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  1. Fetching revision...
  2. URL: svn+ssh://
  3. Commit: 48819 | obgr_seneca | renamed the binary to bam0.2 to avoid conflicts with bam-...
  4. Implicit target: cauldron
  5. No handlers could be found for logger "mgarepo"
  6. error: command failed: ssh /usr/local/bin/submit_package -t cauldron --define sid=6e63bde6-f77e-4ce8-8f3b-fe0a0d784705 -r 48819 svn+ssh://
  7. A    /var/lib/schedbot/repsys/tmp/tmpEsdJ_f/SOURCES-bin
  8. error: command failed: rpmbuild -bs --nodeps --define '_topdir /var/lib/schedbot/repsys/tmp/tmpEsdJ_f' --define '_builddir /var/lib/schedbot/repsys/tmp/tmpEsdJ_f/BUILD' --define '_rpmdir /var/lib/schedbot/repsys/tmp/tmpEsdJ_f/RPMS' --define '_sourcedir /var/lib/schedbot/repsys/tmp/tmpEsdJ_f/SOURCES' --define '_specdir /var/lib/schedbot/repsys/tmp/tmpEsdJ_f/SPECS' --define '_srcrpmdir /var/lib/schedbot/repsys/tmp/tmpEsdJ_f/SRPMS' --define '_patchdir /var/lib/schedbot/repsys/tmp/tmpEsdJ_f/SOURCES'  --define 'packager Rémy CLOUARD' /var/lib/schedbot/repsys/tmp/tmpEsdJ_f/SPECS/bam0.2.spec --define "distsuffix .mga" --define "mkrel(c:) %{-c: 0.%{-c*}.}%{1}%{?subrel:.%subrel}%{?distsuffix:%distsuffix}%{?!distsuffix:.mga}%{?distro_release:%distro_release}" --define "distribution Mageia" --define "vendor Mageia.Org" --define "distro_release 1" --define "mgaversion 100" --define "manbo_release 2" --define "mageia_branch cauldron"
  9. error: File /var/lib/schedbot/repsys/tmp/tmpEsdJ_f/SOURCES/bam-0.2.0.tar.gz: No such file or directory
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