B/H: About Time

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  2.       Was human from the start. Because if the reality would be spread across the table, Nik was raised like a pampered child, growing up. The only horrors that really struck him --aside from having to grow up eating Alfred's cooking-- was the trainings he had to endure with Bruce. It was never easy, and if he were to guess it was only going to get harder and harder. Expecting resistance, and more banter from Helena, Nik raised his head, about to fire off another quip, when her lips aggressively pressed against his. Immediately surrendering to the sensation, both hands held at the sides of her head, pulling her in closer towards him, perhaps even urging him to part her lips. Because if she did, he'd wrestle her tongue with his own.
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  4. Features shifted to an unreadable mask as Nik spoke, schooled in the art of hiding her thoughts or emotions. It was her association with Jason and Babs that had 'humanized' her from being dead on the inside after enduring the horrors she had. For the second time in less than a minute, Nik was making it clear he had not fucked Babs. Helena understood, even as he went on to make his point more apparent regarding his preference. There was a long, drawn out moment after his statement was made and before any response was made. Fingers of hand closest to him would come to curl into the fabric of hospital gown at his shoulder, as dark head dipped down. Plump, sensual line of mouth angling to his in a firm and arguably aggressive kiss.
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  6.       Didn't think anything that he would do at the moment would do them any favors whatsoever, but it sure did beat just sitting there wincing in pain didn't it? "You have nothing to apologize for. It happens to the best of us. Hell, even Batman thought I was screwing Batgirl. Which again--" Raised a finger to her. "--I'm not doing." Spotted the look of disbelief, and Nik was at a crossroads trying to deduce whether or not it was because she disliked his joke or not. But she'd confirm it with her next statement. "Well, let me put it this way. I'd--" Pursed his lips. "--much rather sleep with you, than any alien on the face of the galaxy. Sound fair?"
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  8. The boisterous laughter wasn't doing either of them favors. It only served to irritate Helena, even as it caused him discomfort from those injuries. Fingers twitched on his forearm as if undecided whether to squeeze or retreat. Elegant brow raised as Nik went on to deny ever having sexual relations with Babs, which prompted a look of disbelief. Not that she pegged him a liar, but due his idiotic claims afterwards. "I apologize for misreading the situation," slowly releasing his arm as she had been engaging in direct contact for too long. "I'm sure if you set your mind to it, Kara will succumb to your charm," fingers twitching at waistline unsure of what to do at present.
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  10.       This time, he burst out in laughter. Of course, seeing as he was in the condition that he was in, each breath hurt. A lot. She seemed to be making all the wrong assumptions, and it gave Nik the hope that he wasn't the most emotionally irrational of the bunch. "We've never even seen each other naked." Gives the expression that he might be wrong. "Okay, we've never had sex. She's like-- she's Barbara. Too nice for me, you know? I prefer mine mean. And angry. And brunette." Upnodded her slightly. "Even if she's got dates planned." Let that sink in before making another joke. "Or you know. A cute blonde kryptonian, I guess."
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  12. It was doubtful that Nik understood anything half the time. As he spent more time flirting and joking than picking up on the general mood of the room. Dark head tilting as he began to laugh regarding Babs. "..You two had sex," a matter-of-fact statement that carried no emotion what-so-ever with it.
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  14.       It all made sense to him now, as if the few that he couldn't understand was trying to explain itself to Nik. For the world's second greatest detective, he sure was following in the footsteps of Bruce in not fully knowing how to understand people. A laugh escaped his lips. "Relationship with--" The laughter continues, "--nothing is going on between me and her." Slowly, it subsided, his muscles relaxing from the sudden tenseness. "You're part of the family. You can't ignore anything, I assure you."
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  16. Pursed lips as Nik became more animated, a sign one could determine was agitation. "I know it's bothersome, given your history or current relationship with her," choosing her words carefully, as Helena wasn't looking to start a fight. "It's not my place to get involved, so just ignore I said anything," faint smile afforded on those dangerously red lips.
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  18.       gave her the weirdest looks. "Wait, Babs?" Moved his head away. "What does she have anything to do with me? And my dating choices for that matter. I mean, I get it, I'm extremely good looking and irresistible, but Babs is shacking up with-- with--" Tossed a hand up. "Dick for Brains."
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  20. A nod was given of dark head as Nik indicated in some way that he didn't want to be left alone, at least not yet. Resumed closing the distance between them until palm could settle on his forearm as she hovered at his bedside. "I overheard," resisting the urge to flick his forehead, "It was perhaps bad form to flirt with her in front of Babs."
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  22.       Shook his head. "No, you can-- you can stay." Raised a brow to her, almost managing to adjust himself on the hospital bed. "Hold on, a date? Looking like that?" He's kidding, of course. "Funny story, did you know I got rejected by Kara Zor El?" Snorted.
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  24. Paused in step at the arguably cool greeting, "Bruce took the liberty of updating your emergency contacts. But I can leave if you prefer." A glance was given downwards at the black cocktail dress and back at him, "On my way to a date." Factual and aloof.
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  26.       "Doesn't feel as private if you can just barge in like that." Winced. It hurt to turn and face her, but he should be fine. "You look like you just came from Disneyland." Noting the fact that she didn't seem scathed. Not one bit.
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  28. Rolls eyes at the bad joke, but would enter, shutting the door behind her. "At least you have a private room," strolling forward to get a better look at him.
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  30.       Yeah? Or maybe meeting up with one of her tinder dates. "Come in. Actually don't." Laughed, but it hurt. "Come in."
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  32. He did take them into a fire fight. They'll be speaking to a lawyer.
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  34.       Angry with him? He's treated them like babies. They're the ones that failed him.
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  36. "Nik?" knuckles light on the doorframe, to signal she was there.
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  38. fairly confident his legs aren't dying. They're just.. angry with him.
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  40.       aside from the fact that his legs are dying? Just fine.
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  42. checks in on Nik.
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