DX - Attack of the 50 Foot Gyaum, Part 1

Jan 8th, 2016
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  1. [17:20] <Pinko> A new species of insect has been discovered within the very park of City N. Investigated by civilian researchers, it seems to possess many amazing properties as well as abilities that could change the world as we know it. As more and more information of it became public, the UGN began suspecting that the insect was a form of renegade virus.
  2. [17:20] <Pinko> Just as they were about to send a team to recover the insect and stop the researches, the team has gone missing and so has the insect.
  3. [17:20] <Pinko> The medias are hot on the trail of the scientists despite the government red tape on the matter, and it's only a matter of time before information of the disappearance becomes public, potentially alerting even more unwanted attention about the little bug.
  4. [17:20] <Pinko> Welcome to Double Cross. This is the world of traitors.
  5. [17:22] * The_Espada_ (IceChat9@Rizon-1994349B.student.rit.edu) has joined #DXtheGame
  6. [17:23] <Pinko> This morning had been a rough one for the agents and their contacts. After all being brought to HQ, they were given a briefing of the situation: the UGN has a crisis on hand, and very little time to handle it before it became public. They were given directions to the research laboratory, just outside of City N, isolated from the city.
  7. [17:24] <Pinko> Once there, they see that the facility is actually quite impressive. It is not unlike a hospital of sorts, and stands out from the forests and mountains surrounding the city itself. Most people that worked on the project were also living there as pressure was immense to get results out this new discovery.
  8. [17:26] <Pinko> Immediatly, the agents are greeted by agents masquerading as police and holding back a line of journalists. "We want a word with the Professor!" The micros swarm the police crew, and they seem quite tense, only respnding "No comments""
  9. [17:26] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Aaah, so there really are people this popular in this age," Mary comments more to herself.
  10. [17:27] <Pinko> The building is only two stories that, and has no visible windows. Only a main entrance from the parking lot, so far you can see.
  11. [17:27] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I still don't get all the fuss over a bug."
  12. [17:28] <Jamie_Knapp> "It's always the little things."
  13. [17:28] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Bugs again?" Mary grimaces.
  14. [17:29] <Pinko> One of the officers, apparently the handler of this taskforce, notices the group coming in, no thanks to Mary's unorthodox dress. "Glad you're here, honestly. I'm agent Waterfall, and I'm handling this scene. I've made sure nothing inside has been moved for your investigation. We're ready to let you in if you want."
  15. [17:29] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "There's a lot of potential with bugs. They breed quickly so they make great guinea pigs."
  16. [17:30] <Jamie_Knapp> "Cross your fingers and toes and pray to whatever gods you hold dear that we don't have to go back to the sewers."
  17. [17:31] <Pinko> Agent Waterfall scoffs at the mention of sewers. "Urgh, please don't remind me. My nose is overdevelopped since -that- happened. I'll never forget my one and only mission down there."
  18. [17:32] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Tsukiyomi-no-mikoto-sama," Mary intones, clapping her hands twice, eyes closed: there's no way she's actually praying.
  19. [17:35] <Pinko> Waterfall clears his throat once more, tapping his foot. "...Am I invisible or something? Is that how the research team disappeared? Oh my, am I being affected too?" He seems slighly annoyed. "Shall I clear the place for your investigation?"
  20. [17:36] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Yes, yes, sorry," Mary laughs a little, "Let us go, let us go."
  21. [17:36] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Right away, agent. Please and thank you."
  22. [17:36] * Tsuboki_Junko grunts.
  23. [17:37] <Pinko> Agent Waterfall takes out a loudspeaker and speaks into it. At the same time, you can feel a warding being deployed. "You may please all go home, there's nothing to be seen here. Absolutely nothing to report" Hypnotically, all the news crews begin to leave the scene with their equipment...
  24. [17:38] <Pinko> ...Except for one in particular, with her smartphone, now standing alone in front of the police. "Ah, I knew it! I knew it!" Some of you may recognize her as a creepy stalker that tried to approach you between ventures for interviews and the like for her blog, titled 'Renegade Escapade".
  25. [17:39] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Ah... so it can work that way too." Mary murmurs. "Oh. Oh!"
  26. [17:40] * Tsukimiya_Mary waves carefully, "Good morning Hunter-san."
  27. [17:41] <Jamie_Knapp> "Well I'll be damned."
  28. [17:41] <Pinko> World Hunter's attention then shifts to Mary. "Hey, it's the Miko lady! She's out on a venture?!" Immediatly she approaches the group, smartphone up. "This'll make a killer article! Say cheese!" But before she can do anything more, Waterfall snatches the phone from her hand and crushes it in his palm. "I've told you to scram already, Illegal."
