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  1. The music was loud, almost deafening. It was beating rhythmically, awakening something primal in her. Charlotte was having another night out with her girlfriends at the local club. After a long day of menial tasks she had wanted nothing more than to draw a bath and forget all her troubles. But  her friends had convinced her otherwise. “Come on, Charlotte” they did their best to convince her “you haven’t been to a party in ages, you need some human contact!” they said with mischievous smiles. So after a quick shower she put on a slim red dress and went with them. Getting free drinks from guys wasn’t a challenge, especially not with the plunging neckline of her dress.
  2. And there she was, moving to the music, the alcohol slowly lowering her inhibitions, surrounded by  people gyrating to the beat, her sweaty breasts glistening in the colourful spotlights. For a moment she forgot all her troubles, all her worries and she was just one with the music. When suddenly she felt two hand grab hold of her waist. She was surprised at first, but she actually enjoyed it, she did not dare to look who it was. The hands guided her movements, she felt intoxicated. Whether it was the drinks, the music, the ambience or the fact that she hadn’t felt the touch of a man in a while, Charlotte suddenly felt something awaken in her and she knew she would not be able to keep it caged for long. She slowly backed into the mystery man until she could feel him with her behind. She couldn’t help but to start to keep dancing against him, and it did have the desired effect. Soon there was no doubt about it, there was something awakening with him as well, albeit something a bit more anatomical. With every movement she felt it grow and harden and she made every effort to keep teasing it with every small turn and sway she made. She felt the hand slowly making the way up to her breasts. Her nipples were already at attention before his rough fingers reached her supple breasts. She could feel herself getting wet, she wanted him right there and right now. She took a grab of his wrist and led him to the bathroom, into a stall and rested her hand on the wall. Never ever did she once look around to see the mystery man who had this effect on her. He slid his hand over her hips down to her legs and reached up to her panties, he pulled at them abruptly, ripping them off. She gasped out of surprise, she did not expect him to be this aggressive, she was afraid for a moment, but she was too horny to care. She felt his rough hand sliding up her thighs until it reached her lips, the lips of her pussy, already wet and dripping. Charlotte got goosebumps, shivered all over and without having any control over herself moaned and said to her mystery man “fuck me, fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before”. A belt was being undone, a zipper opened and suddenly she felt something big, hard and warm between her thighs. Now she was scared, “this is it”, she though, “this is actually happening”. And before she could finish that though he had already thrust his manhood straight inside of her. She might have been wet and it slipped right in, but it still hurt, she almost wanted to cry. The second thrust didn’t hurt any less, but it was more pleasurable, and after a few seconds she was in pure bliss. She felt his breath in the back of her neck, his hands making their way across her body, playing with her nipple every once in a while. His cock thrusting in and out of her like a machine, without slowing down. She felt she was near and he must have sensed it too, because he sped up. She felt the familiar rush of warmth coming up, but it was more intense than she had ever experienced. She would have fallen over, had his massive arms not held her up, she screamed and she shook, she almost fainted and then she felt a sudden warmth flooding inside of her. She had thrown all caution to the wind, but she didn’t care, this was the most alive she had felt in a long while. When she had almost recovered, she noticed her mystery man was missing and she was all alone. She stumbled back unot the dance floor, his warmth slowly dripping down her thighs. This is exactly what she had wanted, she might not have expected it earlier, but Charlotte had done just as her friends had told her to, she got some human contact, the kind she won’t soon forget.
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