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  1. <table>
  2.     <caption>Measurement of legs and tails in Cats and English speakers</caption>
  3.     <thead>
  4.         <tr>
  5.             <th> ID <th> Measurement <th> Average <th> Maximum
  6.         <tbody>
  7.         <tr> <td> <th scope=rowgroup> Cats <td> <td>
  8.         <tr> <td> 93 <th scope=row> Legs <td> 3.5 <td> 4
  9.         <tr> <td> 10 <th scope=row> Tails <td> 1 <td> 1
  10.     </tbody>
  11.     <tbody>
  12.         <tr> <td> <th scope=rowgroup> English speakers <td> <td>
  13.         <tr> <td> 32 <th scope=row> Legs <td> 2.67 <td> 4
  14.         <tr> <td> 35 <th scope=row> Tails <td> 0.33 <td> 1
  15.     </tbody>
  16. </table>
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