  29. [17:42] <Pinko> "H-Hey, no fair! I actually have information for them that could help! ...Maybe...!" She pouts, looking at the expansive piece of equipment that got destroyed.
  30. [17:42] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Mary makes a double-peace before letting out a surprised squeak, "Ah! That was too much!"
  31. [17:43] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka bows to the reporter. "I apologize on behalf of the rest of us for the destruction of your property. Dreadfully sorry about that."
  32. [17:43] <Pinko> "Ah, well, it can't be helped, I suppose." World Hunter gives in a deep sigh. "There goes my budget for the month. Hey, you guys can help make up for it since it's kind of your fault, right?" A smile beams on her face. What does she even mean by that?
  33. [17:44] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Aaah, well, we can ask Goodwill-san," Mary smiles a little, "We are in a hurry of sorts though..."
  34. [17:44] <Pinko> "Right now, they're here to investigate the crime scene." Waterfall clears his throat. "If you want to talk to them, you'll do that after they see the evidence. I don't want their judgement to be impaired by your conspiracy theorist crap."
  35. [17:44] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Do you mean compensated dating? I couldn't. Very sorry." Shizuka bows a few times."
  36. [17:45] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie smirks, "Pretty sure he's taken anyways."
  37. [17:45] <Pinko> "N-no! Nothing like that!" She glances at Waterfall, now a bit upset. "Well, go do your thing, I'll wait around here, alright?"
  38. [17:45] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I dunno, she's kinda cute."
  39. [17:45] <Pinko> Somewhere in the city, Ian's ears twitch with displeasement.
  40. [17:46] <Pinko> Junko and Jami both receive texts that state, "Fuck you too."
  41. [17:47] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Mary frowns a little, "I meant ask him for money but I suppose there's that too." Mary shrugs, "We'll be back soon Hunter-san!"
  42. [17:47] <Pinko> Waterfall then gives the group a more friendly glance. "Anyway, you'll find the place as is when the group raided the place this morning."
  43. [17:50] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Raided..." Mary frowns a little, "So there was an outside attack?"
  44. [17:51] <Pinko> Inside the facility, the first thing that you notice as you read Ian's text is that it blocks all signals from coming in. Your phone is dead. Supposedly, it was so the scientists could focus on their work more. You were also told to watch out for anything that's small, black with red stripes that crawls with many legs. It would likely be the Immortalis.
  45. [17:51] <Pinko> "Raided? No, we were there to stop the research and operation. Never got to, though." Waterfall follows them inside.
  46. [17:52] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Is there really a chance that the bug is still here, crawling around?"
  47. [17:53] <Jamie_Knapp> "Another question, did you get any research notes? I'd be interested in looking at those."
  48. [17:53] <Pinko> "We haven't found any traces of struggle whatsoever. In fact, breakfast was being served and still hot when we got there." You find yourself in some kind of lobby, with signs that point to multiple sections: 'Living Quarter', 'Trauma Test' as well as 'Research'.
  49. [17:54] <Pinko> "You'll most likely find them in the professor's office." Waterfall answers Jamie.
  50. [17:54] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "So the team just disappeared, like that?" Mary snaps her fingers, a sharp crack in the empty building.
  51. [17:55] <Pinko> "Exactly, miss. We don't know where they went. Security cameras in the parking lot don't show anyone coming in or out in the twelve hours before we raided. And this is the only entrance this place has, it's built like a bunker."
  52. [17:56] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "This is mysterious. So very mysterious." Shizuka says as she appraises the floor.
  53. [17:56] <Pinko> The floor is sparkly clean, and still scents of lemon. This was recently cleaned, probably during the night.
  54. [17:56] <Pinko> The lobby itself is pretty empty, besides the hallways that lead to the different sections.
  55. [17:57] * Tsuboki_Junko looks up at the ceiling.
  56. [17:57] <Jamie_Knapp> "So, we split up? Look for clues?"
  57. [17:57] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Where are we going now?" Mary gives the Living Quarters sign a glance.
  58. [17:57] <Pinko> The ceiling makes it to the top of the building, nothing interesting. Everything here feels oddly medical.
  59. [17:58] <Pinko> "Sure, you can split if you want. We don't think there's any threats whatsoever here. We've cleared out most of the places. The Professor's door was locked, though, in the living quarters."
  60. [17:58] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Any signs of someone inside?"
  61. [17:59] <Pinko> "Not at all, none that our rescue specialists could figure out." Waterfall seems puzzled.
  62. [18:00] <Jamie_Knapp> "Well, I'll check out the locked room. Can't help myself when someone's keeping secrets."
  63. [18:00] <The_Espada_> "Trauma test?"
