Abby McKenzie's Sacrifice

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  1. [2018-12-13 09:15] Abby McKenzie: Hello my Goddess! I hope you're having a day worthy of your magnificence!
  2. [2018-12-13 09:16] Mila Stonetrot: Certainly. What about my future shaft?
  3. [2018-12-13 09:17] *Abby McKenzie  visibly shivers in excitement at that. "I only just woke up a few moments ago my Goddess, although since I am in Your presence my day is immediately going amazing."
  4. [2018-12-13 09:19] *Mila Stonetrot  runs a hand towards Abby's ear, idly stroking over the cock's tip while she gazes into her eyes with a look of amusement. "Soon, you will be in my presence forever. There will be no separation between you and I.... it's the closet thing that a mortal could ever hope to ascend to." She muses out loud, already imagining visions of Abby's temporary form finding its new place.
  5. [2018-12-13 09:23] *Abby McKenzie  quivers in place as her Goddess touches her and looks her in the eyes. "My Goddess, I'm so so happy You chose to let me even make this offer of sacrifice, let alone accept it. Thank You for letting me serve You forever! You occupied my thoughts ever since we parted, my Goddess."
  6. [2018-12-13 09:28] *Mila Stonetrot  nods. "Oh, I know. For those who have seen my radiance aren't quick to forget about the imprint left by my glorious self, and you were already blinded by it from the moment you saw me. You were so upset during your mortal tasks as well, weren't you? Not being able to gaze upon my polished alabaster self, resplendent with glorious light and magnificently coated in muscle. Not a single person compares to me, and that is why you gave yourself so willingly." The Goddess sits down in her throne, gesturing Abby to come closer to her naked, shining body.
  7. [2018-12-13 09:33] *Abby McKenzie  struggles to control herself, to not run and leap into her Goddess's lap. She didn't have permission for that, only to get closer to Her glorious form. She too was naked, knowing her Goddess didn't need her to clothe herself, not with her true purpose so rapidly approaching. The chubby, curvy cow-donkey stepped closer to Her, and started to respond. "I was, my Goddess. And not just because I couldn't see Your glorious self, but because I was being prevented from serving You. Stopped from fulfilling my sole purpose in existence." She stopped right in front of Her, staring up at Her with wide eyes full of devotion and love. "But now there is nothing stopping me from giving myself to You."
  8. [2018-12-13 09:42] *Mila Stonetrot  keeps measuring this mortal. Her eyes glow with brilliant light as her divine self was starting to overflow from the vessel of a body that she commanded.  "I'm glad I don't have to strip those clothes off of you, my shaft. You already know your purpose for today. Your destiny was written in stone from the first moment you stared your eyes upon me, and the perfection that is me consumed your brain." The Goddess flicked a thick finger to the sky, Abby suddenly being lifted up by a mystical force that cared not for her weight. In seconds, she was positioned directly on the Goddess' lap, just where that sheath was. Already the smell of musk was wafting into the room to fill it with that intoxicating aroma. The sweet, earthen note that shattered mortal minds and destroyed reality had little work to do on Mila's future cock. She was already filled with adoration for the Goddess. "Now is your time to back out, mortal. Say nothing or reject your path, and I will let you free. You will live an insignificant life that will lead to nothing, but you will have your current form. Surrender yourself once more, and your soul will be mine." Her words were vibrating the room with her power. Each note rang in Abby's head as to choke out any thoughts that weren't her. Only Her.
  9. [2018-12-13 09:52] *Abby McKenzie  continued to stare at Her face, filled with adoration even as the light pouring from Her eyes got so bright it was painful to look at. As She started to speak, Abby just nodded along, shivering with pleasure as her Goddess's voice rang through her. And then she was in Her lap. Her sheathe pressing against her butt. Earthy musk filled her nose. Spiked her arousal, made it almost impossible for the girl to speak. But Abby powered through it, past her immense desire and need for Her to say, "I happily surrender myself, in my entirety, to my Goddess, Mila Stonetrot."
