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  1. / # test-or1k
  2. test-or1k
  3. argc=1 argv=0x7f8bbed4 envp=0x7f8bbedc
  4. ELF header=0x30000000
  5. First Dynamic section entry=0x3000c154
  6. Scanning DYNAMIC section
  7. Done scanning DYNAMIC section
  8. About to do library loader relocations
  9. Done relocating ldso; we can now use globals and make function calls!
  10. _dl_get_ready_to_run:449: Cool, ldso survived making function calls
  11. _dl_malloc:236: mmapping more memory
  12. _dl_ldsopath_init:152: Lib Loader: (0x30000000) /usr/lib/ using path: /usr/lib
  13. _dl_get_ready_to_run:665: calling mprotect on the application program
  14. _dl_get_ready_to_run:1055: Loading: (0x30012000) /lib/
  15. _dl_get_ready_to_run:1055: Loading: (0x3002c000) /usr/lib/
  16. _dl_get_ready_to_run:1055: Loading: (0x30030000) /lib/
  17. _dl_get_ready_to_run:1055: Loading: (0x30030000) /lib/
  18. _dl_get_ready_to_run:1055: Loading: (0x30000000) /usr/lib/
  19. _dl_get_ready_to_run:1055: Loading: (0x30000000) /usr/lib/
  20. _dl_get_ready_to_run:1055: Loading: (0x30030000) /lib/
  21. _dl_get_ready_to_run:1055: Loading: (0x30030000) /lib/
  22. _dl_get_ready_to_run:1302: Beginning relocation fixups
  23. transfering control to application @ 0x380
  24. hello from libtest!
  25. / #
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