  64. [18:01] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "That narrows things down quite a bit. An inside job, teleportation, secret passages..."
  65. [18:02] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Maybe...it's a smart bug?"
  66. [18:02] <Pinko> "That's where they apparently performed all the tests that were dangerous to test the immunities and immortality of the insect. Everything from freezing to burning, even radiation. You're renegades, though, most likely, you'll be fine."
  67. [18:02] <Pinko> "Something... wasn't right though. The machines were oddly sized, if they were for insects. Feels like you could also make people fit in them." He seems a bit upset now as he mentions it.
  68. [18:03] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Has anyone looked in the machines yet?"
  69. [18:03] <Pinko> "That's why we called you, right?" Waterfall pats Shizuka on the back.
  70. [18:03] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Radiation?" Mary looks lost, "Wait... who here has technical knowledge with that kind of thing...?"
  71. [18:04] <Pinko> "I'm not asking you to operate the machines, just to give them a look. Maybe you'll see something we didn't notice."
  72. [18:05] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Aaaah..." Mary closes her eyes and rubs her cheek, "Maybeee." With that, she turns on her heel, "I'm going to see the bedrooms."
  73. [18:06] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I'll stand around lookin' pretty until something needs to be smashed I guess." She fishes out a pack of cigarettes.
  74. [18:08] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Junko-cha~n," Mary calls over her shoulder, "You shouldn't do that."
  75. [18:09] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Hah? Why not?"
  76. [18:10] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "It's bad for... that kind of thing wouldn't affect us." Mary hesitates, "It'll get into your clothing."
  77. [18:10] <Pinko> The hallway leads to a mess hall. Sure enough, it seems that the food plates on the table (despite being cold by now) were just abandonned. Sure, there's a few spoons on the floor here and there, but nothing particularly out of norm.
  78. [18:11] <Pinko> Eggs and bacon. Seems like they weren't afraid of cancer.
  79. [18:11] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Even if you can eat cancer sticks like candy it will get into your breath. Then the likelihood of kissing cute reporters drops!"
  80. [18:12] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Ah... So they were eating." Mary laughs a little at Shizuka's comment, "That's so, you'll ruin your chance." She pokes at the food with a spoon, "Or some of them were."
  81. [18:13] <Jamie_Knapp> "Smoke all you want Junko. *I* think it makes you look cool."
  82. [18:13] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Like I wanna date her anyway. Geez, liked it better when no one cared if I smoked." She grumbles, stuffing her cigarette back in the box as she followed.
  83. [18:13] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka nabs a piece of bacon and looks it over for bugs. Then she starts munching on it.
  84. [18:14] <Pinko> It tastes delicious, despite being a few hours old.
  85. [18:15] <Pinko> Stairs going up seems to lead to bunks. You also find a janitorial closest. It scents the same lemon smell you scented in the entrance lobby.
  86. [18:15] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Lab quality bacon is delicious. If anything suspicious was added to it, it was delicious or tasteless."
  87. [18:16] <Pinko> For what it matters, Shizuka feels entirely normal. Well, as normal as an Overed can feel.
  88. [18:16] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "I heard there will be nori that tastes like bacon soon." Mary comments, following. "You liked not having people who worried about you?" Mary gives Junko a hurt look.
  89. [18:17] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Wh- no. But you never got on me about it before now."
  90. [18:17] <Pinko> The only anomaly here apparently is that some people eat eggs with a spoon. The professor's office is upstair, most likely.
  91. [18:18] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I...guess I need to try setting a good example anyway." Her gaze drifts toward Shizuka.
  92. [18:18] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "But smoking inside is rude," Mary grins, sticking out her tongue. "So nothing here... Bedrooms, bedrooms... or the office."
  93. [18:18] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Your life changed dramatically with my arrival. You have a younger sister to set a good example for." She opens the door to the janitor's closet, peering inside.
  94. [18:18] <Tsuboki_Junko> "W-whatever.
  95. [18:18] <Tsuboki_Junko> " She snorts and looks away.
  96. [18:18] <Pinko> There's nothing here but cleaning supplies. The bucket is empty of any bugs.
  97. [18:18] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie takes her leave of the lunch room and heads upstairs.
  98. [18:20] <Pinko> Upstairs is much of the same, to be quite honest. Each researcher had their invidual rooms, and their belongings are left behind. You even find a few wallets with ID cards and credit cards in them, along with valuables such as cellphones. You also find on the wall an emergency phone to contact the outside world. It's built not unlike a walkie-talkie.
  99. [18:21] <Pinko> It is easy to carry around if you wish to do so, and seems to be functional.
