Infinities - Clone Wars The Later Years

Jul 23rd, 2014
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  1. With the discovery of the Chancellor being the Sith lord behind the Clone Wars, Mace Windu, Kit Fisto, Agen Kolar and Saesee Tiin leave to arrest him. Palpatine makes quick work of Agen Kolar and Saesee Tiin leaving Fisto and Windu to duel the Sith lord. Sensing the arrival of Anakin, Sidious slays Fisto and battles Master Windu until he beings to purposely lose and falls to the floor near the shattered window. Anakin pleads with Windu to spare Palpatine and to take him into custody so he can stand trial, but Windu declines saying that he IS the Senate and Republic and was too dangerous to let him live. Sidious fired a volley of Force lightning at the Jedi Master, who deflected it back at him. The electric currents flowing through Sidious exposed the almost reptilian features of his true form. After the lightning faded, Windu raised his blade to strike a killing blow and struck the Chancellor down, a surprised look on his face as his gambit to turn Anakin has failed. Master Windu called in reinforcements to secure the building and took a sullen Anakin back to the Jedi Temple, where Padme was waiting for him. Windu sensed the devotion and care Padme felt for Ana-kin and the unborn children in her womb and finally understood what was eating away at Anakin. He had no time to waste though and summoned Padme to join him in an emergency meeting of the Senate.
  3. The Senators were furious at first, calling for the removal of the Jedi from the war and for them to be apprehended as prisoners of war. Mas Amedda, who was Palpatine’s right hand for his entire chancellorship and knew the machinations of the Sith lord was finally able to breathe easier knowing his life was no longer under Palpatine’s gaze and he quickly called order to the Senate so the Jedi could tell their story. It started off with Anakin telling them of his meeting with the Chancellor where he revealed that it was he the Jedi were searching for and that he knew how to save the life of his wife whom he foresaw would die in childbirth. This shocked many of the Jedi and Senators who knew that it was against the Jedi Orders commands to cast off the notion of ever raising a family. Master Windu just nodded firmly, his suspicions confirmed. Once the senate was quieted again, Mas Amedda called for a vote on who would be the next supreme chancellor. Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, and the signatories of the Delegation of 2000 all nominated Padme Amidala as the Supreme Chancellor. This was met with a good deal of opposition as all thought of what it would mean for a Jedi and Chancellor to be wed, and the conflict of interest it could cause. This was stopped by an impassioned speech from Padme who vouched that she and Anakin have been working the entire time to bring an end to the war and finally have peace throughout the galaxy again. With her and Anakin being war-time heroes, the rest of the senators who were caught in Palpatine’s grasp thought better of going toe to toe with those who brought him down and figured that they were in the clear for all the wrongdoings and quickly voted her in.
  4. Master Yoda left Kashyyyk in the hands of the Wookiees and the 41st Elite Corps under the command of CC-1004 (Gree); he quickly made his way back to Coruscant and convened the Jedi Council. After hours of deliberation and discussion, both with and without the Skywalkers in attendance, Jedi broke their silence with several startling announcements. At the conclusion of the Clone Wars they would be stepping back from the politics of the galaxy to focus on balancing themselves with the force once more on the Planet of Ossus. They then brought up the fate of Anakin Skywalker. They accepted the fact that while he broke one of the core tenants of the Jedi way and lied for several years to the Jedi as a whole, the Sith would still be in power if not for him, and he proved to be a great asset in the war efforts. Still he had broken the rules and was asked to step down from the Order, he was allowed to keep his lightsaber and remained strong friends with Obi-Wan. Anakin rejoined Torrent Company as its general and continued to serve in the Grand Army of the Republic.
  5. The Clone Wars lasted another few months as the power behind the Separatist army never regained its strength. The final battle over Mustafar was the end of the Clone Wars and the beginning of a new era of peace, not without trial but without the totalitarian regime that could have been. The GAR was kept intact but a bill passed by Padme allowed many of the Clones full rights as humans and offered them the chance to leave the GAR and to start families. Many took this chance and were taken to sympathetic planets and given small bits of land to live off. The majority of the clones however stayed in to serve and protect the Republic as a peacekeeping force. They often dealt with pirates or upstart warlords but nothing on par with the Clone Wars and they lived a relatively easy life. Many of the Separatist worlds were brought back into the Republic on trial periods and they were not given a full vote in the senate. Those who refused were allowed to live in peace but were heavily watched, and had trade stifled with the republic, as such it quickly brought lawlessness to those planets that hadn’t been seen sense eons past. The Mandalorians began devolving back into their old warrior ways as the Death Watch took control where there were none, until a group of those loyal to Satine overthrew the Death Watch and reinstalled peace on the planet. Rumors abound that one of the militia fighting the Death Watch was Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi but they were never verified. The Mandalorians still slowly regained their old ways and reinstated the title Mandalore, but did so in a vein of bettering oneself and their community as a whole.