  10. [2018-12-13 09:58] *Mila Stonetrot  nods. "Then I shall take this form from you." The Goddess adored this sacrifice, but knew that the less time Abby spent as a person, the better. Her cock found itself rampaging out of its sheath, pushing Abby out as the massive beacon of virility pushed out from behind her. The enormous horse cock was easily the size of Abby, and it'd take both of her arms just to wrap around her shaft... no wonder she often had harems of latex-bound worshippers for her pleasure. Though there was little time to ponder these matters as Abby's back started to feel extremely warm. The merging process had begun, and the thick donkey was starting to have everything align with the Goddess. It was obvious why Mila went for the back first; once the spinal cord had disappeared into the shaft Abby instantly felt a surge of pleasure so violent that if she didn't have Goddess' magic circling through her, she'd most likely be dead or passed out. "This will be your everything, now. I am your entire existence." Her words cackled with power, shaking Abby's vision.
  11. [2018-12-13 10:04] *Abby McKenzie  squeaked in surprise as Her massive girth, her new home, was suddenly erect and rubbing against her back. She hadn't really thought about how big her Goddess was, but sitting this close really put it into perspective how small she was compared to Her. And how she belonged as a part of Her shaft. Blissfully soon, her back was merged to Her throbbing length, and Abby's world stopped for a minute. Her brain was incapable of processing the pleasure her Goddess had just given her, a series of ragged brays tearing themselves from her muzzle as she climaxed over and over, her vision going blurry and then white. After that initial surge Abby recovered, quivering and panting, but Her voice rang put, making Abby shake violently in pleasure once more.
  12. [2018-12-13 10:17] *Mila Stonetrot  snickered at Abby's reaction. She had truly thought that the mortal would pass out from this brief encounter with the Goddess, but that had proven to her why she was so special. Not only did the girl willingly accept her new place in life, but she didn't even pass out at the first encounter of her touch. "To think that a lesser mortal would've died in that scenario... you are special, indeed. Perhaps it is I who is lucky that I get to keep you all to myself forever..." She didn't expect a response from Abby. If there was even a scrap of a mind left it was certainly not going to survive further assimilation. The throb pulsated in a primal fashion, each time seeming to be filled to the brim with a hunger that defies expectation. It was already pushed into the back of her head, giving a brief taste of what it was like to be one with her. There were no negative thoughts nor hatred left in her mind, just the wonderful feeling of a divine cock being utterly saturated in pleasure so unreal that no mortal could experience it without Her.
  13. [2018-12-13 10:24] *Abby McKenzie  was fighting to stay awake, but the pleasure of hearing Her voice, of being close to Her were already so great, without even mentioning the feelings that merging into Her shaft brought the mortal. But she had to stay up. Had to hear her Goddess's word and praise! But even thought grew difficult as her whole body throbbed and pulsed in time with Her shaft, for they were truly one now. Worries, regrets, words, ideas, all were gone now, replaced with pleasure and lust, the desires of a Goddess. Abby was just mass now, girth to be added to Her shaft. And what little bit if her remained, a scrap of conciousness floating on the surface of divine pleasure, was perfectly content with that, still thanking Her for this opportunity even as that last spark was drowned out by Her divine presence
  14. [2018-12-13 10:33] *Mila Stonetrot  was stunned by this being's resilience, but in the end everything would belong to Her. The Goddess' new addition to her shaft throbbed eagerly, the last remaining pieces of Abby disappearing as the divine length took every last part of her. Abby was no longer a person, and Abby no longer had a name. She'd certainly direct those who asked towards her new form, but to her there was no distinguishing the mass of donkey that used to be Abby and this stupendous length of horsecock. Even her soul had been dissolved, like a grain of salt against an entire ocean. "And here you will lay. Forever mine, my darling cock." Mila smirked, though. She could show the new cock another dimension of her new existence... with a snap of her fingers, a set of worshippers rushed into her room. Latex hands and smooth tongues found themselves all over the Goddess' shaft, and the new cock exploded in pleasure. Her mouth drooled openly with pre, and a waterfall of delight crashed over it again and again. This was heaven. This was a bliss unlike anything else she could hope for.
  15. [2018-12-13 10:40] *Abby McKenzie  was gone. Mind, soul, it was all erased by her Goddess's pleasure, Her presence. All that remained of the Goddess's newest sacrifice was the increased girth of Her cock. In that divine shaft however, there was an... awareness. Not a mind, nothing so smart or complex, just a ghost of a presence, feeling the pleasures of her Goddess, the sensation of Her harem pleasuring Her and her length. And it was bliss, pleasure unlike anything ever known to any mortal. The divine horsecock throbbed and pulsed away, pre streaming from its slit and down its shaft so that those worshipping Her may know that they were pleasing Her
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