  100. [18:21] <Jamie_Knapp> JAmie takes it, just in case.
  101. [18:21] * Tsukimiya_Mary takes one of the phones, clicking it a few times out of curiosity.
  102. [18:21] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Ah, so you can talk through these things..?"
  103. [18:21] <Pinko> It buzzes like a regular phone. If you press keys, the regular 'beep' sounds out.
  104. [18:22] <Pinko> It's not a wired phone, it simply is military hardware, apparently.
  105. [18:23] <Pinko> Regardless, you also find a few belongings, pictures and whatnot, sentimental stuff people wouldn't just leave behind.
  106. [18:23] <Pinko> Plenty of money, too.
  107. [18:24] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Mary starts to tap out a rhythm with it out of playful curiosity, "Pictures and such. So, we can probably assume that this wasn't a planned exodus. Possibly not willing."
  108. [18:24] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I hope they're not caccooned in the basement or something. Buhuhu."
  109. [18:24] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "I agree. This is looking more and more like something out of a science fiction film. Like a mass alien abduction."
  110. [18:25] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "A mass what?" Mary gives them strange looks, "Like... spiders kidnapped them?"
  111. [18:25] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Or it ate them whole for their brains."
  112. [18:26] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "You talk about scary things," Mary shivers.
  113. [18:27] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko gets up behind Mary, grabbing her sides and making slurping noises right in her ear.
  114. [18:27] <Pinko> At the end of the hallway resides indeed a locked door. It reads 'Professor Ishikama, Lead Researcher'. There is a keypad to try to unlock the door.
  115. [18:28] <Pinko> The keypad numbers from 1 to 9, and seems to be for a 4 digit code.
  116. [18:29] <The_Espada_> "Dead end?"
  117. [18:29] <Pinko> Perception
  118. [18:30] <Jamie_Knapp> "It doesn't have to be." Jamie looks back down the hall, thinking.
  119. [18:30] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Mary 'kyaa's' and rushes away, bee-lining for Jamie.
  120. [18:31] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka freezes in place and stares at Mary.
  121. [18:32] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Ah, scary..." Mary rubs her sides and shivers, "Ah, I feel a cold gaze."
  122. [18:33] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Like a security camera?"
  123. [18:33] <Jamie_Knapp> "We can't mess this up, the facility will go into a lock down if we try to break in or mess up too many times."
  124. [18:33] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Perhaps," Mary looks up, "would that kind of eye be standard here?"
  125. [18:34] <Jamie_Knapp> "Probably, where do you think it might be?"
  126. [18:34] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Well, there is the professor's room, perhaps he wrote it down."
  127. [18:35] <The_Espada_> "1,5,9 seem worn down a bit."
  128. [18:35] <Jamie_Knapp> "Oh?"
  129. [18:36] <Jamie_Knapp> "Let's check his room, see if there's anything in there with those digits."
  130. [18:36] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "That's good to know, but still a lot of potential combinations. We should probably check other places and come back later."
  131. [18:37] <Pinko> Ishikama's room is unlocked, and next of his office. It is rather quaint, with little attention. There's a picture hanged on the wall of two young children. It seems rather dated.
  132. [18:37] <Pinko> There's also a small desk next of his bed. His glasses are still there.
  133. [18:38] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Me-ga-ne," Mary examines the glasses, "Mm..." She picks them up carefully.
  134. [18:39] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Junko-chan, Junko-chan, do you think this would suit me?" She slips the glasses on, adjusting her hair carefully, looking around the room and fixating on the picture. "Family?"
  135. [18:40] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Very moe." She gives Mary a thumbs up.
  136. [18:40] <Pinko> The frame shows two children playing around City N park while the town was still in development shortly after World War 2, if you have to guess.
  137. [18:40] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Could be a hiding spot for something, maybe."
  138. [18:40] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie takes thre picture down. "Maybe." She turns it over to open the back.
  139. [18:40] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "When would this be-" Mary hesitates, toying with the glasses with one hand.
  140. [18:40] <Pinko> In the back, it's written in Japanese, "Meeting my future wife, Summer 1955"
  141. [18:41] <Jamie_Knapp> "Well well. I've still got it." She grins, "Let's try 1955"
  142. [18:43] <Pinko> Jamie inputs the code. 1955. A 'clink' is heard and the door opens, revealing an extensive office with nothing especially sticking out. Ishikama seems like he doesn't enjoy working with computers. Most of the notes on his table is scienfitic gibberish calligraphied on paper.
  143. [18:44] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka goes over to look over the notes. "At least they don't have password protection."
  144. [18:45] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Oh!" Mary sits down to read the notes, admiring more the way it's written rather than the actual content.
