a C (oh!)
  55. Get her on speed dial, Bixby
  56. My Cortana, baby!
  58. [Verse 2]
  59. Cortana ooh-na-na
  60. How do I stop Edge being the default browser?
  61. Do I go to hell if I do not thank the bus driver?
  62. And also
  63. What type of meat is mutton?
  64. Does my cat have a bellybutton?
  65. Tell me Cortana-na
  66. Ooh!
  68. [Bridge]
  69. What happened to Kony?
  70. How are there two Shaqs now?
  71. Is it aluminium or aluminum?
  72. What's a pseudonym?
  73. Is Miley Cyrus still going out with Thor's brother?
  74. No, not that guy
  75. Why did Will Ferrell agree to do Elf?
  76. How do you say this YouTuber's name
  77. And not get demonetized?
  78. Nah- nee- nyga-hyga?
  79. Was ShamWow really that good?
  80. And how did Armstrong get those drugs to the moon?
  82. [Verse 3]
  83. Cortana ooh-na-na
  84. Is it still cool if I do this with my jumper?
  85. Will Waluigi ever be a Smash brother? (ah-haa)
  86. And tell me just how rich is Sia?
  87. And how to stop diarrhea?
  88. QUICK!
  89. Cortana!
  90. Oh!
  92. [Outro]
  93. I'm gonna need your help here, Cortana!
  94. Oh!
  95. Now this is serious
  96. Cortana?
  97. Cortana!
  98. I gotta ask you something!
  99. Where is Wally?
  100. Uh
  101. Cortana ooh-na-na
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