  6. Padme gave birth to Luke and Leia with much fanfare and celebration with their friends, Obi-Wan was announced as godfather to the children and accepted the blessing with tears in his eyes. Anakin left the GAR at the conclusion to the Clone Wars to be-come a full time father while Padme toiled away as Supreme Chancellor. Many times though they were the targets of assassins and corrupt officials that felt cheated out of their rewards promised by Sidious, but no true harm ever came to any of them with the watchful gaze of Anakin protecting his family. The Jedi kept their word and took a step back from the galaxy at large but still collected young children who showed potential in the force. One such encounter changed the way the Jedi would go about their methods forever; on orders from the Council Obi-Wan reluctantly went to Anakin to ask his permission to give up his children so they might be trained in the ways of the Jedi. Anakin, still feeling bitter and betrayed by the order got into a heated argument with Obi-Wan for several hours that ended with a few bruises, a couple of drinks, with laughter and a smile as Obi-Wan left to return to Ossus empty handed. It was with this encounter that Padme called the Jedi to Coruscant and through forceful negotiation put a stop to the Jedi Order taking children. Those who displayed abilities in the force were allowed to make up their own mind if they wanted to join or stay with their family. After watching the arguments on both sides and seeing a few different force sects that removed themselves from the Jedi over the many years voicing their support for the bill against the removal of children Anakin formed an idea. Remembering the tales of those who watched over planets he created the Watchmen, a group of individuals made up of both force sensitive and those who were not, they would enforce the ruling and be a guiding light for those with budding powers. The Jedi reacted with some trepidation but after some quiet urging from Obi-Wan they conceded, and the Watchmen were reborn.
  7. Anakin recruited from the other force using clans and asked the Senate to let him use his old friends in the Torrent Company to help bring his dream to fruition. Reunited with some old and new faces his group of watchmen grew to a few hundred members. They had some minor altercations with the Jedi over children or some small slaver groups on the fringes of society but everything was working fine for them. Once her terms as Supreme Chancellor were up, Padme retired to her home world of Naboo and dabbled in local politics while living a happy life in the same beach house in which she was married, with her children and when time permitted Anakin, when his Watchman duties allowed. Luke followed in his father’s footsteps, training under him in the ways of the force and that of a soldier until he turned 10 and after listening to one of “Uncle Obi-Wan’s” tales he wanted to become a Jedi. He pleaded with his father to let him go and after a while Anakin relented. He watched with Padme and Leia as Obi-Wan took Luke from Naboo to leave for Ossus to begin his journey into the force. He trained for a long time and eventually became Obi-Wan’s apprentice and soon after a Jedi Knight. Luke was allowed to remain in contact with his family, and all visits with each other were filled with bittersweet moments. Leia was much more a daddy’s girl, she stayed home and learned the force from her father and talked politics with her mother. She eventually joined the Watchmen as a Consular, helping to mediate the problems that arose; she eventually became the Senator for her home world like her mother before her.
  8. Far off in the Deep Core lies a planet covered in dark side energy, the Planet Byss was removed from all records during Palpatine’s reign as chancellor. On the planet lies a palace and down within the darkest and fortified walls was a room. A muscled black and red figure with horns crowning his head was chained to a large table in this room, being fed intravenously and kept sedated by machines that used a special code that triggered the machine on, though recently the machine had stopped feeding and sedating the man and he began to awake. As the figure opens his eyes a strange glint entered them as he undid his bindings and gets off the table. The new legs cloned and implanted in his new host worked perfectly, this body, at its peak physical condition through the use of Sith sorcery is perfect for him. A crooked smile splays on his lips as he starts cackling, he begins planning the downfall of the Jedi Order once again.
  9. Deep in Wild Space, a beat up YT-1000 light freighter is sidling up and clamping to a disabled Gozanti Cruiser. The comms crackle to life and a voice clearly in pain speaks up.
  10. “You’re certainly a tenacious bunch ain’t ya? Ye can try yer hand at boardin’ the ship to take me but you is out-numbered and outgunned and those who’ve tried to take old Gorn before have all failed!” The voice said with a snarl.
  11. “Hah! This slag for brains really doesn’t know what he got himself into does he?” A young female voice chides. “Oh well, just another bounty for us, oh and Ventress, try not to kill EVERYONE on board ok, we’re not murderers”
  12. “Or what, you’ll sic your old Master and the Watchmen on me?” Asajj said cooly “I wonder what he would think if he found out his old apprentice was working with a Sith”
  13. Ahsoka glances out the viewport towards the galactic center and grimaces.
  14. “It doesn’t matter, I’m no longer a Jedi and you’re no longer a Sith, let’s just get the bounty and be on our way.”
  15. With that she opens the docking hatches and goes to work with her partner to capture the pirate Gorn.
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