  145. [18:46] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie joins her but actually reads them. "We already had to get past one pass code. It'd be annoying to have to do that sort of thing twice."
  146. [18:46] <Pinko> She glances over the notes, and while she can't understand all of it, she understands these are meant to be for peer reviewing, documenting the abilities and properties of the bug. Apparently, it is impervious to most forms of damage, a drop of its 'blood' can feed a man for days and enhance his own immunitory system, this insect has it all.
  147. [18:48] <Jamie_Knapp> "Some bug."
  148. [18:48] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "I wonder if Junko-chan's blood could do that..."
  149. [18:48] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "This kind of kanji is worrying," Mary mumbles, looking for ruby text. "Bugs, blood, and damage."
  150. [18:49] <Pinko> They weren't particularly trying to for military applications, mostly mentioning the multiple applications it could have in a wide scale use in society, such as fixing world hunger and reducing accidents for workers.
  151. [18:49] <Pinko> to find*
  152. [18:50] <Pinko> Looking for more documents, you find a secret journal of sorts kept inside a drawer of his desk.
  153. [18:51] <Pinko> Not so much personal journal as it is remarks on day to day operations.
  154. [18:51] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Ah... This kind of thing would be..." Mary hesitates, "Wouldn't people suspect the renegade after a while?"
  155. [18:53] <Pinko> Within the notes, you can find that Professor Ishikama was very jaded with his research. Mary being somewhat familiar with the man from working with him a few times in a soup kitchen, would find that unusual. He seems unhappy with the direction it has taken, but slugs through it, defeated.
  156. [18:54] <Pinko> 'XX Month Y, 'She' came again today. Found progress unsatisfying.'
  157. [18:54] <Pinko> Lots of reference to the 'She', but no given name.
  158. [18:54] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Maybe. Depends on how the government spins it. And how it's applied."
  159. [18:55] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "This is... Worrying." Mary frowns, "The Professor was such a lively person."
  160. [18:55] <Jamie_Knapp> "If the government had any intentions of letting people use it."
  161. [18:56] <Jamie_Knapp> "I really doubt that though."
  162. [18:56] <Pinko> You can more or less tell his project was hijacked.
  163. [18:56] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Who is... she." Mary flips back through the book looking for the first usage of any suffixes and honorifics. "Maybe she's a little girl in white?" Mary grins despite her reading material.
  164. [18:56] <Pinko> He seems to himself find no love for this bug, cursing it multiple times.
  165. [18:57] <Pinko> He finds no such thing about her. He seems to have kept it as vague as possible for some reason. Maybe to claim plausible deniability?
  166. [18:57] <Pinko> She finds*
  167. [18:58] <Jamie_Knapp> "I'm starting to suspect foul play."
  168. [18:58] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Tch." Mary clicks her tongue and skips to the last page.
  169. [18:58] <Pinko> The last note was taken this night, and seems a bit odd. "I'm glad my wife is safe."
  170. [18:58] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Still... how it might have been carried out is a big blank spot."
  171. [19:01] <The_Espada_> "Aliens?"
  172. [19:02] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Bigfoot?"
  173. [19:02] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "That word again..." Mary frowns and glances through the other personal effects, looking for an address, a phone number, a contact regarding his wife or family.
  174. [19:03] <Pinko> Well, you can find a book full of contacts, with nothing unusual. A calandar with no events standing out apparently, as well.
  175. [19:03] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Which word?"
  176. [19:04] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Hmm..." Mary opens the contacts and looks for Ishikama's home phone number, or his wife's number. "A-ri-e-nu."
  177. [19:05] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie holds a hand over her mouth to suppress a giggle.
  178. [19:05] <Pinko> She can find his wife's number. Most likely, she either hasn't been warned of this yet, or the media swarmed to her home.
  179. [19:07] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Haa..." Mary frowns, standing and looking around the room again. "So... Ishikama-san's wife is safe, he was begining to resent his work, and he was... identifying with a "she" for somebody..." Mary sighs and rubs her forehead, "Security cameras, would they have past records or anything?"
  180. [19:08] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Before last night, of the researchers and their work." Mary skims over random pages in the Journal as she mumbles.
  181. [19:09] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "She? Maybe the bug was a she and had telepathic powers."
  182. [19:09] <Jamie_Knapp> "The cameras would have recorded everything. If we can find a tape or a disk..."
  183. [19:09] <The_Espada_> "Any idea where the security room would be?"
  184. [19:10] <Pinko> The security room is, if you remember the plans correctly near the entrance, by the Trauma Testing area.
  185. [19:11] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "We'll go back the begining then." Mary closes the journal but keeps ahold of it, adjusting her newfound glasses.
  186. [19:11] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "A librarian look..."
  187. [19:12] <Pinko> You all return to the lobby, Waterfall giving you a greeting. "So, any clue?"
  188. [19:12] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Put your hair in a bun, that
  189. [19:13] <Tsuboki_Junko> 'll tie it all together, ne-chan."
  190. [19:14] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Nothing really conclusive yet. We're hoping security footage might give some clues."
  191. [19:15] <Pinko> "I'll help you operate the cameras correctly, then." He offers his help.
  192. [19:15] <Jamie_Knapp> "Though we did get into the proffessor's office. Seems like the whole operation was hijacked by a mysterious 'she.'"
  193. [19:15] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "A bun- Ne-chan?!" Mary lights up, and clears her throat, "I never- We found Ishikama-san's journal. He seemed resentful with his work, like it was being redirected, and..." Mary hesitates, "I feel that he was either aware something would happen, or..."
  194. [19:16] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Your assistance is appreciated." Shizuka bows.
  195. [19:16] <Jamie_Knapp> "Maybe he was threatened? By leaving....Did he ensure his family's safety?"
  196. [19:16] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie muses aloud.
  197. [19:17] <Pinko> Waterfall then leads the way into the Trauma Testing area. At the end of the hallway, he takes a left and enters a relatively small office that would usually be stationed by security. A box still half-full of donuts lays around. Waterfall can't resist but to snatch one. "Alright, any dates or hours you want me to search?"
  198. [19:18] <Jamie_Knapp> "Hmm." She looks. "Get one of the dates where 'She' shows up."
  199. [19:18] * Tsukimiya_Mary glances through the book for the latest date.
  200. [19:19] <Pinko> It was around 5 days ago. He mentions 'she' arriving around 1 PM.
  201. [19:20] * Jamie_Knapp informs Waterfall.
  202. [19:20] <Pinko> Waterfall rewinds through the camera systems and looks for anyone unusual. That entire day, no one seems to have entered the facility, only left it.
  203. [19:20] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Five days, during the noon hours."
  204. [19:20] <Pinko> None that have left were female, all obviously male burly security, though the quality is rather bad.
  205. [19:20] <Pinko> The doors don't even mysteriously open.
  206. [19:21] <Jamie_Knapp> "Huh. When was the first time he mentions her?"
  207. [19:22] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Ha... No luck. Maybe an earlier date? Or..." Mary nods a little, flipping back. "Maybe there are records of who was working on this project..."
  208. [19:23] <Pinko> It was around a month ago. He fast forwards to every date that is mentioned to him. None of them show any female staff or females in general entering the facility. If anything, you notice that the entire personal seems male.
  209. [19:23] <Pinko> The visits are seemingly random. Sometimes she showed up twice a day. Sometimes she wouldn't come for a few days.
  210. [19:24] <Jamie_Knapp> "I didn't really think of it...but you might be right Blossom. Maybe she wasn't a person."
  211. [19:25] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Haa... How strange." Mary looks through the book, "So... If not a person... These insects are supposed to tap into the renegade, right? Perhaps they were..." Mary rubs her arm awkardly.
  212. [19:26] <Pinko> "There's no ladies here besides you that ever entered this facility, it seems." Waterfall teases.
  213. [19:26] <Tsuboki_Junko> "This is getting weird.:
  214. [19:27] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Indeed. Perhaps we are dealing with a renegade being." Mary frowns. "But only men here... Hrm."
  215. [19:27] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Maybe they could. Like a hive mind."
  216. [19:28] <Jamie_Knapp> "Are there any tapes of the tests on the bugs?"
  217. [19:29] <Pinko> "Surprisingly, none. The professor insisted that everything only be recorded on paper, as far as we gathered." He seems annoyed by that.
  218. [19:31] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "... Where are those records."
  219. [19:32] <Pinko> "Probably in his office, why? I thought you checked them?" Waterfall seems a bit confused.
  220. [19:32] <Pinko> "If you return there, you might find a document that describes the staffing I guess or something. Maybe you overlooked something?"
  221. [19:33] <Jamie_Knapp> "Mary...Can I see your new glasses?"
  222. [19:34] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Eh..." Mary hands them over without much more of a fuss, "I'm going to go back up there and look for staffing paperwork."
  223. [19:36] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie inspects them carefully. "Alright...Why does he need these if he doesn't know anything about the Renegade? Were they for the bugs or for her? Or both?"
  224. [19:36] <Pinko> It doesn't take long for Mary to find such a document in the records of the Professor. Indeed, all the staffing is male, not that it's unusual. Y'know, STEM. Researchers of all domains were studying this insect, apparently each of them being interested in a different aspect of the amazing Immortalis. The kitchen was run by a single chef and security was also
  225. [19:36] <Pinko> staffed by males.
  226. [19:37] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Any recordings from before the staff all vanusged>:
  227. [19:38] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Ha... so.. Hm. How strange." Mary flips through the staffing documents and sighs, "So 'she' is somebody off the records..." A dark look crosses her face and she uses her radio, "Knapp-san, you there?"
  228. [19:38] <Pinko> The staff seems to have been the same since the beginning of the project, around a month and a half ago.
  229. [19:39] <Jamie_Knapp> "Copy, what'd you find?"
  230. [19:40] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Copy? Uh... So, the staff paperwork here doesn't have any women at all, so 'she' stands out even more... I don't think a member of the UGN would be listed on here though. Could we call and ask the UGN who they had watching this place?"
  231. [19:41] <Jamie_Knapp> "That's not a bad idea. Waterfall, do you know if the UGN had someone on this or no?"
  232. [19:42] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "They said they suspected it was Renegade, and this person could either be theirs, or... False Hearts."
  233. [19:42] <Jamie_Knapp> "Unsettling..."
  234. [19:43] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "There isn't... Wait, if there's a janitor's closet... There's no janitor listed here." Mary frowns, "Who is cleaning this place?"
  235. [19:44] <Pinko> "Uh, not that I know of. Do you want me to call HQ and ask them?" Waterfall holds a radio up.
  236. [19:44] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "... Wait, just a moment." Mary calls in.
  237. [19:44] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "So, somebody cleaned in here last night."
  238. [19:44] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "But there's no janitor listed here."
  239. [19:45] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "... If you could, go through the security footage again and look for the janitor."
  240. [19:45] <Jamie_Knapp> "The scientists might have..." Jamie nods to Waterfall, "Ok, we'll look for that too. No stone left unturned."
  241. [19:45] <Pinko> "Right, while I do that, want to check his closet?" He begins searching through the footage, all while calling the UGN the asnwer is swift: the UGN had no interest in this project until this morning.
  242. [19:47] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie nods and heads to go search the janitor's closet more thoroughly.
  243. [19:49] <Jamie_Knapp> "I don't know Mary, it looks like an ordinary janitor's closet."
  244. [19:54] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "This... shouldn't be here."
  245. [19:54] <Jamie_Knapp> "Hm?"
  246. [19:55] * Tsukimiya_Mary frowns, stepping away and out of the closet, touching the wall, "On the other side of this wall, there's the outside. This is where the building ends." She points at the closet, "That shouldn't be there."
  247. [19:56] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "And on top of that, we never saw this closet, this spot, this side, on the cameras." She chews her lip, and out of curiosity, traces a sigil on the wall, intending to fire a Moonlight Bow through the wall.
  248. [19:58] <Pinko> The powerful blast would be more than enough to tear a hole down any wall, but... this wall doesn't budge. It takes the hit as if nothing happened. A whole bunch of chemical products come down crashing. These fumes are probably worse than cigarette, good thing you're Overeds.
  249. [19:59] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "... See?"
  250. [20:00] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "What a wall..."
  251. [20:00] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Weird."
  252. [20:00] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Junko-chan, punch it."
  253. [20:01] <Tsuboki_Junko> "You want me to go all out?"
  254. [20:01] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "As much as you feel comfortable with."
  255. [20:01] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka goes back to give extra space.
  256. [20:02] <Tsuboki_Junko> Judging by that grin she feels comfortable really letting loose. Her warding floods the hallway, thick scales growing on her arms and disappearing up her sleeves only to emerge from her collar and stop under her eyes.
  257. [20:03] <Pinko> The menace that is the wall is standing before you, ready to be smashed.
  258. [20:05] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Eat this!" She draws her arm back and puts all of her weight into a punch.
  259. [20:06] <Pinko> The wall... doesn't even budge. It's not a human creation by any means. It defies all laws of the universe. A meteor could wipe out Earth, and this closet would be floating in space.
  260. [20:06] <Jamie_Knapp> "Well."
  261. [20:07] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko looks terribly dissatisfied.
  262. [20:10] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Oh!"
  263. [20:10] * Tsuboki_Junko bops a scaley fist into an open palm.
  264. [20:11] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Do you get it, Junko-chan?"
  265. [20:11] <Tsuboki_Junko> "This is a Balor thing. It's like a uh...shit." She snaps her fingers repeatedly. "A return point."
  266. [20:14] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Huh... so somebody could pass through here?" Mary frowns, rubbing her cheek.
  267. [20:14] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Not exactly. This is more of a focus point."
  268. [20:14] <Tsuboki_Junko> "More like teleporting, if I remember right. Hanase talked about it once."
  269. [20:14] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Or, what she said.
  270. [20:14] <Tsuboki_Junko> "
  271. [20:15] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Easier to do the Balor thing here than the building proper."
  272. [20:17] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Hm. It's a little lost on me." Mary shrugs a little, "But this... So somebody was using this place... but it was in a blind spot." She starts going through the journal again, looking for anything related to this.
  273. [20:17] <Pinko> She doesn't find much. As specified earlier, he tried to talk as little as he can about 'she'.
  274. [20:18] <Pinko> Outside, World Hunter is still probably waiting for you.
  275. [20:19] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "You know... there is the journalist outside. Hunter-san. Perhaps she knows something about this?" Mary starts edging towards the door.
  276. [20:20] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Can't hurt to ask."
  277. [20:21] <Pinko> Waterfall follows them, relieved that he doesn't have to return to the Trauma Testing area. "Right, if that's all, I'm going to send a report to HQ. You take care of yourselves."
  278. [20:22] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "And you."
  279. [20:22] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "We'll probably be here." Mary steps outside, stretching in the sun. "Gloomy in there."
  280. [20:23] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Very." Junko seems content to keep up her battle form and warm her scales in the sun.
  281. [20:23] <Pinko> Outside, World Hunter is busy humming and enjoying the last few days before snow. "Well, you took your sweet time." She takes out a notepad and smirks. "Can I get anything out of you, maybe?"
  282. [20:25] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Ah, a question. How familiar are you with this place?" Mary sits down carefully, chin in her hands, elbows on her knees.
  283. [20:26] <Pinko> "Me? Well, I mean, one of my fans kept sending me cool leaks about it. I've been keeping them handy for a mega-article. I'm hoping to make a breakthrough here!" She nibbles on the butt of her pen.
  284. [20:27] <Jamie_Knapp> "Anything juicy?"
  285. [20:27] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "One of your fans?" Mary smiles.
  286. [20:29] <Pinko> "Y'know my blog is actually read by a bunch of people! I mean, it can't get too popular because otherwise your friend there will put me in the sack, but y'know." She chuckles nervously as she waves at Waterfall. "Said something about the bug here, how they were going to have applications of all kinds for it. Said they might hand me a sample too!"
  287. [20:29] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "That sounds very exciting!"
  288. [20:29] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Any idea on who..." Mary looks at the UGN agents and rubs her cheek, "Hm. So this fan..."
  289. [20:30] <Pinko> "Okay but, get -this-, this morning I was busy writing a stupid article about the Strangers or something, right? Then this fan emails me and tells me he's actually got me a meeting with the project director! I just find it... fishy... that he asks to meet in the abandonned city blocks."
  290. [20:31] <Jamie_Knapp> "Pretty shady."
  291. [20:31] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Fishy alright."
  292. [20:31] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "That sounds dangerous."
  293. [20:32] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "... When is it? Where?" Mary stands up.
  294. [20:33] <Pinko> "So I mean, I wanted to know what the deal was, because another source of mine told me the director disappeared this morning." She bites her lower lip and shakes her head. "So, he's gone, right? Ishikama?"
  295. [20:34] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "...Yes." Mary examines World Hunter very carefully, and closes her eyes, "Do you want to attend that meeting?"
  296. [20:35] <Tsukimiya_Mary> One of her eyes opens as she grins, reaching up to cover half her face, the remaining half shifting to a duplicate of World Hunter's.
  297. [20:35] <Pinko> "Uh huh! F'course! It's this afternoon in the city blocks. They wanted me to come alone, but y'know, maybe I'll get to write another article about City N's best!" She snickers victoriously. "I win either way!"
  298. [20:35] <Pinko> "...Woah, freaky, that's really cool! ...Wait, do you wanna pass off as me?"
  299. [20:36] * Tsukimiya_Mary changes the rest of her face and nods a little, "I mean, I wouldn't want to put you in potentially harm's way."
  300. [20:37] <Pinko> "Hey! I'm an Overed too! And he's my contact! I gotta have journalistic integrity!" She snickers and adjusts her shirt, obnoxiously chewing on some gum. She looks more like a high school brat than some journalist, to be quite honest.
  301. [20:39] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Yes, but I'm familiar with fighting, you know?" Mary laughs a little, face changing back, "We will accompany you though. I, at least, can hide." She grins at the others.
  302. [20:40] <Pinko> "Righto then. Just make sure they don't spot you I 'spose." She nods with an affrimative, giving them directions to near old factory in the abandonned district.
  303. [20:40] * Tsuboki_Junko shrugs, looking back to normal.
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